Zakir Naik – Is Al Hidaayah the Halaal Version of Netflix?

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The representative from London asks Al releases the "medicals and Other developers Volcano" (MDR) version of Netflix, which is a spiritual edutainment platform with a range of movies and TV shows. The MDR version is designed to attract audiences to the platform and is available in allodynia and premium packages. The speaker discusses navigation systems and learning management systems used by the program, as well as the use of multiple choice questions for students. The segment ends with a summary of the differences between the Netflix and the other versions of the program.
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The first question is from Solomon chick, a businessman from London UK. I'm looking forward for the launch of your new platform ilithyia. Can I say that Al hidayah? Is the halaal version of Netflix with the Solomon shake from London? Now the question that can he say that Al hidayah is the halaal version of Netflix, it would not be wrong to call us via the halaal version of Netflix but rather it should be besides halaal it should be the muster hub platform Alhamdulillah

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and I spoke to sessions before regarding the uludag platform, if you compare it with Netflix and we all of us know that majority almost all the programs on netflix they are haram they are not in lines with the teaching the Quran and Hadith there may be one or two Allah Allah programs or few programs which may come in the halal category Allah Allah, but almost all we know a haram whereas the platform we are going to launch la Daya it is not only is it Hello, hello is the four types it can be further it can be more staff it can be mobile can be mcru this output it in the most top category that is encouraged category not only that halaal it will get closer to Allah subhanaw taala Netflix

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primarily if an entertainment platform, it may have very few programs or education whereas al hidayah it is a spiritual edutainment platform, mainly it will be talking about religion and also a lot of education. It will also include entertainment, the tagline of Netflix is unlimited movies, talk shows and more. The tagline of alpha is the guidance for humanity. So that is the difference one is unlimited movies, talk shows and more. Our this guidance for humanity and inshallah guidance to salvation. It is more on the deen

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also talking about dunya also talking about education and it will also contain entertainment. And normally what do you mean by the word entertainment entertainment, something you like and you love. So if you enjoy it, that's called entertainment for every individual the entertainment metaphor, so to see to it that to make our platform al hidayah also entertaining besides adding the spiritual aspects and the educational aspect, we are involving the entertainment aspects and making it Hello. Normally when we find that if there is a good quality, it is glamorous, it has all the elements to attract the person it becomes entertaining.

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Compared to that hamdulillah if you compare Netflix it has high quality recording and inshallah al hidayah also will have high quality recording. Netflix has film cameras, 4k 8k. Similarly, Elia, the latest program, all the programs recorded after December 2015 are recorded in 4k and 8k and even 6k Alhamdulillah. And the difference is that Netflix It started as a DVD rental in 1997, then got converted into a platform and then had many movies. So most of the movies what they have, they take copyrights and it's not their own. It is mainly other productions later on lately. In the last few years or more than 10 years, they started producing their own programs, and now they're producing

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their own programs also, whereas the pallida platform majority, almost all more than 95% programs are produced by us, except for programs of shake emoji that may Allah grant him Jana, including Dr. srms both of them they have Talbots. Now one of the best speakers available in the English language and oral language because they no longer are there. We have recorded few of the programs of Dr. Solomon quite a few but since they no longer are there, we have used the old programs even though it is of low quality, we updated it and it's there for the audience to watch so except for these two speakers. The program that recorded by us on high quality cameras like Netflix if you see the older

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movies that are very old you may have of low quality similarly, our programs of shake these are then Australian but maybe a little bit low quality, but everything after December 2015 is on film cameras, cinematography cameras, 4k 68k between November 2011 and December 2015 it's on high quality HD cameras.

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And before that,

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it was on digita. If you compare, as I said, the entertainment means something which is attractive. And the first conference that we did the peace conference, the solution for humanity in 2007 it was my desire to use the best of technology when we look at the Grammy Awards, DJ Oscar award in Hollywood in Bollywood, the we have the stage set up with professional design sets, good lighting, etc. Though most of it is haram. But technology is not Haram. So we use this technology, and we presented the Islamic aspects so that it becomes entertaining also. And that's why I said that as is a spiritual edutainment platform. So most of the programs are on specially designed sets with

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intelligent lighting with huge stage Mashallah if it's a public program, with large audiences with multi cameras, ranging from four cameras, to up to 37 cameras, so that's the reason it has the entertainment element. Also, in Netflix, you have movies and TV shows and from others in allodynia. If you look at the categories, we have good debates. We have good public lectures. We have got good discussions. We have good workshops. We have good interviews, we have good TV talks, we have good TV shows, we have public question answer sessions, we have life questionnaire sessions, we have children programs, we have tarawih, and the list is long and hamdulillah. In the genre, or subjects.

