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The importance of a strong heart to access information and light is discussed in Islam. Personal and cultural behavior is also emphasized, including the use of sharia and the importance of having a strong heart to receive light. The "has been done" concept is discussed, including the birth of Islam, the creation of human beings, and the federal law. universal laws and their power in protecting spiritual well-being are also emphasized. The "right path" for Islam is discussed, including the natural reactions to human beings and the potential for harm. The holy grail is highlighted as the natural reaction to the environment, and the potential consequences of La La de la are discussed.

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hamdulillah salat wa salam ala rasulillah

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the journey with the Quran

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is the most beautiful journey a person can go through or can travel.

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And there is no choice there is no happiness for any person in he if he lives away from the book of Allah

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and that's why I do my brothers and sisters to approach to the Orion from this angle

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and if it happened, as some people said that we might not feel access that we are able to access the code and force yourself to access the Quran.

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Yes, until Allah Allah Allah purifies your heart. And then you will see that the person is accessing your heart even know him a whole lotta Allah mentioned in the CFO, the Dalai Lama, Su learn more about heroin as a reflection, he said that no one will touch upon except the one who has purified his his heart or her heart. Once the heart is purified, then the iron will penetrate his heart.

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Yeah. And we need to force our hearts to be that sponge or that heart that act like a sponge, towards the end only towards the part where wonderful outcomes. It receives the pollen it welcomes the pollen, it absorbs the pot.

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This is the case of the real believer as

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he has

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one of the earliest colors he said, the example of the book of Allah, Nevada to the believer is like the example of

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people who are living in dog, and they received a letter from their leader or from their king.

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And they are expecting a very important message to them, but they don't have like to read it.

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And the one who reads the plan, but he does not understand what is in the foreign. He's like that example who received the letter from his leader, why he is in need of it, but he can't read it. And then the one who explains the Koran for him is like the one who brought

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some kind of light for this person or for these people. So they will be able to read what is in the letter of their leader because of that live demo officer who is explaining the meanings of the Quran is like that person who provided life for those who are unable to read the message from the leader. And we can take from this that if the person is away from the Koran, he is living in a complete darkness. If he starts reading the Bible and some light is coming to him, if he is able to understand the Quran, then he is what he has lied to what to see. What is the

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Yes, my dear brothers, and I urge all of you to enjoy the life with the Quran. Yes.

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It was reported that some of the setup said I had a Jihad with myself for 20 years. Yes to enjoy the Salah. And after 20 years I enjoyed it a Salah. There is one similar statement of one of the setup. He said I had the Jihad with myself for 20 years to enjoy the Koran. And I started to enjoy the Koran or sorry not to enjoy the Quran to understand the blind means understand the Quran properly. Yeah. Then I started to do that after 20 years otherwise

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they will offer the Asana for another indicative decade it means that full understanding of the Quran

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Okay, we are doing surah or we are trying to

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live with or within surah to a room and we said that sort of room is talking about the power of Allah, Allah Allah and the great the great creation of Allah, Allah Allah and he is the one who

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careers whenever he wants, he is the one who creates whatever he wants. He is the one who doesn't have to change and everything changes. He is the one who owns and possess the power. And every one who possesses the power such as the Romans one time will lose it.

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But Allah Allah Allah will never lose his power over the law, Allah Almighty all the time come at can as he was gentle, yeah. And no change will occur.

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To Allah, Allah. Okay?

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Allah, Allah, Allah said in the previous ayah, Allah, Allah, Allah

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gave us some of his signs. We said that the legend Allah told us about six major signs

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that we can see in his creation for me, it won't mean it won't mean it. Then a lot of other after that, or by the end of that, he said woman if your mind the signs of

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the heavens and earth are established because of his commandments, which means that if I'm not Allah, Allah is enough supporting the heavens and the earth, they will work, they will go bad they will, there will be mischeif, there will be corruption, there will be facade there will be chaos, there will be all types of

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of problems.

