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AI: Summary © The importance of remembering good things and not just highlighting them is emphasized in WhatsApp. Loyalty and a culture of family are also discussed, as well as the loss of WhatsApp's flag and the use of it as a symbol of loss. A woman with a disturbing story and a woman with a harsh critic of her were also discussed. The importance of living in a safe environment and avoiding harm is emphasized. The speaker emphasizes the need for forgiveness and creating a culture of loyalty.
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Hola Hola, Maya Hamer, hamdulillah hill behind me Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Anna, do you know have you been on Muhammad in early he also have the he remained open.

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Continue to day insha Allah with the attributes of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salatu salam. Today

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we'll talk about how to use salatu salam and the word of

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Arabic as a, as as many scholars define it, as refer to. And Jamie, I totally call the higher se

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attribute that that

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consists of all good, good characteristics. And what it really means

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is never forgetting a good deed that was done for you.

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That's what it really means. It means you you never failed to remember

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and acknowledge and then try to pay back something good that was done for you in your life. And with that you find the concept of trustworthiness and within that you find the concept of loyalty, which is probably the best translation for the word but it's it doesn't serve it serve the word. It's

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just full due diligence in general.

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But it's definitely something that is very apparent and obvious in his in his life. So Allah Holly's like New Salem in the life of those who taught him because I think it's one of those issues that are worthy of

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contemplate contemplation.

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For example, it is Salatu was Salam during the time in Mecca, he would spend a, during the McKee period he was spent a significant amount of time in teaching the Sahaba in a in the house of a young gentleman by the name of I would argue the outcome was in early sahabi, very early, so heavy, and he stuck with the Prophet alayhi salatu salam through all of his life and he outlived the Prophet alayhi salatu salam and continue to do so you know, I stand by the Sahaba and by the Cordova until he passed away, and I'll come he made his host available to those who have to go there and be educated for different reasons his house worked, regardless of why but it's I was working for a

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couple of reasons and koleksi didn't really know about it.

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After but the first thing that prophet Ali salatu salam did the first thing for them into had was a two bedroom in America two bedroom Natha Allah rasool Allah, He said Allah and salam Lilla Kami, if any of you are coming safe and the Americana Elsner Oh, who have you been to Hebron Medina, the first thing he did out of your Salatu Salam is he took out, right because you know, the governor, the bounty of any battle needs to be it's distributed. According it appropriately, it's according to a certain law. before that happened, I know your salatu salam would take from the bounty, a very expensive sword, and he would give it to an Archon while the Allah I knew as the outside of all

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that, as as payback, or as a gift for what he did. With his house on the day, during the days of Medina, during the days of Mecca, maybe he would do it in front of the Sahaba and offer it to an outcome. And in tell them this is a this is as a gift for what he for providing his house for us during the times the time of Mecca. And that type of characteristic that I'm pointing out here is very, I don't wanna say I don't want to say it's rare, but it's extremely important to have and if it doesn't exist, we as human beings are very good at remembering all the good stuff you've done. For others. It's just it's, and we remember all the bad things that people have done to us those

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things, you don't need any effort for them to be properly recorded into your psyche. Like, they just immediately go there, they by default will be right on top of the lists, you remember very well the good stuff you've done to people and all the bad stuff they've done, it's really is the opposite, which is being able to do the opposite, is to remember the good things people have done for you. And never forget them and make sure that you reward them for it and forget the bad things that they've that they've done to you.

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Or if you want to be even more, you forgot the good things that you've done. And you remember the bad things that you've done, and you ask for forgiveness. So so alpha is just being able to kind of switch that around. Because we don't we're not very good at switching data. And we don't remember, we don't remember the good things done for us. We forget them really quickly. Really, really quickly. Like embarrassingly quickly. We forget someone who maybe has stood by us for a very, very long time, and maybe taught us all you know, and then when that time comes we act like it's not it's very it's very, very pathetic sometimes and how we actually go by these type of problems properly

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and salatu salam was showed a lot of work for the people have been good for example, those who stood by him on the deathbed of it they were given a status that the Sahaba didn't even dream was possible. And before Benjamin, the concept wasn't even there. One special occurred the Prophet It is thought to some would describe as a hobby as a victory, he would use that term meetings. EverDry is someone who attended Bethel, and anyone who attended Bethel was offered this. I want to say it's a free or a free ride or free ticket, but they were treated differently.

