Reality of Tyranny and Injustice

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middle who wants to he don't want us to fiddle. When our older biller Himanshu Rudy and fusina woman say Dr. Medina manga had to hinder who Fela Medina Allah, what are you doing who fella ha de la? Watch her do Allah illallah wa the Honda show DECA wash Hadoo and Mohamed an avid Hora pseudo Amma bad, no dear Muslims that Allah azza wa jal has reminded us to be conscious of him. When he says in the Quran Yeah, you have Latina Armand otaku, la haka to potty wala Templeton, one two Muslim moon we are all aware that these are the 10 days of Muharram and we are aware that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam encouraged us to commemorate the 10th of Muharram because he told us that the Bani

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Israel eel were saved by Allah on this day. We all know that this is the day that the Jewish people celebrated Allah saving of them in the land of Egypt and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam then told us that we should also celebrate because those people were our Muslim brother in the followers of Musa were our brethren in faith. And Allah saved them from the tyranny of fear around. So today, let us quickly remind ourselves of the reality of tyranny and injustice, the reality of loom and what happens to those who do them because in this incident

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of saving the people of Israel. Allah subhanho wa Taala shows us the fate of injustice and the fate of those upon whom injustice is done. Allah says in the Quran, enough crowner Allah fell out of the water Allah Allah has sheer fear around was a tyrant on this earth fit around was an evil ruler on this earth. And he divided his own nation into different groups based upon their ethnicity. Watch Isla ha ha she,

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he divided his nation into different groups, some groups, he subjugated, the ones he didn't like the Bani Israel because of their skin color because of their race, he subjugated them, and he considered them to be the low class and he made them the manual laborers. He made them socio economically deprived yesterday fulldive atta men whom you they were yesterday in his home, he killed some of them, and he left spared some of their women. Indeed, Allah says he was a tyrant he was an evil person. And then Allah says one Rudy do nm una isla de nos todo fo we wanted to bless those that were persecuted and weak. We wanted to bless those upon whom injustice was being shown. Notice the

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beauty in this verse, Allah is saying, we wanted to bless the persecuted. And this is the reality of volume and persecution, those who are persecuted. If they are patient, they will end up being the victors those upon whom injustice is shown. If they show patients, if they show Iman, if they remain steadfast in their faith, the situation will change and evil will change and those that were shown evil will then be given a chance to have is an honor. And those that were doing the evil, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada will destroy them. And this is best demonstrated in the might of frown. What a powerful story. There was no army mightier than the data frown. There was no king that was more

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powerful than fit own. He was so arrogant, he said he was God himself and our bucola Allah, he said, he saw all of the Egypt under his control, he saw that ultimate power, and he felt he could get away with doing whatever he wanted upon the children of Israel eel, but he forgot or he neglected, that there was a being that was more powerful than him. And that is Allah subhanho wa taala, who is mechanical more? Allah subhana wa taala, who does not allow an injustice injustice to go unanswered? Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, sometimes Allah allows the tyrant some leeway. But when Allah's decree comes, Allah holds on to him and does not let go. Sometimes Allah allows time,

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some time will go for injustice, some time will go when we think where will the help of Allah come? When will the help of Allah come? But Allah never neglects the tyrant completely? Yes, Allah might allow some time to go by Allah might allow decades to go by maybe even a century to go by. But Allah is never unaware of the reality of volume. Allah is never a lawful of what is going on. And when Allah's decree comes, and when Allah's justice comes down, then at that point in time, the true friends of Allah and the true believers in Allah are shown. Dear Muslims, we are living at a time where there are many, many third rounds, not as bad as that fifth round. But we're living at a time

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when there are tyrants that walked the face of this earth, when they are doing gloom on their own people, and full on other people as well. In fact, the truth of the matter is that the default in many of our lands is that there are tyrants ruling, those tyrants are not more powerful than fit around. Those tyrants have not reached the habit of around and just like Allah subhanho wa Taala showed the Bani Israel eel who is in charge, we have to remind ourselves that those tyrants will also be shown the reality dear Muslims, so much is going on in the world today. And I don't want to be explicit because it's not the job in the hope was generally to be explicit. nonetheless. Be

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aware. Do not be unaware do not live a heedless life. What is going on in our own lands? What is going on of deals and

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and betrayals to the Palestinian cause what is going on of evil tyrants and kings selling their own is and the religion of Islam for a measly sum to those who do not allow who do not who cannot be given any peace treaty, what is going on in front of our eyes? What is going on when some of our own rulers are killing their own populations, more than 6 million of our Syrian brothers and sisters have been expelled? What is going on when a Muslim land is invading one of the poorest lands and our brothers in Yemen are starving because of a man made catastrophe and disaster if this is not good than what is going on, and the list goes on and on and on, let us not forget the volume that is

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going on in front of our eyes with our Uighur brothers and sisters. That type of volume that we have not seen since World War Two. And the irony of ironies, those civilizations that said never again, those superpowers that said we didn't know what Nazi Germany was doing, if we knew we would have intervene, they they proclaim to the world never under our watch. Now, under their watch, under their very eyes with their very knowledge, their satellites are telling us what is going on in that land. We have video footage of the realities of those concentration camps, the United Nations has released a very, very blunt report that is shocking to anybody who reads it. And yet, where are

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those superpowers that said never again, where and I guarantee you a few decades from now, you will hear the same thing we didn't know if we knew this would have not happened not under our watch. But you see, Allah is also watching and it is to Allah that we turn to for help not in this world before the next what happens when injustice is allowed to go unchecked. Dear Muslims, do not lose hope and the Promise of Allah do not lose hope that injustice is that we are seeing now we will see in our own lifetimes the realities of those nations the realities of what is happening. And I have said many times dear Muslims, and I do not shy away from saying this, this plague that we are currently

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undergoing this play that is disproportionately targeting the superpowers of this of this world. Think about it. Some of the less powerful countries are not affected the way that the most powerful countries are affected. Why? We have to open our eyes and be very blunt here. For how long will the volume? Will the dua of the Muslim go unanswered? For how long will women be allowed to go unchecked? This very plague could be one of the responses to the blatant volume that some superpowers did over and over and over again. And even if they are guilty collectively, we need to seek refuge in Allah and not be guilty at an individual level. Dear Muslims, the story of fit own

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the story of Musa it's not just past history that we just read for the sake of children's bedtime stories. No, it is a reality that Allah demonstrates even if you have the mitre frown and the army of Egypt, even if the entire country is under a dictator, when Allah is on your side, no one can stop you. When Allah helps you then even the ocean split up and you walk through when Allah azza wa jal sends His commands down. The armies of frown will drown in the very power of that Nile that gave them that superpower status. The Egyptians were super powers because of the Nile because of the pyramids and Allah use the very river that gave them life. Allah turned it against them and in front

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of the eyes of the Muslims. He showed what happens when you allow evil to go unchecked. So do not lose hope and the Promise of Allah do not ever falter that For how long will this injustice continue further saline has been away from us for almost a century. So many other Muslim lands don't miss happening and it is compounding the lands that we are living in as well are guilty of voting at an international level. We need to make sure that in our personal lives, we are not doing gloom to anyone our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, I warn you against the Lord and against injustice. I warn you against any injustice. Why? Because loom will become vumat On the day of

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judgment, injustice will become darkness on the day of judgment. And when Allah subhanho wa Taala calls the volume to account our Prophet sallallahu sallam said he does not let him go iya coma volume, volume these are all high

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Did I warn you from gold do not practice golden or else on the Day of Judgment? Allah subhana wa Taala will call you to task and Allah azza wa jal will never allow will to go unpunished May Allah subhana wa Tada bless me and you with and through the Quran and May He make us of those who it's versus they understand and who applies halal and haram throughout our lifespan. I ask Allah's forgiveness you as well ask Him for He is the law for the ramen.

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Alhamdulillah helwa had a had a summit Aladdin Amelia Dwolla Mueller, William Yoko Okafor, and we're back on this date as well on the 10th of Muharram is also the historical tragedy of the grandson of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and the incident of Kabbalah. And all too often, many of our preachers and teachers, they don't mention this tragedy, because of how this tragedy is misinterpreted and misused by another group of Islam. But their misunderstandings should not stop us from deriving benefits from that story. So listen to the story from authentic sources and benefit from what happened on that day as well. We consider that tragedy of the martyrdom of Russain to be a

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historic tragedy. It is not a theological tragedy. No al Qaeda changed on that day. We don't read in any theology. It was a history of historical incident. It was a sad incident. It was a tragedy. And our hearts are with her saying and the people of her saying some Muslims, they don't understand and they think that just because there are two groups, whatever the other group says, We have to be the opposite. No, our theology is not based upon what others say. Our theology is based upon the truth and the Sahaba that were alive at that time. All of them their hearts were with a sandal the Allahu and some of them were physically with her saying, and others their drawers were with her saying, not