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But because of Allah know Allah, the heavens and earth, they are moving in a very smooth order wamena tn tecoma sama will be empty. So many that outcome data may not have the data to do everything in the heavens and earth is listening to Allah, Allah, Allah, everything. And that's why Allah said, fader the outcome divert Amina loudly. He then to include una de la jolla, Allah said in the other ayah in UI da da da da, Allah who couldn't pay akun when Allah Allah Allah wants something to happen in the heavens or in the earth, Allah Allah, Allah will just say can and it will happen immediately.

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To me that I'll come down with a minute.

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My dear brothers and sisters, we say that a lot yellow Allah loves to speak about himself, Allah, Allah loves to glorify himself. And hence if we want Allah, Allah to love us we should speak about the greatness of Allah, Allah and we should establish the greatness and magnificence of Allah, Allah in our life. And this is the ultimate aim of Sharia.

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The ultimate aim of Islam, yes, is not to live a decent life. It is enough to establish justice on earth is enough to maintain peace on earth, these things are secondary aims, they will be established ones, then real grow the real glorification of Allah Allah Allah is established and there is no taste for meribah La Jolla brothers, even the Salah, it will have

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the real taste you will get the real taste of day by day if you feel that you are communicating with Allah, Allah Allah during that event and in particular, you are as if you are saying to Allah, Allah, Allah I am trying to glorify you.

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And hence the person is doing that a bad day or any kind of a bad especially just Allah especially dasara. If he if the person the person will try to establish for sure during the Salah before because he feels that establishing closure is part of glorification of Allah Allah Allah. And when the person thinks about something other than Allah, Allah Allah in the Salah, after the Salah when he says at Stanford Law he will feel that it is coming from his heart. He is really making a still far it is not just a statement that is uttered by his tongue because he feels that Subhan Allah, this Salah that is meant to be for Allah and Allah only I thought about something in siginificant

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your Allah as the word to relate because I did not perform Salah that does be fit, Your Majesty.

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This happens when the person feels

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Use what that the Salah is meant work to establish the album of

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the greatness and the magnificence and the glory of Allah, Allah Allah and if he feels that the Salah is not meeting the the basic requirements of that he says to Panama, what kind of solar is this stuff? A lot of stuff a lot of stuff. And it comes really from his heart. Not that stuff for lost or lost.

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Yeah, and this is the real estate, my dear brothers and sisters, and when the person has that feeling, yes, he will not feel

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that or he will not feel proud of his rebounder before Allah.

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Yes, he will never be proud of his Eva before Allah because he feels your Allah.

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Was there enough a clause in it one? The other thing Have I done it? As you deserve it? Your Allah Allah?

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Yes, my dear brothers and sisters. So this is the essence of a data. This is the essence of a god.

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So Allah Allah, Allah likes to speak about counsel, Allah, Allah, Allah likes to speak about his glory, Allah, Allah Allah likes to glorify himself, gender, Allah, that's why he mentioned those I add, and then he mentioned woman iottie and de PUE masama ob Emily some money that would come in and out of the EDA until

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then Allah Allah Allah said when a human is somewhat out of the Quran.

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So behind the law, when you hear statements like this, a statement of honor and one ye the person feels empowered by the statement that look as if he is tending to the east and west to everyone. Forget about yourself, you are worthless, very rule come kingdom and that empowers lies with a log and lo Allah and Allah Allah Allah owns everything if I am with Allah, Allah, yes and I am following the commandments of Allah. Allah that is more than enough. I don't care about anything that happens. And no one can defeat that Deen of Allah. Allah. Such a positive statement when Allah Allah Allah says, what to whom, and he will

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tune every single thing is what it means in a state of obedience to Allah, Allah, with Muslims with a confidence without human beings without animals with any other being with our mountains, with the heavens, with the earth, with the seas, with our oceans, with our trees, everything is what submitting in obedience in long obedience to Allah, Allah, whether human is somehow what you want.