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An example of that is eight and a half have been the best. I don't know why. And when he made the mistake stayed in the house and made a horrible mistake he sent he sent a message to Qureshi during the time of war, letting them know that the private audience told us around the cyber coming from America. In his mind, it was going to change the outcome because Muslims outnumber the machine again during that specific period, and they were much more powerful. So it wasn't gonna not like the muscles gonna lose because of it, what would have happened was a lot of bloodshed would have occurred, which is the whole was the profit is awesomes goal not you didn't want that to happen. The

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whole point of the way he was trying to maneuver with with Mecca was that he no bloodshed would occur. But how does mistake was going to actually make make it a bloodbath? Because he wasn't thinking about that. They caught the message before it made its way to a mechanic and he brought it back to the value of something we throw it in outer space and see what is this and the Sahaba would you know couldn't see how this person could be forgiven. But then he would say it was three commas Allah Allah, Allah Allah, libertarian Fatah in Cebu first my Alma Shipton photographer Tula, come, but you know, maybe the people Allah, I looked at the people of buildings and go do what you want to

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what you will Allah, I will always forgive you Subhana wa Santa. And that's because of the status of

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those who stood by you and your darkest moments I need there must be there must be something there. For example, the martyrs of the participant is probably the strongest example that I can give you. The people who, who fell on the table, it was a very, very difficult thing Hamza bin Abdul Muttalib and most of you have an omega n NS and and know that you're talking about some of the most Jonnie you but it's really important names like if the prime value of salsa, salsa was if you want to point out some superstars on the day of Oh had a bunch of them died in a bunch of the people who he heavily depended on it most heavily dependent on what's under the line. No one was given a task as

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as important as significant as sensitive as Mossad was he was told go represent me in Medina for two years and you're gonna establish the medina community of Islam. I can't even think of anything that's more that's even remotely close to that responsibility. Hamza was there from the moment he accepted Islam us by the portfolio. So every step of the way, the names of the Sahaba boyhood they're just very I am Ramona Hara, Allah, it or not, you're more than just it goes on and on the list goes on and on. But the prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam. Every single Saturday, every single site would go and visit the show every Saturday, and he would make dua for them by name one by one.

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He can continue to do this to the last Saturday of his life. He felt you'd be passed on a Monday so Allah Azza wa sallam the Saturday before that they carried him to Auckland

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carried you couldn't even walk straight. You couldn't hold himself he carried you asked him to be carried out of loyalty to them and never to forget them and make it clear that you don't forget. It's a very it's a very powerful message because he was thinking about it. It was the third year of his EULA. He passed away in the 11th year, it's like 70 years on a hill. Salatu was Salam, every cent if he wasn't the way he was, he went in the morning and he visited the marches of Salah Salem, they didn't make dua for them one by one by name. He never forgotten most of them ever. He never stopped speaking of most of it, his thought was that I mean, and that His attributes and His unique

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You got to read Hakim recently there hasn't that the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam on the way back at one of the one of the battles he asked this is what the wonderful Sahaba tells us gone. Got an abuser cylinder is then to rob B and Zuora Cobra name. But additionally, I asked my lord the permission to go and visit the grave of my mother called over there happened to be your son, Allahu Sanlam, Babak abcam. And how he went and he cried at the grave of his it's a multiple cause. It's the name of the area. And when he was six years old on the way back from from Medina, he buried his own mother on the hill, salatu salam with him and Bella can have a Shia, he stood there and he

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sobbed for his mother and the Sahaba stood by him and sobbed as well. The Buddha was to again to rob the other half and then Lee, I asked to ask her for forgiveness for her but you didn't give me permission for that. But Zulu war in Kabul mode, visit graves often it reminds you reminds you of death

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of Elijah, I said, where do you learn this characteristic? I give an example. Maybe from his mother. Is he his mother? I need to say that I mean, I've been to

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her husband died when she was pregnant with the profit out of your Serato Sam, he's an only child.

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When she gave birth to him, by the age of six. This is why she died by the way. She died because she was loyal. She was loyal to a husband who was deceased. She wanted her son to be well acquainted with all of his father's relatives. She wanted her son to know all of her father's all of his father's family.

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So aside from his direct family living living in Mecca, he had family and his father Abdullah, even I'm dealing with pollen and family in Medina, but in a job where his uncles and aunts from his mother's side, so I mean, I wanted him to know them. So she would embark on a journey of 400 kilometers with a man and her son

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To go to Medina to introduce her son to his father's relatives.

