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AI: Summary © The importance of the " emergence" concept in Islamic culture is highlighted, as it is critical for the Muslim world. The "taq wa" concept is also emphasized, where one is deification of the beast and the image of the beast. The "taq wa" structure is designed to prevent people from becoming too busy and avoid distraction from the culture. The benefits of tequila, including breaking down the virus and reducing one's stress, are also discussed, and the importance of knowing one's true intentions in order to increase one's consciousness is emphasized. The segment concludes with a call to action for viewers to share a social media post on their platforms.
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If it's less than or equal to lie down over 200 Laravel alameen wa sallahu wa Sallim wa barik ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi h mine Welcome everyone welcome to chef Abdullah Hakim quicks up.

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Page. We are now going to go live with the chef with Mila. Hey Darla, my name is Mahmoud Hassan and I will be talking to chahatein quick today about latest video that he has released on his YouTube channel, I'm gonna actually go ahead and drop that link to the actual YouTube

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video maybe like $1. And honestly, it is a beautiful setup that the show has talking about, which is basically what we named the 10 tenets to Islamic revival. And the show has basically mentioned 10 points that he has gathered over the year, over the years, basically, to explain how in his opinion, we can move on and kind of get up as an actual nation and how we can go ahead and revive our generation of Muslims from throughout the world. And we have about 30 people joining in right now in sha Allah, Allah says, I'm going to wait a couple of minutes between now before we login and for this time, can you just go ahead and comment where you're joining us from?

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So we can just get a little bit of engagement. Tonight, Darla Roz? Sonico. Sarah, hello, how are you? I hope you're good.

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Now, let's get some more people going baby lightoller.

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Those of you who are joining us if you can just go ahead and tell us where you're joining us from.

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You're joining us tell us where you're joining us from.

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Yes, so all right. We have Ahmed joining us from the Bronx.

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from New York. Walker. Welcome. Welcome. I hope it's not as cold as it is here.

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On Bushra he is joining us from Paris. I hope it's not as cold as it is here on Bushra

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and I hope you're doing well.

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Allah Why don't we have some people who are joining us from Legos from Nigeria

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and Toronto was always in the house of hungry watercolor people malissa final with Allah bless all of you from So pretty much if we have

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people from every single one we're waiting for someone from Asia when we get somebody from Asia. We'll go ahead and we'll start inshallah, because we have Europe, we have North America, we have Africa. All right, we have somebody from Bangladesh from casola will begin to shut down And as we'll do in this year, I'm going to go ahead and bring Sheikh Abdullah Hakim quick witness. Santa Monica, how are you?

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I'm good. I'm very sure. I think you're muted. Okay, you're back now. So welcome, sir. How are you? Well, $100 $100 fine on this beautiful today here in Toronto. Allah God Allah subhanho wa Taala blesses you, just like a locker check for the series of videos that you've been putting out on the law on your YouTube channel. This recent one,

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a, honestly really a beautiful rendition of some of the work that you've been working on for quite some time.

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And in it if you just want to break down for us, the actual

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whole video first of all, now we're gonna go and, you know, kind of really question answers to go ahead and try to break down some of the content that you have in there and show what is this last video about, you know, murder hemosol concerns to level God. The last video that we did is a compilation of important tenets. 10 points

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10 activities 10 main areas of function for Islamic revival, and we call it the emergence because emergence is a type of awakening. And that is so critical now, for the Muslim world, in the sense that in the past 30 years or so, in many parts of the Muslim world, we find ourself going backwards or falling into a deep sleep in terms of our Deen and with the condition in the world today as it is, people are locked down, waiting to come out. It's a perfect time for us to prepare ourselves for an emergence as emerge from the lockdown as we emerge from a state of stagnation. We want to revive our Deen we want to revive our lives as Muslims to be able to come out of this condition on a higher

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level and to face the the staggering challenges that are there in the world. There will be waiting for us after we come out of this lockdown, and this economic recession,

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the emergence and there are 10 points, which I summarized in the lecture itself and anybody who wants to go through those 10 points on I advise you to go to the lecture, you know, so you can constantly reflect upon the 10. What we are doing now is step by step, are going through the 10 points in a casual way, and trying to give some understanding to it. And possibly to leave question time.

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questions that people may have.

