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so now.

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somebody's gonna have a lava kit

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spill Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Loma Linda main fauna one fan of him Island Tana. Was it nine mon El Hamra? He mean?

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Ask Allah azza wa jal teachers would benefit us, benefit us from what he taught us and increase us knowledge. I mean, you know, Bill, I mean

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so we

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started last week with the name Al Qadir.

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And unfortunately, the recording was not did not start till another 1520 minutes.

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So the brothers and sisters who watch us on Youtube Live are very upset. So I'm going to just go briefly. I know.

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So I'll go briefly just remind myself and remind you in sha Allah, about the name of Kadena and then I have a little bit left in sha Allah Tala and then

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we will see if you have time we do another name job. So before we start, I just want to let you know again

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that I love you all for the sake of Allah azza wa jal and ask Allah azza wa jal with this love together as under his shade and there is no shade except his shade. My it's a beautiful Eva that is free.

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Like one of the one of the Salafi said, The only a by the in, that's in Ghana, it's available in dunya.

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The only thing in Ghana that's available in dunya is the love for the sake of Allah azza wa jal.

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Everything else is just my names. So if you really love somebody for the sake of Allah, when the salah Salem, he was approached by someone, and he told him, so Allah I love so and so. He said, Did you tell him?

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He said no. He said, Go and tell him.

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So I'm telling you in sha Allah to Allah that I love you all for the sake of Allah azza wa jal and when we answer remember, when somebody tells you I love you for the sake of Allah, you don't say me too, bro.

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What do we answer?

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Hubdoc Allah, Allah the 25th May Allah subhanaw taala Love you.

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Love you too, is good but may Allah love you is better than shamatha and so on Kadir we said Al Qaeda al Qadir al Mukhtar all of them are from the same root cause dal raw, and we said they are all mentioned the Quran, the Kadir 45 times the quarter 13 and Dr. Four, and we mentioned few I had already said that the Halacha similarity will Allah because you're in Allah.

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Better. Well, hello, Rocco. Aleem. So Allah subhanaw taala is an accordion, he is the one who is all capable. And Allah subhana wa Taala is capable of doing everything who has power, who has perfect power over the creation. And Allah subhanho wa Taala

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is the one who measures everything with perfection, and who's the one who decrees all that was and all that is and all that will will be Allah subhana

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with Allah, He told us that

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and showed us in many stories of the Quran, his Qudra and we mentioned the story of Zakaria Alayhis Salam and his wife having a child at a very old age, Ibrahim alayhis salam and his wife having a child and an old age.

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You will know sorry Islam surviving in the belly of the whale, Brahim and Islam the fire turning into into cool and peaceful on him all these Zayed when he went to the village and he saw everything has changed a yo ballyhoo salaam, whom Allah subhanho wa Taala after everything was gone from health and wealth and everything, everything came back when it's in our home, and everything was doubled. Subhanallah that shows us all these stories shows us the kodra of Allah azza wa jal, the capability of Allah azza wa jal, and no one as a Muslim should have any speck of doubt in the ability of Allah azza wa jal, no matter how small or how large, or how huge is the thing that you're asking, remember

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that the one you're asking it from is definitely bigger than what you're asking.

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And we said that we have a weakness. And we mentioned this weakness, that we are weak when we making the DUA because we are not putting the 100% You're clean, when we are making the DUA, we are making the DUA sometimes with a weak Amen. And with that, with some maybe maybe some doubt that it could happen, thinking, thinking

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with a human brain, and thinking that the one who's going to answer us as if he's a human also, no. Maybe when you look where we gave the example of cancer stage four, and we said when we make the drug for that, we make it very weak. Because comas, the people said, the human being said it's done. When we have a major debt. Similarly, we make a withdrawal because who's going to cover this debt? It's a huge, but we forget that the one we are asking he promised that he will answer the DUA and we said that sometimes no is an answer. Allah subhanaw taala when he said, No, he answered you, and that time was not good for you. And brother share had reminded me of a story after we left last week

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to show us how much you're keen that the seller for us to have hustle and bustle. The rahamallah he one day was sitting in his home and he was fasting, it was a Monday or Thursday.

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while it maybe an hour or so or sometime before the thought,

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the door knocked. So he asked the jatiya he asked the Sharia to open the door. So when she opened the door, he she came back and said there's a fakir. There's somebody at the door who is starving has no food.

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He said what do we have?

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She said we only have 10 eggs.

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That's all we have. He said Give them all to him.

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She said but I need my master. You know your fasting will leave something for you. So give it all to him.

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Give it him Carlos give it all.

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So this woman

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she took the basket.

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She took the eggs, and she hid one in her pocket. She said you know what he's fasting. One time for a fire comes. I'll make one for him at least something to break his fast. And she gave the guy nine.

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Moments later before we

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go see who's by the door. She opened the door. She said our neighbor handled a lot of dial I mean he said this year his phone gave so many eggs. So he brought us a basket full of eggs. He said count them they should be 100

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So she counted them she found 90 said count them again they should be 100 Because Allah said that the lesson? Actually I'm failure. When I do something is multiplied by 10. She counted them again. She said 90 So did you hide one egg?

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This is the certainty they have. This is how much you're keen. They haven't Allah. Something's wrong. Allah said 10 you saying nine something's wrong. He said yes, I hit when he said that. So Hala, this is what you paid for it. So this is the akin they had on the making dua and other stories. Subhan Allah one, one very righteous man, very righteous man. Subhanallah he used to have so much Yaqeen and Allah azza wa jal similarly he had a habit after he finished his work, wherever he got paid on his way back home, he gives all the money to the poor, everything he made, and he goes home, he lifts up the pillow he finds the money there.

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So his nephew, he liked the idea.

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You know, you get paid you invest with Allah azza wa jal and you come back home, you find the money again. Allahu Akbar. So he took his salary. Damn, it was way back

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from the, from the work, he distributed all ran to the pillow left up the pillow nothing left up the mattress nothing left of the house nothing. So he went to his uncle. He said, my uncle,

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I'm a Muslim. You're a Muslim, man. You're a woman. You have the salary I have. You did this. I did this. I came home there's nothing so well done can say. He said I did it with you again. You did it and you want to try Allah see if it works. Allah cannot be tried. Allah cannot be tried. Don't try. Let me try it. No, no, don't try you do something with 100% You're clean with 100% the name Al Qadir in the back of your mind that Allah is Al Qadir Allah cliche and Kadir no matter how big is the problem? Allah Allah cliche and Kadir Allah Subhana Allah to Allah Subhan Allah, Allah can give all mankind an all gene kind, whatever they want. That he said, if they all ask at the same time, he

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will ask them he will give them all whatever they asked for and nothing will decrease from His bounty Subhana nothing. Nothing more unfortunately, like I said before, when we ask we think in a way that I'm asking us if I'm asking another guy another person No, no, no. This is different story you're asking Allah as origin. So that is all recap from last week. And then there's a couple more points and then inshallah Tada. We'll see if we have time for another name.

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One of the ways that we should remember the name of Allah al Qadir is when we are praying istikhara

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when we are praying istikhara and let's pause for a second and discuss the dua of istikhara.

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Many people have misconception about the Sahara.

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First of all, what is this the Hara is the hara

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literally mean that you are asking Allah azza wa jal about a venture a project, decision, major decision or small decision in your life that you're about? To endeavor in and you want to see if this is catered for you or not, this is a sticker, the Sahaba used to make a sticker for the smallest things.

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You want to move from one state to another from one country to another you want to get married to so and so. You want to take that job. You have we all have things in our life, that we need to buy this car to whatever

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we place the Hara. When do we pray this the hara we pray this the hara the salsa is Salam said any salad other than the fort at any time could be as the hara but the best time is the time of tahajjud because you are

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playing this the hara and at the same time, it is the time when Allah Subhana Allah Allah is asking Hellman saralyn Thau Thea there's anyone asking so I can give him so in this tour account other than the but there's a very important point which is the beginning of the Hadith min hemma This is the part when not many people do not pay attention to men hammer I already decided I want to move I want to move I made I asked my wife we checked everything we made this dish era

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and we want to move

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we want to move it's not like you know a choice between one thing or another No no, I want to move I placed the hara and I start taking by the means

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let's pick one topic. I want to marry so on So okay, so

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I checked everything about her i Everything is okay whatever it was so Sam told me I followed it I checked her family I checked her o'clock I checked her Dean everything now I placed the hara

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not I see somebody I placed the collar well what if she does not satisfy the criteria that you want? So I saw this I did my homework. Now I want praise Takara Should I continue or not? She does the same. She does the same. So I praise the hara and I go to her father to ask for her hand in marriage. Now you start see the effect of this the hara there is no dreams there is no light when you see it at night nothing like that. That stuff we hear you know we press the car and then we wait to see if there's something's gonna happen. Doesn't work like that. You go ahead, man, the hammer hammer what means what does that mean? He

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laid the intention to do something from him. He made the decision hammer. Not like whoever thought no, no, no thought hammer hammers. He did this. Okay, this is fine. This is what I'm looking for Bismillah I want to move to Dallas, I checked the community, I checked the schools, then Bismillah okay. So, he after he plans, he started going with the process, whatever that process is, then you will see even start getting completely complicated. Very complicated. The father doesn't like you the mother doesn't want you you know things happen. All of a sudden spirit find this guy started getting complicated that means this thing is not good for you. All of a sudden you see that Subhan

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Allah the Father is in love with your father and the mother is in love with your mother and the families love each other and everything is going smooth and the agreement on the wedding is becoming nice and easy Subhanallah that is your answer for this Takara similarly you want to move you see things are the job came the school accepted my children you know you think falling this is this the Hara. This is the way we do it. Can I pray it more than once? Yeah, you can pray it more than once. No problem. Okay, can I just okay, let me just explain the drought first. So this is why we are discussing it in the name of the guardian.

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What did Rasulillah Salam say? Allahumma inni esta Heruka the l mc. Wa

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a stalker de roca B erotic This is where we get stuck. Because erotic by the way.

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Again, if you go to the hadith of istikhara Subhanallah look her the way he started. I got goosebumps it says can you eliminate he used to teach us that the hara camera you are liminal Quran

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so this we have learned in my Hello cousin other Ishioka many dua Have you ever heard before the DUA he used to teach us this dua just like he teach us the Quran? No. What does that mean? In the Quran? I cannot say Oh, instead of E. Right. I cannot change a word and if I change the word there's no big deal as long as they got the meaning here. It says he used to teach us this to come at you I live in Al Quran Yanni. When you say it, say it Allahumma in the star hero Kabir EMIC. When I started Euro cabbie called erotic well as a Luca been public for in NACA dalam. Whether we're talking

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we're under Allah, Allah Houma in Kentucky, and now the camera but to submit Amarok

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if you know that this matter here, it varies from one person to another. If you know that this woman is good for me, if this move is good for me, if this job is good for me, he had a changes and let's continue and then when you ask for the other side, if it's not good for me, you will name it again. But now let's say somebody say it's very hard for me to memorize it after now do I inside the slot is better than outside the slot? Okay, so if I do not know it by heart, after I finish, I have it on my phone, I have it on a piece of paper after I finished the tour a car I carry this in a paper or on a phone or anywhere and I read it because of the beginning of the Hadith. Read it as if it is the

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Quran Subhanallah so you read it and then you ask and this is st Hara.

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Can I make the two out of a staccato without salad? Someone said that if you are stuck in you cannot praise the hara, and you want to make the DUA only by itself. So just make the DUA alone and sufficient and Sharma but of course, it is better to make it with the with the with the salon because of the Hadith. Whosoever intend to do something let him pray to raka other than frog and say this dua can you eliminate? Let's the hara coma you aluminum Quran Subhanallah so in this dua that's why we use it here as the cathedral cabbie quadratic. ista. We said that before, when a verb starts with Elif seen

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a staffer I'm asking you MACURA are stuck there. I'm asking from your kodra

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Great, yeah, hola. I'm asking you because I know that you have the Kadir and I mentioned oh that Subhan Allah how beautiful to show Allah azza wa jal that you have so much confidence in in him. And you before you attempt to go into any venture in your life, you ask Allah azza wa jal, just like the hours you've taught us, that you do is the Hara. And you do istikhara you do is the hara with the harlot and you do st. Shara with the mark look.

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I am going into this bit

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snus, and I have no idea about this business, I go make St. Sharrah. With the people who are in that field.

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And I ask Allah azza wa jal, it's good for me or not. So both of them under a lot of datamine. But of course the Sahara it is from Allah azza wa jal, and he knows who I am and how you, Allah subhanaw taala knows that and see knows what's going to happen in 10 years in that business or in that field on that job with that ye for now.

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I made this the hara, I am a very righteous man, I do everything that Allah subhanaw taala told me to do, I stay away from what he has prohibited, and things did not work out.

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I feel like I did what I'm supposed to. But if I go into something, without istikhara without anything, and then something happened, I'm the only one to blame. But the after that if I did all my steps 123 I took by all the means that Allah who were my Shavon I took by the means I was driving on the highway at the speed limit 50 miles an hour. All of a sudden a guy came from the other side, drunk and jumped on my car. And I did not do anything I'm taking by the means. I feel has to handle the other launcher. But if I'm driving 200 miles an hour and 50 miles an hour, and I go into an accident. Don't say that? Oh, of course it's written for you. But still, you caused it. You did

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You did something you went against the law against what is you supposed to be doing? So after I do, the stiffer I feel very safe, and that handled a lot of bellemeade I did what I'm supposed to do. It worked out hamdulillah did not work out. Lando Alhamdulillah. Now one more point about the DACA. Dear Subhanallah, one of the Sahaba he said

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he said I was beating my slave with a whip. Something happened between him and his slave. So he was beating his slave with the whip.

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When I heard the voice behind me understand

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I did not recognize the voice due to intense anger was very angry. I will not recognize the voice. As he came near me I found out that it was Rasul Allah salAllahu Alaihe Salam and he was saying it almost

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almost twice. He said

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almost all said through the whip from my hand there upon the source I said and said

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in nulla

00:22:33--> 00:22:37

has more kodra upon you than you have upon your slave

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you know he was beating the slave. So as soon as SLM n is owed,

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you are showing power and you are showing superiority over this poor slave. Keep in mind that Allah has more control on you than you are on that slave. Allah subhanaw taala could make that hand instantly crippled, paralyzed.

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So similarly, when we have people that our children our our spouses, our people who work for us, remember Yeah, when if you have them on them, if you oppress them if you don't treat them properly, Allah subhanaw taala has more control on you then you on upon them so he said

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after this I never beat my servant after that ever again. Subhanallah so when we have this name, Al Qadir in our in our mind and our heart Subhanallah everything will feel like at ease and you feel so confident and you feel that Subhanallah Tada nothing is hard. Nothing is hard. What What's your problem? What is it your problem with your wife problem with your with your with your in laws, problem with your children problem at work problem with your health problem with your boss problem, whatever it is Subhanallah ask Allah Kadir but ask him, ask him with your cane or dough. Allah or untung Mukhin una Bill Java, but his strong statement to ALLAH ask Allah while you have Yaqeen 100%

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Allah subhanho wa Taala is capable of doing of doing anything. So inshallah Tada we will stop here in sha Allah. And as we

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every Thursday, I remind you of making a lot of Sumatra Surah la salida the milkman Salatu was Salam Salam on Thursday night and on Friday, the whole day has a special taste to it because of his request at Firo Subhan Allah so always good to make salatu salam ala, but this night, and tomorrow all day, he is himself said x zero. Make it and he used to make 510 1500 These times this two days those day and night. x zero, double it, quadruple it. Make a lot of it.

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Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad Ali Muhammad can isolate Allah Ebrahim le Rahim in Nikka Hamidah Majeed, along with Eric Allah Muhammad Ali Muhammad Comerica Ebrahim while early Ibrahim in a Hamidah Majeed alumna Elif Minako OB Naira Bananaman Allama for Linda the northern slough and Fer Medina, what's up with them and on sadhana, Alchemy, carefree Aloha Maria Alhambra, Rohini and Hublin and as far as you know with react in a Kurata channel, Motoki and Robin dunya, Hassan, Hassan walk in the now but when Allah to the clove and that is her data. We have done a minute on Kurama in cantilever hub. One Charla Tara tomorrow Fisher is still at 615 and next week to change because the

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Hour will change now we will move forward on Sunday inshallah Tada to Monticello, I will be giving the first hotpot I would like to see all them sha Allah subhana Colombo should allow the stockbroker on a tour