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The Quran presents multiple narratives and their significance within the scope of the Quran. These narratives involve people in various regions and their origins. The segment also discusses the perception of people in the Middle East as true and false, as well as the upcoming announcement of the Islamist movement. The segment ends with a mention of the upcoming series of fiasco and night prayers, and encourages viewers to join the series.

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Bismillah you will hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah wa ala alihi wa sahbihi edge moraine As salam o alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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Shala continuing with our series here in the month of Ramadan paths of peace for we explore dimension and the concept of peace and tranquility within the Quran. Today we're going to visit a passage from SOTL out of Surah number seven, in which it's a very fascinating passage in which Allah subhanaw taala relates to our shares with us the conversation that will occur between the people of Paradise and the people of hell. And there's a third group of people called us hobbled out off that the surah is named after. And that's kind of where the crux of the passage is. So we'll go through the passage and we'll talk about it

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in Surah number seven, beginning with a number 42. Allah subhanaw taala tells us well, ADINA, I'm going to I'm going to Solly hace la new Californication. Illa was haha, that those people who believed in did righteous deeds, and Allah then interjects and tells us that we do not burden any soul beyond its capacity, will not because how will Jannetty Humphrey actually doing that those are the inhabitants of Paradise, and they will reside there in for all of eternity.

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In verse number 43, Allah subhanaw taala tells us some very important and interesting fascinating characteristics of the people of paradise one as my feasts will do to him and riddle that we have removed ill feelings from their chests. We have removed rancor and envy and jealousy and hatred, these kinds of bad feelings from their chests. The Jedi mentality who will unharmed in paradise or will be streams and rivers flowing from beneath their feet will follow and they will say Alhamdulillah Hila de nada anally Harada

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gratitude and humility, gratitude and humility, they will say that all praises due to Allah, the One who guided us to this point who brought us here. Well my good Nalina that the Alola and hudon Allah and her Allah Allah guided us to this place to this point to disposition we never could have reached here ourselves. We couldn't have found our way ourselves Had Allah Allah guided us. Look for Jonathan Rusu Rabina will Huck that indeed the messengers of Our Lord, they came with the truth. When you do, and then a call will be made and announcement shall be made until Kim will Jana, that this is the paradise Aretha Moo ha that you are being given ownership of be my Quantum Time Alone,

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because of the deeds that you did, how hard you work, the work that you put in, in the life of this world.

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And then an EIN number 44 Allah tells us when I was hobbled genetic us have enough that the people who have reached paradise who have been entered into paradise, they will call out to their counterparts in hell. I'm gonna put the word jednom Ah, they're not gonna happen. That we indeed found what our Lord promised us to be true. For Hunua to ma da bukem haka. Did you find what your Lord promised you? Did you find that to be true as well. Kaduna. I'm the people of hell will respond by saying yes indeed, for other than being on Vina home and then an announcement and announcer shall proclaim Allah Allah to Allah Allah Vani mean that the curse of God is upon those who sinned and did

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wrong alerting us to do not answer below Allah who were behind AHA

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that those who did wrong What did they do that was so wrong they blocked

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People from the Path of Allah, and they specifically tried continuously to find faults within the religion of Allah will who will acidotic if Iran and they rejected believing in the life of the hereafter will be enough in my job one, but then there will be this barrier between these two groups, we are off and on these on this elevated place regionalen There will be people Yadi funa, Column B C Maham. And each group can be recognized by its state and its condition. Its conditions the signs upon each group when though as Hubble Jana, and these people who are in the middle

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and now who are these people in the middle of the Quran refers to them as Al are off as Hubble are off.

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So there's a lot of discussion as to what it alludes to. But as Imam Razi Rahim, Allahu Taala mentions, most if not all of the opinions, lead to the fact and the idea that these are people who had some good and some bad, they had some good and some bad there, are they particularly a man or the Allahu anhu, the companion of the Prophet of Solomon is confident, he actually mentioned that it's the what has an art to whom was he to whom these are people that they're good and bad, was very close to each other, basically equal. And that's why they're stuck in limbo, in this sort of purgatory, where they are suspended between Paradise and Hell. There's another fascinating narration

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that actually mentions that it gives a specific example that there were some young men who went out in the in one of the battles, fighting on behalf of defending the religion of Islam, defending the lives of Muslims, but going out to do this very noble act, this valiant deed, they did so in defiance of what their parents were telling them to do. Their parents were telling them not to go, they defied their parents wishes, and disobeyed them directly, and they went and they ultimately lost their lives in the line of duty in the battlefield. So them, giving their lives for the sake of Allah prevents them from being put in hell. But their defiance and disobedience of their parents,

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prevents them blocks them from entering into paradise. And so they're suspended here. And so there's similar kinds of near narrations that talk about these people that are stuck in this place.

