In Preparation for the Season of Hajj #08

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The speaker discusses a workshop on the importance of learning about hangry and the importance of belief and relationship with Allah Subhar the best deeds for the best outcomes. They also mention a film called'W belief and relationship with' and a short pm on the day of alpha. The speaker encourages people to register and participate in the hedge program.

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suit under the use of Allah Allah yourself ma your profile is awesome was asked, what are the best deeds and there's a collection of both Bukhari and Muslim there it was Mabel Herrera for actually told her Hadith. So just as a reminder, another reminder, Inshallah, Tuesday we have a out of an event, we had the same thing last year, it will be a bit different this year in terms of the

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breakdown. So at 730, in sha Allah, you'll will have a workshop slash lecture, I will break down the whole of the prophit assaults them into nine chapters, we'll have people do a little bit of a kind of discussion on the different paragraphs, and I will discuss them and we'll have some feedback and people can participate. So you want to show up and bring your children or family you're welcome to do so it'll be something a little bit interactive, we'll do that for around an hour or so. And then before

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we'll have a dua together, and then it's time for you individually. And we'll talk about the importance of that. And as far as the amount of time we're having a thought like we did last year, hopefully this year, the we do, there is a on the the WhatsApp groups, and I think on the website as well there is there should be the registration link. That's just so they know how many people are showing up so we can plan foodwise appropriately. So we don't end up making too much. And the number of people I've show up or we underestimate the number of people and then we struggled to feed. So just please try and register. So we know we're not there's no cost to it. There's no cost, it's just

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free. But we just need to know how people are coming coming in Charlotte, I know. There are obviously if we capped at a certain number, you can't make it there. Obviously there's a lot of events and dinners at both the London Muslim mosque in Oxford and the Mapquest month, so there's Charlo an abundance of things going on that day. And then after a fraud, we're going to have a Kahoot and it's going to be a competition. You'll find on the registration form a link to a playlist, the playlist has a number of halter that were given last year about hedge and the Kahoot will be built on them and especially for younger people if you can be anybody you can you can

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doesn't matter your age you can you can go through and then participate in the competition, but I'm trying to encourage people to learn a bit more about hydrogen than come and participate in who doesn't happen after if bought inside the question until Aisha and then we'll have a short prayer and then we'll have a short pm afterwards on the day of alpha so that's the plan inshallah for tuesday if you're welcome all to come out and participate in sha Allah Tala with us and if you have any questions or other Muhammad and myself around to answer the Hadith tonight as I said it was married with Kwame Muslim when I set the property Islam was asked what are the best deeds a good

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Amelie have been for Karla Eman on Billahi Rasulullah. He said, to have the proper acceptance, belief and relationship with Allah subhanaw taala His Prophet, so having the proper the proper creed or Iman and I spent I think maybe three weeks or more just talking about Iman and I went through like at least 20 Hadith that talked about Iman. And I explained to you that they weren't Eman translated into faith or belief or really bad. Translation Iman is much more than that. It matters in the internalization of a number of principles that mirror into behavior. That's what Eman and Allah Subhan His Prophet means. So it's the best thing obviously that there is a film, film murderer

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and he was asked what it was after that in terms of best being the best deeds, Takada, she had on FISA de dilla. To strive for the sake of Allah subhana wa meaning to dedicate your life towards striving to please Allah in whatever discipline or field Allah subhanaw taala has put you in this world whether that may be in education, whether that may be in medicine, in law, whether you are standing on the frontlines defending those who those who stand behind you, all of that is you had an all of that is the is seen as the best second best thing to do. But you know, filmer that is it, what then what Pakala hydrogen mob rule that a hedge that has accepted a hedge that was filled with

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bitter, but But I mean, that was filled with bitter, filled with the best of your behaviors and the best of your relationships with the loss of the best of you coming out during our hedge and that's the third best thing and I think if you attended today's lecture, you understand why now it's not just going and walking around a rock and throwing a few rocks and standing on a rock and then coming back. No, it's much more than that. It's much more than that if you understand why you're there and what you're doing, you do it right, then this is something that will

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change not only your, your mentality and your your will, but also your worldview and your perspective and Sharla regarding life itself so I hope that was a benefit and that's what a lot of it is I've said had you remember was a third one he pointed it out there's nothing that comes that that is superior to it aside from the concept of iman itself and the concept of jihad itself and these are two huge words a manager how to two huge ideas in Islam. And yet the only thing that these are the only two things that actually can trump the good hedge if you perform it with the right understanding of it and show oh guys I'm gonna be yelled at my mental body will most important piece

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of the Allahu Anhu so you'll end up with some Allahu Allah you and you send them a you early I forgot for Karla Iman and Allah He was really here to machina from my mother to file

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A Jihad and visa vie de la machina so my mother of Akkad halogen Labrador Soraka Rasulullah sallallahu

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ala Illa illa Allahu wa salam O Allah Garden of Eden Muhammad wa ala Baraka MFI consider