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AI: Summary © The interviewer and the interviewer describe the personality and actions of the Prophet Alayhi Salatu, including his speech, speech quality, and actions. They also discuss the interviewer's speech, including his soft speech and tend union way. The interviewer emphasizes the importance of understanding the Bible's language and language in relation to his actions and functions. They also mention a person named Monica who spoke well but did not speak much. The interviewer describes various aspects of Alayhi's life, including his actions, personality, and language, and notes that he was approached by a group of people visiting the salon.
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Hello Manuel Heyman hamdulillah helping Alameen

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wa sallahu wa sallim wa barik ala Nabina Habibi, now Muhammad Ali he also have been here Jemaine obod.

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So far, we have spoken

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about his patients how to heal salatu salam

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generaal. Generosity is humbleness, its asceticism

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is perseveres, perseverance and grit and his humor so Allah Hadees I'm just

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this week I'm gonna make a little bit of a shift and in what I'm going to be talking about regarding him on a hill salatu salam

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what how he did things

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will go back to his attributes the week after. They want to talk about how he,

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how he spoke, and how he moved, but I just thought it was set up. And I don't think anyone in history has been as well described as the prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam people you'll see the the fascinating piece for me is how they write every every aspect of his life how to heal Salatu was Salam. Allah subhanaw taala to call it a birdie. Your guru Letty, here accent in the shape Aryans are holding, you know, who told my servants to say that which is best

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whereby the Romany Latina M Shuna Alharbi honer in the servants of God, who walk on the earth with humbleness of Christ tells us how to speak and describe for us how to move.

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The Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam we'll see oh my god, I mean, it'll be lovely, earthly fully compliant. But if you believe in Allah and the hereafter then say good things are probably quite. You say all your salat wa salam? Yes, Timo

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Eema and then had your stuffy Malibu while I stopping Opal boo. Yesterday, Emily, sir. In the email, I never personally will not be perfected until his heart

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incorruptible and that doesn't happen until his tongue does.

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describes him as Lahaina at the end he says about the Prophet alayhi salatu salam ala Rasulillah he said bourbon will have a harsh and without earn and what I learned and Obama called a hadith in dilemma October Tito Gob new Hotelli Berger, who call them as Johann Zaki, let's go Prophet alayhi salaatu wa salam did not curse you did not use profanity. He did not use obscenity obscenity.

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Salatu Salam would never speak about people behind their back he did not yell you're not screamed at raise his voice when he spoke to people out of here Salatu was set up

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maybe if he was joking with somebody or he was any trying to poke I think it was a total teddy bear who who many May May your

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forehead hit the top Rob is referring to someone being humiliated or making sujood either way, verbal Nakata tacky let's go look lucky. Let's go McWeeny May you die as everyone will so he said earlier you saw it was Ottawa Asia. China was ALLAH he said Allah is Allah and get ahead death who will Hadith de la there who do

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believe Sato Salam. She said if he would speak if he will say things that the person beside him if he was counting the words he could count them. Now I don't I'd lost all meaning is when he spoke. He didn't speak much louder. He'll salatu salam spoke so little that you could count the number of words that you sang on your, on your fingers, the hood of your ideas and another Hadith. The Timothy, the hood Maka Anna Azula. He sort of like Sam Yes, it will do que sera decom. Heather. Well, I can know who you can get the Colombo bicolor I mean, bay here in bustling. Yeah, whoa, hoo hoo, man jealousy Lee, the problem you said the private allele side those would not go on and on as

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you go on and on. So they just keep on talking, talking and talking and talking. Rather, he would speak and he would say things begun faster with clarity.

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Because purposed just as much just as much as only what you would need here for him it was it wouldn't go beyond what was required in terms of what you would say.

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He would say things that the person is sitting to him some come and coming to sit with him could memorize what he had to say. So the law he's like you said and of course that's very important. Had he not spoken that way we would have had nothing

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if he did

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something similar to what I know it would memorize anything. Because there's too much if I lost there's no point so we'll we'll just let it go. But he spoke a little earlier. So that was that was pretty clear. It was very focused, was purposeful over the number of words. And another Hadith to say that the Allah Han dynasty of Allah is there to kill never will kill me.

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If he spoke he would repeat himself three times to make sure you memorize what he said Mr. limitada and he would give them to people you would repeat it three times on it. You saw it twice and I'm to make sure everyone heard and everyone

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He felt targeted by what he was saying he was murdered in the Hadith describes his speech and she says, in sonata by Li lu a bar, were INTERCAL MSM or Isla hula when he was quiet, you would only record me you would feel feel his Heba. you revere him Allah, your Serato Sam and he was quiet. And when he spoke Sama, Yanni he would he would elevate when he spoke well, I know hooba and his face would light up on a hill salatu salam when he was speaking because he was passionate about what he had to say it Assad was saying that hadith and the Buddha would bulk Monica aka Anna Rasulullah. He said Allah Allah you get a Kilimo in we're who are mutable simmer illimitable semen ever spoke out

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of your salatu salam except you had a big smile on his face out of here so it was when he was speaking and explaining things in the Hadith fishermen in the third meeting.

