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Episode 13/26: Jealousy (Part 2/2)

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narrated jabil, even altaic the prophet may Allah peace and blessings be upon him said, there is jealousy which Allah loves and jealousy which Allah hates. that which Allah loves is jealousy regarding a matter of doubt. And that which Allah hates, is jealousy regarding something which is not doubtful. There is pride which Allah hates, and pride which Allah loves. that which Allah loves his immense pride, when fighting and when giving sadaqa and that which Allah hates his pride shown by oppression, the narrator Moosa said, by boasting.

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Assalamualaikum and welcome to another episode of purification of the soul. In the last few episodes, we were talking about envy, the causes of envy, the definition of envy, and inshallah, in this episode, we'll discuss some of the remedies for envy. First of all, let's have a recap on what is the Islamic definition of envy or hazard? Is it the want to deprive a person of blessing that God has given him? Exactly, that's exactly right, that when a person sees a blessing that he's jealous of, and he wants the other person to be deprived of that blessing, and this is the crux of, of envy, or jealousy, or hazard in Islam. This type of disease, because it's so evil, deep rooted in many,

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many, many different types of other diseases, and deep rooted in sin, then this type of disease must be dealt with, with knowledge as well as action. So the first thing the first thing is in terms of knowledge, one should know with certainty that envy is very harmful to the person who is envious, both in this life and in the afterlife. in the hereafter. He should know that the envy cannot harm the one who is being envied. But instead it benefits him, both in this life and after, the more a person comes to this realization. The more he realizes that by being jealous of someone, he's only becoming an enemy of his own self, and this will aid him in removing this disease from himself. So

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he should know that he's also earning the Wrath of Allah subhanaw taala. Because envy is a sin. In reality, the envious person is angry with Allah decree, and his with his division of blessings among his worshipers. In fact, the envious person has questioned the justice of Allah, by the testing a particular blessing that a Lost Planet Allah has given to someone, this is a great crime against a Lost Planet, Allah. So how would we put this in light of some of our examples? In every remedy, we'd like to see practically how one could do that. So for example, if a person was envious of another person's job or status, then this point should come into his mind with knowledge, he should sit

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down, think to himself, that in actuality, I am just on being idle in the Wrath of Allah, I can't harm the other person with my envy. In fact, the blessing won't suddenly disappear. Rather, I'm the one who's humming, I'm the one who is harming himself, both in this life and Africa, because I'm running the anger of the last one of them.

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The second way that a person can remove this disease of envy is that he should know that he has also committed a crime not only against Allah, as in the first case, but also against his brother Muslim, so he wasn't sincere towards him. And he left the way of the prophets and messengers. Why? Because the prophets and messengers would want for the Ummah, for that for the Muslims, the best, the blessings of Allah subhanaw taala. So when a person he is envious of another Muslim, he's left the way of the prophets and messengers who would love the worshippers of Allah, and who is sincere towards them. Instead, whose path did he joined?

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The path of shaitaan. How? Because he was the one who is envious because he was the first one who's envious, so he was the first to manifest this envy. So these evil characteristics in the heart, eat away the good deeds of the heart, just the way fire eats away firewood. He can also perhaps hide his envy from his brother in this life. But can you hide it from him in the alpha? No. And this is an important point, and it's a practical way of removing anything. He should realize that okay, I've hidden away this

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disease of animals

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Against my Muslim brother, openly, I'm not showing this envy towards him. But there's gonna be a day when the person will know about this envy. I can't hide it from him on Yom Okayama.

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Okay, and on that day people are going to be in need of their good deeds, and they're going to be embarrassed of their evil deeds, not just in front of a Lost Planet Allah, but also in front of their Muslim brothers and sisters, in fact, other people. And you should also think that, imagine if the person in this life could see that this person has been influenced towards him, your person has been envious would he'll be embarrassed of every one of you has the information, you should know that Allah is always seen

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as another very good remedy, that once you realize that allies knows what is in the hearts, so he knows about the envy of this person, and he will, he will

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conceal it may be in this life, but in the era, the other people will also know about this person's envy. So it will be known on that day, that he was jealous of his brother and how he had a deep desire in his heart for the blessings that Allah gave to his brother to be removed from him. And again, you can see how this is a great way practical way of removing envy, because once he realizes this, and he thinks about this, whenever envy leads him to do something, then inshallah he can calm down, the burning rage inside him.

