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Why Justin Accepted Islam

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Episode Notes

In this episode of The Deen Show, Eddie interviews Justin whom discusses his journey to Islam and why he accepted Islam. Justin has embraced Islam for 2 years now.

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Greetings apiece, I sit down with a comb. Justin, how are you? Alright? Are you actually not too long ago? A few years ago you actually accepted Islam? Yes. So about two years ago, I think Masada Why Why what? What? What made you make that decision?

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This grown up in a non religious home? A lot of things that have you questioning? Like, why is my life itself? You know, when you got your doubts and droughts? And uh,

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no, you want to look for something to bring you up? And why not look for? The answer Messiah law. So religion caught my eye, you know, to find answers and what led me to become Muslim. So, what were you doing before Islam? What were you? What were you involved in? You'd have to go into the details. I mean, that, did you feel just spiritually empty? Did you? How did you feel? What was the feeling that you felt before? As compared to now? Basically, like how you said, A spiritually empty,

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lack of guidance.

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That's what Islam has done for me so far as guided me the right way.

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Makes your troubles come easier, makes the answers come easier. And it does uplift to energy, you know, lifts just, you know, basically, I said less energy to a higher level where you feel more confident, and less.

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Justin, when you

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see yourself now, and how long has it been? Since you accept this has been two years.

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So you're pretty much like a baby now. And so everything is new for you. When you have certain individuals and many people have many prejudices towards Islam, because it's the they feel it's the other, they don't know it, they don't understand it. But usually what I tell people when you do get to know it, if you remove these prejudices, you'll see that this is something that connects with the heart. It's something that it's from the creator makes sense. Just give it the time of day, you gave it a time of day, that's why you're here. But when someone throws at you, oh, it has this happen, like, Oh, you say I'm Muslim. Oh, what are you a radical now? You're now you're one of them. You're

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a terrorist? What do you say?

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Islam was pure. So when they come up with stuff like that, you know, the basis of Islam teaches you first of all, is patience. So many, many people come in with them

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with them, slanders and stuff like that.

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And I just asked him to open the book, read it in your finances yourself,

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about how you look how they view it, terrorists to false believe in the book speaks at all. So when you start to open a book and read it, I feel like just open the book itself. As you begin reading, you get a source of energy coming to you, you know, it speaks truth right away from the beginning to answer. That's why it sounds open to look and self educate. Yeah, this is really like what you said you right away you said it teaches patience. Because there are even some Muslims, you know, they'll come into Islam, and they'll be really ecstatic and happy, but they're not seeking knowledge and then they do something opposite of Islam. They go and misrepresent Islam because Islam says have

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patience. And now they're on a street corners get into fistfights because somebody says something derogatory about Islam, but Islam doesn't teach that actually in the crowd, Allah God Almighty saying, how to deal with the ignorant people by saying words apiece and just excusing yourself. And you said patience, this is this is this is this is key.

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Yeah, you know, it teaches you to

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the mind control, you know, evils easy to manipulate. So without patience, you know, you right away jump into assuming to judging to Ali's ways of going about life. So patience, and you know, that's what Islam teaches. And it makes everything come to you slower, and you understand a lot more and that makes life itself more understanding.

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of purpose.

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purpose, many people they when asked this question, they get like the deer in the headlights that stumped feeling you know, they don't think about it some people who do they make their own purpose and say, Okay, I'm here to

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do some charity, have a family win the NBA championships, make this Grammy hit number one, whatever the case, right? This is all you know, something that's can be a means but the ultimate purpose we know what it is. And how have you found that Islam has answered? This question is crucial question that many people do not reflecting about some people they've concocted their own way. But Islam we know is from the Creator. How has it filled this void

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And answer this crucial question about the purpose of life why we are here? Is it pretty clear now to you as opposed to before Islam? Yeah, definitely. I mean, we all think these other things is the purpose of living life to, like you said when a championship and everything like that, but that's, that's,

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you know, less than a short period of time, you know, Goddess forever so we got to answer like, what's our purpose being here? You know, we're not here forever so

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that's I mean, it shows you clearly our purposes submit to Allah, you know, so, I mean, as long as definitely clear that, you know, for me was the purpose in life is you know, due to when you start to read into either religion or I mean, just when you're not religious and you question yourself once again, Islam we open the book, it shows you the guidance, and the guidance helps you figure out purpose so before are not yet muslims for our buzzing humanity. Maybe sometimes you hear, you know, two Caucasian white guys and see a law and then you just like get spooked out. I mean, that's just if somebody was from the Latinos, they would say deals, God and English and the language that Jesus