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Heidi's that wasn't that

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great just by hitting him in the head of the last one. He describes the Prophet Allah your salatu salam, your whole Karna Salah Lyceum believe a sect he was would be quiet for long periods of time that are yet to kill them the oily Hijjah you only speak when there was a need for for him to speak. You have 30 Full Kalama wire Timo who Bismillah he to Allah will be SDLT when he was start his when he spoke he would always say Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim we always start with with it with it doesn't mean he would end it with Allah subhanho wa Taala his name Kalam who fossil love who will clear when he spoke he spoke just enough it was was was clarity. He didn't speak too much. I didn't speak too

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little when he didn't leave things unclear to the person who's listening nor did he repeat him or keep on going on and until the person got bored. I think he'll salatu salam

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I saw it was Ron was soft spoken. When he spoke there was a softness to the way he spoke to your salon to a salon until he got on the member. And when he got on the member when he gets on there he would change it he saw to Islam, there was a persona change. And it was like you got into character and remember I didn't either I didn't and and who would

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I love so to who Malraux would you who who know who movil will have been your food or bathroom warmer circle. Regarding the member audio Serato Sam, his voice would write would rise

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and his face would would change color turn red. And he wouldn't be speaking to us as if war was going to begin right after the hotbar saying so Barack Obama circle meeting your enemy is coming this morning or this evening.

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If your wisdom is soft spoken, it's very tender in the way he would approach things with very little very clear with the times he's always smiling at your Salah to Islam. And then he got on the member and that would change.

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And he spoke to people earlier salatu salam with with the language. They understood the Hadith, arrayed by Muhammad

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that to him that a group of people came in visited. And they had a specific dialect Elijah an accent in the way they spoke Arabic. So they're asking him how to whether it's okay to fast during travel. And the way they speak.

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Is that the elf love at the beginning of any word, they replace it with a meme.

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So instead of saying Halloween will be ready, we will say Halloween embroidery, the Elif law at the beginning of any lotteries there would be it was called Halloween I'm seriously I'm with him so far. For me I'm building them so yeah, move him so far. That's how they will speak. So the Prophet alayhi salatu salam replied to them lace I mean embittered em and Kim suffer. So he will probably the malleus salatu salam, the same dialect that they had earlier. So they're good he knew he actually knew the different accents of the Arab we just were the origin base basically come from

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and the final piece that I'll share with you is what he said on the day his his son Ibrahim died when he was sobbing, and the Sahaba saw him and some of them weren't sure if crying was Yanni a sign of disobedience and it wasn't always a decisive acceptance is just a call to Allah and who is your leader have been? The lone Hadith say we will not I will not we will never say anything except that which pleases Allah subhanho wa taala.

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Regarding how he spoke, we moved on to your serratus and your your office, Dana and Abby Herrera Rasulullah he's young she DECA and your total Oka and Yun helpful meal sub Alejo. So that was the goal for me. He moved quickly. In when he walked he walked with stride there was a little bit of moat like he walked you felt there was there was strength and power in his walk. It was like he was walking downhill always. He always felt that it was it was walking a little bit

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downhill when he was moving, okay and I am mushy Hona and he would walk with humility and humbleness to install towards them. Yeah so of course harbor who Jaco there will worry will mela Iike when he walked out of your salatu salam he would make sure the Sahaba walked in front of him and he would say leave my bank is protected by by the melodica sort of lights around the corner Abu Huraira Rasulullah he has solid time yeah mushy

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Miss Shelton. Yeah, absolutely machete. Well, I commend her for SRO. Her he would walk is the most beautiful walk is the most perfected walk and it was the quickest walk again, I salon, Michigan, he was the quickest in terms of his walk out of here. So we're in Luigi, hey, do fusina We're in who Mukhtar is and we're basically jogging trying to keep up and he is trying to ease gliding out of his thoughts and I'm it's not it's not bothering him at all.

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What kind of game she has in Wilmington, our ILA you would walk or you saw to some sometimes he's wearing shoes, and sometimes he would walk with with nothing. barefoot. Was will Hadith end. And he would he walked out of here Salatu was Salam fee was a word. He was walking toward one of his legs. And he he knocked his foot in one of his toes was bleeding. A pa NT IL is bound emiti officer de la he looked at he would look at his toe as you would wrap it What are you besides a toe that is bleeding and his for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala what you are, I'm sure going to sit Allah hottie but he was so happy he was salam.

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What kind of either taffeta, eel taffeta, Jamia, wherever he turned, he would turn with his torso. And you wouldn't see him is allowed to move just his neck to speak to somebody. Because in his mind data, you'll start to assume there is this is not the most respectful way to to address someone. If you're only moving your neck and you're only giving a portion of your attention. So when he would move or he would turn out of your Serato seven direction you would turn with his torso that so that his whole his whole body was towards you when you were speaking to him. I know you're salatu salam I would have been the way he was going to address you. If you were speaking to him or asking him

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something on Twitter. What kind it is Salatu was Salam yellow Kabul chi Isla will be la la. Well, honey, he wrote Ali Assad was horses and

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camels and mules and donkeys. Got a couple of Musa jets and rotten Berean Tara and sometimes you would put saddles and sometimes he wouldn't either he salatu salam

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what kinda Yeah. Judy Sewell Porter fossa. Aurobindo Wagga. There'll be Lee O'Hara. You will sit Cordova Cordova is when

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you're sitting on the front part of your

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of your foot and your thighs are on top of your knee, your knees are folded and your thighs are on top of your leg. So it's like you're just and your

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your heel is upwards. It's high. It's not touching the ground. That's called Porterville. Sloth. And the Prophet Alia Sato. Somebody would commonly sit in that sit that way. And he would sit there as we say today, so I bet meaning he would put on he would sit with his one leg over the other alley. He'll salatu salam. And some people say that it would go beyond that mean he would kind of bring one and put it on top of the other audio. So it was around when he when he sat and he just waited he was what kind of a techie Oh, I know. He said that tin or Obama tech Isla Nene he or open a ticket eyelash Li and he would recline out of your slot to sit on a pillow if he found one. And he was

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sometimes recline on his right and he was sometimes reclining on his left, but kind of add soon I will be sadly out of the house for you. And he will sit on the ground with nothing under him. And he would sit on a carpet and he would sit on a hot seat on a hill so that

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you would do all of the all of these things you would do on a hillside to ascend without any without any hierarchy. So aloha to you. It was so hard to hear them.

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The point of all of this is the prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam was described in detail and how he did things. And we're gonna go through over the next few mornings, and how the Sahaba described his daily functions is just the daily functions, how he spoke and how he moved. They watched him out he saw how he moved himself how he would walk, how he would sit.

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How he would ride a horse, how he would ride a donkey, how he would recline how we're gonna get still piano usado sometimes, sometimes he would lie down, you know, fully all over, but they're still kinda Yamini he gyla Yoda who see how you saw to us and if you lay down, he would lie down on his right side most of the time, and he would put his hand under his head with Dr. DE Nalu and sometimes you under his hand he would put his shoes

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Elisa to Santa Maria. So we fall asleep and Salalah honey Samuel Selim also and I'll do this in Arabic just because I don't know what to do in English. Yes if we will probably Ayub for Shiva Pulwama fossa to listening for Bella but will only occur now. Rasulullah he said Allah hottie he was a lemon and Veronica Bill Helden of Bali from older lady the usual

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schedule Tabellen where Aegis who my papa and also how to Moran in with Elsa how to hold in gooty Salalah Holly he early he was selling them JOANNE I mean, I'll tell him a wholesale bada al Hichem we're in MI l Cena de la Robbie rockin the ukulele muku local matching below what are you have will be Bella vata where you Jerry Freeman's a fossa hottie her Salah Salem, when it came to the way he spoke earlier, salatu salam he had fossa, he had clear articulation. And he had clarity. When he spoke he spoke it was very concise, it was summarized it was clear was purposeful. There was no extra words that did were not needed, nor did he speak in a way that left ambiguity either your

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salatu salam it flowed from him, suddenly, suddenly he did not stutter. He did not have to repeat himself because it wasn't clear how to use salatu salam, he was given Jomi I'll tell him you're American, meaning you're able to say a lot with very few words, with very few words, which is what we do when you explain a hadith. He says five words it takes me five days to explain just what he meant by those five words how to use salatu salam because Abel and he had the all the attributes of wisdom and what he had to say Allah, Allah knows that and he knew the dialect and accent of every nation around him either your Salah to someone so when you spoke to them, he spoke to them in a way

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they understood. And he challenged them in the in the essence or in the substance of their articulation out of us thought was to them until they submitted to him so Allah Allah He was like he was salam. And this is how this is how he is described out of your salatu salam in Yanni

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by the Sahaba in terms of how he spoke and how he moved I hope that was getting a benefit to you. And how they will have you become solid ally Salah hottie here earlier Socrates said it was a prank law behind the shadow Allah just don't feel good to us that Allah who was telling them about like Allah and Allah, you know, have you been hammered? By early he was like, he's like in the law here and vertical Luffy so don't lie down.