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on Netflix, you have many movies, as I said, it is action movies, or thriller movies, or romance or comedy. In our subject, we have comparative religion. We have lectures and programs on Quran on Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him on the Sabbath, the companions of the Prophet on wives of the Prophet on hij on tauheed, on czaka, on drums on on fic and the list is long. If you compare with the navigation system that is there, on the Netflix, what we have done, we have used a mixture of the navigation system, completely of the Netflix you have got, as well as the YouTube. So you can navigate the programs

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according to the categories, that is a few press debates, we get all the debates coming up on the screen. Or when you start you have good rules. First are the recommended videos, then maybe the latest videos then would be the categories of the videos, debates, public lectures, group discussions, TV talks, interviews, etc. Then you have the subjects Quran, seed of the Prophet sahabas, Hodge, Ramzan, Frick, etc. And then you have the most watched of the program in these categories or subjects. If you click the category debates, all the bits will come. If you click lectures, all the lectures will appear. If you click group discussion, all good discussion will

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appear. So in this way, it's easy to choose and navigate. Besides this, we have also used the navigation system of the YouTube, YouTube have a different system. It's a sorting. In the YouTube we have most popular and the oldest and the latest we have besides the most popular, we have the recommended. We have the earliest programs, we have the latest programs, we have got more options as compared to YouTube. And it can be sorted that way. You can even sort it in very different ways. So it's a mixture of the navigation and search of the Netflix and the YouTube. And I feel much more easier. Netflix is basically only video on demand. So what we're comparing now is video on demand of

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the Netflix and video on demand of the Alibaba platform. But in early Daya besides video on demand, there is also another section, which is the Islamic courses. And this is not available on Netflix. It is not there on YouTube. It is a different system altogether. Rather it's an LMS

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a learning management system. And as I mentioned earlier, our full alida platform has got two sections one is Dr. Zakir night, and the other is other speakers. In my fiction, mainly my program would be and along with it, the bonus would be the programs of my son farik and the programs of Islamic international school. So basically doctors

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Our next section would be only my programs, my son's programs that shake feyerick and Islamic International School. In the other speakers, though we have more than 75 speakers, we have selected the best 40 speakers, it is the largest platform to have so many numbers of authentic speakers on one platform more than 40. And from the 40 speakers that will be there, not counting me more than 25 of the speakers would have courses in the courses. Again, the navigation system and the theme it can be category wise, it can be subject wise, and the varieties. This is not there on the Netflix. Furthermore, winning on the horses. If you go to Dr. Zakir Naik session in the courses, it has five

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different materials. Number one, it is the video program of that course. Number two, it has a study guide,

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which helps you maybe after watching the video, when you go through it, it's recap. And it may be a summary or the bullet points the major points of the course. Number three, it also contains the complete transcript of Michael's complete transcript verbatim. So when you're watching the course, there are two screens that opened below if you want an option with yours only what the video or you can watch it in the next future the study guide you can do simultaneously or later on and below the study guide into the transcript. So, you can read the transcript completely if you want simultaneously later on option with yours. Besides this, there is additional course material in this

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additional course material, you have posts, which are very well designed graphically designed, which contain bullet points of the course. So these posts are very attractive, they are graphically presented and give a good impact all these things are the additional material that is there besides the additional material. The last is the assessment. In the assessment. There are three types of assessments.

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There is multiple choice questions, that's true and false match the following. In this three types of assessments, there are three levels of assessment. One is for the beginners, the second is for the intermediate three, the 30 for the advanced to the three levels, beginners, intermediate, and advanced. Depending upon which level you belong to, you can answer the multiple choice questions are true and false are made the following. In the other speakers, basically there are three types of course material one is the video. Second is the study guide. And third is assessment. So this platform of LMS learning management system is not there on the Netflix. Therefore I would say that

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you rather say it's not only a Hello version of Netflix, it is much more it is more it's entertainment, and it will get you closer to Allah subhanaw taala and inshallah it will guide the humanity towards China. Hope In brief, this is a summary of the difference between the Netflix and the halaal version. That is Al hidayah. The game for humanity

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