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And but Allah tells us something about the goodness within them that ultimately, is their salvation. When Adam was hobbled Jana, they will turn and address the people in paradise. And they will say, Ansel, I'm gonna have a come. Salam Alikum, though wish peace upon the people of paradise. They won't envy them, they won't hate them. They won't cry and bemoan, why are they in paradise? Why not me? But they will say peace be unto you. Peace be upon you may Allah's peace and tranquility be upon you. Let me go to Hulu, ha. They haven't been able to enter paradise themselves well, whom yet to my own, but they have not lost hope. They maintain hope. And so once again, we see some very important

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traits and characteristics and qualities that they don't hate. They don't have this kind of evil feeling in their heart. They don't have that rancor and envy and jealousy and hatred for people. And number two, they remain ever hopeful in the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala they have not lost hope, we though Saudi Fatah pasado whom Tilopa us have not and then they will turn their gazes to the inhabitants of hell. And there they will say Robina Latvija Allah Muhammad Ali mean they will make dua to Allah Allah do not make us do not put us with these sinful people these evil people will not the US How will our Rafi Regina and Yachty funa whom BC ma whom and then they will address the

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inhabitants of hell and some of them they will recognize them my oven our Uncle Jim oh come that you had such abundant numbers you had power you had might but it did not help you today well my quantum distract me rune and all the false pride that you carried yourself with in the life of the world is of no use to you today. A hot Willa in Latina aka symptom lie in Allahu Allahu Allah Rama tin, and they'll say used to say about these people who are in paradise, who you oppressed, who were downtrodden and they were weak, and you swore that they would never receive the Mercy of Allah. But look at them today and look where you are today. And that Allah tells us that the announcement will

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finally be made for these people that are suspended in the middle will the whole Jana enter into paradise law hopefully Kamala and Tim Dawson, there will be no fear

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upon you, nor will you grieve anything, when not the US Highway 90 us have an agenda and then the people of hellfire will address the people of paradise.

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And the or the sequence in the Quran leads us to understand that after these people who are stuck in the middle have been entered into paradise now everyone has been judged and reckoned and everyone is in their place. The people of hell will say looking at the people in Paradise, and a few do Alena Milan meiomi Morocco Kamala sent down water or some of God's sustenance upon us Palu the people of Paradise will respond to them and say, in Allah ha Rama Humala, caffeine in that the blessings of the life of the hereafter the blessings of paradise are forbidden upon the people who disbelieved and we're grateful to Allah, Allah Xena to hadoo Dena, Hula, hula, even the people who made a

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mockery of the religion of Allah will have a rotten will hire to dunya they will allow themselves to be diluted by the life of this world material things of this dunya Phil, Yeoman and sa home commander Sulekha Yomi him hada And so today, the announcement will be made that you will be forgotten we will forget you meaning we will abandon you, as you totally neglected this reality that is occurring today. You've ignored this, you've neglected this reality. So similarly, you will be neglected and forgotten here today. Oh, my God will be it Nigel Hudson, and all of their denial of the revelation of Allah subhanaw taala will be proven to be their downfall. So, in this passage,

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Allah subhanaw taala is telling us and sharing with us that these people, even though they are facing the greatest fear that any human being can have where they are suspended, they are not being allowed to enter paradise. But Allah subhanaw taala tells us some of their very fundamental, basic qualities, that they are people who do not have evil in their hearts, they don't carry hatred for their fellow believers, and they always remain hopeful in Allah subhanaw taala they continue to make dua to Allah and turn to Allah and ultimately that will prove to be their salvation. May Allah subhanaw taala make us from the people of paradise. May Allah subhanaw taala free our hearts from

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the evil and the hatred and the envy and the jealousy that we carry. May Allah subhanaw taala fill our hearts and our lives with the hope of His mercy. May Allah subhanaw taala always keep us connected to the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala and on the Day of Judgment, may Allah not inflict inflict upon us this terrible fate, and may Allah allow us to enter paradise without any reckoning? I mean, arable land, Amin May Allah subhanaw taala grant us the ability to practice everything you said and heard Subhan Allah who will be humble he Subhanak alone we have Nisha to Allah ilaha illa Anta, the software governor to bootleg again as we've been announcing last couple of days with the

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beginning of the last 10 nights of the month of Ramadan. Inshallah, tonight we have the program beginning for the last 10 nights and that will start with shortly after the end of total we probably around 1145 We will start the we will have a session for reflections in sha Allah. And then after that we will have some fiamme prayers, as well some night prayers, and so we encourage everyone to inshallah join us to Zakouma located on sourly Kanata la