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And then Allah Allah, Allah confirmed again about His Majesty and His power, will who will lead the

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throne. He do. He creates whenever he wants, and he regenerates the creation, while while the

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radio and re generating or creating the Hulk again is easier for him. Nothing is difficult for who for Allah. Allah Allah, the Almighty, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah.

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Allah subhana wa halali and then Allah, Allah, Allah said, while the Holy methylone Allah,

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Allah Subhana, Allah, the whole, the whole universe, is the Dominion or the ownership of Allah gelada no one owns anything in this whole universe, other than a login to Allah. And Allah Allah Allah is the one who is the only one who is perfect within the heavens and earth, whether

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or not you will. And if we were to give any example this is the other meaning. If we were to give any example of something perfect, then Allah Allahu Allah is more perfect than that. While methadone is the perfect example is only for a la de la la. We're in the whole universe, when a whole methadone fisherman what you will well as easily.

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Then Allah Allah, Allah gave an example, a very irrational example. We spoke about that Baba kamatera minimum physical health

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Coming mama cat a man. Shoraka female japonicum Phantom z he's

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given example. He said you look look at yourselves. Look at yourselves. If you own someone. Yes If you own a slave Malika de Monaco. And do you think that those whom you own own something on part of what you own

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own part of you what you own core control some things that you control. That's why you are afraid of them. You own them and then you become afraid of them because you they control some of what you control. Bella Bella come in and for SQL

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alchemy, Mamata Monaco minshall aka hemara zanaco Phantom de Silva. So when you order Yes, as if those are slaves that you own, they also order it is impossible. It is impossible. Yes, because they are your slaves. They have no say. If you say something, yeah, so look, if this is the case with you and your slaves, then do you think that you can own something besides Allah, Allah, Allah and you have, you have control over anything that Allah Allah, Allah owns. So you become like partners of Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah says something and you say something in his creation, and there will be competition between what you say and what Allah, Allah, Allah says,

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can this happen? Think about it. Think about it. Allah is the one who created you. And Allah, Allah, He owns you, Allah, Allah, Allah, he has the dominion of everything. Do you think that you still have control over what Allah Allah Allah has given you?

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It is impossible. Yes, that's why I was Allah. Allah says karate can force it upon me afternoon. This is a rational statement. This is a rational statement. Okay? This is a rational conclusion. That even Okay, forget about the slave because maybe here now there is no slavery. Think about yourself as a big manager. You commands whenever you want. And you order your employees to do whatever they want. You can kick out any employee who goes and gets you. orders. Yeah. And then do you think that your employee can give orders that have the same power and authority as your orders? It is impossible. If he were to say this, or if he were to do this, you will kick him out. As simple

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as this. Allah Allah Allah said, if this is the example that you see in your life, then what happened to those who are mushy recon? Allah, Allah, Allah said, Bella, Bella de Nevada,

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LA, familia de menthe, avant la la comida luminosity, those people who are tribute partners to Allah, Allah in reality, in reality, they have worked, they have followed their desires. Now once we say they have desires, it doesn't mean that they have followed only the sexual desires or lust but the desires sometimes include what include following their knifes and they want to be out of them. And they want to, to show off. Yes, like the desires of your own. The biggest desires for around are what? Showing off another Bukola Yes, alguns pride. Yes, these are desires. These are the most dangerous desires. So Allah Allah Allah said that those are the line you mean and they followed

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their desires. That's why they are committing church. After this. Allah Allah Allah said,

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After saying that, these people have followed what their desires they have no rational argument. Yes, they have no rational argument.

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They follow their desires that took them away. From what from the Filmora of Allah Allah Allah from the original beam. Allah mentioned this it can end in the coming I feel to find out the water Kenny Dini. hanifa Yes, so set, O Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam and Allah Allah Allah is addressing Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam indeed.

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Allah and he is addressing the whole humanity. Okay?

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Because of that, or the he's addressing the whole humanity in that, in that at that in the in that discourse. Yes As Allah no IRA, or like that iron Allah Allah Allah says,

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Allah, Allah Allah Allah address Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam but in reality, he addressed all believers or you can say he address the whole humanity. Same thing, Elijah, Allah, Allah is saying to Mohammed salatu salam, and therefore all Mohammed, set, you three, set your face towards the religion of Allah, Allah Allah, set your face towards the religion of Allah, Allah Allah or establish your face upon the religion of Allah. Allah Allah falconwood you Hakka Li Dini. hanifa Yeah, Lydia hanifa means Hanif, worshipping Allah, Allah Allah and keeping away from anything that takes you away from worshipping Allah Allah Allah, the word honey, yes, the word honey means he is

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diverted. Yeah, from what? From schilke to lie the right path. And you can look at it as this is the right path. Yes, sir. alkaline was nothing. Yeah, and it is a straight. So don't look at the schilke around you don't be dies digressed or diverted or distracted by the shark. No, leave anything that distract you and remain on the right path which is the fibula of Allah, Allah Allah. And this is the original meaning of hanifa for Optima jacadi Dini hanifa Philippa Tamaki Latif upon us Alia they say the word Hanif is Halle. Halle means

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the situation while you do something, so, it can be set your face

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while you are honey.

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So, this is one explanation.

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Yes, for honey. So it is highly from what from any set? Okay. in a state of honey. Yes. Not to be distracted by the shark. Okay. Yeah.

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Your face or it can be set your face and make yourself your face on the straight path. Or it can be set your faith on this Deen that is honey on this Deen that is what straight? Yeah, and the meanings are quite close to each other. Then Allah delana said, After saying all Muhammad, and it is an address for the whole humanity as we said, by set your face on the right path. Yeah.

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Which is the deen of Allah, Allah Allah. And by the way, he said set your face because they say that the face is what the most honor part of the human being. Yes. And it contains his main senses. Yes, in his face he sees Yeah. And in his face in his in his head. He hears Yeah. And it is the most honored part of his of his body. And when the person is walking, he walks towards the direction or he sets his direction based on his face face first. That's why I want Delilah said set your face when you Hakka lead Dini hanifa separator.

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This is the fear of Allah. God, he said all or established all human beings on it. Yeah. tipo de la isla de la. This is one meaning, or one interpretation of the structure of the IRA to help them what Dr. Kelly Dini. hanifa. Yeah. And

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the fact of the matter, Kelly Dini hanifa, Phil Parata is a master. Yes. As if we say

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write actual writing. So once we say actual writing is like almost the oak tokita button. Yeah, ultimately

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Committed establish real establishment, but here this they say it is a Muslim from the manner not from della because it is not if the filter no

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filter data yes Fatima Kadena hanifa which means establish your face on the straight path of Allah Allah Allah and this is yes this is the actual fibrillar of Allah Allah Allah is it clear? Yeah.

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Is it clear in terms of the structure and general meaning of it? Yes. So this is the fifth era okay of Allah Allah Allah that He has created people on and the word Chitra means what? The original creation Okay, linguistically, Filppula is means the original creation or the original disposition and we translated as what the natural disposition in sort of father Alhamdulillah he felt it is somewhat you will not even at best said I didn't know the meaning of father except when I heard one of the Arabs saying this is my well and this is and I wonder if abattoir means I built it I built it okay. I am the one who originated it. So the fibula means the original the state of the original

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creation, the natural disposition position, okay.

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Now, what is the HIPAA, what is the law? by this is a matter of discussion.

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There is a is established you face on the deen of Allah Allah Allah not being distracted by the ship. Yeah, or by anything that takes you away from the deen of Allah, Allah, Allah. And then that all of it is the fate of Allah, Allah Allah.

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By that is the founder of Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Natalia and that Tripura as we will see now, it will never be changed. Lack of biggie.

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Okay, naka de la the Hulk Allah.

