Akram Nadwi – Criticism of ‘Mutawatir’

Akram Nadwi
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Mata Mata Musa number of the people who report the Hadith, if the report is such a huge number, that the kind of lie or the impossible to, to agree on in steak, that will be motivated. And the less than that is called a heart. Because generally the one or two people know that the cold or hot, but this idea of motivating,

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again actually came into Islam from non Islamic sources.

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People have the Hadith of the niobrara divided this into Mossad people like a Sufi and foty or even email Shafi Malik Abu hanifa. Then after that Bihari Muslim Timothy and si none of them ever used the word mutawatir never never. Some of them use one Masood. Well mubasher had another meaning dictionary meaning does not mean the Masood that people say this never had a first time when he when it was made part of the heyday science was done by daddy hottie Bulgari right in their super 462 63 you can see such an after such a long time before that nobody includes the motivator into into into the hobby first motivator introduced by multiple limin then after that adapt bye bye Fokine was very

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purple because they want to make whose capital is not covered to the best to make a measurement the whole purpose but if somebody matamata discovered to you know Islam to discriminate on the NA NA it really is it sound knowledge and also notice that Thompson's have been fine if not his town is you followed if no nuts are not followed. So it doesn't matter how many people reported what a motor sound make effort to find sound knowledge sorry, so they're way behind what is because Sahih Muslim wrote us a sound not important. In naramata not number two, actually numbers can be misleading. Sometimes can a huge number, you know factor things which are lie and false. Indian you ask Indian

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who's going to jail? Who's going to who's got find out? And what can emotiva just think what can you motto?

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How can you make more tomato Prophethood

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Prophethood must be to one person. He is the man who

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are most the thing that Prophet did really not necessarily taught by everybody. The most the thing will be actually all the good things are a hot motivator very few others even though that dispute occurs, there are people who say that no single mother wanted her death in the world to discuss something which actually had no meaning what purpose? Some people say that no single mother wanted her this in the world to just imagine if there's no single, white white paper to discuss something like that. And when you say matamata you know what happening is far you divide. You do not think so you teach a tomato to your marriage depend on one person. If he's wrong, you're wrong.

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motiva theory means in every generation, there's a huge number for you then you do not take from the number you took from one person to between you and this motivated the one Lincoln's at one one Lincoln, if he is wrong, you're wrong to even motivator when people receive it and never thought about it. The first thing really that motivated never part of Islam anyway, is Muslims. And the

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second thing is that even if people include an automatic, it's not useful, because people don't agree if there is something weird about it. And the third thing is when you follow Moore's Law, it is not more waterfall you you never got better. When you read a Quran you get a water bottle you don't a stay Why must read the Quran with 40 people. Otherwise, you'd learn what one teacher does.

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When you read this from a teacher too far you never thought it anyway you depend on somebody else.

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