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2017 10 5LMM at 8pm Chapter of Prayer-2

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala Sayidina Have you been Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi edge mango man. So last time

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we started with the closer everyone just come closer I can see your faces and you guys can listen and hear what I'm what I'm going to say. We started with Kuttabul salah is a very important chapter I want the especially the young guys to listen very carefully this is you and if you understand this stuff, you will have a very shallow good

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a good amount of knowledge that will surely continue with you for your life. It's it's an important capture effect to know, to know Salah and understand how it works. So what we've studied so far, within the Kitab of Salah, we talked about the timings of the pairs.

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Correct, I explained last time that there are five of course, obligatory pairs, you know that and then we talked about the timings of these pairs, meaning we talked about we talked about starting with border first of all, we said that it starts after the sun moves from the middle of the sky, and something and every stick like a perpendicular stick to the to the ground will have a

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shape a shape, a shadow will have some shade from that moment on is similar, and then it will continue to be loaded for the Shafia Yeah, I'm not gonna go into the difference of opinions or all the momentum I talked about last time, until it's exactly the same height of the origin, once it's a bit over that, that's when the answer begins. So look at it from the moment there's a shade for a perpendicular stick in the middle of the ground, right, and then it'll continue to build over time until the shade is as tall as the origin. Right, that's when the war ends, the moment is longer, it becomes also time for the FAA right

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we'll come to that just give me a second and then also is from from the moment it's longer the shaders longer than the origin by even a bit a millimeter and then that's also beginning time it will finish when the sun sets when the sun you cannot see the horizon you can't see the sun anymore, that's when the beginning that's the end when also the ends and that's when misery begins. It begins now Shafia for them they have to timings for also they believe the optimal time is from when the shade than the beginning of the time of also when the shade is just taller than the orange is longer than the origin. And the optimal time is until it's twice its length. So around 45 minutes after the

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time of us so that's what that's for the first 45 minutes from after the dawn of awesome is the optimal time and then it's permissible up until is Sunset Yes

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Okay, so I'm not I'm gonna get into filtering bukata into comparative fifth I'm not going to get into compared to film with the xiana and the lady and the Marta Xena and, and Ebola Yeah, that's just gonna be too too much for this, but they have their own interpretations of evidence. Basically, what we see to be the prayer of suffer of traveling to them is the norm of prayer. So that's basically what how it works. But these days, it's an M, that's the norm to honest it only happens when you're traveling, but how and why? That's just a bit too much of a discussion right now, but inshallah maybe it will talk about it one day,

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Margaret begins some sunset, and it goes until the

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disappearance of the shark, the shark know which one is it, it's the, it's the red, the red light, now the red light goes and then after that the white light goes, right. So for the chakra area, from the moment, the sunsets until the disappearance of the red light in the horizon, that's the moment of time where the shaft area they don't, they don't even accept.

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At that point, they say that Muslim time is from the moment, the sunsets, whatever time is needed for you to make, although dress turned towards the Qibla and pray and pray at three o'clock and then took off center now but for the gym, or for the majority of scholars, until the disappearance of the red of the red

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Twilight in the horizon now actually begins from the moment that red Twilight in the horizon completely disappears, right. And it goes on

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until future time permissible from a permissibility point of view for the Shafia. Yeah, the optimal time is until the first third of the night. So the shaft area for them. The optimal time is from when the read, Twilight disappears until the first third of the night. And that's the time for for Asia permissibly until Fajr wonders for your start. It starts from when the first not the first beam of light appears from the horizon because if you're standing in the countryside and there's no there's no electricity, you're just waiting for what you see is pitch dark, and then a beam of light. And then that beam of light goes away. That's called a federal chasm. The also the false dawn

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The false direct because it's not permanent, it goes away. And then another beam of light you see light and that light stays that's called with digital Sadhak the the

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To the true true dot true dawn, and that is when future begins now Fajr for the shy failure optimally from that moment until, as far as far as when there's enough light so you can make out someone's face. So you can you can see people so you can actually start seeing objects properly because at night, you can still everything is dark. As far as me when you can actually make out different occupancy houses in places and trees and people. That's as far as that's the optimal time for federal permissible, permissible permits, within permissible time is until

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until the sun actually rises. And so and so the first piece of the sun's circle is seen in the horizon, that's when your time ends, yes, as far as the ideal beginning or encar, end time. So the optimal time of failure is when the true Dawn begins, meaning you will see a beam of light on the horizon, that's clear, it's not going away, it's there, you've seen the first one, there's a second one. So it's gonna stay from that moment until you start making out faces, meaning there's enough light for you to see things. That's that's the optimal time. But it's permissible until sunrise until the beginning of sunrise is permissible. After the sunrise is cut off, for your time is over.

