Virtues of Dhul Hijjah

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Sherry Oh Chef

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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah battle,

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we all blessed to have found ourselves by the virtues of the net mobilizer agenda. And joining these 10 days in sha Allah of the first contains a little hedger and wish the Prophet told us on the law, why he was setting them, that the actions and the deeds that are done by a slave servant doing these days, they are the most beloved days to live with. And he cannot do, or she cannot do any actions outside of these 10 days, that are more beloved to lies with Jim, than what he does within these 10 days with the exception of getting Shahad.

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With that being in the situation, brothers and sisters, in Islam,

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we all need to do more. And to take advantage of these 10 days, I'm sure that there's not a single person out there because of your Eman your faith and your belief in Allah, that when the month of Ramadan comes, and we get into the last 10 days of Ramadan, and in those last days is the greatest night known to mankind, which is later to Qatar.

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We find the people of our community, all of us getting excited and getting serious and looking for later to Qatar. And we even go as far as to act as if the 27th night of Ramadan is later to Qatar. And there is a strong deal that it could be that it may be that it probably is and Allah knows best. But we make an effort to come to the masjid on the 27th ninth Ramadan and the last our nights in the last 10 days. And that is a sign of a man has good. But now the issue that presents itself that causes a bit of misunderstanding is how we find that the Prophet told us in the north think Qatif sallallahu it was sending them the Hadeeth says on the table today, my man I am in alarm a little

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silo for Hannah Hubbell and while I'm in heaven, I am. There are no days in which the good deeds are done in those days, and the more beloved to Allah than these days of the Ranger. So with this Hadeeth, which is authentic, how is it that the best days of the dunya as Ramadan later to Qatar is from the best? It's the best night of the dunya? How is it therefore the best in days, days Daylight Time? How is that we don't get a serious, we should get serious. And the way we get serious by practicing the Sunnah, just as we were shown special things to do in the night of laser cutter like the DA alone men nikka 41351, like praying in the Knights of Labor to Qatar,

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looking for later to cut in Sudan, and so forth and so on. We been shown and advised to do things for these 10 days, making the vicar of Allah, saying suparna Langham doing that that evaluation law low bar, and any other Vicar that you want to make, like the recitation of the Quran, like make it so far, like making whatever the kid that you want to make. Also fast in doing these days. Sit it is better. Connecting the ties of relationship and hooking up with your relations, your relatives, forgiving people doing these 10 days, given Southern coffee Sabina weathers to your family, whether it's to the local Masjid, whether it's to any one that you know, who may be in need of it. These are

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the 10 days of actions, given down Illa memorizing the Quran, listening to the Quran, all of those issues is from what has been legislated in these 10 days, the 10 days of the nature. As for

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some of our brothers and sisters who were kind of upset as a result of the color of Allah. This is the second year in a row due to COVID we won't be performing hajj. Well, how cool was

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that that's from the Qatar of allies region.

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So some of us we just have to fall back and deal with this situation. But it doesn't mean that you throw in the towel

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How you don't do anything? No, there are ample opportunities afforded to each and every one of us to get the reward for the people who made hij the few people who will make Hajj this year

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like the Prophet told us a llama while he was sending him. Anyone who prays salata refriger and then he remains in his place in the masjid, where he prays about the refrigerant until the sun comes up. Once the sun comes up, he prays to rock at, he will get the reward of performing hajj and umrah, time, time, complete reward. So you can do that every single day and get the reward of performing hij. There are other actions that a person can do, but you go back and shoreline you check that out. The important thing is that you are reminded, don't sleep on these days take advantage of these days, that 10 days of the hedger there from the sacred month, and they're from the days that allow

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loves and that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa ala early he was sending them assuming Kira showed a lot of emphasis in showing this community. What to do one of these days was Santa Monica de la he will Baraka gt one.

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