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The segment discusses the horrors of the previous weeks leading up to the third and fourth years of prophethood, including the persecution of Muslims, the loss of family and career, and the influence of the Prophet Muhammad bin on Abou john's death. The story also touches on the sham of the previous weeks leading up to the protests in Poland, the actions of the previous weeks, and the characteristics of the creature and warrior. The segment concludes with a discussion of the creature and its characteristics.

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from the lower salatu salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah, he was such a

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Chola continuing with our

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lesson from the

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seat, awesome. from Seattle to number we had the prophetic biography.

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inshallah, this week, what we're left or rather, last week, we talked about

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some of the sufferings of the early Muslims, and especially the persecution that started once the message of the prophets a lot. He said, um, when public, then there was a lot of persecution of the Muslims at that time. And we talked about that in a lot of detail in the previous session. And of course, the culprit behind a lot of the oppression and violence and aggression against the early believers was a boo Jehan. And we talked about, you know, him and the suffering, and the plight of a lot of the early believers in quite a bit of detail. What I wanted to talk about today, before we actually move forward, it's a very interesting story about Abu Jahan.

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So in the height of all this persecution of all the different Muslims that was going on, and you can basically place this at around third and fourth year of prophethood. So in the third year of prophethood, is when the message went public. So during the third and fourth year, all these stories that we talked about in the previous session, the whole long list of Sahaba, the family of Yasin Yasin, his wife, Tamiya, the Sunnah, Amar, we talked about the different women, the Sahaba, who underwent a lot of persecution, below loading a lot more annual hubbub, and a lot of radi Allahu anhu. All of this was transpiring over the third and fourth year of prophethood, third and fourth

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year of Nebraska.

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Around that same time, there's actually a little bit of an entertaining story. And it's interesting about a boo Jehan. So amidst all this persecution, even as hot relates, and other historians have also mentioned this particular narration and story, it's been authenticated by the scholars that there was a man from the tribe from the people of Iraq. So he's basically referred to nobody really knew his name. He's just referred to as Iraq. This little Elashi This is a story of the Rashi man, the Rashi individual because he came from the tribe, the people of enosh.

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He had come to Mecca to do some business. This was a small, humble villager from a small humble town. He brought some goods and he came basically to Mecca to do business. And he ran into none other than Abuja and decided to enter into a little bit of a business venture with Abuja. The problem was that Abuja took his merchandise his goods from him and said, I'll pay you for this, you know, tomorrow or whatever, I'll pay you in a couple of days. I'm good for it. Ask everybody. Everybody knows me. You know me, you know me, everybody knows me. So don't worry about it. I'm not going nowhere. You know, you can come and collect from me, you know where to find me. And the man

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shows up in a couple of days time, whatever time I Buddha had given him, the man shows up to collect, and Abuja, he says, Who are you? What merchandise What money? Would he would

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anybody know what he's talking about? And, of course, Java, kind of being a ringleader of all these troublemakers. everybody's like, yeah, we don't know what you're talking about. We have no idea man, get out of here. Look at this crazy guy coming over here. And basically just dismissed him and figured, you know, just take advantage of this little villager. He doesn't have his tribe. He doesn't have his people here. I'm Abuja.

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mccobb. I'm a big dog here in Makkah and crash. So nobody can mess with me. This silly little villager was gonna listen to what this guy has to say. And just kind of shoot him away. Shoo, shoo, shoo, go, go, go.

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Now, you can imagine this man is heartbroken. He basically brought his life savings left his family traveled very, from very far away, came to Macau with the hopes of turning over some profits. Being able to take it back home and being able to build on whatever he had back home. And he's broke. He's empty handed. The story even talks about how he didn't even have, you know, food to eat. He had nothing. This was everything that he had and he

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goes into the halloumi goes into the GABA.

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He goes into the huddle near the Kaaba and he basically goes there. And he calls out to the people screams out. And he says, Yeah, Marshall operation manager Don Yardeni Allah I've been hacking been a sham.

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Who amongst you or people of oratio Society of Quraysh, the people that we heard so much about, but ah, I don't harem

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who who judge?

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You amazing people that we look up to that we heard so much about that I came here so hopeful of meeting and doing business with who amongst you will help me against a bill hakam that was Abuja has a lot of before Abuja, he was called double hacking by the Americans. So who will help me against him? For any or even worse news? abelian I'm a traveler. I'm on the road, I have nothing to eat nowhere to stay no clothes, no nothing. Raka developer Niala happy. And he's taken my right from me.

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And it said the narration says that some of the people that were sitting there, so in the other leaders of Polish, they started to say karateka Raja

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he started to point at him and started to mock and make fun of him. Well, who's gonna be they were making fun of him. Like, look at that guy. Check him out. Look at him. silly little guy. What's he talking about? And they all started to mock him and make fun of him. And this man is standing there in the middle of people pouring his heart out and getting mocked and made fun of after he has been oppressed.

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I mean, just try to imagine the plight of the individual just being ripped off like that in broad daylight being standing there broke, not knowing what to eat, how to get back home,

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empty handed and the man who has taken your money or your merchandising refuses to be you is sitting right there. You're looking at him.

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Imagine the heartache and the heartbreak is man is there tears in his eyes screaming and yelling,

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pouring his heart out. And then on top of that he's getting made fun of.

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So you can imagine this individual and what he was going through.

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The Prophet of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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was also there in the huddle at that time.

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And even before the prophets a lot of the sudden noticed this man and heard what he had to say, some of the other Quraysh some of these the individuals who are mocking and making fun of this man, they went over to the profits a lot of them

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and because they knew that the Prophet of Allah Salafi Salman Abu Jihad did not get along.

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Because Abu Jamal was the primary culprits. He was the main culprit behind you know, taunting the profits a lot. He said I'm, there's a story that precedes this story that I didn't really touch on. But the story basically talks about how the Prophet of Allah Salafi symbols one day praying in the Kaaba, praying meaning at the harem near the Goblin front of the Kaaba, and the leaders of police were sitting there and some of them started to egg on Abu john because he knew he had a bad temper.

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And what's interesting about Abu john is we know the Allahu anhu was also very temperamental. abou john was basically his heart. He was his mama. He was his uncle from his mother's side. He was his mother's brother. So you can kind of see that the temperamental nature kind of ran in the family. So they knew that Abuja was a little bit to get riled up easily. So they started egging on abou Jaya like, hey, look, look, look, he comes over here. rubs in our faces, you can't even do nothing about it. Look at the broad daylight rubs it in your face. of who Johnson? Oh, really? Is that Is that it? That's what you think that's what you think is going on over here. And the narration says that he

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jumped up into us wearing like a scarf or something around his neck, and he pulled the scar off. And he went stood behind the process and put around his neck and started to choke him strangling.

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And Abu Bakar the loved one who was there in the huddle and saw this and he came running over and body check double Javelin.

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He came over ran over to him and he tackled him, pushed him aside. And then he quoted the same words that Roger Minami alafair said onset. The Quran talks about this. There, the insula movement, the sutra that is named after the believer from the people of fit on there was a there was an undercover believer amongst the people of Iran, who when they started to plot and conspired to kill Musa alayhis salaam. He stood up in the council and he said Takata Luna Rajan. And you're gonna be a la vaca dijadikan will be in it will be cool.

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Are you really seriously sitting here trying

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Talking about killing a man. All he does is say that my Lord, my master is Allah. There'll be a law worker, the job will begin at Morocco. And on top of that, he's come to you with clear proofs and evidences from your Lord.

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And you want to kill this man, Abu Bakar, the loved one who spoke similar words

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and set up to Luna. You want to kill this man just simply because he prefers one Lord one Allah over all these idols that you worship.

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And so these events have transpired before.

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And so based off of that, it was public knowledge now include a shout out to john and the prophets, a lot of them don't see idi

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Mohammed, Abdullah, Abu Jalla.

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They have been a sham, they don't get along.

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And so they start, they go to the prophets along with him and he said, hey, look, look, listen to what he's saying. Listen, listen, pay attention to what he's saying. Listen to whom he's complaining about, like about whom he is complaining, listen.

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And then they even told the profits a lot. He is happy for what you are decani Why don't you go and join up forces with him. You guys have a common enemy. And they were all doing this as a joke. But at the same time, they got the attention of the profits, a lot of the profits of them did look at this man, and listen to what this man had to say. And it touched the heart of the Prophet salallahu Rahmatullah alameen. His heart bled for people.

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He cried for people, he felt people's pain. The Prophet of Allah sallallahu Sallam was empathy personified. Use the beacon, the fountainhead of empathy.

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And so the prophets of legend felt this man's pain

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and he went to him. And he said to the man, he said, Why don't you come with me?

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Why don't you come with me? We'll try to I'll help you out with this. We'll try to take care of this. So the narration says for her Raja Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Hadar who for Baba Aniki Baba.

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And the Prophet of Allah sallallahu alayhi Salaam took them in, went to the house of Abu Jahan

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and knocked his door

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and the narration says that Abuja has said from behind the door Madhava hooser.

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The Prophet of Allah sallallahu Sallam said Mohammed bin *load

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it's kind of interesting, actually the Prophet of Allah salami, some, I mean, in Nicola Allah Filipina have him right. I mean, his character is unmatched, superb, but part of that character is at the same time not being a doormat. Part of that character is also having a little bit of swagger to you.

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dignity, honor. And so the Prophet of Allah sallallahu alayhi salam says, Mohammed come outside. So he said, Who is this? Who's there? And he said, it's Mohammed, come on outside, I need to talk to you *load Come on out. Because he knew how Abuja was going to react. The narration says 400, a lady in one of the narrations actually says that when he hears the name of the prophets a lot, he said on the process and says it's Muhammad.

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Then he actually responds, one generation says that he actually responds by saying, mother three, what do you want? And the narration says that you could hear the disdain in his voice, like, Oh, you again, what do you want?

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What do you want, as he was walking towards the door, he said this with the disdain in his voice. And you could hear that this day. You could hear the disapproval you could hear the disgust in his voice, that tone that he had.

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But the narration says when he came out, and he opened the door and looked outside for karate lay you anafi what he brought to them in

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the in, in Tokyo.

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When he came outside, and he opened the door, and he looked outside the narration says that there was not a single drop of blood in his face. Like he had gone pale.

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He looked like he just seen a ghost. He looked terrified You look pale and eats in the profits a lot eaten before.

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And the Prophet of Allah sallallahu Sallam said, I'll tell you how that Roger

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said give this man what he deserves from you

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abou Jahan

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risk response to the prophets a lot he simply said La Habra, Hata Ortega who la de la who he goes, don't worry, don't worry, don't go anywhere. Stay right here. Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere. Let me just go really quickly grab what belongs to him.

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For de la hora de la he be happy for that.

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He ran inside, left the door open, grab some money came back outside, handed it over to me to go here and go. Three months out of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the profits of lightsome

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turned in head back. Well, Parliament erosion, he said to this erosion individual, he said, I'll have to be Sonic. Because here you go, here's what you deserve. Here's your stuff.

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So the last man went back to the harem.

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And he

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wanted to he wanted to express his appreciation and he started to telling people dissolver located on a hunter levy Lee, he says, may God reward this man, this man who came with me Muhammad, and I received that which belongs to me.

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So, the people became very confused. The people became very confused. They're like, that doesn't sound like Abuja. That doesn't sound like Abuja. Abu Jamal doesn't just keel over and just doesn't give in like, that. Doesn't sound like him. So they asked the Buddha like, bro, seriously, like, what's wrong with you?

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I mean, everything okay? Like you're I'm feeling okay. Like that's kind of you got you got pushed around, man.

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Like, first of all, this dude's a villager. And then it comes to your place with Mohammed about people who you've tried to strangle and you persecute his people and you're after him all the time.

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And also you just hand everything over like that, like what's going on with you? A Buddha tells the people that

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when Mohammed came to my home, he said Wait, how come he goes up by have no idea what you're talking about? way How come you people need to shut up you people have no idea what you're talking about. So well lahemaa who are in LA in La Liga. Bobby was American soldier who he says fumbling to Robin.

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He says that as soon as he came in, he knocked my door and I heard his voice. I became furious. I was angry.

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Like this dude comes to my house.

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This dude comes to my house. Thoma karatsu illa he and I came out ready to give them a piece of my mind. What in the folk are us again, the phenomenal even.

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And I came outside I opened the door and I looked at him. And standing behind him towering over him was the largest camel I have ever seen my entire life. And not just a camel but fine a minute even it was a male camel. And find was a word not just for male camel that was using classical Arabic, but like wild camels, the wild desert camels that were not tamed, that were even known to be a little like mentally unstable. These animals. These animals were actually known for killing people.

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They were like mad camels.

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Mad camels, crazy unstable camels. And they were wild, and they would actually kill people. And there are there's poetry that talks about these types of camels. The way that he would kill people a lot of times is, you know, they were huge.

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And they had huge heads and a huge big old mouth and so what they would do is they would grab a person by the head from on top like this straight up like a like a suction cup. They would just grab the head of the person on top and they would just toss him fling him around, break his neck and just fling them around and then throw him and then they just walk about on their way.

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They're just crazy animals.

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So he says I came outside and I saw this humongous camel Model A to mithila hammer t I've never seen a camel this huge before His head was humongous.

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And all I could think about was my head.

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Bigger humongous head. When I passatti Walla Walla and Yaba he left

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for loggie low low as a Jew for lucky to have a Tula akkineni and I swear to God that when I saw this camel and how furious and angry and unstable and crazy Look, I felt that if I say no, this camel is just gonna just grab me by the head and kill me.

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So I ran inside and gave Mohammed whatever he was asking for I just wanted him to leave with this demon that he had come to my home with. One narration actually does say that he describes a camel as being like a jinn a demon. It wasn't just a camel It was like a camel possessed by a demon who's a gin possessed camel.

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And so it's it's just a little interesting story that talks about this. There's another very similar story where the Prophet of Allah Salafi zone goes to the beetle, it goes to the cabin, he's making dough off. And as he's making the offer kujala sitting there with his buddies with his homies, acting like children, and every time the process and walks by the Taunton, they say rude crude things about him. And once and twice and three times and some other agents actually mentioned that they were being very crude, like extremely just just disgusting in their behavior, saying very, very foul thing.

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And so finally the Prophet of Allah Allah is and just to kind of get them quiet. I mean, this is inappropriate behavior even in public places. So the Prophet of Allah salami sent him walks over to them, and they get kind of quiet and they're still getting all kind of chuckling like, you know, acting like children. And the Prophet of Allah sallallahu sallam, he says, well, ah, he, I swear by God, that Allah has sent me to you, but about any Allahu la COVID dibby.

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Allah has sent me to you with sacrifice, like vivid means to sacrifice like to cut the throat. He says, Allah has sent me to you with sacrifice bit.

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And I mean, of course, the scholars discussed what could that mean? That could be talking about a number of things. We just had a new love here, the author here, right? Like either love her. So it could be talking about a number of things, but the Prophet of Allah ceylonese him just said that to them. And because he was known to never lose his cool, he was known to always speak the truth. Never say anything out of line. Everybody just got taken aback and they said, What are you talking about? Yeah, this is unbecoming of you. You're dignified, honorable mouse and honorable man. Right? You're a dignified, honorable man. You belong to the family of Abdulmutallab. How could you say something

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like this? In the process of went about his way, quietly, just continuing is too often everybody was quiet after that. So there were some very interesting exchanges in some of these early days. At that time. Does that come along?