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You will pray for your prayers, Kabbalah mean, you're making up for something that you missed. So much. So now I can't really see people's faces, right? So it would be the red part of the Sun is that when you cannot pay, right? So if you're standing up there, you're looking to the east and you can see the horizon

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is payable, I mean, within its proper time, until you see the first part of the sun. So this is the rising

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until you see this first part of the sun come up. Yeah, and then it starts keep keeping keeps on coming up. Right. So once you see the first part of the sun, enter for you

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know, you can move pray, but it's when you're making up for it.

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To get to the facts on how to tell you that if you see the sun people comes up. So maybe it's worth mentioning that we should just pray no, you can just make it up right then in there.

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Presently read and that was supposed to create at that time. Yeah, but that's again, that's a matter of difference of opinion that I'm with, you know, you can just pray for God to pray for you whenever you wake up, if you wake up for the right time, which is what you're supposed to do. But if you wake up late, prefer to just don't wait. Because if you wait, you're gonna end up forgetting or gonna end up postponing it, or you're gonna do procrastinating, it's not gonna you're gonna forget it later on. So just pray right then and there. I think that's a much better law, federal is more important than than the issue. So the the weight of making up for Fudger, which is a obligatory prayer, it

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outweighs the cost of praying or the recommendation of praying at that time of the day. So it's recommended to pray at that time when those sun's coming up. But the importance of making up for failure outweighs that recommendation. So you shouldn't pray anything else. Right. But except, that's my opinion that I take except making up for Fudger. Because it's a very, because it's a full form. If you pass away before, before you actually pray it, you're going to be held accountable. You're gonna say well, I didn't pray because this is a recommended time. Yeah. Is it a recommended time but this is obligatory prayer. Meaning you do it the moment that you you can you don't you

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don't wait to load data on them and that's the opinion that I carry within this.

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There's a fair number of scholars that for Noah who don't pay those while the sun is going through sunrise, sunset that a public Senate then for the optional pairs don't

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just affirm.

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Okay. So now we're going to continue forestland which will be celerity, the letter to Asha and the condition condition for

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for for prayer

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prepares to be obligatory meaning.

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If I'm gonna say prayer is obligatory upon you, then you have to meet three conditions. Right? There's three conditions that you have to meet in order for Paris to be obligatory upon you. Number one and Islam you have to be a Muslim, right? We don't ask non Muslims to pray. We ask them to be Muslim and then they can they can pray after that. So the first one is Islam you're accepting Islam number one, number two al blue.

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So blue, blue is usually translated as puberty.

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I have a problem with that. The word blues in Arabic means achievement. Reaching something by Allah, you reached something or some milestone. Commonly it's used for sexual maturation. So again, blue can be explained as maturity.

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But it's blue usually is used in the Arabic language for sexual maturity, meaning, you know, you've come of age. However, I'm not sure that that is totally accurate.

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Back in the day, people would mature psychologically, socially, financially, for the

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Yeah, so talking about puberty or maturation or maturity, I find that back back in the day people would achieve different types of maturity at the same time. So sexual maturity basically was a psychological maturity, financial maturity, social maturity all coming in one meaning someone wants they were of age, they will get married, they will have a house will have a job they would live. So they were part they weren't now independent in a certain to a certain extent in their lives. Today, it's not the same. And I think maturity is still the the mark of when solo becomes obligatory upon someone, I'm not sure if using sexual maturity as that Mark is actually the right way to use it.

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Again, this is just something that I've always thought about. And I think it's worth maybe, you know, thinking about as well but definitely if you've achieved that maturity if you're if you hit puberty, then now the guy is sitting there writing stuff now you know, everything you do is being is being you're being held accountable, meaning your choices on ER matter. And you're gonna you're gonna be rewarded or punished for them. Number three sanity, is there a third page?

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See, that's the thing that's hard, even now, even Medically speaking, it's between I guess, 13 and 15 for boys and nine and 11 for girls. But yeah, when you like first.

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Like, basically when you first become

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alright. And the last one is sanity. So if you anyone who has a mental illness or a severe mental illness or is high as a challenge, mentally is not enough, if people are not asked to do anything, so you don't ask someone who,

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with any level of mental retardation or mental mental illnesses, to actually do any of this stuff. And then I see mental illness, I mean, actual properly diagnosed severe mental illness. And yeah, that would also qualify someone who's not held accountable by Allah subhanaw taala to begin with, first, prayers are not obligatory upon them. So these are the three conditions you need in order for prayers to be obligatory upon you. Now once they're obligatory upon you, you have to pray no matter what the only the only thing that would make fair no longer obligatory upon you. Because if you're Muslim, you're gonna stay a Muslim. And if you're puberty, you're not going to go backwards unless

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you're Benjamin Button, and all you end up with is sanity. So the only time the only time that prayer will no longer be obligatory upon you as a Muslim is that if for some reason you lose you lose your sanity, because as long as you're saying, as long as your mind is working, you pray so in war or you pray during difficult times you're gonna pray you're sick you pray, you always pray you never it's never allowed for you not to do the five prayers as long as your brain is working. Even if you're completely assembled. Let me Allah Jonnie preserve everyone completely paralyzed from the neck down. If your brain is working, you have to do your Salah. So insanity is is the right Yes,

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Like, at the age of 70

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There's a lot of debate on the authenticity of that hadith. And to be honest, I don't see it to be

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authentic. From its centered point of view from the nearer and nearer integration point of view or from its fundamental meaning from the, from the actual what's in it, the process of selecting them, I never hit, never hit kids. He never hit it just he never did. So it's very peculiar for me to find out how to do this where he's telling you to hit it doesn't it doesn't seem to fit because at least I've never actually never actually did that. That makes sense. So I will Oh

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yeah, they use it here a lot too. So it's used it's used quite quite quite quite a lot. Alright.

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Let's move on. Well had to take leave had to take leave. And this is the condition for tech leave for you being religiously and legally responsible. Meaning these three things Islam, being a Muslim, being of Asia, achieving maturation, and the same and having sanity. This is the head of tech lead this one it makes you from now on religiously responsible and Allah subhanaw taala expects you to fulfill his commands. Now after that we'll follow out to the mosquito net comes

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and the recommended parents are super rigorous story prayers. You can use Ebro or optional prayers, less known as the Sunnah prayers are comes and when he says only five he's talking about sending what couldn't cadenza Eden and really, I mean, these are the extremely highly recommended prayers and these are the highest level of Sunnah prayers that exist. These are called the Super rigorous Ettore prayers, and this is their five of them lay down the two prayers

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will come to fan that whenever there is an eclipse of the sun or the moon will is despite and when there is a prayer for drought, the drought prayer so those five prayers are the highest sunnah, prayers that exist in Islam. They're just one level under being legit under being funneled under being obligatory and they're called a super rigorous story prayers. Now there's going to be a lot of other Sunnah prayers are going to talk about and they're going to be a different levels anyway, but these are

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The these five are the highest that exists, meaning that you should go, you should definitely go if there's nothing holding you back, you should definitely attend these pairs. So when it comes to aid, don't sell out on aid, you don't sleep in go pray aid aid is a very, very strong signal prayer. Meaning Why is it saying here must know that because some scholars even see it to be at the point of origin, meaning some scholars have called it a obligor, an extra obligatory prayer that is outside of the five that we pray every day, that there are a respectable number of scholars who have seen aid to be funneled to the failure, meaning it's, it's an obligatory prayer that enough people have

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to do it in order for us not to be held accountable for not doing it. The same thing goes for the historical cusu for the Eclipse, Eclipse prayers, whether the sun Eclipse or the moon eclipse that some scholars have seen, it's a job that is actually obligatory. And also regarding the drought prayer, when So and these what brings these five prayers together, what makes them what is the common denominator for them?

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Is that their GEMA? Right, there are periods or periods are done in congregation. So Eid, Eclipse bears and drought periods are all periods that you don't do alone. You don't pray you eat alone, you don't pray Eclipse bear alone, you don't or some scholars accept it, and you don't pray. It's just God alone. So these are periods are done in congregation. And that's why they're extremely important. So any prayer of Sunday period that has that level of importance, and it doesn't congregation has seemed to be a super rigorous toy prayer. So that's the first the Slovakian must not mean, these are the first level of prayers right under the obligatory prayer. So if you were

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making a if you were trying to put together a chart of importance, so first of all, you would have the five, the five daily prayers,

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the funnel

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for the Shafia Yeah, immediately under them, or a saltwater mosquito net, which is we just, we just studied, we did the super rigorous three pairs

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isn't obligatory, that's basically instead of lower, low, it is obligatory so so let's jump right, so by default.

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And these are also five, so the two aid

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and the two eclipses were the sun or moon

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and the drought prayer.

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So for the Eclipse prayers, and as Scott pears and ate all five of them, you're supposed to do it and an open field is supposed to be outside and it's supposed to be in Congress in law of numbers and people's if it comes to a spa, we're supposed to take with us our families, if we have livestock and animals and pets, we take them with us. And we're going to take we'll come to evangelism, we're supposed to wear our clothing backward and this has a whole ritual when it comes to I need to stop but all of them are done outside and all of them encouraged both men and women and children all three of them to go to these pairs, but these are called the mosquito nets and these are right under

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obligate the the level of being obligatory right so what we're gonna study right now then after that is going to be the level right under it. So the level right under it was sunnah Debbie Farah le sub Aisha and the sun. So the recommended prayers

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the recommended prayers that are Tybee Island for our means that are associated with the Quran. And these are the the Sunnah, periods that are associated with obligatory prayers are set by Darshan aka so 17.

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Altogether 17 Like how many funny about how many funny law are there?

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So obligatory, you look at how many are there altogether? Count. So exactly 17. And there's always like numbers, you'll find whenever you study any books that are written by a Shafi Imams, they they're obsessed with keeping numbers the same, making sure that the numbers all fit and in 17 has been a big number, the sheffey books, you'll always find the number 17 Somewhere in there in there, right? So we're gonna study these, and then I'm gonna break them down a bit, because what you're studying right now is is Abu Shujaaz opinion. They're in the Shafi method, there are different things that were then what's written here. And in other methods, there's also different opinions

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that exist. So I'll try to go through all as many as I can. So the first one, like I tell for sure, so the tool that exists before for job time, and of course, it's a very strong evidence to get to the profit as I said them doing saying, those are better than you know, owning or obtaining the world and everything that is in it or up here before definitely before.

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So too before Fajr.

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Number two, Autobahn cabelo votary or cattani vida who

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for before

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plus two after.

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There's evidence to support that there's another two.

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There are Hadith that say also for fildo. There's a hadith that says hola como Juma but you will leave I don't know. If you pray Jomar pray for Raka Yanni after that, and there's a hadith

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He's also narrated

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the private sites and said Men Solokha Gabriella Bandra Vida Vida hoo

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ha Rama hula hula now if you if you pray for before the Lord and for after Allah subhanaw taala will protect you from Jahannam so there's a number of Hadith that will support another two hereafter you

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everything here is nothing so the word okay so the word Miss noon right so the word let me let me let me make sure this is clear. The word sunnah

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equals the word man Dube

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equals the word nephila

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equals recommended

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something that if you do, you get a feel for it. And if you do not do you will not be punished for it. Right? So these three words are exactly the same when we're studying any of these anything, right? So, so now, or miss noon, Monday job, or nephila had the exact same meaning we were pretty sure we'll come back after so I

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stopped, I explained to you the superrich Regulatory Affairs, a slightly misnomer that mean the ones that are not attached to a formula, and they are one level under obligatory meaning many scholars within the history of Islam, actually a sizable number of them, we've seen them to be obligatory, at least I believe three for the group, if not for the individual, meaning that we all have to at least some of some of us have to take care of it in order for not all of us being held accountable for it. Okay. After that we have the recommended prayers, which are 70 of like alpha Shafia. Yep, what we're going to do is I'm going to take this out and then put them down all in one.

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All right, so let's let's go through them. So the first one, the first one we said

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or two before

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and then to be four

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sorry, four

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and two after

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there's evidence to support there's another two, right even though if you don't put the amount of water I didn't put it here, but there's evidence to support that Autobahn

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uncopyable also and for before also

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for before also, I will break down in a second how these work meaning I'll explain to you what are the elected, what are the regularly recommended prayers, the regularly recommended people explaining that and then there's just the recommended prayers. So the Shafi or Bucha at the time did not differentiate he just talked about all the students that he was aware of, and he missed these two and he didn't differentiate between the ones that the profit from lesson would make up if he forgot, and the ones that he wouldn't make up if he if he left or forgot. So he didn't differentiate at the time today there's there's more differentiation down those lines. What I tell anybody

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until after maghrib

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what's up YouTube we were headed him in one

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three after Asia

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or one of them winter

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So if the after I show these two and then one, so to the Sunday afternoon and then one for the CFA, that's how they see. Okay, so if you add them up for him for eight,

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we're still missing.

00:23:40--> 00:23:49

Yeah, so for 810 15 and then this 17. Right. So what what do we also have evidence to support that is not here.

00:23:51--> 00:23:58

So there's two before Maghrib and to be for Asia, so plus two here, plus two,

00:23:59--> 00:24:04

between every event in your karma there's a sunnah. So that's something else that the Prophet was added.

00:24:06--> 00:24:06

When it comes to with

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Hannah fear, when they pray with her, they do three connected knockout, meaning they don't do Sudan after after two, when they stand up and do one they do it if you do Muslim. So the three four which are for the Hanafi is almost exactly like a salute to the Muslim that we pray the exact same way that we pray Muslim, but for the Hanafi The difference is in the last Lukka instead of reading silently as you do in Madrid, you read out loud in winter, and you read in the mall with a team at the end. Now for the Hanafy for the Shafia Yeah, and for the Jim who, you don't have to do that you don't do them. Connected you do two and then one for the NFL, you're not allowed to do one rock of

00:24:44--> 00:24:59

what you're alone for the chef area and the HANA Villa and the Melaka you're allowed to do just one meter. So which again can be between one and a Lago Raka. Three being the optimal mean three being the most common center, but you can do up to a level of like what my teachers would pray 11 raka

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Each and every night and you'd read tend to ask them to read a juicer in every single rock and they will read so you make you would finish the Quran once every three nights just in the winter. That's besides pmla You just do with just 11 raka in a row he was very nice she had a very pious yeah from Pakistan, who taught me in Saudi Arabia and you do this every single night throughout his life right like Muhammad Ali I think he passed away alright. So, putting all these together what which of these are the regularly recommended meanings we have we have soon and we have recommended pairs that are called in Arabic as soon

00:25:34--> 00:25:35

as I like to mean the regularly

00:25:38--> 00:25:39

recommended prayers

00:25:43--> 00:25:58

so, the regular recommended meaning the prophets have never ever left them he did them all the time. And if he forgot them, he would make them up and if he had to leave them for some reason, he would do them again mean he would treat them the way he treated the obligatory prayers to that extent right. So, which one are these these are two before if they want to before

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and this is not necessarily filk is more just kind of something for you to to help you with your with your words help us all with our pairs inshallah with our commitment to before failure

00:26:11--> 00:26:12

to before

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and two after

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two after maghrib

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and two after a shot.

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So 2468 10, it adds up to 10. Now, when we add to that the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam the known Hadith, the very famous Hadith, Salah philleo, Mula fintiba, when Allahu Allahu Mehta agenda he who prays troll raka have recommended periods of night a day in a day to night, Allah subhanaw taala build a house or a palace for him and Jana every day you do that you get a new place a new property in Genoa with your name so 12 here how do you make them just 20 How do you make them told add to them the three of water so add to this another three

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of which are in that way you have 12 Raka and the one of which are so you're good. So if every day you can commit to 13 Besides the obligatory prayers within the way that they're put here, so you add up 12 Sunnah 12 recommended rock out that you did so you get that and then you add the one return at the end of it then you get with it as well and that way you've actually got a very very sizable and respected or amount of records that are highly recommended regularly recommended by the by Allah subhanaw taala through the prophets Allah synonyms teachings right so all these are recommended to them that you know for after but not all of them are regularly recommended meaning not all of them

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the prophets I send a meet up made up when he I mean if you left them or if you are if you forgot them some of them but these ones he did if he was to leave to be for a year or two after a month or two after a shot he would be seen praying those Toorak I'm making up for the luck that he missed if yes

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yeah so out of these ones these are the ones that are called regularly recommended a robot two out of these ones that are regularly recommended now there's 10 of them the prophets I said I'm said 12 in a hadith a very known Hadith if you've prayed Tov like it, there will be a house built for you and Genda for for those 12 raka so if you're doing these 10 How do you make them 12 Just do three with it at the end of every day and then you end up having 13 Your your perfect, you've done it you've done the optimal number and you've done them in the right timings. Yes.

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The best time so the best time for which is after your Pm if you pray at the end if you don't pray at the end of course that's fine but if you pray at them the best time for winter is after it now depending on if you pray pm or nights or not. Now some people sleep no wake up you know at night, maybe a few hours before you know an hour before your prayer TM that's when you're supposed to pray with her after it if you don't pray at them for whatever reason because your work or is harder as long as it's not in your habit then pray before you go to sleep. So I would recommend that you pray your extra you pray to look after it so now then go home before you sleep meaning the time you

00:29:09--> 00:29:47

decide you're going to go to sleep before you actually put your head on the pillow go make will do and pray for you. Right and then if you get you get these all through the day, then you actually got I found I'll get I'll give you another tip if you find the two before going into after difficult than just do two of them and pray five at the end instead of three. Keep the number keep the amount 12 sunnah recommended prayers to keep that number 12 And then add work I've waited because it has its own sinner we'll read it we'll talk about it in a second right so keep the number 12 So if you find to before into actual or difficult then you move one of these to the nighttime prayer you pray

00:29:47--> 00:29:54

five like at the end of the day, which there's a lot of Agilent that as well. You can't you can consider that SPM by the way when it comes to pm Elaine, any prayer that is after month

00:29:56--> 00:29:59

after month after month after month can be intended as PM 11

00:30:00--> 00:30:08

any law guy that you need to like guys that you pray after Muslim prayer can be intended us to emulate? So, you know, you can get a feel for that as well if you'd like to, you know, consider us that

00:30:10--> 00:30:12

should be read only before

00:30:14--> 00:30:15

you know, before your before the forum.

00:30:17--> 00:30:34

So if you miss that scholars differ a bit whether whether it's permissible for you to make it up right then, or it's better for you to wait and make it up later during the day. So some scholars are okay with you making it up immediately. And some of them say no, make it up later and during the day, so you have the you can choose what you like, Inshallah, it's just a matter of difference of opinion.

00:30:39--> 00:31:10

Yeah, so for the, for the Hanafi, which is a wardrobe meaning it's, it's not viewed as a Sunnah prayer, it's actually viewed as an obligatory prayer, and they don't accept one Yeah, to do three. So one is not an option for Russia. Yeah, Hanabi and Maliki are you're allowed to pray, just want to walk out of water. You don't have to do anything before you just stand up, pray one Raka. And you're good for the Hanafi know, as well as you've been asked to be three. So they have a different view of Yeah, that's a valid opinion. It's a respectful opinion, but the gym holder is against it. So when people come up,

00:31:11--> 00:31:11


00:31:13--> 00:31:13


00:31:15--> 00:31:38

know you'll never do that you'll never ever pray anything. When when the Jama is on when the gym is happening, you pray with the Jamar you don't pray, son that if we don't do anything you pray to Him. And then if you make up if you want to, let's say you want to do two before boyhood, and two after you come into play to before the war, but they're already praying to her, you pray for her and then you make up, you make up them, make them up after that. So you make up for the ones that you missed after, okay.

00:31:39--> 00:31:50

So this I hope, you know, keep this in mind, this is a nice way to look at to look at things which are all right after that we just I just want to finish the elephant the recommended prayer. So you you finish it, we've studied all them

00:31:56--> 00:32:01

the last batch of no other pairs with it. As you know, I've seen him work at

00:32:02--> 00:32:37

three recommended pairs that are highly recommended, but they're not attached to prayers. So they're like that tip, but they're not attached to those prayers. They're not attached to a certain prayer. So the first one set out to lay which is camel lane. I just explained to you okay, Emily, like I said can be can can start after maghrib. The best time for it is jofa lane as a prophet some lessons explained the number of different Hadith means you go home today at you'll be home at 930 or 10. You'll sleep and you wake up around two o'clock and you pray like a number of regard two or four, six, whatever you want to pray, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam never prayed more than 11 Raka.

00:32:38--> 00:32:52

All at once in his life, he never did over 11 Ali salatu salam, right. So that is just that we know about him. But that of course is regarding his that's his preferences. Allama raka was basically a third of the night so at least up to a third of the night. So if your

00:32:54--> 00:33:22

dad is usually left specific for prayers that happen after you fall asleep and wake up again. And it should be just before like an hour, two hours talks before if you're and that's the specific usage of the word to had just sit at your desk to mean that you just you slept and you woke up again. And it was very, very, very close to your time. But the word pm in Layla lane is the umbrella word that all the pairs that are done at night fall under regardless of whether it's the Wi Fi with their switch or anything, it's all called solidly.

00:33:23--> 00:34:00

Can we add a second intention? Yes, you can add as many intentions when you want, you can add 15 intentions to the number for prayers. So you can make it solid so far solid tilbyr, solid hudgell solid secara, solid Tiama Leyland judon, whatever you want to do, and will do and you can add for now after Acosta recommended prayers, you can add as many intentions as you want to prepare for a funnel that can only be it can only be one intention. And the same thing falls for every other act of ritual. And the other ritual. When it's followed, it only has the one intention of it being obligatory, anything no effort, you can add different intentions to it. So so often it is the first

00:34:00--> 00:34:06

one and number after that. So that was allowed to Buddha and the prayer of Doha. Doha is known.

00:34:09--> 00:34:51

It goes from from two to eight, meaning the number of regard for Bucha is either 246 or eight aka and done two at a time. So what's most common is doing Turaga but it can go up to eight and it's done was done around looking at the clock right now. It is a wonderful 14 So around 1110 To live in something like that works so anytime after the sun has already moved from the from the horizon and is now moving towards the middle of the sky but it's kind of somewhere in the middle. So 45 degrees, basically 45 degrees from the right from where you're standing, and that's when started and the final one is started taraweeh when you're in the middle, so that is the pm of Ramadan basically, is

00:34:51--> 00:34:53

just a pm of Ramadan. Now,

00:34:54--> 00:34:59

I'm not sure if we should go into details of talking about the number of records or not

00:35:00--> 00:35:01


00:35:03--> 00:35:08

what is what is most common amongst our that? What is the gym holders opinion regarding

00:35:09--> 00:35:27

tomorrow? Yeah is that it's 20. Like I this is a gym whose opinion is the majority of motherhood. And the majority of scholars seem to be 20 because that is what Ilhan Omar had established. Now when we say the prophets of Allah never went over 11 Or sometimes he didn't eat and then one waka so we did eight and sometimes, sometimes nine, sometimes 11.

00:35:28--> 00:36:08

There's nothing there that we take as being the norm or a number that we have to stick to me, the prophet or somebody that never gave us a cap of number of records that we're allowed to do. And since he didn't, then what we're left with is just a matter of logically or rationally assessing how many records we should pray into a night prayer night in order for us to read. Within Ramadan, of course, around a user without people getting too tired poor rocker, because the sooner or what is what is, what we're supposed to be doing in Ramadan is reciting the Quran Quran in completion in the month more than one time, or at least one time. One time is the least number of times that you

00:36:08--> 00:36:41

should read the Quran with inter alia, that's the least and that's what that is the opinion of most of most guys, including them know me and called the Yeldon and others that we should pray, we pray to the point of this is reading the Quran. Now, when they when they talked about bringing it down meaning and doing to faith. And this is something that people use a lot. They talked about doing defeat, meaning bringing it down just to one time a month. That makes sense when they talk about the thief and Talia, they talk about bringing it down to just reading the Koran once in the whole month. But they don't see it permitted the proper for you to pray less than once to read the Koran less