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Wonderful chef. So this is actually a beautiful thing. Let's go and talk about the first point or the first tenant that you were talking about, which is the you know, I mean, I guess really, it's a perfect place to be which is you call the taqwa of Allah Subhana. Allah God. Why taqwa of Allah Subhan adventure? Yeah, so this this first point, which is the other two tough one, it's the increase in tequila, again, is based on that word tequila. And this is so important. And I want to look at this, not just from an academic or scholastic way, but I want this to be based upon life experiences. And for me, coming out of Medina as a student of knowledge and into the field of Dawa

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and traveling to different countries. I found myself in 1985, being put into the position in Toronto as the mom or the director of the Jami mosque, and that largest building for Muslims probably in the whole of Canada at the time, and people were coming in from all different parts of the world. And what was unique about this structure is that it was housing people, Muslims, of different ethnicities, different schools of thought, different Islamic movements. And I found myself being put in the position as the leader. People may be accepted me because I wasn't from any of the major countries. I was a new Muslim, and I was qualified to teach them. And so they felt in a sense that I

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wasn't biased. And based on any of the tribal, ethnic understandings, what I found out is that the issues facing us and our Masjid went from about 35 to about 1000 people for Juma. What was facing us really was not just a superficial struggle, but it was an internal struggle. I was prepared to deal with aqeedah questions, and to look at Philip and some of the superficial parts, you know, of the dean, but I realized that the problems Muslims were facing, were more internal. It had something to do with our, with our minds, with our heart with our relationship with Allah subhanaw taala Mm hmm. And this is where the concept of tug of war came. And I was trying to prepare my talks in a relevant

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way. So it's not just putting people to sleep on Friday, but it was actually dealing with issues that they are facing. And in researching how to do the Juma how to present in the prophetic manner. I recognize that taqwa or mentioning talk while reflecting on it is an essential part of the way the Prophet Muhammad says.

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Some of them would approach his talks in general had specific in Joomla. And so tequila is an essential body amount of Shafi even made made it a necessary part of the Joomla. Mm hmm. When I looked at this word taqwa, I found it was repeating itself over and over again, over 100 times in the court and in its different formats. And when I went back and started reading the book of a lot itself, and realize that when syrups are bacana right in the beginning, after you finish the fattier, you are reading Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Alif Lam Meem Dolly Kalki tabula vaporfi who delden what takim Mm hmm. I mean, this is the book in which there is no doubt it is guidance for the

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people have Taqwa

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those conscious Muslims, when from the beginning it stating this book is for people of taqwa. Mm hmm. Mama tell salah and looking at his traditions. In one case, he was asked to elaborate Sula. So, for example, Salaam Alaikum 30 minute NASA agenda for Karla toquilla has no cola. So the Prophet was asked, What is the main reason why people would enter Paradise and he said, the consciousness of Allah, taqwa love, and good character a lot. Not the size of your beard. Not the height of your hat. What's your niqab?

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Not sure Arabic language. But it was this taqwa. And it was good character.

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I realized that this is crucial. And if we are to have a revival, this has to be right in the front.

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Okay, so we've established the the importance of it, and how essential it is for anyone to enter into agenda and how the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that it is one of the most important things that you can really have. What is the what is define it? In a sense, I guess really for those of us who are just, maybe they've heard the word, because you hear it so many times. And it's not in as a Muslim, right? It's the beginning of every single hole whether you hear it, but really seldom do you hear like, what it actually means what is what is tough?

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Well talk one in a literal sense, is made up of hope or Raja. It is made up of the fear of Allah and the hope and the mercy of Allah.

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But the different translations that come up many times you see it saying fear of Allah uses this word fear.

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That doesn't do justice to the term itself. Mm hmm. That probably the best way to define this is the consciousness of Allah.

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But others have defined it. And it's interesting to look at the different definitions. You could say, God fearing. You could call taqwa right conduct. You could call it virtue. Or you could call it piety.

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You could call it a type of mindfulness, a type of cautiousness. So it's like a hyper vigilance

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to stay away from sin. So your Eman is now protected by top one, it's interesting that you know, within the root of the term comes with higher and that is a shield. So so the top one, in a sense, is a hyper vigilance, to stay out of sin to please Allah, which sort of shields your Eman in the same way that armor shields a soldier

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can talk by itself, contrary to popular or certain understandings,

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it is an action oriented term.

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The Marxist Leninist would say religion is the opium of the people. So like, the more religious you are is the more you know you go to sleep. But taqwa if you look at our cultural Raja, if you fear something, you jump back. If you hope in something, you move toward it. So talk what is actually that quality that should wake you up. It's sort of a constant state of alertness and vigilance in your face.

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This is actually really beautiful because

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you know when Allah subhanaw taala says poo and furusawa Lee Kuan poo and physical violence so it's not just like, that's kind of, I guess, really the, the essence of taqwa itself is right. It's also like protection, right? There's also a sense of protection as well.

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Yeah, beautiful chef. May Allah subhanaw taala bless you in sha Allah Allah. What are some of these benefits of the duck? Well, how what what are we going to get out of it? And I mean, I know when we say these things because I want you to break it down to me on different

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levels. The one level is. And it's unfortunate that I'm saying this, but I do know that our people are thinking, what do I get from tequila? dounia wise. That's the first thing. Then I want to know also, what do I get out of top law year after wise like we're on both ends? What are the benefits of it?

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This is an important question.

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Because taqwa in a sense, again, this is not something which is an academic, you know, scholastic thing that you study in ivory towers, this is a real reality, because we are living in an age of insecurity, an age of fear. And people are dropping down from this COVID-19 and also from the economic crisis that the world is in. And so when we go back to the book of Allah subhanaw taala, you can see so many benefits coming out of it. And these benefits

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have even been more pronounced. For instance, in Santa tala verse for olara, same woman yet tequila, ha, yada, yada, yada Allah who, then I'm really useful.

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So we can ease in your offense. So whoever the part of the versus saying, and whoever has the consciousness of a lot, a lot will make his mat as easy for you. Mm hmm. It's also a way out of your problems and your difficulties. In the same search tilaka, the same woman yet tapiola hijo Allahu Maharaja.

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Okay, so it's like a Maharaj it is a way out of difficulty. And really, we need a Maharaj right now, everything is difficult, you know, this COVID from this lies from this confusion we are living in. And that verse continues on and it shows also, why yada zoku in heightened if

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you will have unexpected.

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Many people are in need of provisions, and then sustenance at this point, the top one now, that connection with Allah subhanaw taala when it is increased, and we're talking about the other top one now,

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that would increase that unexpected sustenance. And another interesting point coming out of Serato on file, and that is the ability to distinguish truth from falsehood. Look at the false news and the lies that we are living in today. A lot tells us Yeah, I do have the Drina Manu, in taco la ha, yonder conferred upon law.

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And this is the 29th juris inserts on file. If you have the consciousness of Allah, then Allah will make a for upon. This is the criteria, the ability to distinguish and judge between truth and falsity. And that is so important for us today in the world that we are living in this illusion and deception. And the first continues, when you compare and constantly article for your, for your loved one, while the father or the lover. So donia in Africa, it's a beautiful thing, because this actually addresses the actual DNA.

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Right? So only are you getting this criterion, you can judge fake news from real news in the dunya. But in the next world, you are free from your since law, and you are forgiven. And the verse ends beautifully, and a lot is the is the one He is the God of infinite bounty.

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It's connected with Tucker.

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So this is so important for us today. To have that connection, and to increase the connection.

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How do we go about increasing temperature? This is an interesting point as well. And this really is the essence of our point number one because we first have to understand taqwa, we have to get close to it. And I want to put out a number of different points and maybe some of these points on might touch people because we want to come from it from as many practical angles as possible. Number one, we need to make a sincere intention to increase our top

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and following that. We have to ask Allah sincerely

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to increase it because Allah subhanaw taala is the Lord of great bounty. He is the one who ultimately has control of all things. And number three is to increase the taqwa we can increase different forms of worship, have a bad day. And when we talk about the bad that it's not just praying and fasting and going to hydrate

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And hombre

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ibadah. If we do things this may lap, they can become forms of a banner.

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Even eating Bismillah

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even feeding people, whatever it is, so increase in Havana for observe the sunlight, try to look at the sun and all different things. And so you might say, well, what's so big about eating with your right hand?

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You know what's so big about you know, saying do the best mela what what is so big about doing your Sunnah prayers, this is the top one. That's to increase the taco increase this Sunday.

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Another interesting route for some people who want different ways recite CT n with meaning. So in other words, people in many cases are used to just reading the Quran, we want to now focus on the court and with the Tafseer with the meaning of it. So when you're reading something, try to understand in your language, or with a Tafseer try to understand the meaning of what you're reading.

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Another area point number six would be too busy yourself with good deeds. We want to increase that that that consciousness, the allama say, busy your life with good deeds. You want to go to good deeds for your family, the parent to the child, to your neighbors, to the society, try to keep good deeds in front of the things that you're doing. next character. And this is important remember that the process of instead main reasons why entering paradise toquilla was

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we want to focus on humility.

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Try to be as humble as possible, and to culture good character. Because that is one of the main reasons why people would enter Paradise. And that should also be connected with the next point of seeking knowledge. Everybody should seek knowledge of the dean.

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Whatever way we can don't ever think that you know, don't ever think we are students of knowledge for the rest of our life. And there's some things that we'll never know, until we inshallah, Mt paradex. Point number nine.

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And this is a practical once again, try to be around people who remind you of Allah.

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When you're around people who are in the dunya we're just into money and looking good and whatnot, it's time to make a lot. And you might find it difficult, but then you look and you see Ali come walking along. And as soon as you see Olli, then you say oh is a time for us so that

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as soon as you see Susanna, then you say, you know Mashallah Islam is so beautiful in terms of, you know, my modesty and my character. So try to be around people who remind you of a lot and increase your team. Number 10.

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Try to be as pious in secret as you are in the open. Think about just a lot when you're in a group of people. It's, you know, you make us a lot and you know, everybody's watching you when you're pious. But when you're by yourself, do you make it with the same submissiveness and assure that you do when you're in a jomar, try equal and if you can actually make your secret actions better than your open actions. Now we're really getting into the other top number 11.

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Be alert, that anything that can divert you from the path, this is a type of consciousness. Be alert of this, and keep that vigilance in your mind. Number 12. do everything for the pleasure of Allah. Don't things do things for the pleasure of people. Many times we do Islamic acts, we do goodness. And we're not thanked by people and you know, our nafs talks, why did you do that? You start losing your connection with Allah. But if everything that we're doing is ultimately for our loss of panatela, then we're not losers in this life and the next. The next point is to focus on the main purpose of life. Keep the big picture

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in our mind as well going through everything we're going through. We have been created to worship a lot to submit to the Creator. And number 14, remember death.

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If we remember that we're in a transition period, from this world into the bizarre, this world is not the end, that this is a really important way of increasing our consciousness of law, piety, our right action

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Mindfulness. And the last point is to keep our eyes on the prize. And that prize is gender. And we need to keep our eyes on this prize. So that as we move to the difficulties in this world, we recognize a lot has power over all things. And whatever is striking us in this world, Allah knows best. And it is part of what Allah has ruled in this world.

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sha Allah now let's find out Allah gives you agenda, very, very concise and very beautiful 100 gems that you've given us here in Sharla. So this was just one out of the 10 tenants that you were talking about, I believe the next tenant would be authentic sources and we are going to talk about this inshallah in an upcoming Imola an upcoming live stream show. I believe it's Wednesday, I believe was scheduled for Wednesday show but everybody, we're going to go ahead and put a poster to let you all know even the night owl about

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anything that you want. Leave us with Chicago before we go in Sharla.

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We want to continue our struggle, and be as close as we can to each other and to do righteousness. And you know, never forget that Allah has power over all things. People are feeling depressed, they are feeling in fear. But if we realize that even sometimes difficulty with difficulty there is ease

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with the pain that we're going through,

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after every difficulty, there there is something which is better for us, in this world in the hereafter. And I pray that all who are listening to this while that are going through changes that allow may make it easy for them. All of our brothers and sisters who are suffering with the COVID-19 or any disease may Allah make it easy for them. All human beings who are going through this pandemic, may Allah lift this by law, the law lift this waba off the world and we are suffering at this time, who luckily had one stock from NaVi walakum wa salaamu alaykum what happened to why he

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finally goes to LA because he's like a la nakoula chef and Allah Subhan Allah Allah bless you in sha Allah, for those of you who are just joined us in sha Allah, if you want to go ahead and follow tshabalala Hakeem quick on his Twitter, his Twitter hashtag is Abdullah quick. And mine is this underscore moon underscore lives. We're both on Instagram On Facebook and on Twitter as well. I believe in shallow data. If you have any questions that you'd like for us to answer, go ahead and type them in. In our next live stream the billion dollar olders we'll go ahead and pick some of these questions and ask them for yourself Kamala Harris, Allah subhanaw taala bless all of you who

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have joined us in Sharla. Please go ahead and share this. Go ahead and share the video that we have talked about the 10 tenets of Sharla. And until we meet again in our next live stream, so don't want to ignore the law. You're welcome.