In Preparation for the Season of Hajj #4

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The importance of avoiding sexual expression and avoidance of sexual expression during quarantine is emphasized, along with avoiding physical harm. The speaker suggests avoiding hedge mob rules and focusing on the hard parts of hedge mob rules rather than just hedging people. The speaker also discusses a hedge mob rule that takes everyone to their own conclusions and hedges them from harming other people, using a hadith and apologizing for past mistakes. forgiveness and apologizing for past mistakes are also emphasized.

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Here we

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go hurry you are Muslim Coonan visa Hey here in La Jolla, lotta Radi Allahu and Paul are gonna do so Allah Allah here early, you're returning collection of both Bukhari and Muslim within intergeneration obviously read to us by Moreira and the theme of hajis short this year last year I did it around a month actually now that I look at it goes a full month of just a hadith about that, this year a little bit shorter, just maybe a week or so before hedge. And that's okay just to kind of keep things a little bit variable.

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So I'll just write for you specific, a hadith that are very famous about how just to kind of encourage it and also, you know, allow us to enjoy the ritual, even though we're not necessarily participating in it ourselves.

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And this idea here is a famous one that we all know quite well, that the Prophet alayhi salam he says men had yet but I'm Jana was with me, Raja Arca, you will meet what I did to those who perform Hajj and do not, do not fall into physical rough. And physical is when you deviate, when you deviate and you sin or you fall off the path. And rough Earth is when you perform any form any form of sexual expression at all is whether it's the it obviously Haram is that's a whole we'll see but but I thought this even was talking about had some form of he's actual inclination with inclination with your with your with your spouse. So if you perform Hajj and you stay away from sin from fist, from

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deviating from the Path of Allah subhanaw taala before I think in a way, that not becoming of a Muslim or behaving in manners that are offensive or harmful to others, and you stay away from that piece, which is Yanni falling into a sin of that sort, which is

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it's a very specific word by the way in the end, and I come later to see Yom Yom refer to Isla Anissa Yquem. So because it's halal Raafat is a word that doesn't necessarily mean the going all the way but it's any form of sexual expression. Well, this is the this is the punch line, overseer, this hadith, Elijah yo will meet what are the two, he returns this person returns to the state that they were in the day their mother gave birth to them,

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which is stimulus, sinless, meaning nothing is completely wiped now.

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It goes without saying that sins that are

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related to people's oppression. If you took a hug from someone or you that sticks around, unfortunately, that never goes away. That doesn't matter how many hides you do need someone. I have heard stories Yaniv in my life that are very, I know someone who got He basically took the inheritance of all of his value, everybody. It wasn't just as sisters, everyone including the brothers, and he performs hygiene every year.

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They perform Hajj every single year.

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And I remember my shear told him every hedge you perform, you dive deeper into Jahannam with

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the it all every hedge you perform you dive deeper. told them how could you say they said because you're using money that's Hydrofarm for it. And you're taking away the right of your siblings to go to holiday should have been going without money because there's

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to be very careful. The beauty of hij has to be understood within that context. Because as human beings we tend to run away from that piece is beware at the whole company, Adam are never forgiven regardless of what you do. Not even Shahad not even dying as a martyr on the battlefield for the sake of Allah will remove the dame forget about the sin that are basically the oppression not even, not even Diem, not even alone, even debt. If you're in debt to someone you're in debt to someone. Doesn't matter what you do for the sake of Allah if you're in debt to them, you owe them and you will pay them if not with your wealth with your asset, period. So be very careful because these

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things are never there. Never Allah subhanaw taala forgives his part of it. That's why he's telling Hajj he will He will wipe your slate clean from anything that has to do with his rights upon you. Subhana wa Tada everything whenever you did that is between you and Allah subhanaw taala or the sins that harmed other people, there's always a PERT a portion of them that is related to Allah Subhan does right upon you, all of that will be forgiven. It's an amazing offer. It is insane offer this is a dough deal that comes remotely close to a hedge mob rule for you to actually go back to that state where you're sinless. Just make sure you didn't harm people. Honestly this hadith whenever this was

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when, whenever it was narrated to me growing up or taught it was never taught it in the context of Hajj ever was always in the context of a book. Like the shoot they always narrate this hadith to tell us beware from harming other people. It's really interesting how they use this hadith because they show you here, here's how easy it is for Allah subhanaw taala to completely pardon you to remove all of

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Your sin, so you are gonna do well Inshallah, just make sure you don't cross that line of human harm. Just don't cross that line just don't come you'll milk em and you've hit that person and took the right of that person and mistreated that person. Don't do that. And honestly, there's so many ways for you to hedge you go to hydrogens don't do face. How hard is it to go to Hajj and not curse people out? It's like three or four days, you can just we'll just hold your tongue for three or four days. You don't speak to anybody just due to speak and make dua and they and I don't understand it, honestly, but

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before Hajj, and after Haydn's she's there, she ain't going nowhere. So just maybe don't do a drink it's not that difficult you think about it. Like he didn't make the make these conditions impossible. Oh, this is hard. No, not performing fist and hunch is not that hard, not performing rough. It's not that hard either.

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The hard pieces don't come to Allah Azza pyland out with my haram don't come to Allah subhanaw taala with human harm with some Huck some write that you transfer transgressed against a trespass trespassed over and you're gonna be fine. Allah subhanaw taala will continue to find ways to forgive you and this hedge will I love the wording Raja Koyomi well That to me is like your you know your new

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you didn't if you didn't nothing it's all it's wiped there's nothing go and start over again. Let's start over you offer it you mix it offerings around and start over come do your pilgrimage to me come to me come and walk in the footsteps of the big ones walk in their footsteps learn the symbolism and all these actions understand what it means to be human and what it means to be my servant and I will I will I will restart this whole relationship we'll just forget about all that happened before we'll start fresh I'll keep the good stuff I'll get rid of the bad stuff we start fresh amazing off and nothing comes close to this is don't come to him with that because that piece

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is not because he can't forget for forgiven jelajah like dude every once but Allah forgives his rights

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other people's rights they have to forgive it for him to forgive other people's rights is kind of in a certain degree not fair to them.

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You know, if if you mistreat me and then my friend forgives you on my if I don't accept that that's not fair to me. Why are you forgiveness? My rights I'll forgive it. Why are you forgiving? And Allah subhanaw taala is the Justin is the fair he would never do that Jojo. It's a beautiful Hadith reflect about me Allah Subhan Allah grant us the ability from Hajj Mabul in sha Allah if you jump and if not this year in Shaolin many years to come yo me the madman Bukhari you will Muslim couldn't be so Here Anna Maria, what are the Allahu Anhu called? Pardon the use of Allahu Allahu alayhi wa sallam when I had Jeff I'm your first winner. Raja que yo me what are the two most of the Corolla

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has sold Allah Allah says my companies are Leyland and something to like, was that Allah who was telling them more about like Allah you know, Muhammad, you know, Allah