00:36:41--> 00:37:12

than not even once within the month of Ramadan during during Oh yeah, that's why they made it 20 Like I because they like it is logical, meaning you can don't like it isn't too long. It's acceptable for people. But the number is not of any importance. So whether you're doing eight or you're doing like holding on to the number eight and then leaving after that, because of whatever, no, there's more than staying with the man till the end. If you can do it if you can, of course, if you can. If you're capable of staying fit staying up regarding regarding your your schedule and the time you get up to wake up. If you have nothing then you should pray. If you're capable of staying

00:37:12--> 00:37:25

up until the end of the funnel, you should stay until the end of the parish that is something that is highly recommended is more important than talking about the numbers, whether eight or 20, it doesn't really matter. This is something that is not of any level of importance, yes.

00:37:32--> 00:37:33


00:37:34--> 00:37:40

that would work as well. Yeah, that's okay, as well now, not before, they shouldn't be before.

00:37:42--> 00:38:08

So an hour as in one hour after sunrise as of an hour or so after sunrise that work. So if it's 1026 at 838 30 can be seen as permissible for even like 20 minutes, as long as it's a sphere like spear length of the sun above the horizon. Now, usually, usually 726 is a sunrise, I think an hour would be would be a reasonable number. So from 826 From 830, up to around 11 is fine. So those times are good. Yeah.

00:38:10--> 00:38:19

Same thing. Yeah, the same name. It's just a different name for different for different things for the same thing. All right. Now those three for nataline, the Emmeline and Serato

00:38:20--> 00:38:46

are another category that the Shafia have for Noah, Phil. So now we have a number of different categories for recommended prayers. We talked about the ones that are almost obligatory that to aid the two eclipses and the drought prayer. And then he talked about the recommended prayers that are attached to obligatory periods and from those 17, like, oh, we took 10 or 12 that are regularly recommended that the highest highly recommended and then you'd have another batch of recommended periods that are not

00:38:47--> 00:39:05

either their throttle lane, sort of Baja, and salted totally specific prayers, and within of course being amongst the prayers that are attached to an obligatory prayer. So it does seem to be attached to a shared meanings close. It's close to the time of Aisha in case you miss those.

00:39:10--> 00:39:36

Two, yeah, she'll make them up make up for them. So today, let's say you pray Disha, and then you pray to look after Aisha, you went back in your mind, you said you date today, I didn't pray the two before Lahore or I missed the two before they went to epsilon, then you pray them now. Right? Add them up to 12. That's my advice. You add them up to 12 Raka. With you try to do them in the right times that you can but if you can't get them to rock and then add the rock out of winter at the end of that where you've actually got a very high number of recommended pairs done on time done properly. Yes.

00:39:38--> 00:39:59

It's almost impossible. Almost impossible to trade. The two are there but you have time to great to have earlier with. Yeah. So let's say that you do a little hump and you want to add the prayer of Buddha to the 12 did make to make up for 12. That also works because these are these are because you are recommended prayers. You can you know, they're not as they're not obligatory so they're not set in stone. So if you

00:40:00--> 00:40:32

say you can't pray before after the home because of your work, you want to pray for God to make up for that that's fine as well. My advice to you is have them add up to 12 At least, right get to number 12 have when it comes to the weapon and have which at the end of the day and that way, you know you've done it Inshallah, the proper share of of recommended prayers and you've covered as many as possible, which is a common 70. And you can, you know, try and do the Add to that the two options that they missed, but keep 12 as to me 12 is a perfect number is the bullseye number to get during the day. To that one block. I've waited at the end of it, yes.

00:40:34--> 00:40:35

Is there like a Quranic verse?

00:40:37--> 00:40:40

Basically, based on what, so you can read anything you like,

00:40:41--> 00:40:57

and how you can read whatever you want to read. I mean, sorry, what hadith is a Hadith. So all the obligate all the recommended prayers is just different Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. Say I'll give you an example of Haryana de lo and who narrates it's a hadith in Bali I will sign your Khalili

00:40:59--> 00:41:15

meaning my beloved one gave me a recommended recommendation of doing three things talking about the prophets, Allah Salam Bacala so yummy. The letter T yawning coalition or fasting three days of every month 1314 or 12 1314 from every month of 1314 15 middle of the month. I want to tell you

00:41:17--> 00:41:18


00:41:19--> 00:41:36

for me to do with it before I sleep, so there's a lot of a hadith that talks about a lot of behind for other you know, all these are how do you get evidence of it, but there's evidence to support everything we talked him Okay, we'll stop in sha Allah right there. And next time in the data we'll continue talking about the conditions of prayer in shelters. One more question. You're going

00:41:37--> 00:41:38

unrecognized like

00:41:43--> 00:41:47

if you pray justify affairs, you're doing exactly what Allah subhanaw taala wants you to do.

