Zaid Shakir – Seeking Refuge in Allah #05 – Stress of Debt & Tyranny of People

Zaid Shakir
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala CD mursaleen Sayidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam testament kathira Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh This is a mandate shatter I'm here once again brothers and sisters, to share some reflections on the duart that are prophet tada sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Now after five days, this being the fifth day, I'm sure most of you have memorized this dua, who is thought abou mama directly and all of us indirectly, the following words which instructed him to repeat in the morning and in the evening Allahumma in the Oval became in a Hemi while hasn't Where are all the

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became an adze well castle, were also becoming a Jubilee word boho. Where are all the became an elected daily worker rejected or lie SQL rep we have with you from worry from those things that generate worrying greevey and grieving grievious things. And I seek refuge with you from from incapacity week weakness, in decisiveness. And I seek refuge with you from laziness, from finding those things which I shall love to be a burden, such as my prayer such in my reciting the Quran, such as my fasting during this blessed month of Ramadan. We discuss these things at some length in sha Allah tala and I seek refuge with you from cowardice, stinginess, and I seek refuge with You,

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gallop gallop that day more coverage.

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And so what does that mean? I seek refuge with you from as one of the versions we mentioned of nsmen Malik mentioned da da de da de da from the rib to be crooked. And so it said that what this means is from being bent over by debt,

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so that I'm no longer straight myself and I no longer am capable of walking the straight path. What do people do when they're in debt? They might sell alcohol, they get out of debt. They might do unimaginable things that are haraam to get out of debt. So they've been distorted. They've been made upright by their Lord physically and spiritually were physically upright, or spiritually upright, they lose their spiritual uprightness. So one of the real meanings of della yat Lau, Emmylou, so they lean to the side, lean to the side of the Hara,

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lean to the side of the unlawful lean to the side of the immoral, lean to the side of the unconscious, the unconscionable it can happen to any of us brothers and sisters, none of us are so pious and so holy and so

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all that, for lack of a better word, that it can happen to us. This is why we seek refuge and as we said, present tense verb.

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And Madonna you feel that a stem ra is the morar continuity, we continuously seek your refuge Allah, we continuously reach out to hold on to you we are Allah, we continue to seek strength and fortification through you, your Allah against this condition of being distorted and bent and crushed by debt. Why? Because when that happens, the way is open for us to be vanquished by humans.

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is in this was happening, what has happened to so many people

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crushing debt, and because of crushing debt, they're exploited by human beings in unconscionable ways. With the the mortgage crisis What happened? People were placed in crushing debt and then they were exploited, lost all of the equity in their homes, lost their homes, savings gone, home gone, vanquished by men.

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Why? Because of crushing debt, and you know, many, many other scenarios that all of you can mention. And so these two like the others, they go together brothers and sisters, and so it behooves us to really deep dig deep down into the depths of our soul

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and to bring forth those qualities that are the opposite of these for seeking refuge.

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with Allah subhanho wa Taala mineral hammy will hustle. Then with seeking to attain

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peace and serenity.

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For seeking refuge were for law, from

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incapacity from weakness, for in decisiveness, and from finding burden of burden and things we should love.

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Then we're seeking decisiveness from Allah.

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And we're seeking strength from Allah. And again, these two are mentioned together the strength and the decisiveness and the condemnation of being indecisive. And what Malala hawi parlez sallallahu alayhi wa sallam our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned, and what Manal call, we'll call you on Wahhabi la Himalayan movement by 40 coolin hire. The strong believer is better and more beloved to Allah than the weak believer, and in each there's good. There's good and the weak believer, but the strong believer is better, physically strong, intellectually strong, spiritually strong, morally and ethically strong.

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So then the Hadith goes on.

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Eris, Allah Yan Yan foucha. Seek assiduously that which benefits you, heiress crave for that which benefits you may yet in federal care, Western BelAir trust in Allah subhanho wa Taala this is what this is the lesson of the series. B by taking refuge with the law, we trust that Allah will protect us holding on to a law we trust that Allah will never let go strafing ourselves through Allah, we trust that Allah will always be strong.

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And so this is what we're seeking. We're seeking strength, through a law, we're seeking decisiveness through Allah.

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We're seeking these things through Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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And we're seeking

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a relationship with the law, that no matter what we are responsible for, both to a loss upon our time, and to our fellow humans, we find no burden in it, knowing that it's pleasing to Allah subhana wa,

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knowing that it's beloved to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Knowing that our love for Allah is predicated, to a certain extent, on our undertaking these things, there is no burden. There's only love. There's no burden. There's only love.

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And if we're seeking refuge with ALLAH, from cowardness from stinginess, then we're seeking from Allah. We're seeking courage, and we're seeking charitable spirits.

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We're seeking charitable spirits that can give far more than they take.

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That can give far more than they take brothers and sisters. We're in a world that's being torn apart because everyone wants to take every wants to take I want to take my rights. I want to take this I want to take that how many people are motivated by giving? This is what we're asking the law for. If we say Where are all the bee care, mineral Jubilee, well bajo I seek refuge with you from cowardice and from stinginess, then I seek courage from you and I seek generosity

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to be generous and to be charitable. And that's one of the foundations of our religion.

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So and if we're asking the Lord to prevent us from being bent over and crushed by debt,

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then we're asking the Lord to enrich us

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but to enrich us with the real wealth, which is the wealth of the Spirit, the wealth of the soul of Alina, Lena knifes. true wealth is the wealth of the Spirit. We could possess everything the world has to offer we can have the cars now car cars,

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and some people collect Rolls Royces. There could be us we have all garage full of Rolls Royces and a driveway full of Porsches and out on the front curve, we have our Mazda rowdy curve all the cars in the world doesn't make us wealth, contentment with what we've been blessed with, even if that's humble, is what makes us wealth wealthy, rather.

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And from being vanquished by humans, as long as we're seeking to blow our own

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out to our own horn. As long as we're seeking to elevate ourselves through arrogance and greed,

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as long as we're seeking to one up the next person,

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we're not going anywhere. But when we can humble ourselves,

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then human beings won't be able to humble and humiliate us, for our messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has instructed us when that awada I had only learned Illa Raphael who law no one humbles themselves for the sake of Allah. Accept that Allah elevates them. So you can seek it through yourself brothers and sisters, you can seek to elevate yourself this is this is what she wanted. What the law say

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about was stuck. Bara where can Amelia and Catherine he refused the divine order. He arrogated himself was stuck barah he arrogated himself. Well, Canada meenal caffine.

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So we can try to elevate ourselves, the result of the only different brothers and sisters we won't get anywhere. I'm not saying we'll be amongst the Kathie Lee as a police. But we're not going anywhere. But when we can humble ourselves.

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We can accept, to share and to love and to care and to give. That's when we really truly start to live. That's the life. That's the life of faith. That's the life of a believer. And that's the life that Ramadan through his precious gifts, helps to instill through us so may one of those gifts brothers and sisters be that we have memorized this Hadeeth through hearing it frequently a lot in the FBI came in and helped me one hazard.

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When I also became in an agency well castle, were also becoming a Jubilee wallbottle were also becoming a Gallup de Vaca region

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will memorize it will reflect on it and we will act on it will be blessed to have that refuge and blessed to have these things driven away from ourselves by Ramadan, provide us with that very blessing and many, many, many more that I can never begin to enumerate nor to detail because there they are as numerous and they are as various as the hearts of the believers in this. May you have a blessed Ramadan, that you have an inspiring uplifting Ramadan. This is the mammoth a check here. Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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