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There are mothers who won't let their children's children see their their own fathers in the same city. Their mothers who won't let their children to see their father's family who live maybe down the street.

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Amina, who was machinic at the time, was not even Muslim would embark on this journey just suffered son would be equated with her father's family, that is loyalty. And that is intelligence as well. This is important because today, this is a problem that is quite prevalent happens all the time. This problem comes to me all the time. I have a one of a parents, and I'm not gonna just say mothers because the fathers do just as as vigorously as they tried to deprive their children from from the other parent and the family of the other parents with many useless reasons. And Yaniv in rationale, because of this, or they're not this not that this is their family, this is their blood, there is no

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higher unless this whole family is addicted to methamphetamines, or this whole family or the idea is just just beating each other at home day and night with sticks and rocks that aside from that your children should know their blood. A person who does exist in the world without that without family is a weak person is a very vulnerable person is some someone who is someone who will struggle in their lives, even if the family is not perfect and no family is even remotely close to the concept of perfection not even close that doesn't exist all families are just one big much of a mess but that's what family is and your children should know their family because it will grant them a

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certain degree of stability if you don't believe me just go read the data is go read with the psychologists and the psychotherapist and the social psychologist say and what they talk about if you don't believe in Allah subhanaw taala and this prophet audio solid was on the go do that the reason he was so loyal on your source and because that's his mother is what his mother she she took him on this journey and he would tell us he's both I love to see Ma has really been in the jar I learned to swim in Medina when I was six because there was a

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Wells don't imagine that that thing that you see the wells and the small little Arabian wells are like you know basically swimming pools because people are digging over years and years. So you just kind of start and it gets wider and wider and wider. So I actually swam in a well myself like the wells there are different so so I'm gonna what you learned here remember is learning to swim and a well and he knew that this had he not gone there as a six year old. His

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his Hegira to Medina later on would have been much more difficult. His Hijra Tomatina was was was made easy because he had been there before as a child, because he knew his family there he knew but in the job he knew them well. They knew him as a child, they remember him. So when he came to Medina said Elijah said he had people waiting for him. There are people or family members who knew him well who remembered him as a kid who welcomed him because he was family towards them. Subhan Allah

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Subhan Allah loyalty goes so far, loyalty and these type of behaviors and these good ethics, it goes so far you even know they're going to do. I mean, I didn't know this was going to happen, but you did the right thing. You just did the right thing.

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And on the way back from this journey, she got sick and she died. And the Prophet Allah has also been buried or just just to show joy. I will tell him for example, his loyalty I will tell him about what I've raised him as a kid to carry him all his life. The Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam took care of Ali all his life. Now he only lived in his home, I think in salatu salam, he married him to his daughter Ali Hassan

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and Jaffa the same thing out of loyalty to what they did for him. He continued to take care of his family to the day he died, but I will call him did it for him on a usados I'm also out of loyalty, because I will tell him gave his word to his father, because I'm gonna put it was was the one taking care of the proper audio. So after his mother died, and he took care of him for a few years, and before he died, he told them, we'll call him I'm leaving you this child. He is an Amana. He's entrusting you with with with the future of this boy, you take care of this kid, but as far as overtime, gave his father His Word. And because he gave us his word, not only did he take care of

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the profit out of yourself, that was a child. But if you remember, he continued to protect him all his life, when you think of why it started protective other audio salatu salam when he came up with prophecy, because he gave his word to his dad, because of warfare. That's why because you understand the concept of warfare, I gave my word loyalty, I told him, I will take care of them. So I'm gonna take care of them until the day I die. I'll never stop taking care of you. I don't believe in what you're doing. I never believed but I'll continue to take care of you because I gave my word to my father. Understand the beauty of this ethic. It's a family thing. That's where he learned about his

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love to us and this the family attribute that they carry and instilled in him out of your soul out to us. In order for this attributes, beautiful attributes to exist amongst people, we have to do the same. It has to be there has to be some value of that in our in our families. We have to make sure that we see the importance, the importance of that beautiful story in in, in a CLN magazine, the Prophet alayhi salatu salam was was giving away any amount you have to one of the year

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Really battles. And there's this is like maybe fourth or fifth year of vigilance and he's standing out here so and he's doing it into this old lady standing and she's just looking at him smiling. It gets a lot worse than so he saw her in the corner of his eye. He continues to work on it. He's doing what he's doing. But she stood there and he told one of the people maybe give her something like she's standing there someone give her a gift or something, whatever, whatever you can give her. So they went and gifted her and they said, No, she doesn't. She's not asking for gift. That's what is she asking for? Okay, she said she's saying that her name was Halima.

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The prophet Ali is awesome friezes. Carla Halima me, my mother. She's not his mother. He also said, but you understand the idea. But what if I died, but you can never use the best Alpha reader to Majelis

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Chroma he took off his reader on a sofa, which is the wish that they were putting on the ground, he sat with her.

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And he gifted her and he gave her anything. And he spent maybe an hour just talking to her sort of law. He's trying to sell him and he sent her back Muhammad is

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still a hate, you know, dirty matter. He sent her back with a lot of gifts and a lot of Yaniv have a bounty out he can still do it some years later, amongst after a certain battle. It would be amongst the prisoners of war it'd be two people they would be his to his brother and his sister from Allah meaning both Halima has children and Hadith and by hupy, and that the Prophet alayhi salatu salam was told that there are two people here that claim to be your your brothers and sisters from breastfeeding, but hold on, but if it is something this is many, many years ago, he was maybe you know 60 The last time he saw them, he was maybe three or four.

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It was not like this is like a something here. So he goes to look for them. So he finally so he finds a thought and the Hadith basically, he told me he told her by Sally to have a wish for a chef he asked me for whatever you want and intercede on behalf of anyone and I will offer it to you and and she did and the Prophet Allah is awesome actually actually released them after asking permission from the Sahaba or the Assad was that you will say this is these are my this is my brother and sister from Allah I will you know put in the wealth

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to let them go and give them doesn't have to say yes or no do whatever you want but he refused to do it Yanni without the permission of a Sahaba Salah hottie well he was always out of loyalty. I've never forgetting the the the good that was done for him. He says Alia salatu salam al Hadith Saha?

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Ma Ma Hardin

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is the Elena Amar, orphan il worker fitna. There is no one who has done something good for to me except I have put in the effort to make sure I pay him back. malerkotla Abubakar acceptable Booker.

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I mean, I didn't fit Islami, and then Aliya Denali, he mean me Becker. I mean, I had enough I named Lou Who. No one has treated me better than Uber. And no one's wealth has been more beneficial to me in my Dawa, than

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were in Neelam sdrplay mocha joven dunya and I have failed to be able to pay him back for what he has done for me in dunya. But I like to mukha hula, he SubhanaHu wa and I've left his reward to be given to him by ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada Allah, who wholeheartedly MSgt to send her to the back of every door that has been opened the Sahaba put up walls for the messenger before his death Alia salatu salam in the middle doors and the walls that they made every so he would do that. So there's a couple of doors and each door was named by the Sahaba who made it and there was like the msgid have like all these walls and like seven eight doors, these are all the doors will be closed. It's

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at the door of Abubaker lowchen tomb or Taffy then kalila at the hospital about Korean kalila like in Surah Betula Islam if I were going to take a Helene, we're going to take a best buddy or a best friend or the closest Shahada. We've taken our book, but Allah subhanaw taala did not allow me to use that word he said only slightly so that I can only use that word and describe to him or the Allahu Anhu Allah. So Allah honey CIBJO Salam Alaikum I was listening to this by the way. Now about go to guy he is he gets used to get upset when this stuff was said he didn't like this hadith error TV narrated Kobelco. As time progressed, he didn't like this hadith to be narrated. Because when it

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was narrated, it was it seemed as if he had done it, the people were listening to it. It seemed that we could have done something for the Prophet alayhi salatu salam and Oba i No, no, he did everything for me. I didn't do anything for him. I don't know why he kept on saying that. But I can't I can't interrupt him and tell him that also Allah don't say this stuff. So stop saying this. I didn't do anything for him. So Allah Allah assalamu Salam, but that's how he was. You did one good thing for him. And every time he saw you, he would remind you of it.

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Not that No, no, maybe you're saying it's not he did something good for you. And every time he saw you, he reminded you of it and it was the opposite. And he's not he did something nice for you. And remember the time you were on I remember no one atom sticks there. Don't

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use something good. Forget about it, do it and forget about it. Act like you never did it. Because you didn't do it for the person.

