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2018 2 15 LMM at 8pm -Chapter of Siyam2


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The importance of fasting during busy seasons is discussed, including taking medication and not using foul language. The three options for fasting are provided, including doing every day, doing every day, and doing every day. The speakers emphasize the need for healthy eating and challenge oneself to try new ideas. The importance of fasting for health and personal life is emphasized, along with the need for individuals to avoid missing important events and avoid wasting money. The speakers also emphasize the importance of avoiding major events and learning to handle negative gender positions.

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Rahim hamdulillah blood I mean a llama somebody was telling him about like I said the Muhammad Allah mishmi So we stopped at

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was to have Berto sia meaning it things that are recommended during fasting things you should do in the recommended manner during fasting we talked about three things to agita and filtri which is to have for tour as early as possible. Do not delay for tour when smuggling happens immediately eat the Sunnah, what he was

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meaning each tour, the latest you can the closest you can defer you don't eat it early like at one o'clock in the sleep don't eat it as close as you can to visual This strengthens us so that you can do cm properly Baghel Siyam are there to make sure that you are nourished and you are energetic and capable of doing fasting in a proper manner the third one without a clue god you're gonna kill them. And for you not to say do not use foul language not to be obscene or to use profanity or just say any bad things to be people. Generally speaking make sure you wash your tongue when you're doing car make sure you're washing your tongue what you say it's not just about what you're gonna do about not

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eating it's also about how you treat other people and how you how you carry yourself okay. You move on to the after that way a horrible car Mohan city am and it is prohibited and haram

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to Fast Five days within the year one of the five days and Eden the two are the two days of aids are either filtered or the first day of Sherwood and either Aloha the 10th day of the hijab were Yamata she nearly fell Eartha and the three days after Sharif come after the reader. So the days are haram for fasting for the short period a year

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or five days.

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Five days the first one is the first

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of show one

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the second day

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are you oh man no

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school the only

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two days now

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the 11th 12th

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and 13th Asia

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these are called ionic Tishri

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these five days are haram for you to fast you're not allowed to fast these five days. The first day of show was hidden filter, you're definitely not to find that date ever. And the 10th

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of the Hedgehog, you're not allowed to fast these days. You're allowed to fast either AllAfrica.

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Meaning if you are generally speaking, fasting if it came on a Monday usually fasting on Monday, then some scholars say it's okay like if one of these days is on Monday and usually faster Monday Some scholars say it's okay the majority still say It's haram. You're allowed to find them either content with Timothy and Bill Hajj. Well, I'm teaching dill hottie. There's a type of Hajj called tomato, we're gonna study Hajj the next after today we finished the animal study pages next time, there are different ways to do Hajj, one of the ways to matter if you do them at dawn, and for some reason, you have to slaughter Hadith, you have to slaughter Jonnie sheep, or Yanni or any form of

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livestock and you can't find it, then you're allowed to start fasting, you can find those three days that's acceptable. That's actually encouraging, and it's proper. But besides that, for some civilian someone who's not doing HUD you're not doing a premalignant pilgrimage or he's not doing anything else, then you're not allowed to fast deeds five days a year, the first of Shawwal Aidan filter and the 10th 11th 12th and 13th of the ledger these five days are haram for you to fast. Okay.

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Well, you could go home and when you go home we all miss shocky in New Africa.

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it is discouraged for UNRWA commended for you to fast yo Mushrik the day of don't know which day is that who knows what you'll miss check is

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what is the only check

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Yeah, so that was about which which month though? Oh,

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Right. Yeah, so Siobhan is not there either before Ramadan. So if we're not sure, let's see, we're going to look for the for the crescent of Ramadan. We're in Shaban, we're looking for the custody of Ramadan to start fasting. So on the 29th Night of Japan, we look to see if tomorrow is the 38th of Shabbat, or if it's the first of Ramadan. So we looked at we can't see anything. We can't we don't know. It's not clear. It's unclear, right? So what we do in that case is that we make Shabbat in 30 days. And then we start Ramadan the day after, that's what we do if we have lack of clarity, if it's cloudy that night, and we could not see the crescent of Ramadan, that we act like we consider Shaban

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to be 30 days, and you're in his discourage, for you too fast, too fast that day. So you get to oh, well, I'm not sure I should fast, no discouraged to fast Illa. And you worship I did the same thing, unless you have a habit of fasting, whatever day that is. So let's say the day of dote is a Monday or Thursday, and you have a habit of always fasting Mondays and Thursdays. In that case, you can find it no problem. But if you don't have a habit of fasting, right, and I tell you that tomorrow, we don't know if it's the first of Ramadan, or the 30th. Java, I mean, because we can't see you can't tell, we're going to consider to be the 30th of Java and you can't fast or is discouraged to

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fast for the Shafia. Some scholars go as far as making Muharram. But for us for the Shafi this is only discouraged

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to those days that are not need that we shouldn't fast

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from a term of prohibition. And from a term of, of discouragement, what are good days to fast is not in the machine, but he's talking about that quickly. What are good days, okay, so you have three, I'll give you three, three options in terms of fasting, the NFL Papa war, the faster if you submit Allah, I'll give you three.

