Ramadan Motivations #01 – The Story of the Cow

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The upcoming lecture on Surah Al Baq opinion by Islamists and their followers will focus on the story of the cow and its connection with actions of Islamist and their followers. The solution is given to the person of faith who believes in the unseen and trusts Allah's command, and the person who wants to lead. The importance of trusting Allah for his success is emphasized, and the consequences of not being able to see or expect the solution to the problem are discussed. The importance of fasting for Muslims are also emphasized.

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insha Allah will start at 630 in sha Allah

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should be in

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few seconds I guess from now on chaumont

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smilo would hand in now Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah early no cibjo salaam salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa here what I care to ask a lot of but I didn't mean to bless this Ramadan for all of us and to accept our fasting, I know some of us have not yet concluded their first day of fasting and some of us have and they are about to start the second one. So no matter where we are, at this moment, ask Allah to make it easy to accept it, to facilitate it, to answer and accept our data. And to bless us into a greater good of an act of righteousness of things that help us in this dunya and help us in the future I mean, insha Allah This is where we're going to be doing in sha Allah

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throughout the month of Ramadan if Allah as of Jun enables us and gives us the strength and the ability to continue, which is every single day we will do daily motivations 10 minutes in sha Allah, in one day we will focus on a story and the benefits of that story from the Quran. The next day will focus on Hadith from the messenger salallahu alayhi wa sallam hoping in sha Allah through all of this to keep us connected and motivated, enlightened for us to learn something new, and maybe discover something in familiar stories and discover something and Hadees that we have heard before that we can inshallah benefit from practically for our day in on our Ramadan. So our appointment

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today in sha Allah, which is the first meeting the first lecture, the first motivational and inspirational story is the story from Surah Al Baqarah.

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The story of the cow, and it's famous because the story itself,

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lens or gives its name to the entire Surah Surah Al Baqarah. Right comes from the story from the story of an Bukhara

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and they know that we know the story and know that we've read it so many times. But what I want you in sha Allah for the next few minutes, is to try to imagine that you haven't read it. Imagine that you've meeting this story for the very first time.

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And when you're reading this story, the first thing I don't know if you've noticed it or not, you begin this story from the middle not from the beginning, a lot. So that begins the story from the middle. Now from the beginning. He delays the beginning all the way to the end, and only in the end you'll discover what has happened and why Allah Zoda is asking them to kill that count.

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But we begin by why Allah musala told me where Allah says that Moosa is telling his people that Allah commands them to slaughter this cow. We don't know why. The only thing we encounter is moose, asking his people slaughter this cow, and that people going back and forth with him.

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And he sat down to ask him why how describe it and Are you making fun of us until the end where he describes it info and he sit down and they go and they slaughter it reluctantly, Allah tells us. Now ask yourself, why is it that Allah azza wa jal delays the story, the beginning of the story to the end, and we meet them in the middle having this argument.

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It is as if Subhan Allah that Allah is that it is telling us and this is the feeling that you get when you hear that story. It does not matter why. It does not matter what's happened before. What matter is, is that if Allah commands you in the La Jolla amuro commented bajo Baqarah Allah commands you to slaughter a cow when you keep hearing this from Musa and he said I'm coming to the people. Your reaction as a person of faith as a person who loves it Allah loves mu Sadie cinema is to say what is stopping you from doing all this? If Allah is commanding, and a lot once you're not to notice the why of it. But notice the command itself that is regardless of why Allah was asking them

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to do it, they were supposed to do it. The y is irrelevant, once Allah is asking

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this is about trusting Allah subhanho wa Taala

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This is about the fact that even though you cannot connect all the dots, even though especially if you're an overly irrational human being, you don't see the connection between A and B. But Allah tells you there's a connection between A and B. Once you believe in Allah, once you trust Him, once you love him subhana wa Tada, you will see the connection between A and B or believe that it is there even if your eyes cannot see it. Because then if you were to know at the end,

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at the end, that the reason why Allah had asked him to do this was that someone who was killed and they were searching for the killer and Allah asked them to slaughter a cow. You as some of them may have wondered, What is the connection between this and that?

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Someone has just died and we want to find the killer and you come to us with the news that Allah is asking us to slaughter a cow. Now, if you are a person of faith who believes in Allah azza wa jal, it does not matter how Allah is going to reveal the killer, how Allah He will solve this problem. What matters is that at this moment, when you ask Allah, the response was do this.