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Technically that shouldn't be the case. He did it for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala but he would remind

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If you if you did something good to him it was something that made you cut some ties and feel very uncomfortable with it. But the reason he did it sort of lies I said it because that's that's the beautiful attribute along for he was he was loyal to the onslaught

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when he first met them first, but when he first met them back to October, they asked him to sort of let us say that you're successful. Let's say that you're successful, then what's going to happen? Because they were worried that if he came to Medina, and they became the he they fought with him, they're going to lose all of their alliances. They were right, they're going to lose all of our trees all the people who are friends, we're gonna lose everything basically by standing by us they're not gonna have anything to do after so if you if after this is all done, you leave us works. We're stranded. We're left in the middle of the desert with no alliances with no one we've broken

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our treaties to everybody no one's our friend anymore. We're gonna be it's gonna be very difficult for us. So what's going to happen once you're if things work out the way you're hoping for it to work out, upon, I believe Dum Dum, will hidden will hidden. No, from this moment on our blood is one and B died together led to meaning when someone dies and you lead them is when you take sand or dirt and you and you basically push it down a hole. That's what had the means. That's why you bring down a house you just you're just collapsing it. So the collapse of sand and oil and dirt in my life will be with you. After if I die tomorrow. So Allah Allah who said them, you didn't stay in Mecca, you

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didn't rebuy in bye, bye, kiss his land in his house. You didn't rebuild it didn't make himself his little home that Cudahy and Hadiya lived in is where he lived. That's where he grew up. This is where his father grew up. And grandfather grew up and great grandfather and great, great grandfather and keeps on going to smile. Everyone grew up there. This is he has he has a historic right to live there. It is so twisted. And this is where he got married. This is where he had his six children. This is where he accepted. This is where everything happened. And this is his material history. So this comes from after I've had hammock, he would go back to Medina. He would live there and he would

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die there. So a lifetime. That's where he's buried today. It wasn't buried in Mecca. And we don't don't care. Most of us like yeah, Medina was really fit. You don't understand? No, no. He wanted to be in Mecca. That's where he was. That's his house. That's his own. That's his country. That's his own land. That's where he was born. That's where everyone everything. He loves his legacy. He wasn't born there. And he wasn't buried there. Because of loyalty. Because he told him, I'm sorry, once I come to you, I'm with you till the end, I will be buried with you, I will never leave Pilates. And that's why we go there. And this is that the medina of the Prophet SAW. So and because for us, we

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enjoyed that we don't understand. We don't understand what it was for him. For him. It was different in his heart of hearts. He wanted to be in Mexico, but he couldn't be because there was an issue there. He didn't even talk about it didn't even ask for permission. No, no, he gave his word. I will be with you till the end. So he was there suddenly and he will be there till 11pm. And that's the end. You want you want the story of the end, there's an end Yeoman Pm is when he will finally leave Medina never before that Allah hottie assignment syndrome. I just find that these ideas are very, very meaningful to take time and kind of

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there's a man by the name of a book to

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a book The reason he sham was a one of the leaders or nobles of polish. And during the time of the boycott, there was a boycott that occurred for three years from year seven to nine of his be I thought it was time where the people of the Muslims and many Hashem were stuck into the small neighborhood they were about to leave, no one was allowed to enter. They couldn't trade they couldn't get married, they couldn't do anything. people starve to death.

00:23:27--> 00:23:37

The and this was based on a an agreement of all the nobles of Codex they had decipher this document where they all signed their names that they would boycott Bani Hashim, and they wouldn't do anything allowed them to leave wouldn't sell them anything when buying anything from them.

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And this behavior, not good luck to meaning I was finally torn and ended by the effort of a couple of people. Amongst them was evitable story of division.

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He ended he thought this was it was an inhumane he didn't he didn't think I was upset so they ended the day but the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam would say amongst things and don't harm an ibis and don't harm food and and he pointed out a few people who were Muslim that were forced to leave. I mean, they're not actually there because they want to fight with you have no choice. And then he said he had to come available to the Yemeni Hisham earlier trochu. Nicosia al Bukhari don't don't fight him. Oh walima ya rasool Allah, this is why our first and Leon messiah of loyalty to the day of the safe because he ended the battle would happen and that we will study of course, it's like

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everyone else is armed and he's fighting and every time he came to fight us a hobby as a hobby would go and fight someone else. And he's standing in the middle of a battlefield and you cannot find someone to duel with like he's just standing in the middle of going after you got no one's every time he comes to fight with a sword. The guy goes to suggest something else. And he's finding it very embarrassing, and it's only getting uncomfortable in the end. So he comes after someone who does not own it. What are you doing? Every time I come to someone with that, or they leave a call to haka a moron Maranello. Rasulullah is what the profit is. I'm told this Bacala olema Why would you