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So what is the federal law? What is the federal law? The federal law? They say it is the actual act and then the, the natural disposition? Okay, or the original creation? By what is the original creation? Is it the origin of creation in terms of how people look? No, because here, a module Allah is talking about what it is he's talking about being. So it is not only how people look by but it means that you need the

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tools, two explanations for the federal law. The first one, which most of the centers accepted is what the federal law is, is submission to Allah della, by the federal law, his submission to Allah Allah Allah, which means that as we said before, that

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the Elijah love Allah created human beings believing in him. Yeah, he created them to naturally Yes, to naturally love to be decent, love to be respected, love or hate to be cheated, I hate to be humiliated. And I love to be honored.

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Hate lying. Yes. And our gala also created them love to cover their private parts. Allah Allah Allah also created them in a way that they liked to drink water. A legend of Allah also created them in a way that they naturally they naturally like to eat, they become hungry and like to eat a lot gelada also created them in a way that they like to have rest a lot a lot also created them with many qualities, this is embedded

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Yes, in their creation, by there is the actual creation and there is the actual, the actual morals and attitudes that Allah Allah, Allah embed them in human beings or created them with the human beings. With that Allah delana created them to acknowledge that there is a supreme being above them. Yeah. And this supreme being who is above them

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Aha, maybe they don't know his name, but they like to move to him. Yeah, they like to submit to Him, this is natural, this is the natural disposition is created with every single human being by and they say this is the meaning that is accepted by most of the setup and it is supported by number of IDs. And a dilemma. Yes, from da da da da da da says wait. A min Benny.

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Rita, Masha, Masha, Allah

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And remember when Allah Allah, Allah created from the reigns of Adam and Eve, the offspring of Adam, he took them and he told them, my you Lord, which means that a lot they love Allah inserted in them to acknowledge his lordship over them. Yes, so they said, Yes, we acknowledge, you know, Chip above us. Yeah. So Allah, Allah, Allah said, so don't say on the Day of Resurrection, we were heedless or unaware of Your Lordship. Yes, I have now inserted it. It is embedded in your morality in your thinking in your It is part of your natural disposition. Okay, so this is the meaning of the federal law. This is one of the law one had a one, one verse and there are a number of other verses from the

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Quran. From the Hadith all of us know that the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam koulamallah the newletter Allah, a newborn baby is born upon federa and his parents make him a hoody or nasrani or majority. He did not mention that his parents making one Muslim which means that he is already Muslim.

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Yep, also the prophets Allah sent them in another Hadith that he, he said holla Allah Vanessa, never too much data to say.

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Allah Allah Allah created all people who never means on the straight path away from God. And then the shouting took them to work to ship and in another Hadith the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that the epilogue of the human being is like not like lamb that is born with no destruction with no deficiencies. By and he said have you seen it when it is born without deficiencies NSM as a legend of Allah created it, okay, this the meaning of another Hadith as well. And there are a number of a hadith that proves that the human beings were born on what on

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also the the fitrah which is submission to Allah, Allah Allah. Bye. Part of the Fibonacci of the human beings is that they like decency.

00:33:07--> 00:33:15

Yeah, they like decency. And they like as we said certain qualities and that's why the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said come zoom in on

00:33:17--> 00:33:25

five qualities of from fitrah What are those? Yeah, you will be surprised by Aha.

00:33:27--> 00:33:31

By handsome men and Fedora trimming the mustache.

00:33:32--> 00:33:36

Yeah, and growing the beard, trimming the

00:33:37--> 00:33:39

net nails, shaving

00:33:41--> 00:33:48

the pubic hair and plucking or removing the underarm hair.

00:33:49--> 00:34:51

Yeah, this is how seminal fabric has two meanings that if human beings by nature, they like look to look decent by and men in particular. It is part of their natural disposition. If you just let them live ours Yani natural as position, they will leave their beards. And they would like their mustache to be trimmed. Yeah, not to be grown in a way that Jani that may makes the person who sees them be put off, okay. And if you leave them, they will not like to see their nails growing. Yeah, so they look like as if they are the nails of animals. Yeah. And they also like to remove the underarm hair. They like to remove the pubic hair as well. This is consuming this is very way of Sahih Muslim and

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there are some other required when the prophet SAW Selim said Ashwin 10 qualities from Petra, okay. So which means

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That there are certain qualities that human beings are born having those qualities. The scholars also said that part of those qualities is a human beings by human beings like to what?

