Ramadan 2022 – The Manners of The Believers #23 – Bringing About Reconciliation

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The believer actively engages in bringing disputes to an end and helping family and friends reconcile back together.

The Prophet ﷺ said that the act of reconciling is more beloved to Allah than prayer, fasting and charity.

Be a source of healing amongst your family and friends!

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me laser gardening you will be Mookie won't be muddy Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah. Early he will be here woman wala Hammarberg. Today's characteristic that we want to discuss is one that is relatively easy, and yet it is rarely done. And it is a topic of great importance for societies and for families especially. And that is the topic of in Arabic we call it a slaw, who that will Bane or helping to heal the broken ties between people who have no longer friendships or relationships. In other words, this is a very noble hook. It's a very important one. In our relationships in our families in our circle of friends, there are always certain problems

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that happened between two people. fights happen, family disputes happen, right issues happen between cousins between brothers and sisters, between family between friends. The Shetty encourages us who are bystanders to not just to be bystanders. The Shetty eye wants us to be actively involved in trying to bring those people back together. Don't just sit back and say oh, my cousin is not talking to my cousin. My uncle and nephew are no longer talking. My two siblings are fighting each other. What can I do know the Shetty encourages you. It is one of the anok of the movement to get involved in family and friends to try to help those broken friendships, broken bonds. Every one of us has

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family friends, they might be going through marital disputes, husband wife, fighting your wife's friends with his wife, you're friends with him. Don't just be on the sideline. See if you can help and bring those two together again. And Allah azza wa jal praises and the Prophet system has praised Islam that Taliban by the way, the Arabic Islam that Sylvain so Bane is the distance between you is law, or sorry, that is the bonds and it's like you're mending the bonds between you that's what it means you're mending the bonds between you. Allah azza wa jal says in the Quran, Allah azza wa jal says in the Quran that

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Allah says in the Quran, the Arabic is wet and thought if attorney made mini Nakata do for us there obey now, Homer, if two groups of believers are fighting, don't just sit there get involved and asleep obey, you know Homer bring about reconciliation between them. This applies to two nations, it applies to two tribes. It applies to two warring families, it applies to to relatives, it applies to to friends, it applies to husband and wife. If two groups of people are having an issue, don't just sit back and do nothing or slip, it will be nowhere get involved and merge them back. Bring the soda bring a reconciliation between them. Allah subhana wa Taala warns us in the Quran about using his

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name in Assam for something that is bad. So Allah says what I told you out Hola, hola. Batali. Emani COMM And what is it and terbaru what a taco what to slit obey in a nurse, don't choose the name of Allah and say you're not going to do something good, or give charity or bring reconciliation? What is the point here? So you know, some people when they get angry, they say Wallahi I'm not going to, you know, do something good. I'm not going to give charity to this person. Allah saying, don't choose my name in these types of things. Don't bring in my name and say, Wallahi I'm going to do something bad. I'm going to do something evil and wallah, he I'm not going to bring these two people

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back together again, meaning Allah is saying this is a good thing. Don't use my name for a bad thing. So Allah azza wa jal says in the Quran, La Jolla, Rafi kehidupan. Minda dua, home Ilam, and Amara Masada cutten OMA rufen is La henbane enough, another tactic of the Quran. Secret gatherings is usually bad. Allah is saying when you have a secret gathering, don't tell anybody. We're coming together at this time. Secret gatherings. Allah says La Jolla fika theory most such secret gatherings there is no good in them that Allah says three times you have secret gatherings they are good. Number one, commanding good number two, giving charity you have the secret way to give charity

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to somebody without telling them and number

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Three is slide that Sylvain bringing reconciliation. What does this mean? So you have two cousins that are not speaking to one another. Some family dispute, some inheritance issue, some fight happened. The family should have a secret gathering. Don't tell those two cousins, the rest of the family come together. Oh, we're not going to tell anybody because we're doing something good. Allah encourages secrecy. Allah encourages a positive plotting and planning, how can we bring them back together again? What can we say that will bring about a range of picnic do something and everybody should be in on a halal plot, right? Somehow we bring them back together again. Allah is saying have

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a Najwa have a secret gathering to bring people back together again. This is what the Shetty wants us to do. We should try to get people back together again. And our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, hadith is a Buddha would do you want me to tell you a deed? Listen to this. That is better than sadaqa and Salah and Siyam Hadees authentic Agudo Do you want me to tell you a deed that is better than fasting and praying and giving charity they said what is better than that? He said Islam without till bein bringing two people back together again, that is better in the eyes of Allah than sadaqa and Salah and cheer and slam that is an effort. That is Sunnah, bringing two people back

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together again. SubhanAllah. This is a deed that is rarely talked about. Because we are taught to be selfish Mind Your Own Business know that surely I says we mind the business of those we love. If we truly love them, we care about them. We will get involved we'll try to bring about and make bonds between them. And our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the famous incident, he was giving the whole talk about his grandson Hassan or the Allah Huang came in and he tripped and he started crying, he broke the whole bar, he came down, picked, his grandson came up, and he doesn't Behati by the way, and then he pointed to his grandson and has another loved one. And he was a baby at the

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time. And he said This grandson of mine shall be a leader one day, because he will bring reconciliation between two large groups of Muslims. And that happened at a time when why we have the alarm that sort of happened with Hassan of the Allah one. Why did he become a leader? Why do we admire and respect him more than the other party in this particular case? Why? Because he gave up what was more rightfully his, he gave it up because he wants to split up between people. So the process that this is the real leader, this is the real leader because he brought two people back together again, this is how he praised those that are bringing people back together again. And in

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fact, in this era, there's a very interesting, you know, quiz question. So you can ask it if you're not watching the video, or you haven't heard me you can ask somebody else who did the prophecies and pray behind every Insider. There's a quiz question, right? Which Sahaba led the salah and the prophecies and prayed behind him. There's only two. Okay, number one we all know Oh, God, who's number two? I've got 100 Now, I'm done. I'm gonna have a second. We don't have time to go into the second story, Abu Bakr this one did it happen the first time ever in Islamic history that somebody was in the MACOM of the Prophet system and the processor was behind when did that happen? It

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happened when there was a dispute amongst the tribes of Koba. So because you know, when the process was in Medina, nobody would lead Salah and he was in Medina the whole 13 years. In the 10 years, nobody leaves salah, and he is in Medina only when he's away from Medina. Then somebody leaves the salah until his final days that are the Allah, Salah Salem that Abu Bakr led in that timeframe. Otherwise, in the masjid of the process them nobody would dare stand. And the process was in the city one time only once it happened before he felt sick towards the end of his life. And that was when the two tribes of Oba had a dispute. And they had a physical fight. And they pulled out their

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swords, and they threw stones there was blood between the two. So the Prophet system announced I'm going to Oba to bring solar between these two tribes. He left after fajr and time for the hurricane and he wasn't there, they waited they waited, they waited, delayed for hours until they said okay, we're gonna have to pray looking around who's gonna lead over? Could you lead the new worker who he was number one of the sahaba. So Oba could have stood to lead. And at that point in time when he was in the second raka the Prophet system returned, that he was in the second Recup when he stood in the back Subhanallah nobody's gonna remain silent. They began saying Subhanallah Subhanallah the whole

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crowd began chanting Subhanallah a workers would never turn around when the whole must do this chanting. He literally looked back, and he saw the Profit System standing there. And the problem said to him, mechanic, stay where you are, right? And a worker went like this and stepped back and went like this like thanking Allah and he stepped back when he stepped back as an empty space. So the Prophet system then walked up and then after the Salah, he said, Oh, Ibaka Why didn't you continue? He said, It is not befitting that the son of Abu Kochava leads the Prophet Muhammad

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For some insula, right so for a millisecond he was behind him and then he walked up an Elan. That's a beautiful story. What is the moral of the story? 10 years the only time the Salah was delayed why Salah between people bringing people back together again. That's how important it is the process of knew he has to pray, Lord, but that is also very important and he delayed without the Lord in order to bring reconciliation between two tribes and our prophets ism actively got involved in bringing about reconciliation, multiple incidents of the syrup where you know, people are having a dispute or have some issue and the Prophet says and make sure fire up and he brings them back together again.

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In fact, even his own daughter and son in law follow him and as you know, the Allahu Anhu Hadith also ends with Bodhi that he visited Fatima and he said where is you know Ali Fatima said angrily we had a fight he left I don't know where he is. Allah says happens this is life. This is the reality and about who you are. husband, wife, husband, wife, Marsha. That's about all that happens right? So I needed the Allahu Allah was not there for a day he went find the Where's Ali? He found him sleeping in the masjid sleeping in the masjid. Because Yanni What are you going to do? You have to you know, go somewhere he wants to the masjid. Okay, so he's sleeping in the masjid. And the Prophet

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system lifted with his own hand. And he said stand up, or albuterol because he was all dusty. And he dusted with his own hand. And he laughed and joke with him. And he brought him back to fault him his house, and He reconciled between them. Subhanallah this is what you do. You don't exacerbate? How dare you do something to my daughter? No, it's you bring the family back together. Again, this is what you do as bystanders, you don't just remain neutral, our *ty I says get involved, in fact incident as well. And again, all of this requires explanation along with Stein time is limited, the incident of Videla and Malik which is funny and sad and tragic, and it is what it is and Hamdulillah

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you know, husband, wife, couple, and for whatever reason now she is able to walk out of the marriage right? Long story, you can look up the books are fit. So she decided to break the marriage, she doesn't want to get away from the husband as she has the right in this case to do that. And her husband will leave began crying in public begging but era give me another chance I beg you, you know we're in together again. And he is following her begging and crying and she's saying I don't want to get back we want to get back the Prophet system himself. And these were by the way two slaves at the time. So it doesn't matter who you are. You bring people back together, he got involved. And he said

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very raw, you know, bichara Poor guy. I mean, you know, just take him back you know like that. So buddy Ross said Ya rasool Allah, are you commanding me? Or are you just gently trying your best you know, to bring but is this a hug? Allah's? Or are you just you know, helping? And I have the right to say yes or no, look at her. Iman, by the way, look at her Iman. Because if it was Allah's command, call us. But if it's just you're trying and whatnot. So the process I know, this is not a command. I'm just solar, I'm just trying. And so you know, she says, with the scorn on the woman who has been scoring can muster that flick of the wrist law hedge attorney fee, I have no need for him.

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And so the marriage does not go forward. Point being the Profit System himself gets involved. And he's trying that's all I mean, in the end of the day, you cannot force right, you try to bring people back together. Again, this is what our Shetty requires. So one of the lock of the movement, easy or difficult, it's easy, because all you do is you talk to people and you bring things. And final point here SubhanAllah. We said this was two weeks ago or something. One of the reasons or one of the causes where we're allowed to speak on untruth. One of the causes where we're allowed to say something that's not true, is to bring people back together again. Our prophets have said, Les Sybil

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credit, it's not considered credit. It's not alive. When you say something for sort of between people. What does this mean? So you go to one cousin, you say, you know, I was with the other cousin. And we reminisce to the good old days, we remembered an incident and you know, he expressed regret that something happened here. Whatever, you know the story, you bring it in, you are allowed to speak factually untrue. And then you go to the other cousin and say, You know what I was with him. And he also expressed regret and whatnot. So the both of them you soften their hearts, right? You prepare the wave. This is what the Najwa the secret gathering is for. This is what you bring

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people together and you have a halal plot to bring two brothers to bring two cousins to bring husband wife back together again. And you're allowed to say things that obviously use your wisdom here. I mean, you don't want to say something you're gonna get caught or something, but you're allowed to say generic things that will help you to bring people back together again, one of our scholars said, Allah azza wa jal allows an untrue statement to bring ties back. And Allah hates a true statement that breaks ties up think about it. Allah allows an untrue statement to bring two people back. And Allah hates a true statement like NEMA, right? Like saying something about somebody

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behind their back. Then you go and tell the person even if it's true, somebody said, Why did you go and say to the person, just don't say it, leave the ties there. So

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of the Ark of the movement. We are actively engaged and involved in our circle of family and friends and we want to bring about solar and reconciliations and Allah azza wa jal praises it and our prophets have said it is better than praying and fasting and Allah says in the Quran with this will conclude in May Nona what it what's after that for us little they in a hallway this is in the Quran the mod means they're one family so bring about solar between all of your family that's what Allah wants us to do. May Allah make us all instruments of peace and sort of amongst our family and friends Zachman Wilkerson

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