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say this? Because Allah Ilica Lima Sonata yo masahisa out of loyalty to you to what you're doing they have so hive

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It didn't move him. Maybe it moved you didn't move him. So he quartered well Sahaba kept on going after him until he cornered him he in this hobby couldn't get away. He was going to kill us a hive is also hobby defending himself and ended up Yanni taking out double booked illumination, you'd go to the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam Yanni and a lot of

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embarrassment and shame and fear of Coolio rasool Allah Allah Hema Could you start to swear to him I swear I didn't want to harm I tried to get out of his way he wouldn't leave me alone kept unexplained Fatah my leak Don't worry when no matter what happened we just wanted to I just wanted to be loyal to someone who was good to us so obviously didn't want your work required to get killed because of someone who didn't that Allah hottie you saw him you sell them

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I'll end with this formula. I will gender agenda is what is has the one of the most unfortunate stories in this era of the Prophet audio so to sit down by far I will gender broke away from his captures in Mecca. He was a Muslim from Mecca. He is his name is Abu Jandal even though so hey Lebanon, but that's his name. Now he broke away just this happened to be the AC of Allah he finally broke away. It just happened to be the day of Pavia. And not any day of her day because they it was a long day and a lot of people wait Kate went and came to the Prophet today. So he just happened to break away when his father so he live in Amana was literally signing the treaty with the Prophet

00:26:20--> 00:26:33

alayhi salatu salam, as they were writing the clause that if any Muslim of any person breaks away from Mecca as a Muslim, it comes to you, you send them back, like literally out of the writing this clause gender walks and saying Allah, Allah, I've come to a broken loose, protect me

00:26:34--> 00:26:51

to his father, so he'll understand how how, like how many wrong things happened all at once. Not only did he just sign a treaty saying that he'd have to be sent back but the one who's signing the treaties is father his own father, the Prophet alayhi salatu salam wouldn't be told by Sohail you know,

00:26:52--> 00:27:01

we signed we already agreed to this. Send him back. show good shows that you aren't going to stick to this treaty send them back to the Prophet it is not to say we're both

00:27:03--> 00:27:04

under Rasulullah, he's

00:27:06--> 00:27:07

Okada. Rasulullah. Is SLM.

00:27:08--> 00:27:35

Attend your Zoo. He spent an hour asking him leave him for me. Just double agenda. I will I will consider it as a personal favor if you'll let your gender go and so Hey, now most of nope, nope. Later on, so he will not only accept Islam will become one of the orders of the Muslim ummah, you're saying I'll never forgive myself for the way I was that day. And he nope nope and knowing the proper value. So instead, I'm finding a turntable agenda. Nakata agenda in

00:27:37--> 00:27:55

one hour thief but we've already I've already given my given my word, we're in Allah hija. And Allah I will give you a way out. And he didn't take it we didn't know we just did it was put in chains and was sent back was sent back to America. Only Allah wonder what he made his way out. And he went and joined the group of overseers over at the around Judah.

00:27:56--> 00:28:32

The concept of warfare may have maybe four or five stories, we'll end with that the concept of worth of never forgetting the good deeds that were done to you. And being a person of your word. Once you give you a word. That's it, you will see it through till the end. This is one of the most important attributes that a human being can have. Forget about Yanni, the if what we've set aside a moment the importance that the prophet is awesome gave this attribute and how he practiced it. This is just a very this is just human decency. But this is a high degree in high level of human decency that that today, and he I don't know how much of it actually still still exists today. If someone's not there,

00:28:32--> 00:29:06

if your word is not good, then I'm not sure what exactly is if a person's work if we're not, if we can't see through our word if we give our word and we're not really we're not willing to stand by it vigorously. And and truthfully till the end and what exactly is what's good, really about us? I don't know if there's anything good I think if you take that away, that all the hype that we claim to have does isn't because when you what that means is that you're honest, that means that you're trustworthy. What that means is that you're you're you have grit, because because in perseverance because very hard to see through your work till the end, it's difficult to commit yourself to

00:29:06--> 00:29:24

something and actually stick to it for a very long time after the person has gone out or the person died and is not there to hold you accountable anymore. But he had with them how they will have you become solo ally. He said Allah Allah Who are your cyber surgeon? So frankly, I'll be handing Shinola Hila HetLand just for people to really consider Allah who was telling him about like Elena Kagan and Muhammad and earlier Socrates range like Makayla Baraka, Luffy cosa