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And once you do it, Allah zodion will guide you to the solution, no matter how Allah will guide you. But you believe that if you listen to Allah, now, Allah will guide you to the solution, then this is about trusting Allah subhana wa Tada, believing in a lay believing in the unseen, believing in what you cannot see, but Allah can see.

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And so if they trusted Allah as origin, they would immediately followed his command, slaughtered the cow discovered the killer, and they would not have gone to all of these stages of describe this cow describe the cover, describe what it does help us to find it as the Sahaba of the messenger sallallahu wasallam. I've said, if at the beginning of that Command V would have slaughtered any cow, it would have been sufficient.

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But they complicated the matter for themselves. And so it got complicated for them, until it is said in the dipsea until it is said, because of the repeated questions. Right, that choices were limited increasingly, as they asked for more and more details, until it was only one calvet they could slaughter and they had to pay its weight in gold.

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But the cows waiting gold, the owner of the cow would not sell it until they would give them the weight of that cow in gold. Whereas if they had complied in the beginning, they could have slaughtered any cow when it would have been sufficient. Now they took a piece of the cow, they hit the dead body with it, he rose from the dead and he said so and so killed me. That connection was with Allah zildjian.

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Now, a lot of us write have stories? And yes, we may not we may know the beginning of the story and the middle of the story, but the end is missing in our life. Meaning some of us know our problems. We know I know I have a problem. And I don't know the conclusion. Where is the solution going to come from? How will Allah help me? How will I guide me to what is going to save me from harm? I don't know. I know the beginning of this story. Because it's my story. I know how it started. I know what I'm going through at this moment, but I don't know the end of the story. And our situation is not unlike the situation of Ben we saw he with Moosa and he said, if you're going to give your

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problem to Allah azza wa jal, you're supposed to trust Him, like Ben who is smart enough supposed to have trusted Allah zildjian. And if Allah is trusted, He will guide you in unexpected ways to add benefits you you may not be able to see it, but Allah sees it.

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You may not be able to connect all the dots, but Allah Zoda knows how a sacrifice is going to reveal the killer. And Allah will know how your sacrifice will lead to your salvation or you will need to lead to your recovery or protection from harm or to the answer of your dua. Allah knows it. If you cannot see it, Allah sees it. So we may not have Moosa and he said, I'm coming and telling us Allah is asking you to slaughter a cow. But if you have a problem, and you read in the Koran or you hear from Prophet Mohammed Salah Why are you a citizen that Allah is asking you to stop this particular sin, or to make more or to pray or to give sadaqa and your mind or somebody comes and tells you how

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is this going to solve my problem? Remember the story of Al Baqarah, the story of the cow because once you listen to Allah azzawajal, Allah zildjian will release you from sin and pain and hardship and sickness, and we'll answer your door and we'll guide you to your benefit in this life and in the next one, but what he wants from you and me is

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Not objections and rebellion. What he wants from you and me is to trust him subhanho wa Taala. And when you trust Him, He will guide.

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Now there are other benefits that you can find in that story, right?

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One of the benefits of the story is that if you are a person who is reminding people to come closer to Allah, reminding them to stick to righteousness to avoid sin, you will be mocked and ridiculed. You will be rejected. As Musashi, Santa was ridiculed and was mocked was, in fact hurt. And in this particular story, what do they say to me, Sally is set up a tetrahedron Who's Who are you making fun of us? Are you kidding? Which is completely offensive offensive when speaking to a prophet of Allah xeljanz. So if Moosa was accused like that, if you're going to give someone advice, expect that at times, they may mock you, they may reject it, they make me make fun of you. So accept it, expect it

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and continue to give them advice for their benefit.

