Abdullah Hakim Quick – The 4 Situations Where Patience Is a Must

Abdullah Hakim Quick
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of patientity and acknowledges that one's success depends on one's actions and actions and behavior. They also mention a study where a woman named Janae talks about her actions and how she helped her sister with drugs. The speaker encourages individuals to take initiative and give back to others, even in difficult situations.
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sabar. Interestingly, we translated in English. Patience is not the only meaning of suburb,

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and endurance, like a marathon runner, and Dorrance, forbearance, steady steadfastness.

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You are steadfast,

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you are forbearing

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you endure, the insults will come, we continue on.

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The attacks come we will continue to worship Allah subhanaw taala.

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Allah is the One who has power over all things. And there are many forms of Saba that it takes. It's such an important concept. It's mentioned all over the Quran. There is a Saba Allah more.

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Sabah, al mundo Allah

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was Sabah, Allah marcador.

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There is patience on what Allah has commanded. And so we are patient with Salaat we continue to make it we are patient in Ramadan, even though it's in the summer.

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We are patient with giving a cat even though we need our money,

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but Allah commanded this that is a sabia.

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But we are also patient with that which Allah has prohibited.

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Though those things that Allah said stay away from

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we are patient.

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And we are also patient with L MK door. And that is called Allah Ma sha Allah, that we are patient with that which Allah has wilt, because there's a reason for everything that is happening in front of us. But another form of patience, which is an interesting one also. And that is a Saba Allah Aafia

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and that is patients in good times. And we may consider ourselves to be in a state of Apphia, although we are suffering in our own way, but compared to other parts of the world, so people say well, I feel so sorry for other people in other parts of the world. You are under a test I am under a test

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which may be worse than the other people. And the companions of the Prophet SAW Salem used to say that when Rasul Allah so Salem was here, it was difficult, but as our faith was strong,

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but when he left and the gold started coming in, now we are weak.

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And so patients in good times means that if Allah has given you and me something we need to give back. Continue to give back to recognize that a good portion of our wealth doesn't belong to us.

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It should be given to people who are suffering, especially the Muslims.

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