00:35:16--> 00:35:26

By to cover their our why because when Allah de la vida exposes the power of Adam and Eve, what Allah Allah Allah said for

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Him He will appeal gender naturally, when the I would always expose they start to cover their our by what? Huh by the leaves of the trees of Jenna Subhana Allah May Allah forgive us. Yeah. Today I was young with a brother in the morning. And there was a lady she crossed the influence of us by the we stopped for the red light. And then the lady was walking and she was revealing was wearing reveal cloth there was some air and that air removed her skirt. And she immediately covered it because he was wearing a short skirt. by me anyway, we were the eyes, our eyes to see what is happening around us. Okay, so why because she was in front of me. Yeah, we'll try to lower our gaze as much as we can

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by but I said to Panama, the natural reaction from her is to

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is to cover herself Subhana Allah This is if this is the natural reaction. Why do they uncover themselves? Why do they uncover themselves? This is the flipper so that's why Allah Allah Allah said, fit Allah tala nothing really changes the filter of Allah gender, by nothing will change the filter of Allah Allah Allah, whether we said the filter which is that people submit to the to their Lord, yeah. And the other equality is that a word Allah Allah have embedded them in human beings. Yeah, to like any good,

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to hate bad and so on. Okay, this is the alpha Lord Allah Allah.

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We can expand this meaning of FERPA to say that Allah Allah Allah created universal, yes, divine laws,

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they can be also part of the

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universal laws, how that incomes down, yes,

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how animals react or act, okay?

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How they, how the crops come about, and so on. These are universal laws, and many other universal laws, as well. For example, how nations become stronger, and how nations decline and how they can become stronger. Again, these are universal laws, as we said, that Allah gelada mentioned the Romans that they were defeated and they will defeat this is one of the universal laws, divine universal law. And it will be very interesting for us, my dear brothers and sisters, to understand the universal laws of Allah, Allah, Allah in order to operate within those universal laws, in order to operate within the law and not against the law, the law and when people act or operate within the

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law of Allah, Allah, Allah, they will see and they would receive support from everything around them because everything is working upon the fitrah of Allah, Allah Allah, okay. Then after that, whatever Allah said letter Medina mahalo Pilla. Nothing will change what hope Allah before Allah, Allah Allah, what use the word, FIFA and here I wanna use the word what Hello.

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Which means that this is,

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is this as well, the hope is that

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by because he referred he used to refer to the federal law as if it is the same meaning laptop didn't help the law. What does it mean by

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no change? Let that be in the hope of Allah de la vida. Okay.

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Let me deal with the law. What does it mean? The first easiest meaning is La La here is not nothing is not enough. You have a canal here. Now here means don't change the hope of Allah.

00:40:00--> 00:40:51

Yeah, don't change the filter of Allah de la. By, don't change it don't alter it. The fifth la la de la la leave it as it is in every matter, okay? There is another meaning that la here is what natvia means there is no change that can occur for the photographer la de la. By the one the first one is now here, don't do it. This is a command. This one is a statement, there will be no one who can change the Silk Road from London on by default in LA dareka Dino, how can we say that there is no change for the hope of Allah de la vida. But we see by that many people

00:40:53--> 00:40:54

they reject Islam.

00:40:55--> 00:41:06

Either they reject to the to establish the Lordship of Allah, Allah, okay, or they deny the existence of Allah, Allah Allah

00:41:07--> 00:41:46

or something similar. So in fact, they have changed the law of Allah Allah. So how can a ledger Allah said there will be no change for his federal law? And those people have actually what change the law and they deny, for example, the existence of Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah. Allah, Allah Allah. No, the answer for this is no, no, no, no, no, those people have not changed the actual paper, the natural disposition they have not changed that it is there remaining there. They can't change it But what happened?

