Ignorance vs. The Assumption of Knowledge

Mohammad Elshinawy


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subhanho wa Taala says, had you just referred the matter back to those authorized on it, you would have found the explanation basically, with those who know how to process it. You know, in the information age with the news feed world, one of the most dangerous aspects of our life is not ignorance anymore because the assumption of knowledge which is even more dangerous, when you think you have enough information to know, and so you've lost all ability to find out that he actually don't know. So the four and remedies even that and says, refer back to the experts when it's a medical conspiracy, even if you don't think it's a conspiracy just yet. Some you know, breaking news

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that disproves Islam that you've never heard before, just because you haven't heard it just because you can't see the holes in the story doesn't mean the experts can't. But when you think you can, or those who you bounce it off of in your WhatsApp groups or on your media cannot. It confirms your bias because we didn't benefit ourselves and we made crazy decisions by ignoring that for any construction.