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to single sahabi, not to single Companion of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam gave his support to the other side, the max that they did is they stayed quiet, and they outwardly followed the Hadith of the time, but their hearts were with the grandson of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and when the death the news of the death of Hussein reached the Sahaba, and Medina, there was sadness amongst all of them. Without exception, our hearts are with them of loom, not with the volume, our hearts are with those upon whom injustice was shown. And even in this lesson we learned, even in this lesson we learned in that tragedy, a group of people, the grandson of the prophets,

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Assam were unjustly persecuted and killed. To this day, the hearts of the Ummah, is with the oppressed, and nobody sides with the oppressor to this day, there is and the love is for those who are oppressed and not given to the oppressor. So we see, even in this tragedy, the reality of Allah sunnah on this earth, that even if you don't win political power, if volume is shown to you, and you die, a martyr than the hearts of the creation of Allah will be upon the one that was shown volume and not the volume. And the last point, dear brothers and sisters, and again, because we are talking about volume, and because we're talking about injustice, I must put this point in as well. That all

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too often, we Muslims of this country, we ignore the blatant injustice is that we see in society around us. And we think that it has nothing to do with us. This country is undergoing a period of civil chaos and disobedience, the likes of which we have not seen for an entire generation. Study your history. What we are seeing now, we haven't seen since the 60s across this country, riots are taking place across this country, people are pointing out the blatant double standards about how people of one skin color are treated versus people of another skin color. Dear Muslims, if this is not blatant volume than what is? If this is not a volume that our religion preaches against, then

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what is we need to go back to our own Syrah our own Revelation, the Quran came down. When Muslims were being persecuted and spoke out against societal volume. It spoke out against racism. It spoke out against economic injustice. It spoke out against how women were treated.

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When the Quran came, no change could happen. There was still racism, there was still inequality, there was still babies girls being buried alive. But at least the voice of truth spoke out, and at least history could record that Muslims spoke out against the evil. It is our time now to speak out against the systemic racism, the violence that has engulfed one of our law enforcement agencies. Not everybody is bad or wrong in that, but still, there's too much wrong and it needs to be spoken out against when a person of one skin color can carry a submachine gun after murdering in front of the eyes of the police innocent people and walk away without a scratch on his body. And another person

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of another skin color is shot in the back seven times as he goes to his car. And this has been one instance out of 10s of 1000s. Dear Muslims, this is our land, if we don't speak out, if we don't put our names in history, if we don't side with the oppressed against the oppressor, then in our silence is our approval of status quo. We might not be able to change anything, but at least let history record let our children know and let ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada bear witness that our faith teaches us to side with the oppressed against the oppressor. This is the Sunnah of Allah, it is the reality of our Shetty. I asked every one of you to not live lives that are heedless coffin, which is the reality of

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many of us to not live lives that are just me, myself and I the masjid and my family and that's it. No, that is not the religion that our Prophet SAW Selim came with our religion is the religion of change. Our religion is a force of good and every one of us has a role to play and the story of Musa and the story of Hussein and the story of all of the righteous before us, it shows that that we speak truth to power and we stand up for truth, and we speak out against injustice, and whoever does so might save himself or herself on the day of judgment and that is our goal Allahumma India and for aminu, Allahu Allah Tada if you had to know me them, but in love of Hatha Wallah Harmon Allah for

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Raja wala Deignan Illa Kobita one I'm the Avant Illa chef Atia what I see it on Illa yourselves up Allah my friend Anna what one indebtedness about Hoonah been Iman well attention I feel Kuruman alila Linda Dena Amanu Robina in Nicaragua Rahim Allah Azza Islam and when Muslim in Allah moment Oh Jenna our other Islam almost immediately so individually who've been upset with me you know featured VD Jaco Yahtzee is about Allah in Allah to Allah Amara Combi I'm gonna be heavy enough say within the Malacca decoder say within the third become a Johan engineer. He were insane for call Azim employed in Lima in Allah Houma la Cuttino saloon Allah Nebby yeah you hola Dina Armando Solu Allah

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He was selling him with a steamer Allahumma Salli was selling him robotic. Well, Abdi Kurosu to come Mohamed while early he was a big man in about Allah in Allah to Allah Yeah, motivated RW Cerney orba wion handle fracture it will Moncure your body your idol Camila Allah come to the karoun on Corolla had Albania come watch crew here's what are the crew Lyta upon welcome is Salah.