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spoke, he didn't speak English, he spoke Aramaic, and he called on God but then he Allah hath and we're saying Allah, this is the creator who has no beginning no end. He has no children. He's not like anybody. He's indeed the one who created creation, Allah and you have you come in, you know, taking those baby steps you coming along, tell us something else that you'd like to share with the, you know, audience that can kind of motivate people to really do what you did and to take life serious, you know, it's not about playing basketball, football, partying, you know, and just forgetting about your purpose what what what are the things you can you can say and to try to

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motivate people to really take life serious and really to seek out what's the purpose of my life

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something I'll get back as a LSA is to sit down with yourself evaluate everything going on around you

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know you guys have ups and downs

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there's nothing in this world that can really

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prepare you for how this was gonna go but God seeking God that's the best way to prepare yourself. So I say if you really you know that if you really have doubt

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first as a evaluate yourself and then

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open the book up in the book. This is the key to a lot

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you never stopped learning God you never stop learning so

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it's the one so if you want in life to live for our purposes, search for it so open to all religion read all you know in self educating you will see when you open up book the Quran, you know, right away, get started find the answers. Because many people have come into Islam, they've, they read the Bible, they've looked into Buddhism, to Confucianism to all the world religions, I did the same thing. I wanted to make sure if I'm gonna practice Islam is it can be a religion, organized by man or men has to be from the Creator. Open up a world religions book and you can see from the face from this doesn't make sense. This doesn't connect with the heart, man, this, this is something that just

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way out there. But like you said, Islam makes sense. It makes sense. Worship the Creator, not the creation, it's laid out how we need to live our lives from A to Z. And, Justin, I really enjoy talking to people who have made this very important decision. Tell me that do you feel what you've done now? And compared to how you were living before? Do you feel you're becoming a better human being? Do you feel that you've grown spiritually with your connection with God? Definitely, you know, before become Muslim.

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You do you I think everybody even people who's who's disbelievers. You always feel emptiness. So how about China is definitely changed me as a better person to

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always kill patients because life you know, people don't care about that enough, you know, they rush it and everything so it's definitely changed me into a better person that humbled me what made me more wiser, even at my young age, you know,

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ages just a number of wise wisdom and being humble, you know.

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It's a one and that's what that's what Islam has done for me is from Dan you know, being impatient wanting for unnecessary once and everything. So that's what it's done for me. It's made me be patient and be more humble about life and then we'll keep things going and going and going into life you know, when you're trying to find yourself. So, one key thing before we end come one other point, I just want to focus it was there a point in time that you because

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I always tell people look if you want to know the truth has got to be simple to understand and easy to find. And where does it start within yourself reflecting thinking and that contemplating and then removing those desires that you have inside of you and say okay this is not the most important thing I should be doing in life right drinking party and playing hold on hold on that's not going to get me anywhere and then doing some real simple Did you do this many people they find that after they have asked the creator the reality the one who created creation guide me have you did something did you? Was there a point at you remember that you asked the creator alone to guide me to show you the

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way strengthen guidance is key us stuff from Allah and

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you know, he will eventually answer you. So Nina definitely uh, were you asking? Is there a time where you were like you were seeking to know and you were saying God whoever you are, guide me to the truth. Actually that's that's what led me into becoming Muslim. I was asking for seeking guidance no other

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trouble going into life, you know, an answer things. Why is this going wrong? Why is I'm not why am I not getting blessed this way or whatever? The best question I asked for guidance, you know, you know, the most high guide me to truth. And

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when you want something that's one of the Hitchin when I wanted it I felt like that's how God led me to Islam. So guidance is definitely about serious when I ask for guidance.

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I mean, as simple that is something that's not illogical if someone was asking you to pray tomorrow to to aliens and identified creatures, or some some little statue or anything in creation that your your your instinct would reject this, but when you're being told to try something that's not gonna bring any harm, but a whole world of goodness can open that you call upon the Most High if there's a picture of you in your mind of him. No, that's not God. God is the one who created creation but he's not a part of creation. He's the one that can only guide you to the truth but you have to ask the owner of truth who is the one able to give you that piece and direct you to purpose and that's where

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it starts right there. And then he will facilitate away try it right now. I have nothing to lose as the most high for guidance a guide me Why am I here? Why am in his world to just party and play when you die and is finished. Do a Justin did do it. Those sincere individuals who want to know the truth as the owner of truth God Almighty don't have to say his name. See the one who created me guide me guide me guide me. We'll see you next time. Until then. Peace be with you salami