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So I'll give you three options of what you can do.

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The first option, the easiest option of all.

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Number one, fast, there's the 13th 14th and 15th of every lunar month, which is which adds up to how many days a month, three, so three days a month

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every lunar

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lunar month, of course, besides Ramadan, Ramadan, you have to hit do the whole thing, obviously. But besides that you do so how many days a year do you end up fasting?

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So keep up keep out Ramadan, three times 11.

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So you end up doing 33 days of devil 33 days of the power. So this adds up this option gives you 33 days after 30 days of recommended or of sunnah of sunnah fasting. Okay.

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Second option, this is the simplest option. Now if you find this easy, too easy for you, you want to try something Yanni a bit more challenging.

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Do Mondays

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and Thursdays?

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How many days does that add up to a month. So this is four weeks, that's eight, and then nine, so nine days a month? Because usually for weeks and a half, four weeks and a bit within within a month if you take it on your lunar month or something like that. So it's up to around something close to eight, a day to nine days a month. If you how many? How many weeks? Are there any lunar year generally speaking?

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A lunar year there's a bit less, there's 50. That's why there's 10 days difference, right? So let's say there's around 50 Just for the take out the four weeks of

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Ramadan or a bit more. So you end up with 46 times 46 by two, how much do you end up with

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So you end up with around

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something over 90

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You end up with around 90 days a year. Alright, so if you do it Mondays and Thursdays every every week, you end up with around roughly

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90 days a week a year which is good. If you go from I would stick to 33 for a few years. And then I would try after that doing Mondays and Thursdays and then the best form of CRM by far.

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The Hub we'll see I need Allah siyanda Allah subhanaw taala loves the most as the prophets told us is a Siyam of whom

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have dealt with Ali Salam and it is every other day. So he does. So day in day out

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day in day out, they are here today. So how much did that add up to?

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So if you take out, let's say let's say in any lunar and a lunar year, there's around 355 days, Keiko.

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difficulty with 30 days of Ramadan, which leaves 225 days. Now what is the

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divide 320? By two, what do you what do you end up with? Yeah, so you're roughly 160 days.

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So this adds up to. So these are the three options that I that I offer you. Now there is one more, that's kind of like somewhere between these two is that if you don't do every Mondays and Thursdays do at least one

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or at least do one of them. So if you just do one of them, then you end up with have this number which is around 45.

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If you if you fast every Monday, right, then you get around as many Mondays there are in a year, how many of these are there in a year on 50. So take over them on Mondays, cuz you're gonna do them anyway, in about 45 days a year. So these are options for CME and NIFA that I think you can, you can probably benefit from at least try them for a while, I would advise you to try each and every one them for a while.

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For a long time I did this for like, at least 10 years, I would do this all the time. I tried this for a few months. It was interesting. It was interesting because

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it's doable. It is it is challenging, but it is doable. I was just a bit lazy in terms of getting it done. But it's doable every once in a while I go ahead and I do that for a month or so. And I would just try these things now and you don't have to do all of them all the time. You don't have to do them forever. Just make sure you challenge yourself and try doing some of them you'll find to be very beneficial inshallah. Okay.

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Is it the yam? Sure. Well, yeah, I'm not talking about these days that are encouraged in general. I'm just saying See, I'm indifferent. Like if you want to consider doing any sooner, then this is a good business good patterns. But yes, the sixth day of show six days of Chawan are definitely what if you end up doing one of these things you'll cover because every month we'll have at least six days? If not, if not a bit more. Okay.

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What's the meaning of

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let's talk about that when we do Hajj just just we're coming to Hajj we're gonna talk about all that stuff and had your shells just give me some time.

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Like, faculties like say like oh eat is like three days?

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Yeah, so yeah, so the eat and filter is just one day, an ad goes until the end of a Yamagishi. So you have 1234 days actually so it's a four day lead. Yeah, so it's longer you don't want the computer Okay.

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Woman Latvia fina hurry Ramadan. Me didn't finish out Jean Friday. He'll welcome Farah and he who commits or performance sexual intercourse with full intention knowing that it's Ramadan I knew it wasn't a mistake. He wasn't

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not paying attention it wasn't forgetful. They did it was completely clear that he you know he he had intercourse with his wife during Ramadan for Allah he'll come home welcome Farah now before I talk about this I'm just gonna quickly explain something

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someone sent me another tissue one of the Shiva tissue

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when it comes to terminology regarding what happens when you don't

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when you don't fast when you feel the fast there's there's terminology that we have to use use different words. So we have something called Ultra foul Cobra

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This is because when we study in a text in a different room with him, I want you to be clear on these things Fialkov fala sobre

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This is known as alphedia

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and there's Kabbalah

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and there's an inSec

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Bucky yeah

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all right. These are four words you shouldn't you should definitely definitely know in terms of what what they mean. If cafardo Cobram Kofoed anyone have still have the English translation

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manual that will either only one so far up the word come up means it's for you to make up for the day that you left so cola is simple, is you just make up for the day

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you don't pass the day you know faster day you make it up it's called combo you make up for it. That's all you do. Just pass another day for it right now some sometimes you won't fascinate Ramadan, and you'll be required to do something a bit more something different something in addition, so someone who breaks his fast during the day of Ramadan by having intercourse with his wife, not only does you have to make up for the day, he has to do something called cofounder, Cobra and conferral Cobra is one of three things and they go in sequence like this. So either

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either h Calaca.

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freeing a slave or freeing a neck freeing someone out of slavery. If that doesn't work, you move on.

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So yeah, I'm sure Helene tuttavia in

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fasting two months

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trusting two months in a consecutive months, and if not, if I'm 16, I'm ski now, you'll find these things, that sort of thing. But for the hard from without Hana for a different type of problem, it also for different sin, it applies here as well, if I'm Dina Myskina.

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So feeding

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So that's

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so you have to go in order for the gym holder, meaning the majority of scholars, the vast majority of scholars say you have to go in order. Some say you don't have to go in order, go go in order, there are people

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that you can just choose. But the vast majority of scholars within the medina have said they have to go in order here. So obviously, you can't do free a slave anymore. Even though I do think that there's an there's a parallel to be drawn someone who was in extreme debt. I believe that similar to freeing a stable law item, it could be mistaken. Meaning I believe that there should be an ally that is drawn here. And I encourage scholars to think about that, because I think it's similar. Because people weren't in stream debt, I needed a lot of financial problems. You're freeing them basically, as well by taking note of it. But if that's not an option, then she I'm telling him what to do. And

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if you don't have the ability, meaning you work long hours impossible for you to do it. Then you move on to a concertina Myskina but you shouldn't jump to this unless you before you at least consider the first two. Now it could follow Solara

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don't go far what it means is to is to abolish your sin for you to wash away your sin. You're not only do you need to make up for what you missed, you have to do something extra. So a fallen Cobra mean the major abolishment of the sin. And here you have a minor abolishment of the sin which is we're gonna we're gonna use the word of the video that would fit here. Now what is it?

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I'm calling the Yeoman

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and call Yeoman.

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Mode wood.

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So for each day that you don't fast, you you you feed a mood or you give to those who are in need a mood of balm of food, which is which adds up to 600 grams

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of staple of staple food crops of staple remember we talked about that and so of staple food crops

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or anything that the people of that country eat most often, so it doesn't have to be a staple food crop, it could be anything, anything that they're accustomed to eating more often but usually staple food crops work everywhere Yanni. So for each day, a wood

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and insect basically it in the heart, meaning if you break your fast in Ramadan without without. And without there being a reason for it, then it is it is required of you to at least continue the rest of the day not eating. Right, you shouldn't eat publicly, you don't have to serve fast today, for some reason, or you broke your fast today you made a mistake you should not eat publicly that day say well I already broke my fast I'll just continue having lunch and having any breakfast and wherever know you hold on, you don't eat till the till Maghrib that day. So it's called the namesake Buffy it in her and this is something you'll find it all the books are filled with all of them and

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they have all four of them talking about them sigma theta. Now, there is some questionable, it is a bit questionable in terms of the evidence that support it. I mean, the idea but there's logic behind it. I'm not gonna go into details when I know that that's a word that exists in filth. If you if you if you listen to it, you hear it, you know that it's out there. Okay, so someone who has any sexual intercourse with their wives. They did Juma and during the day of Ramadan, and they broke their fast. So not only did you have to do Kabbalah, which is making up for it, they had to do like a follow Cobra, they have to do one of these two things. One of these three things, sorry, I have to

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choose one of them are going going to go in sequence, which is what you people, with the majority of scholars see, but this high, so yeah, if that's something you do, it's not enough just to make up for the day. All right. So we mentioned earlier in one chapter, it requires being like

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somebody would like you know, finish but not actually having no the moment the moment intercourse begins that it doesn't matter if you finish or not. So someone who who.

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Yeah, no, yeah, so someone who will cause himself to Jacqueline without having intercourse, you just have to do combat. There's no Kafala but having sex with your wife will cause you to have to do Anka photo as well. So you need to do both. We're here to hear the Imam explains what the Grafana gabra is we're here at raka Mina, which is freeing a men slavery slavery. Muslim was in slavery for inland Myojin and if you can't find a yarmulke, Khomeini Motobecane then too fast two months consecutive months for inland misdemeanor and if you cannot do that, for whatever reason for you

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Upon Musa Tina Myskina then feeding 6060 miskeen equally miskeen in wood to give each miskeen amo docile 600 grams for each miskeen that the mean which adds up to around roughly 15 to $20 per person which is not a lot of money. I like to see go up to 30 if you're if you're rich and some people say up to 50 Just to make sure that you're 90 you're paying well over the damages for the two consecutive month if you happen to miss a day of the month with a lot of difference of opinion within scholars I'm gonna leave that because we're talking about that inshallah later part is gonna be like just focusing on talking about that and talk about in more detail Yeah, because there's a

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difference of opinion terms of what what is a good excuse for you to cut these two consecutive months and what applies at what was acceptable what is not only then a shoulder for later we'll talk about woman matter while you can see I'm in the middle of Milan will play my I know the Coolio meanwood and he who dies and all these days of Ramadan let's say someone didn't pass certain days of Ramadan for whatever reason. For whatever reason it was maybe I'm not saying it's not necessarily that you didn't you didn't want to fast No, let's say you got sick for four days and Ramadan. You didn't fast them and then after Ramadan you didn't make up for them you continued not to fast like

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you didn't fast and then for some reason you passed away. And you never made that your and every time someone asked you Why aren't you fasting the days you have left? You're like, I'll do the show next month next month. I'm waiting for this sandwich or the fat died before it happens. So what do we do for someone like that? So Oklahoma, I know you couldn't do meanwood So we feed for each day we give him Yanni which is which is 600 grams of food to a miskeen for everyday that he missed. Now.

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Remember, no we specifically and the old Kadeem Cole, Cole, Kadeem Fisher here in the chef theory, meaning the old opinion of a Shafi and Hannah Bella specifically, they said that you can do something called you're someone who really you so someone can fast for you. But they're the only three The only people who said that meaning the gym horrible, and the vast majority of scholars don't believe that you're allowed to fast for someone. Just like you're not allowed to pray for someone if you're if someone passes away and they didn't pray their prayers, can you pray for them? You can pray on their behalf. So what about fasting the vast majority of Skaza you can't do it. But

00:22:11--> 00:22:33

you know, I mean, no, we have a couple 100 beta and the old opinion of him I'm sure he said that yes, you can do you can even fast for a relative who passed away. I would just feed the Jani mood for each day if let's say you and your grandfather Yanni or an elder in your family passed away, they knew the old days of Ramadan, then then feed Misaki for him. So inshallah Allah Subhanallah will forgive him for it. Yes.

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More than that, how would you know then you would have no there's no way for you to know if you Okay, what about breaking your fast during the CM? By eating and drinking? We talked about breaking your Pfizer you'll see I'm intentionally by Jani being with your wife. What about just eating and drinking? Then you just sat down and ate? Do you do kuffaar as well just come on.

00:22:54--> 00:22:58

For the Shafi have Jeffery and Anna only only

00:22:59--> 00:23:33

for the show 50 and 100 meter only cover for the 100 feet and the Maliki they say you have to look for a cobra as well. So it's a 5050 kind of cut down between them. So the sharpener and the Hannah Vela they might HFA will only cover if you break your fast by eating. Intentional, yeah, everything. Everything is intentional. Here, we're not talking about something doing something not even paying attention. If you eat without paying attention or without remembering forgetfulness, that's fine. You continue your day. But if you do it and you you're like, I don't wanna do this anymore, and you eat. Right, so what you got to do you owe that day, they say that's all you do, and Hanafy and

00:23:33--> 00:23:59

Medicare, so you have to also do a follow Cobra so for each day, so you have to do this as well. Punishment associated with like, specifically, we're just not fasting on purpose or Yeah, that's a long copy, but it's not a part of this mountain. And so I won't get into it because it only applies in this in states that have it some degree of Islamic law that is applied in the state itself. So yes, there would be like to hear our director speak No, but something generally, of course,

00:24:00--> 00:24:03

leaving a day of Ramadan intentionally, nothing will make up for it.

00:24:04--> 00:24:14

Meaning God lost, nothing will make up forever. There's nothing you can do. Why because that day's gone. That day is gone in history, you will never come back and there's no day

00:24:15--> 00:24:36

in the coming history of your life that will carry the weight of that day except another Ramadan day that you have to find out anything for its own merit. So when you miss a day of Ramadan, nothing nothing you can do can make up for the edge of that you lost you fast today for it. Obviously you have to do combo you have to make up for it with the day, but the year you like you missed out on is it you cannot

00:24:37--> 00:24:48

you can never make up for it. It's gone. So that's something maybe to think about, where Shavel in, I guess on your soul meet up. We'll play more on Coolio meanwood Then, and the elderly, an elderly man or elderly woman.

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If he's uncapable of fasting, then he does not fast your thought he eats for your time. Well I'm Coolio, meanwood and he will feed for each day that he leaves

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Would 600 grams of staple food crops or any any food that is that is common within the so you can just give them money. If you want you can just give them whatever by 600 grams of wheat for example or hemp or whatever whatever is that is used more commonly. Okay, which is around 30 bucks like I said between 50 and three bucks, push it up as much as you as you can if you if you're if you're wealthy in Charlotte, okay, well hi meanwhile, Morgan and a lady who is pregnant or is breastfeeding in half and footsy Hema have Pallotta wide email cover if they fear for themselves for their health. So if the doctor tells them that you should rake your fast or if she feels like she's too weak and

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you can't do it, or she's breastfeeding and she's not offering the child enough milk then they don't they break their fast and they eat that day and they don't come back they make up for it. Women don't make up for the solids that they missed and during their during their these times. Whether it's Jani versus not talking about Halo Universe, but when generally speaking when women were Miss Salawat for the for the proper reasons they don't make up for it. But when they miss cm, they have to make up for it. Okay, when Clodfelter I know Lady Hema a spotter? And if they're if they're fearful for their own children as well. Meaning

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Why do humans come up with a thorough and they had to do color and they have to do a photo as well.

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So if they're feeling fearful for themselves, that they just do come up with the show is the opinion of the chef. Yeah, yeah. And if they're fearful for their kids, then they break their fast but they do cola and cathedra together. So if the fear is for herself, like if she's pregnant, and the fear of the danger when she during fasting is on her, or she's breastfeeding, the danger of fasting is on her then she breaks her fast and only does come only makes up for it. But if she's fearful for the for the fetus, so the baby, whether inside or outside, whether she's breastfeeding, or she's still pregnant, then she breaks her face, we just come out and go through them. And that's not the opinion

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of all the scholars anyways, but that's what they say. I'm Coolio. meanwood for everyday is Monday with Lumberyard RT and it's an opal and the third of it been an arcade. This is just a measurement again, the measurement. I don't even know what it is. It's 600 grams of a staple food crop. That's that's all you need to know. Okay, well Maria do.

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You bake like your pacifier eating? Was it was it comprar was my eating for the Shafi

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Ananda you don't do anything about Kabbalah it's only called

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Maliki you can find a cobra.

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And, of course,

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it's always on tomorrow, you will have to make up for

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the day, but then the lady that

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because she has the other

00:27:46--> 00:28:18

day and because she has a she has an older man, she has a proper excuse for it. And she's gonna get the job that she was me she didn't miss the agile, the guy who's gonna make up for it lost the Agile Ramadan, it's gone. There's nothing you can do to bring it back. But a lady who did that for her children, she missed the date. She wanted to get the full budget for it. So she makes up for it, he feeds and she gets the full budget of the day of Ramadan that she missed. That makes sense. She gets the full year but whoever broke it on purpose never gets the full ledger ever again is gone. So he just does come out. So it doesn't make a difference. So it's actually it's an extra responsibility

00:28:18--> 00:28:47

for someone who did something right. Which is there's parts of Islam that have that in it. So if you're doing it right, there's more responsibility upon you, but you get more out of it. That's the whole point is you're gonna get way more than everyone else. Okay. Well, there's a few points I'll explain in a second when Medela when we say if you don't want to step out on Polina you philani were called the N and the ill or someone who is traveling long distances traveling for long distance they they break their fast and they just make up for it. They just do it there's no follow up on them at all.

00:28:49--> 00:28:49

All right.

00:28:51--> 00:29:00

I'm gonna give I'm talking about I have two points. What about leaving let's say you miss you miss three days of Ramadan this year or a day of Ramadan.

00:29:01--> 00:29:14

And you don't make up for it. And the next time along comes, you remember but from Allah has already started like you already started the next day the first day of Ramadan and you owe from a previous Ramadan a day. Right? So what do you do here?

00:29:16--> 00:29:49

Good afternoon, Allah. So you do Koba. Yeah, and you Vidya and Coface over up and Coolio. meanwood And that day, and would except the Hanafi year, and some of the Hanabi law they say they say just about just make up for it. So the Hanafi and some of the honey I'm gonna say that doesn't matter how long you vote for you procrastinate postpone making up for the day, whether it's 10 years, it doesn't matter. It's up to you if you die you didn't do that. That's your problem, but you don't do anything. But the majority of scholars say that if you if you postpone it to beyond the first Ramadan, then you have to make up for it after Ramadan and pay for each day that you missed them

00:29:49--> 00:29:51

would. So it's Kumar enter, follow Salah.

00:29:53--> 00:30:00

So three days with three people for the three days you have to make up for them as well. Okay, that's one thing just in case you push it. You can tell that because what because and that's what

00:30:00--> 00:30:30

We're important for for our sisters because they have to they believe at least 595 days every month or every year in Ramadan they miss five days right like they're not Yanni they're breastfeeding or they're doing Miss five days so what do they do they usually sometimes forgotten they procrastinate just before Ramadan some of the myths the window and end up carrying a day I need to live the year after so they make up for it for the majority they do a month for each day for the Hanafi and some of the Heinola just make up for it. I would advise them to pay for each day a month just so that they're on the safe side inshallah Okay.

00:30:32--> 00:30:50

The last thing one more What about donating blood? So blood donation not taking out small amounts blood donation going to the blood clinic and actually pulling out half a liter of blood does that cause you to lose your CME so the Jim who would say No Alright, so the Jim Ward guys

00:30:53--> 00:31:10

Yeah, yeah, only the high nobility that it does only the high nobility that it does and only the reason and Abdullah specifically, like only specifically the last 30 years has it become very, but those who don't know what is like doing what's the parallel to draw

00:31:12--> 00:31:12

a copy

00:31:13--> 00:31:49

copying hegemon is similar to it because you're losing large amounts of blood right so everyone but dynamic let's say doesn't cause a floor and there's a long argument in debate between the evidence and it's because there's basically two pieces of evidence are contradicting each other completely or to a certain extent so he's just the gym board accepts don't don't see that you lose your CRM if you if you donate blood, but the Hanabi law specifically say that you do so it's up to you i i started with the gym hold on this one based on the evidence and the study of it but that's just a very common misconception a very simple a very simple Jenny rule to know during sleep if thought breaking

00:31:49--> 00:31:52

fast is based on what enters not what leaves

00:31:53--> 00:31:56

right so it based on what's coming in now it's coming out

00:31:59--> 00:32:00

Yeah, nothing that's what I'm saying.

00:32:05--> 00:32:36

Yeah, so So except the hyperbola there's nothing wrong with it there's nothing wrong with that sometimes you may have to break your fast if that happens because you're too weak to actually continue that's a different story. A different story if you end up going to lose you and you need glucose or something in your blood you're gonna die that's a different story but actual Jani donating blood for the gym Hora scholars you don't have to Yanni there's nothing you continue your see I'm normally just I never say that you'll lose you'll see him okay. That's one thing I think those two points up because they made me he made me poor when the decathlon will finish the

00:32:36--> 00:32:37

inshallah the

00:32:38--> 00:32:41

chapter when Attica was the attic if

00:32:43--> 00:33:18

so not sleeping, no sleeping is a very miscommunicate very, very bad misconception I don't need to with sleeping at all. Sleeping is not a part of the equation whatsoever. It's staying or in the masjid during Ramadan, or during the last days of Ramadan or for some scholars or actually any half of them anytime during the year. So you can do it to cough now. You can make the intention of Africa right now and get the idea of Africa for sitting in the masjid. So you don't have to do it just in Milan, but it's most No, it's like it's most famous for the last 10 days, specifically. So when that decaf was so Nitin was to have a sunnah that is highly recommended so highly recommended Sunnah of

00:33:18--> 00:33:48

the prophets of Allah and he said, well who shall plan and there are two conditions for it and yeah, you have to have the intention of doing Attica so my advice to you is every time you come to the masjid especially the students who are here got it on a daily basis so how I do it all the time I fail sometimes to tell you guys but when you come into ministry to make that me I've got to kick off that you're here with the NEA got together of basically what it means DACA or I cover means that you are fully fully focused on something if it means Jani

00:33:50--> 00:33:52

it would Aki food in the Quran somewhere.

00:33:54--> 00:33:54

Where is it?

00:33:56--> 00:33:57

You should know it because it's the sort of you're working

00:33:59--> 00:34:00

very good. What else? Yeah.

00:34:01--> 00:34:03

Mikey flipping this idea to the market you have as well.

00:34:05--> 00:34:06

Yeah, you should have it as well.

00:34:09--> 00:34:11

I'll snap him right.

00:34:14--> 00:34:51

Think about it come up with it is another one. But it's about talking about it not telling details. I'll tell you that. So so when you look at it when you look at the Jonnie the word Aki Aki Feanor aka you'll find it in the masjid and he also for idols. The concept of icons is that you're fully focused on something you're not distracted by anything. So you come into Attica, that's what you're doing. You're saying, I'm for you now. I'm forgetting about my money, my work my problems. My I'm all yours. I'm fully I'm only for you. So that's the point about decaf. So if you're in dementia during during Ramadan, and you are on your phone the whole time, just go home. Just go home, do what

00:34:51--> 00:34:59

you need to do. And then come back when you're ready to be fully his Subhana wa Tada because that's the point of the cuff. Even if you're doing it for an hour. It's better to do it for an hour with fully focus