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for their own benefit, why did more Sally said I'm continue to give advice for their own benefit to save them, even though they harmed him, he did not quit, and he did not give up on them. So there is benefit in that if you love someone, so

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give advice for their sake and expect that they may be ignorant and too shallow at that moment to realize the benefit that you're giving to them. And additional benefit in it is that if we reject the last command, and keep fighting with it, this only complicates our own lives. It doesn't harm a loss of a job. It doesn't harm other people, but complicates our own lives. The story or the proof of that is in the story. Because when we saw it, as we said, if they have just listened to Moosa from the first time he said slaughter, they could have slaughtered and bought any cow. And it could have solved this problem sooner because they kept resisting Musa alayhis salaam. There live got more

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complicated progressively, the more that they delay the last command, the more that they delete, saying yes to Allah. So if we meet Allah azza wa jal in the Quran, and he says something to us. We encounter from Hamad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the Sudan, he says something to us. And we keep saying no to them. No, no and no, we're only doing that each day. We're complicating our own lives and inviting more harm and more more difficulty. Whereas if we just say, send me an hour altana we hear and we obey Allah azza wa jal, Japan of water Ana salt problems as quickly as we respond to him subhanho wa Taala. So our compliance means also our comfort, surrendering to Allah zodion is our

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joy. Resisting use upon our data complicates us, complicates our relationships complicates our image and complicates our life in general. So the story of the people of them, when who is eat and the story of the cow is very significant, because it tells you something about the entire surah but it tells you something about our relationship with Allah as a surgeon and our trust. And another benefit in it

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is that sometimes Allah xojo will solve your problems unexpectedly. Not in ways that you can expect or fathom or calculate. There's a dead body, how is that how is the killer going to be revealed? Allah only knows that dead comes back to life. And he says so and so killed me. Now, my problem, how will it be solved? How will I get my job back? How am I son or daughter be cured? How will my relationships will be reformed? How will I talk again to my parents? How How will I survive? How will I survive my depression? How will I survive my Ramadan How will anything happen? You may not see it, you may not be able to understand it. But if you trust Allah and you give your best to him,

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subhana wa Tada. The solution is with him. And a lot of times it comes unexpectedly in ways that that will surprise you.

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So it's not only based on reason, or based on calculation, it is based on how Allah has lived and wants it to be solved.

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So trust him subhanho wa Taala has been researched. You're supposed to trust him when Moses said slaughter a cow. And sometimes that cow is something that is dear to us. Something that we need to give up for the sake of Allah xeljanz that cow sometimes could be a sin. That's a cow sometimes could be subtle, or that we give that cow could be sometimes something or soda that we're supposed to offer. Do this for the sake of Allah. Don't and you will not be able to see or expect the consequences.

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But trust him and the consequences are with Allah soldier. So as a lot of but alameen or hammer Rahimi to make us of those who, when they hear a loss command, they see some no after Anna and they believe that if they obey Allah that they will see the greatest benefit from him subhana wa tada in the hereafter Most importantly, but in this dunya as well and they will see it with their own eyes in ways that they expect and ways that they do not expect. So we ask Allah but Allah menial Allah make us of those who rush to your obedience and rush to listen to you unless the rush to listen to your to your Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and allow us and strengthen our email when we see

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the beautiful karmic consequences of listening to your hammer Rahimi to begin with comfort with our hearts but also to see physically around us signs of your power and size of your Rama and signs of your mercy are better and I mean, so in sha Allah, we will be meeting with you even the law but I mean every single time every single day at this at this time 630 in sha Allah pm Toronto time 6:30am Malaysia time in sha Allah, each day we'll talk in sha Allah beaten enough for no more than 10 minutes in sha Allah No, I went to about 15 Today we'll try to keep it to about 10 minutes in sha Allah so today we did a story from the Quran. Tomorrow in sha Allah will pick one Hadith from the

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messenger sallallahu it was sitting on we want to take that Hadith and say how can we use that Hadith for today in sha Allah then the day after will be another story then the day after will be another Hadith and so on until then we conclude the month of Ramadan we also have Bella Allah media Allah make the month of fasting easy for us make it a fasting of a man with at serb make that praying night praying Ramadan easy for us and make us those who perform it amen and YT server those will fast email and YT server reminders Hello but allow me to continuously make dua in the month of Ramadan during the day and during the night. And remember brothers and sisters you have an accepted

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to every single day and every single night. So take advantage of it. What do you want to ask a lot of but I mean, ask him and keep asking him make us Europe an enemy of those who remember you often make us a robot eliminate those who do righteous good deeds connect us to the Quran makers of those who give sadaqa make use of those who take make dua for other Muslims make it so those who stay away from sin makers of those who are trusting you rely on you and who love you more than they love themselves. I mean your hammer Brahimi will see you in sha Allah Nila tomorrow at the same time does happen Allahu Allah Subhana Allah will be handing a shadow under either hand and as the funeral

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kawakubo Lake Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh