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Muhammad Ali was selling them America and the you know, have you been to Muhammad Ali early he also have you as you may know, but

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Yahweh Imam Al Bukhari were Muslim couldn't he be heard or the Allahu Anhu call Allah Nabil Salah Ali, Are you certain Hey tonight is a collection of both Bukhari and Muslim writers by Barrera.

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And this the theme is an understanding Eman and I'm gonna be talking about this for a couple of couple of weeks and show them and cover a number of Hadith and hopefully at the end we'll be able to conclude a few important points about about the concept of email and it's it's a complex idea. It's not it's not something simple. I don't think it's even healthy to imagine that something as important and as central in our deen could just be a simple concept of the complexity of it or the the profoundness of it is important to take note of and this hadith is one of my favorites a very nice one you know that you know the you've heard it before and you'll enjoy inshallah hearing it

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today where he says that Allah it was said by Len Yun Jia or Hayden Minko Amador none of you will be saved.

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Eun Ji Naja has been salvation or being saved, then the NGO meaning none of you will be saved by their deeds, by their actions or by the whatever it is or the the performing their lives according to Allah and Tejada rasool Allah and they said, Neither not even you know, Prophet of Allah. Good question, honestly. Hey, what about you, your know you you're working day and night, no one's doing remotely as close. Or as similar work as you are. You must be your deeds must be good enough to make it whose answer Ali Assad was on call or whether or not even me ill, and yet on Madani Allah Who Rama exceptive, Allah subhanho wa Taala smothers me with with compassion or with mercy.

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I said they do work on reboot, well to do well, who was a minute Dualjet he will pass the data blu ray Sallisaw to Timothy and he said,

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he said no, not even me. None of us Well, none of us, because it's a simple concept. There's nothing that you can do, that can benefit Allah subhanaw taala at all, nothing, you have nothing to offer him. It's very, it's a very difficult relationship to comprehend. We have nothing we there's nothing in our hands or our hearts or minds, or on our planet or anything in our possession that Allah subhanaw taala needs that we can offer him that can level out the relationship a little bit to make, say and say alright, you give us this, we gave you this in return. So now things are you know, semi event, there's nothing, we have nothing to offer him at all. He gets nothing, even if you pray and

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you continue to, as I read it a few months ago, that on the Day of Judgment, even the best of people will win that once they see you're able to see everything they will wish that they spent all of their lives being

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basically pulled with their feet and face first on the ground for the sake of Allah and they still wouldn't have done anything. I mean, they feel the gap like the actual gap becomes becomes a tangible they can they can actually say measure it with their mind. Oh my gosh, like what if I lived every month, every breathing moment I live was dedicated to Allah subhana it's still it's still it wouldn't wouldn't be I still would owe too much. Because I actually see the reality of what they were given and what what actually exists and it becomes it becomes overwhelming. So we know that that there's nothing we can offer ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. So to say that you can be saved or you find

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salvation through deeds is ludicrous. It makes no sense at all. Because there's nothing you can offer Allah subhanaw taala and you can never pay back for the blessings you have. And there's another Hadith has less authenticity to it, where men actually does say something like that as he's going in to be like MIT enter with my mercy and He says no, with my deeds is gonna get out.

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Let's, let's redo the measuring here. All right, the blessing of eyesight to you, you were able to see color and objects with your eyes for 365 days for 80 years they did the math. Let's see how you're gonna pay for this and he starts adding is and all of his all of his good deeds are done within just the initial calculation of the buzzing of eyesight he brings into like okay with your mercy like Alright, remember so you can go in with due to my compassionate with to my compassion, you're welcome. But your your deeds, what do you mean, you can't ever and that's, that's assuming that the acts of worship somehow Allah subhanaw taala is finding some benefit, but he's not supposed

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to. But that doesn't make any sense. And that being the case, which is what he's trying to explain how to use the law to wisdom that you can't make it through your deeds. So the question isn't why it was the point of doing anything? No, you just continue to do your best. But understand that it's not a mathematical calculation. It's not an equation where you do this much you get none of this. There's no such thing. What he's looking at subpoena, what data is you? He's looking at your intentions. He's looking at your effort. He's looking where your heart is. He's looking at something different because there's nothing you can do that can benefit him so it's not I brought in this much

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money to the account. There's nothing to bring you just What were you doing? That's what he said that he's going for said to do?

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started with this deed is when you kick the ball into the goal right? But said they do mean try, try to do it right to the best possible, bring it to the middle as much as possible. Just just keep on trying to get it to get it straight and get it to where it needs was to do oh do and use the morning and use the evening will do is in the morning and Overwatch is in the evening. We'll show you one minute diligence sometimes you have to put in some of the effort at night when you want to sleep. Well plus the L cos the w hu and just keep the balance, be moderate. Keep your goal in your eyesight and you'll make it

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as what he said he's also just do your best focus. Try to stay right in the middle, keep on figuring things out. Use the time that you have the morning the evening sometimes at night and just keep on moving forward and keep on trying and you'll make it inshallah but there's not but there's no you can't you can't there's no number of days that you can come bring your milk PMSA Yeah, I deserve is there

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Oh, is a horrible word to be used with the relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala because it doesn't work. And that's the point of this hadith. Yahweh Imam and Buhari will Muslim call up so he and Abu Hurayrah are the Allahu Anhu called following the Leo Sun Allahu Allah your earliest use LM Len Yun Jia ahead and mean command Manu. All ye well enter ya rasool Allah Allah rasool Allah azza wa jal him what Illa and yet Allah Madani Allah who we are from, but said they do work already boo well to do Whoa, whoa, shame on me in a duel Jetty will cause the loss the who who sort of Rasulullah he said Allah Allah You Are you psyched yourselves to work with Sheila Haley and just

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overflow to glucose Rolla who was telling them about like an intervener Muhammad while earlier that was being shot, I love the hullabaloo.