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The third way that he can remove himself from any kind of envy is that he should ponder over the harms of envy on a person's worldly life. So he should know that the envious person will always be in a state of grief, he will always be in a state of sadness, he will always feel pain every time he sees the one who he envy is being increased in blessings. So the person will remain in this sad state, with his heart occupied with this envy and only be harming his own self. In the last episode, we talked about depressed depression and exactly depression. So when a person is envious, and he is preoccupied with the object of his envy, it may cause them a lot of depression and bad feelings

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inside him. Yeah, it's only harming himself is only harming himself. And this is the point that we want to get across. Because the logical person, the person who thinks straight, he thinks, logically, he says to himself, actually, if I'm only harming myself, if I'm the enemy of my own soul, then what good is it for having this envy? What is the good of this? envy? So he should convince himself of this and realize this? Have you got any examples in this in this light? how we could apply this?

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As in the remedies? Yeah, for example, in these in these some of the remedies we've mentioned so far, for example, in the examples we mentioned earlier about the workplace, then, you know, he should realize, as you said, that is the color of Allah dhulipala. He decides who gets these blessings. Yeah, and he's not deserving. So you should realize he's not deserving of this blessing of getting this promotion. So you should know that Allah chooses who gets his blessing. Yes, I mean, he should. And this leads on to the next point, that he should come to a realization that when one whom he envies will not be harmed,

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then he's only harming himself, because that person won't be harmed in this life, or the afra. If he preoccupies himself, in being envious of a person who has got a better house than him, then this envy will not remove that person's house from him, it won't remove it, he is burning himself up inside, but it's not gonna remove, it's useless, it's not gonna remove the person's house. And secondly, it's not going to this jealousy will not be will not magically give him a house similar to that. So you can see how useless this feeling is, I really, this helps. This really helps.

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In anything, for example, the person's got

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got more wealth, when a person thinks that actually is not going to remove my envious of that person is not going to remove him of his wealth, nor is going to increase me of my wealth. So let's not be envy. Let me Let's not be envious of that person. But instead, think about asking your boss for $1 for similar blessings, and that's fine. There's no harm in that there's no harm in wanting similar blessings. The other guy's got good trainers, hey, there's no harm in, in wanting that, and making data off of that.

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But affects the society in the organization also. For example, if if he's envious of his of his boss, then he won't work hard himself in that, in that position, either.

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Boss will guess the cycle Sacco in the society, you you won't fulfill his

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family life with the children envious of each other. And I mean, if a person sits down and actually

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What is the what what is this envy achieving

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is only achieving

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diseases of the heart. So for example, it's not actually getting anything out of that, himself, he's actually just, he's not going to if somebody else has got more knowledge than him, he's doing better than human exams, for example, it's not going to help him if he's, if he is envious of the other person at all.

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What he should always realize that whatever Allah has decreed will always occur. And both he and the one whom he envies, will be given all blessings, whatever a Lost Planet, Allah has written for them both. So if I lost, my dad has written for the other person to have a car, a nice house, a nice wife, he'll get, if Allah hasn't written that for you, doesn't matter how much envy, you display a manifest, or that you harbor in your heart, then it's not going to achieve those things that las panatela has not decreed for you so rather be pleased with the culture of Allah. And this leads to the fifth,

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fifth remedy for envy, that he should be content with what Allah Allah has given to him of blessings in this world, he should ponder and enumerate his own blessings that are Lost Planet Allah has bestowed upon him. And in this way, instead of occupying himself or preoccupying himself with the blessings that Allah has given to other people, he's thinking, and he's being grateful to Las panatela, for the blessings that Allah gave him. Everybody can think of blessings that Allah has bestowed upon them, if they're Muslim. This is the first lesson. Allah has made us Muslims. If we've been given two eyes, we're able to see we're able to hear, we're able to smell, we're able to speak,

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we're able to move our hands, we're able to walk, and whatever of the blessings that we have.

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We can always count and count and count, we can never enumerate in totality, the blessings that are Lost Planet Allah has bestowed us after the break, we'll go on to the remedies we'll carry on.

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Assalamualaikum. And welcome back.

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We're talking about some of the remedies for envy. And we mentioned a few of them so far, let's have a recap. of the ones we've mentioned. So far, you can see the first one was knowledge with certainty that the envy that you have is not going to benefit. It will not be useless, but only for the increase in sin and price it useless. Because he won't get anything from envying someone, in what sense that if you envy the person, it doesn't make a difference. He won't give him that blessing or take it away from the other person. Yes, if he's envious of someone who has a car, he wants that car to be removed from that person, the blessing doesn't matter that envy is not going to remove the

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cop. And neither is it gonna gain him a car magically doesn't do that. It doesn't work in that manner. What else? So what if a person he realizes this, this is a remedy for nVs what else

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that he should make for the person that increases him and we're gonna come to that one in channel. What else?

