Friday Jumuah Khutbah – October 9, 2020

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The speakers discuss the importance of planting trees in 10 years to ensure the planting season is not missing and the loss of habitat causing war. They stress the need to plant new trees to avoid missing seasons and to trust oneself and let go of negative emotions to achieve success. The speakers emphasize the importance of building a safety society and making people aware of negative emotions to avoid war.

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Dr. Medina,

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what is

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the 112?

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we at the top

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of what's

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on your machine, this will

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yell at you unless it

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well better

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he was

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in the law.

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My brothers and sisters,

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we touch upon the topic of Islamic Heritage Month. Today we're going to focus on ourselves and moving forward. How we need to sometimes change as we see the seasons change in order to become better in order to shed the excess weight, or the extra problems in our lives, things that are holding us back from achieving great things.

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And when we think of the future, a lot of the time we question whether we will be impactful upon the future. Well, I have something special within me that will benefit people 150 or 200 years from now, will we be able to do something together that will set precedents and leave a legacy behind for our children and grandchildren, and so on.

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And the last time we went there, and it gives us the example of this with the changing of leaves in the colors that we see outside,

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many of us enjoy the colors changing on the trees, you'll notice that you've probably stood back and observed a specific tree that was maybe old or had multicolored leaves on it or had changed so drastically are the leaves had already fallen. What we don't realize is that those leads are changing colors because they're done.

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And when they fall on the ground, and we see all these beautiful colored leaves on the ground, and we read them up and we enjoy and we plan to jump in them. Those are actually beautifully beautiful leaves that are

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So unless you kind of want to add that shows us in verse number nine,

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he says very specifically and very beautifully beautifully.

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your free will,

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a lot of Hannah says that he is the one who splits the seed, or the pitch within the fruit you planted in the ground, and you expect the plant to grow.

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And the loss of habitat is the one who either gives it the command to split, and to begin to sprout, or it is there to the ground and nothing comes from

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you're putting

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that seed was dead and is dead. And it must have had more data brought to life from it.

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By allowing it to split and the water to enter. And for that mixture to happen and light comes out of it another plant starts to grow.

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Well, mostly men eating

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and awesome Hannah Montana also brings from that the plant that grows, eventually, he brings death from that plant. That is a lot of

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the fruits that are on it, we take them off the tree.

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The flowers that grow from the ground, we go to the store, we buy nice flower, our spouse, and we say here is a gift for you for no reason there are good, right? But also kind of sad is showing us that index is an example of his power. And

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examples of that, in the second half of this course,

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haven't really been

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in any more identity in carrying out a lot

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of brothers and sisters.

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When you look at these outside, the leaves are all gone in a month from now.

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And all the leaves have fallen.

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Do we worry that all these trees are dead?

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Do we worry that next spring and next summer, there will be no more leaves? Do we worry that I'm going to need to plant new trees in 10 years from now because the leaves are going to follow there may not be any new leads that come in the 11th year so I should start planting trees today. We don't

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we don't worry about it because we trust and know that next season with the command of a ball by default, without without us even asking your boss to either he makes the buds begin to grow on the trees once again. And the leaves start to come out of the trees. And also how much is teaching us a lesson in this that we don't even turn to a lot to ask him to bring these back to the trees next year in spring. But he brings them anyways. It's an example of trust that we need to trust a loss of power.

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We need to let go of some of the things that we are committed to. We need to start dropping off the things that are holding us back the things that are bringing darkness and death to our lives. We need to turn to a bottle of water either today, for those of us who need to begin something good, or let go of something bad start from two days from now. If you're someone who smokes, let go with a cigarette from today from this. If you're someone who wanted to work a job, but never had the courage to do it begin from now, if you're someone who wanted to raise your children in a way that never felt they would be safe and secure and they always wanted to do something a certain way begin

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from now. If you're someone who has anger issues, start correcting yourself from now. If you're someone who always wanted to recite a page of every single day begin from today, whatever the case is, trust, the loss of

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shed what is holding us

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back of our lives, the things that we think are bringing color and joy and beauty to our bodies. But in fact hereafter are not helping us at all and start to bring new change into our lives start to focus on the future generations the future. Don't just do the same things all the time and expect a different

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Results. We all know that that is the definition of insanity.

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To do the same thing over and over expecting a different result,

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our brothers and sisters that we change, it's time that we let go of the things that we don't allow us to

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is time that we trust that almost kind of more data will forgive us and help us enough.

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It's time that we start to focus on what matters for us to hear after. And you will see the beautiful colors and almost kind of things outside for us due to death, but will bring beautiful colors into our lives due to more life and more enlightenment and more and more and more Baraka and more tranquility. Yes, colossal

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blessings upon the Prophet sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam

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a long

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journey along

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the way. So

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forgive us our sins of the past, to allow us to change and to become better people to make us become united as a community as a coma. We are supposed

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to guide us so that we are able to show our children and to keep our children guided upon.

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Always yes to Las

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Vegas from the best people that dishonor those who follow this commandment.

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We ask the boss accountable which is endemic to make it flourish.

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with Adam Smith, the numbers decrease and to make it easy for us to visit our family members or relatives to see one another and assist together extend shoulder to shoulder side by side and once again, we ask Allah Subhana Allah to grant us to the whole world, those that are suffering those that are troubling, those that don't even have time to think of a pandemic because they're going through so much hardship and difficulty and oppression in their lives. We are supposed

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to build the walls of safety around them to grant them equal attention and health and amen and strengthen massage leaders who will help them build their communities once again. Yes, colossal.

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Have mercy upon every single one of us. In the world, even

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you're interviewing

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for the room, we're sitting on a

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Make sure your cell phones

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since being a

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new father

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Remember to be nice and respectful, show something good of yourself to the volunteers on the way out.

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