Can You Buy the Believer Never!

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An Inspiring Story from Sayyidna Sulayman

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The audio theme sir Timothy in Allah has been tested.

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You should turn to Allah Allah hub.

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The first thing the confident Muslim is not what you say and do. It's your relationship with him. You turned to him and says your Allah. I don't want to do or say anything that not pleasing to show me how I'm going to handle this. With this opportunity. That's the serenity of sadness with a man. He's listening. He will do it. He'll show you, He'll guide you to say eveness will a man that Allah subhanaw taala gave him all what we all want in this dunya

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when they wanted to lure him, the queen of Saba Sheba, she wanted to to sway him. Right quantity or Johan Mala was tune if he Emery Macintosh author at an Ameren had data Sharon, she did consultation with our people says Okay people, my people tell me what should I do? He sent me this letter. And he wants us to be Muslims. And the people said, you decide you're you're the leader. Now she used the trick that many of us get tested this day and age. She said, let me try this trick. I'm going to send him a gift. And what kind of a gift?

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Here's the Queen of Sheba. How did he respond?

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You do this?

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That is not what Allah wants me to do, but I'm gonna get this. So it's okay, let's do it just one time. I'm not the confident Muslim. What did he respond to me doing an EB man?

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You're trying to lure me with money.

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This is exactly how you read it. What do you think? I'm going to change my mind because you're going to give me money. For my now the confident Muslim in the unseen per my end Allah what Allah has is way better than what you're giving me.

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The Confident Muslim is the Muslim who knows or Muslim who knows I you know your pain.

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As you are seeing it as you're seeing Jana, not hearing or imagining seeing that Allah. And I want everyone if you're writing right, this statement will never, ever let you down

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as long as you are pleasing Him and doing what he wants you to do.

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And that's what he did.