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That you should be grateful. You should be grateful and ponder over the blessing lesson was given him. Yeah. And realize that Allah.

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If you could count the blessings of a lot, you'll never be able to enumerate them. If you sat there to count them, you'll never be able to enumerate, ever. This is little known that he shouldn't, he should be grateful should should accept the decree of Allah He should accept the decree of Allah. Allah, Allah is the one who's given that person, the

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this blessing and therefore, he should be happy with the decree of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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The next remedy for envy

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is a very, very important and practical one. And that is that he should act in defiance of his own envy.

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So whenever his envy dictates that he should do something, he should strive against his soul and do the complete opposite. So so for example, he if he walks by a person who has a beautiful car, and he envies him for that car, he wants to remove that blessing that call from that person, what could he do, he could perhaps use his ring, and just scratch the whole car, okay, out of envy for that car. Okay, so when his soul tries to entice him to do this, what should he should act in defiance of his soul, he first of all realize that this is actually coming from envy. And then he should act in defiance of what envy is telling him to do. So he should refrain from acting,

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in consequence of this envy, so he should refuse to obey his soul, and scratch the car with his ring, for example. And this is maybe a common example, that let's have a few more examples like this, where one would want to do something, but he should fight his soul. And do this, we should remember that a Lost Planet, Allah says, In the Quran in the shaytaan, and lecom, I do own photography do I do? the shaitaan is your enemy. So take him as your enemy. If you take him as an enemy, then of course, that means by acting in defiance of what shaytan is ordering you to do in the same way here, you should take the envy as an enemy. Okay, the envy assault is like your own enemy,

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enemy. So when it commands you to do certain things, we should avoid it.

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For example,

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sometimes at university, when there's, there's limited spaces for a certain course. And only certain students are selected for that, then, you know, if he, if he's competing with another student, then you know, he should, instead of being envious of that person of getting that position that job, or degree or whatever, then he should, you know, wish could fill up this and I hope it is. So what I'm asking is, how would he act in defiance of his soul? His soul? He is envious of someone. Okay, that envy leads him to do something you meant made an you mentioned an example, a while back about someone having nice hair. Okay, someone having nice hair.

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A person could have envy for that person. And then you said that he might, for example, shave his hair at nighttime. So what should you do in this scenario, in light of what we've just learned,

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he should remember that

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this is something that despised by Allah. Yeah. And he should act in defiance of his soul. He should say, No, I'm not going to shave the guys have

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overcome, overcome it, you should overcome it. Exactly. Be grateful.

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Change it to good actions. Yes. So in this in this particular remedy, what we're concentrating on is the issue of defying. In other words, acting against refusing to obey one's soul. Okay, so the soul says, hey, go and do this evil action. Okay, out of your envy. You say? No, I'm not going to do. Let's have some more examples of this.

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Yeah, maybe in in work, work. If two employees are fighting for promotion, and this employee somewhere else have got some skills instead of inviting him we can work on himself. Yeah. Or this envy may lead him Yeah, to nama, for example. Okay. We talked about tell caring. So the envy may lead him to tell caring to go to the to the boss and say, Hey, you know what he said about you to make sure he doesn't get promotion. And of course, that is haram as well. So what the person will do in this in light of this remedy, he will act in defiance against his soul and say, No, I'm not going to do that. I'm not going to obey you also, for this, for this thing, and this is a remedy. This is

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a remedy. So if he is envious, for example, okay.

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And likewise, he should not only do that, he should do the opposite of that. Let's take the example of the car. Okay, somebody has a car instead of scratching the car, maybe he should offer to wash the car. On behalf of the owner. He says, Hey, your good friend me wash your car today. We can be careful not to scratch it while he's washing it in the same way. I mean, I wouldn't say watch someone else's hair. I'm sure we can think of some examples. After we've had a look at the interviews about this. I think we should love things that happen to our friends. And we must hope for more, more good things.

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For them, it can be moved by knowledge.

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Because if you're more knowledge, if you've got more general knowledge, you know,

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some and everything like,

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if it's religion, you can know, you know that envy is a bad thing, you know that MV would be, when hurt would hurt other people hurt you also, what depends depends on the issue. Envy is not an admirable feature in itself.

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However, knowledge is definitely power knowledge is something we should all seek to better the world that we live in today. Naturally, if you have a good amount of knowledge, there's no need to envy others, even if they're materially or better, or in any sense better in any way. That, you know, handler, you know, everything's good. We can always embed ourselves through knowledge. So knowledge is the key. It's, it's supersedes money, it's precedes anything else of material value, because your head is more valuable than anything else in the world.

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So yet, yes, I know, it depends on the person. If you envy someone, you will severely be punished in the afterlife. So if you really practice Islam, you will know that anything, someone will harm you and harm and harm him. Now that person or anything, no one has to exercise certain level of self control.

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That's why a lot of people, that's what an addict is, is someone who cannot exercise any level of self control. So we as people, we have to exercise self control, even in terms of emotions, because you can be addicted to a certain purpose or a person as well. And these can create feelings such as envy and jealousy. And it allows you to harbor a lot of also negative emotions. And

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it's just improper, I don't think that it should be done, I think one should really be in command of their feelings, even though it's very difficult, but they should try to have a certain level of control over their feelings. So they don't hurt the people around them. And they don't give the evil eye to anyone else also at the same time, very good. Very good.

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So we were talking about some examples of when a person could act in defiance of his own envy, envy tells him to do something, he's going to do the opposite. Let's have some more examples of that.

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For instance, if a person has new clothes or something like this, another person envies this. Maybe we should have to buy some new clothes. Exactly. That's exactly what I wanted to have these kind of exam. For instance, if the person had quite nice trainers, not person, then the other person can perhaps have to buy some new trends. Yes, that's right. So and this totally, a person is fighting against his own soul. Okay, he's training his soul. This is a key more examples of this. Maybe

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in families, where at home, maybe instead of him envying his brother, if I'm a gift to buy him a gift for him to do better, yeah. And speak what like when the envy tells a person Hey, speak badly about your brother to your father? Yeah. Okay, sibling rivalry. They're all vying for the Father's love the parents love. What should he do? He should act against that and say, Hey, Dad, you know, my brother, he was really good today, he's really nice, can't defy his own soul, do the opposite of what the soul is telling him. If he's envious, for example of someone who is being praised by the people, and his soul desires to speak against that person, then he should strive against his soul.

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And instead, he should make good comments, and compliment good comments about and compliment that person. In this way, he's training his soul to remove the envy in his heart. So when a person has broken a leg, for example, okay, and, and he's had it repaired, he is advised to exercise his leg, slowly but surely training his leg to get back into shape, get back to normal, if he doesn't exercise and train his leg, then he could end up with a permanent injury. In the same way the soul, okay, the soul is exactly the same, it needs to be trained. It needs to be cultivated, it has to remove the diseases of the heart. Remember, we said the human being is made of three components,

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what were they? The sorrow is one of them, but soul, the body is another and the mind intellect. Okay, when we see the diseases of the body, okay, someone's broken his leg, broken his arm, then we were quick to repair them. Okay. In the same way, when we have diseases of the soul, such as envy, and anger, these kind of things, we have to train the soul. We have to repair it, but then train the soul to get out of these bad habits. And it's very important. And so if a person's soul craves to be proud and arrogant, against the one who he envies, then he should try to best try his best and force himself to remain humble and more

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Just in front of that person, if his soul wants to be horrible to the person he envies, he should make every effort and compel himself to be good to that person. In this way, the one whom he envies, will return the kindness and modesty back to him. And this, in turn, will lead the envious person to show kindness. So it's like a circle. It is difficult not to show kindness to someone else that does show you kindness and happiness. Often one loves people who love him. So for example, you know, I don't like that person. So I speak good about him. In front of him, I act good to him, that he in turn, acts good to me. And this will make my soul change from the false if you like the false claim

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of being good to and being trained to be naturally good to him. Why, because he's doing good to me. And I like people who do good to me, this is normal. The seventh remedy for envy is that every time the thought of envy enters his mind, he should avert it immediately, and begin to think of something else he should start to do acts of worship, like read the Quran, or recite words of Vicar. In this way, he will preoccupy himself with acts of worship, instead of his envy. The eighth remedy for envy is that he should make the offer the person that he envies, he should sit in private and ask Allah and beg Allah that He actually increases the one who may be envious with goodness. So if a person is

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jealous of someone who has got a lot of wealth, then he should make the art a lot that that person is increased in wealth. This is acting totally contrary to himself to his soul, who is telling him to do that which is telling him to do the opposite. He should force himself to do this knowing that Allah will give to that person, whatever he's already decreed. So it's not going to change anything. It is difficult to make draw for one whom a person is angry with or envious of. So by doing this, he's actually forcing the envy out of his soul. The ninth remedy is that he should take refuge in Allah subhanaw taala, from this disease, of envy and make dua to Allah to remove him of it. So I

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asked a Lost Planet Allah to aid us against this evil disease. So we can struggle against it and overcome this filthy disease from our hearts. Or Salalah or Sonoma.

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Mohammed Ali, he was Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh