Mindfulness of the tongue #2

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The importance of knowing partner's opinion on sex is highlighted in the Hadith from the Prophet Alayhi Salatu, as it is used to cover up behavior that is not recognized as a sex act. The "ma'am'am" concept is used to cover up language behavior that is not recognized as a sex act, and "ma'am'am'am" is used to cover up language behavior that is not recognized as a sex act. The danger of language in older age groups and the need for proper environments and software companionship are also discussed.

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Columbo Hurry up. So hey, and certainly beside all the Allahu Anhu. And maybe your son Allah, who is like the seventh or eighth night and collection in mountain herding married to us by setting them aside, or the Allahu Anhu. Also, however, they don't know a lot about, but we know that he didn't read a number of Hadith. And maybe at some point, we'll kind of talk about him, or we do know about them. But mostly our information about him, he's kind of focused just on his way, he was having fun, spent a lot of time with the property a lot of time and he gave us a couple of gems, it will be a loved one. And this is the theme of mindfulness of your tongue. This is where I called it, I mean,

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may not be the best way of putting it. But really, to kind of analyze or just take a Hadith of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam pointed out the dangers are the benefits, the risks, the pros, the cons of one's speech, what you say,

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you say is actually very, very important in so many ways. And I think we underestimate that sometimes as human beings and we don't take it as seriously as we should. And that's why I narrated the first Hadith yesterday that was very focused on that you can go back to it if you didn't hear it. But today I'm gonna narrate a different Hadith the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam also shares something that's definitely very interesting is what he says is awesome. Now, if anything, man young man Lee, been up when I've been originally he Augmon love will Jana.

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If whoever it is, when he says men, it means men is, is not those who is conditioned, it's a it's a linguistically it's a tool of condition. And so if you're capable, as a,

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if you're able to guarantee or those who are able, but if they are those who are able of doing this, if they're capable of doing it, it's like a little bit of a complex, linguistic, linguistic complex, and kind of putting those who are able, if they're truthful, if they're truly able to guarantee for me, that which comes that exists between their LAHIA in the lie is this is the two bones, the jaw bones. And he's talking about the tongue galleons. Tortosa. Well, I have ADHD, ha ha, and that which exists between their legs, you don't need me to explain that to you, those who can guarantee for me, that which there exists in their mother tongues. And therefore, I will guarantee for them, John,

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listen to this, this is this is a very specific usage of words that he produced out of his thoughts, and he used the word the mind, outman, guaranteed, I guarantee it for you, you guarantee for this for me, I'll guarantee this for you. If you're able to always be mindful, and be attentive, and to be in control of what yours you say, and of your sexual expression, then you're guaranteed John, because those are the two ways we mess up.

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These are the two ways that we end up messing up as human beings, one of the two, that we cause real problems. Now, other ways of the new exist, but I think it's up to us. And I'm not saying that others don't matter, you just saying these two are very tempting denotational. They're very tempted, like they're very open, and they're very real, in terms of they're, they're a very close part of our human nature, very dear to us.

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on you, it's your speech, what you say how you express yourself, verbally, mentally, intellectually, your ability, your ability to articulate, that's what makes you human. That's what Allah subhanaw taala did to Adam He taught him how to speak lemma Adam in a smart he told him that the names so he knows what is. So he can describe stuff that makes you human, as you can sit there, you can describe something to me, I don't have to see you can describe it. You can not only describe things that are physical, you can describe things that are not physical, you can describe an emotion to me, you can describe a thought to me that's very, very specific to the human experience. Animals don't do that.

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You describe things. So your tongue is very is your ability to articulate actually, interestingly enough, this is a piece of information for you from a medical perspective. So if a child is born deaf, right,

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if after the age of nine, in some studies say it's a bit earlier than that age eight, if that child does not develop a language of some sort, they will grow up to be mentally retarded. And this is a medical term, not a not a slang term for the mentally delayed. If they grow up without developing a language, they have to develop some language. Now they can now if you teach them sign language, they'll be fine. But maybe the novice teaching them teaching them sign language, they have to figure out some way to communicate it by the age of nine. They don't learn how to communicate, they end up not developing appropriately. If someone grows up and is born blind, there's no there's no fear on

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their intellectual cognitive abilities. But if they are born deaf, they can grow up mentally delayed because they can't develop learning didn't develop language. This happens in overseas by the way

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all the time, all the time, like in the small villages I came up a lot of people were mentally delayed. They're not mentally they're just deaf. They just did. They were just deaf as children, but no one cared. There's what they're one of 12 children who has time you'll just figure it out and they never learned how to articulate and communicate appropriately they ended up not making it that's important languages. That's how important this thing is. Though it's very important to us. Very careful you use it you can guarantee it that doesn't harm others and then the sexual piece that's a whole different thing. Let's not get into that today. But I think you understand what I'm

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going by it is just as Yeah, I think we all can agree is is just as dangerous probably a little bit more in some ways for certain age groups and especially for guys it's a problem if you can guarantee these to the property So Sam is telling you I guarantee gender for you. You have his get his word on it his son you know mechanics i i get i didn't make mistakes on these two fronts. I do have his guarantees that Allah honey so it was definitely something worth at least contemplating and thinking about. I think it's a very powerful Yeah, neat Hadith in that way that he used the word human guaranteed because it's so hard for us to guarantee these two things are so difficult and that's why

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we require a lot of coaching reminders we need proper environments proper set of proper software companionship so that we can learn to control them. They don't get the best of us at some point in our lives. You got to read email and we will hurry you up so he and secondly besides Allah one file, but in the viewport Allah Allah cyber Salem, man young man, Lee Medina, lacking ye, when are they in energy Lee? Oh man, la Holden sort of Rasulullah sallallahu

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ala ilaha illa just told through to Allah wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad, excuse me