00:41:47--> 00:41:49

They have covered it.

00:41:50--> 00:41:55

That's why I'll tap it is Woohoo, coffee? Why? Because he covered the truth.

00:41:56--> 00:42:37

Yeah, and this proves that the paper is what is in every human being. It is there. Every human being is born believing in Allah Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah call that the one who does not believe in him and does not submit to Him to submit to His commandments. Yeah, the main features of His commandments such as submission to him not worshiping someone beside him, Bill not to believe in his messengers, including Mohammed Salah Salem Allah Allah Allah call them Kufa the word Kaffir means what? Haha, by

00:42:38--> 00:42:45

means what Kapha means either rejected the truth or covered the truth

00:42:47--> 00:42:48


00:42:49--> 00:43:13

both, either this, or this, which means that the truth is there. But those kofa have either rejected the truth or what? Or covered the truth. This is the actual meaning of what of Kapha in Yanni the actual linguistic meaning of it, which proves that

00:43:14--> 00:44:14

because Allah Allah Allah wouldn't call them kuffaar Yeah, yeah and out of injustice for them, which proves that Allah, Allah and knew that actually, they are acknowledged internally. They are born on the truth which is submission to Allah, Allah, Allah but they have either rejected that or what? Or covered it. Yeah. So Allah, Allah, Allah said, lack of hope Allah, in reality they believe in. And that's why Elijah said in other words I had to do Bihar was state by Natasha. What? Fuso home volman wherever you are, internally, they believed in it. They knew the help. But they are what the hell do behind Yeah, to me, they have means they rejected it. Yeah, so that's why Allah Allah said nothing

00:44:14--> 00:44:39

will change his filter. And that's why, as we mentioned this number of times, yeah, we should believe that we are supported by the Federal alpha Lord Allah and even in Dawa to Islam, we should use by this principle of fifth era in our data, and not to worry much about what

00:44:40--> 00:44:47

rational argument to prove the existence of a larger Nevada or to,

00:44:48--> 00:44:59

to prove, for example, the prophethood of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam maybe sorry, maybe the to prove the prophet to do for Hamas is lm can be proved.

00:45:00--> 00:45:14

by the International argument about the existence of a lie jell O Allah by does not add a rational argument. And I did mention to one brother ones, have you ever seen a person who was

00:45:16--> 00:45:31

agnostic or atheist? x accepting? Yes accepting to believe in the existence of Allah know Allah as a result of a debate of you are

00:45:33--> 00:46:22

asking you as well. Have you ever seen a person? Yes. Who is accepting that? Oh yeah. Now I am convinced that Allah does exist after a debate. No, because the issue is not the issue is he is not or she is not rejecting the existence of Allah, Allah Allah, as a result of work as a result of a real intellectual doubt. Now, he is just rejecting it, he doesn't want to believe in the existence of Allah, Allah Allah for a particular desire for a desire not for a rational, real, genuine rational argument. Okay, this is the fifth law for la de la la, la COVID de la, la, this is the dean

00:46:24--> 00:46:26

This is this today.

00:46:27--> 00:47:23

This is the straight deal, this is one meaning of it. Yeah, there is another meaning of it, that this is a dino file. This is the deal that is superior above any other deed. Because the words by him, the words by him have this meaning that it is his trait and it can have the other meaning that it is what it is the superior one. That's why a legend Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah is a you, you means everyone is in need of him. And he doesn't need anything because of what his supremacy or superiority over his creation. And this is the nature of this game. And this deal because it is the Dean of the field. All human beings believe in it, it will remain as superior. Yeah, because it is

00:47:23--> 00:47:41

the dean that is in conformity with the divine laws and the creation of Allah, Allah. Okay, we'll stop here we continue the Tafseer of the ayah and sha Allah. Okay. Next time, we took some time in explaining this. Okay.

00:47:43--> 00:47:51

We will not plan planning to do this work to anyone have the law. Okay. Does that go ahead? And if you have any question,

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there's a lot of pharmacologic