00:35:00--> 00:35:26

CRO bum yours you're just making the argument or on your thinking about him you're doing remembrance of Him subhanho wa Taala you're trying to drag yourself closer better than sleeping the 10 days 85% of the time you're on your phone or you're chatting on your board or you're sleeping No no that's not the point you're trying to get to God means you're trying to Yanni you've stamped yourself look for Allah to Allah you put a stay at I am only for a love for the next Yanni number of days is always when he comes to the mosque like is aren't they supposed to do that? Yes I

00:35:28--> 00:35:29

think that I don't

00:35:30--> 00:35:31

know I'm sure they're not

00:35:33--> 00:35:34

I'm pretty sure everyone here is totally

00:35:37--> 00:35:37


00:35:39--> 00:35:44

because that's not always the case the content we're going to cover was was was made that and that you actually yes

00:35:48--> 00:35:51

or no and there's another one as well

00:35:55--> 00:36:32

course with the help of the phone you can bring it up but as a suitor you've known for three years now you should have been able to get that yourself okay. So there's the word octopus in the Quran it means to fully focus on something okay. So the first the first condition of so make neogothic up every time you come to the masjid you get a feel for it. So the first condition of Attica is near with the intention of doing Attica second look fulfill Masjid staying in the masjid and you're well I have heard you mean in Attica Lee Elementary in Jatin in 70 hours during min Haven Oh Madeline the human kin will more calm and you should not leave the message for Attica that is Manure. Manure

00:36:32--> 00:37:10

means if you say that your job if you if this happens for me, I am going to do Attica for five days. And it happens that's called the Netherland in Islamic it's called another so I don't have what's called an English to be honest. So if you say that and it happens for you so now you Oh Allah subhanaw taala five days of Attica if during those five days, you should not leave the masjid unless you are you to go to the bathroom. Or there's another like you if the lady is masturbating, she used to leave or you're extremely ill but you shouldn't leave for any other reason. Liam chrome calm I mean, there's an excuse that makes it impossible for you to stay in the masjid during the time

00:37:10--> 00:37:41

right? But at the camp that is sunnah like Africa is Miss noon, you can leave and come back as many times as you want. Every time you leave Yanni come back and you we renew the intention. So if you are going to camp in the last 10 days of Ramadan, and you have a school where you have work that's no problem, go to work, go to school, come back when you can and do a ticket for as long as you can. Alright, so you don't have to be here 24/7 That's where educators mentor that's what you got that you you promised Allah subhanaw taala something you promise him no one told you to do it. You made it no, it's like I'm gonna do it for you and you swore on it then you have to do it but if it

00:37:41--> 00:37:49

shouldn't just for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala you can leave when there's needs different needs it doesn't have to be a emergency need it could be other needs as well. Why would someone want to make

00:37:51--> 00:38:02

what I say and you're really hoping for something so yada yada if you give me this I'm going to do this for you inshallah. Right now. You should do it anyway. But somebody if you say that it's not haram to say that like that's common never

00:38:03--> 00:38:18

never gotten older to me netrin When Allah Allah Allah Maha so now there is a part of the Islamic Sharia sometimes you'll see all of my wife gives birth to a healthy daughter I will do this and show him and then you do it Danny so you owe this now so if you make Attica that Oh, would you oh

00:38:20--> 00:38:58

no, you can't leave unless there's an emergency. The last words of this of this chapter well yeah but you know midwifery and you gonna you ruin and ruin your article off if you have intercourse with your wife during it and of course that is very very rare but it goes to show how different things were back in today in terms of Yanni massages being a bit more Yanni there's we weren't mixing in the massage. Like this is very weird. The profit was so high that they were watching this we find this very weird. This This shouldn't be it should be an open space, and I'm gonna be a dumpster they should be able to sit there no problem. No really. This is like a 100% we are supposed to pray in

00:38:58--> 00:39:30

front and then when we're finished the men's lines those ladies fill in the lines behind us and the Serbian between us and the boys and the girls again, the youngsters between us mean between their fathers and in between their mothers. So it's supposed to be this full segregation. Yanni is actually a bit in a big way. Like we talked about big eyes. Oh, you have a mitzvah Oh, you're doing this? This is a bit this is not right. We're doing this because we're too lazy to deal with the consequences of having men and women in the same area because you don't want to deal with the problems that may come from them you don't want to deal with it so we segregated that's just running

00:39:30--> 00:39:49

away from a problem that's not that's not proper the prophets I seldom say any because when you read this why why would you What do you mean he won't even say that of course you're not going to have sex with your wife during Ramadan intimacy when you're talking about but yes, it is a part of the deen we have to look at the workplace it's something said why? Because Mr. You were open. And you weren't you were doing it. Sometimes we work with right beside you.

00:39:50--> 00:39:59

And that's how things work. So teaching our youth and teaching ourselves how to deal with the opposite gender respectfully and professionally is much

00:40:00--> 00:40:01

More important than putting up walls,

00:40:03--> 00:40:34

putting walls in trying to say, Oh, this is how we're going to do it so that there's no problems. No, no. What you do is you teach people to act professionally and we hold each other accountable for the way we behave. And we teach our youngsters what's okay what's not okay? Is not okay. We say we talked about it and make sure that it's explained. And women are participating in everything that women or men are doing, as everyone else does. But of course, that's not self serving for men. So no one talks about that middle, we're talking about other stuff, but this is just as much as a bit is everything else. The Prophet says him had no, not even a not a curtain. Nothing. Nothing at all. The

00:40:34--> 00:41:10

men and women were the same Masjid. Sophia lived in the masjid. Like I do so for their families. They lived in the masjid there was nothing men and women lived in the masjid. So I'm not saying that we're gonna start having slumber parties. But no, we we exist together in the same space. We exist professionally respectfully. And we allow them when women are applied there is a woman comes in here and then no, she came through here so what so what she came through here what's the problem? Why is that? There's no problem and of course this is the message open for everyone. It's not like they own their we own here. No, this is this is not proper. I found it really funny when they said girls can

00:41:10--> 00:41:31

come and sit here and this offering chairs around. Yeah, he's like, What are you doing? It's like they're not sick. The women they're not gonna get into they're not contagious, fun blue, they can see if you have a problem with Yanni, your eyesight and the way that you carry yourself. And that's something you have to fix. And we have to teach our youth as well to exist around Muslim sisters in a respectful way. Where else we're going to lose Yanni we're gonna lose hard, yes.

00:41:36--> 00:41:38

Yeah, so they couldn't put up a curtain if they wanted to.

00:41:39--> 00:41:46

A curtain curtain, I'm not saying we've been a divider or make a wall. It's a curtain. The problem is I'm gonna put a curtain if it was it was.

00:41:48--> 00:41:51

Yes, yes. Even more than 90% of the massage is like this.

00:41:52--> 00:42:22

I don't know. That's the problem. And this is this is this is the issue that sometimes we overlook something that is maybe self serving, and we don't look because the reason is that the logic behind it is that that there's less problems like this personal problems men alone, women alone, but what we're doing is we're segregating, we're running away from the problem, we're not fixing it. mean we're not teaching each other how to deal with Danny with with misogyny that have, again, we're not saying we're gonna have we're gonna dance in the masjid, we're gonna pray, we're gonna listen to the ducks we're gonna have we're in Oakland, right? And we're gonna do it in a way. Meaning if you guys

00:42:22--> 00:42:45

are sitting here as young men, if women want to come to this, and they sit over there, and I just changed the vinius in the same place. You're not just sitting behind a wall, I want to get there not just sit behind what the problem is, I would give it us and people would listen. And when the prayer happens, so this whole idea of segregation is not Yeah, and if you go in and study the Prophet, sometimes life and then what the Sahaba did during their time, it didn't happen until late. This segregation only started quite late into the Islamic County.

00:42:48--> 00:42:52

Separate what, when the dance over dancing, or dancing the message,

00:42:53--> 00:43:21

or talking generally doesn't do anything, of course, when they're when you're doing something that's recreational? When you're recreational? Yeah, when people are Yanni dancing is a form of expression. And there's a lot of movements that are not proper. So yes, if that's the case, then, of course, you segregate, I'm talking about a masjid where the purpose of being here is worship. We're here to worship Allah subhanaw. So maybe thinking about that as important. I'm not like, I'm not trying to start a revolution against this. But I want you to think about it when you think about it. Because when you read 50, you learn that's how they used to think back then. And these were things they

00:43:21--> 00:43:51

thought were because you're like, Why? Why would you say this when you say that you would lose your tickets? If you have sexual intercourse with your wife in the masjid makes no sense? Well, because the man said you were different than when you were just for a long time. I said this long time ago. So maybe thinking about these things are beneficial. We run away, we tend to run away from problems as Muslims rather than actually deal with them properly. And because dealing with them properly, it costs more time and cost more effort. So we tend to run away sometimes. So that's the end of the chapter of fastening. Next time we get to start a really fun chapter. I'm pretty sure no one knows

00:43:51--> 00:44:01

or not no one sorry. So for many of us, the students, maybe you have no idea what I'm going to be teaching which is hedge. You probably don't understand hedge. You know what Chiron is? Who knows? Okay, Ron, is

00:44:04--> 00:44:20

it Freud? You know, these things are See, you don't even know how to do it. If I told you, Mr. Diaz, many go to Nigeria, and you have no idea how to do it. You don't know what to do. There's actually three different ways to do it. You have to choose the way you're going to do it. And then there are certain rules that will apply to that and we'll explain them till next time. It'll be a lot of fun. It'll be a lot of information, and you'll benefit

00:44:21--> 00:44:22

I shouldn't