00:41:48--> 00:42:09

If you pray justify prayers, then you are doing exactly what Allah subhanaw taala wants you to do and you're on the right side of everything. They're called recommended prayers. They're called no effing. Meaning that they are things that if you do you get high reward for if you don't do no one's you're not gonna get talented for it. No one's gonna come and ask you why didn't you didn't do them? Right? There's no there's no there's no punishment, and there's no

00:42:10--> 00:42:14

accountability for not doing them. All you have to do is if if there's

00:42:15--> 00:42:46

no How do you throw a guy? I don't I became an actor prophesied to them told them I said, Allah, what does it have to do is to give him the five prayers. If I only do them, well, I go the agenda and so he walked away with as you do, Allah Luxuria will do those things. And I won't do anything more of a colorful hand so that he will find fella he will find me any gender success in this life. And Dr. Dre, if he if he's honest, he can hold it up. The only reason we do the reason that we do recommended prayers are to one of them that they they, they protect the obligatory prayer. So if you get into the habit of doing recommended fares, you'll never leave an obligatory one. Because you're

00:42:46--> 00:43:19

in the habit of doing extra. If you're in the habit of doing extra, you're not gonna leave the basics right. So that's how that's the logic of how a recommended fare can can protect an obligatory one another way. Another reason is that is the known isn't a different number of narrations where we know we're taught that if you the more no effort you do, the more Allah subhanaw taala loves you. So it's the Door of Allah subhanaw taala is love meaning if you want to be if you want to draw yourself closer to him subhanaw taala if you want to fill your heart with more love to him, and you want him to love you more than what you do is you do no effort and how do you do

00:43:21--> 00:43:22

it ACARA boo

00:43:23--> 00:43:57

boo, and my server will keep on you know driving driving himself closer to me with no effort with Sunon with recommended actions until I love him to come to some holiday yes Maui or masala hola the opposite will be where the hola to British will be heavily regional Hola, TM Shibuya we're inside and you know, after you know winning style, there are either No, and if I love him, then it will be the ears with with with she hears in the eyes with through he sees and the hands that he that he does things within the feet that he walks with. And if he asked me, I will give him and if he seeks refuge in Me, then I will then I will protect him. So you know, I know that and then there's a good

00:43:57--> 00:44:10

reason for you for us all to do recommended prayers. But however, if you only do the follow up, there is no one on earth, who has the ability to hold you accountable or say anything to you. You're doing exactly what Allah subhanaw taala wants you to do, and you can look at

00:44:12--> 00:44:13

this person.

00:44:15--> 00:44:19

So as a geneticist, not as somebody who geneticists phenylketonuria

00:44:20--> 00:44:24

we'll come to that Inshallah, we'll come to the web of genetics, and we'll talk about that. And Charlize, I can look at anything.

00:44:25--> 00:44:57

So the contract that is if you only pay the piper, I will not love you. No, see, that's not the point. It's like, when you only do what you have to do, you're doing things well, and there's love. But if you want him to love you more you do the things you don't have to do, just out of the kindness of your heart. It's just like it's any. It's like, any method of Allah. But it's like any other relationship. I ask you to do something, you do it, we're good. We're on good terms, and there's love here and there's respect and there's everything that you need because you're doing what you need to do. However you do more, you got out of your way to do more than I love you more. As

00:44:57--> 00:44:59

simple as that, right? And it's not just for fers.

00:45:00--> 00:45:31

In the world in general, any recommended thing anything you do not just because you have to do it but because you want to do it because it shows that you have now transformed your understanding of Islam from doing what you have to do to doing what you what you should do. Meaning you understand things differently now you're not doing it because you have no choice you're doing it because you actually feel like doing this is helpful for you as a person in your life and it's going to offer you depth it's going to offer you closeness and whatnot but know Allah subhanaw taala will love you of course he loves you it's a pilot that when you when you're doing what he asked you to do, but if

00:45:31--> 00:46:03

you want an extra closeness you want to be in debt a little as they say in Arabic If you want to be you know the spoiled one or the one who was treated special you're given a special treatment then do something extra offer a bit more to him. So I know what Diane it's a third reason for doing Nova is that it makes up for whatever errors happen in the funnel. So the idea is you only do obligatory prayers you're not doing them perfectly unless you are of course and if you are then good for you and if you're not doing it perfectly there's something missing now I have to make up for that you know error for the for the for the the errors are happening obligatory prayers are like

00:46:04--> 00:46:12

they weren't perfect so I'm doing these ones to kind of make up for the fact that the quality is low so I'm increasing the quantity. Does that make sense inshallah Okay, he's not gonna lie

00:46:14--> 00:46:14


00:46:15--> 00:46:17

you next week inshallah. So Skeena colloquially