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entertaining these guys are how much did the Muslim religion have influence over you? I respect I have so much respect for it because I respect anybody who says what they mean it means what they say I feel like they're the only religion who do I feel like every other religion is so wishy washy that it doesn't mean anything anymore. Time Andrew, the fifth time Come on brother. Come and join the OMA.

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My brother

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want to know about Islam.

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They want to know

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when they want to hang on

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to the one and only

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they call me Muslim biller. I guess that makes me a terrorist. But when bullies when power was guiding us psychotherapists, now they go round dropping in bombs told them not in my name, they wouldn't run around killing daughters and sons told them not in my name. If this one was a finger rat, they could point the finger on your wrist. Don't worry, we're used to be sold to sisters on a bus or two dimensional piece but we're in the streets today it's rough and it's kind of with silence We act with kindness watching the violence they keep up you see the slander of us in a terrible they slander us on TV as well someone please tell me I was Saddam is still fastest growing religion in

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the world because you can't find a tree for the balconies from a war of good against evil news what you know the truth we all believe

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one person accept Islam because of you because of your effort. It worth more than hold on yet is your brother other of how other from Dallas Texas I'm here in support of the dissenter. It's a beautiful organization, masha Allah doing Tao in the US, and they have purchased a piece of land and several building on it. And we are counting our brothers and sisters throughout the US throughout the world to be part of this magnificent project. It doesn't matter how much you give, it doesn't matter how much you didn't eat what mattered. We all participate in sha Allah may Allah bless you. Thank you so much for settlement I cannot claim that okay

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so I'm doing dishes here My brother gave you a Romani Romario. How you doing?

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Yeah, so we just finished some training, trying to motivate you guys. But you see in us, train shallow, you get off the couch, drinking Coca Cola, have some stuff going up and other than sugary drinks and get your body right. Get your mind ready to do the right

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thing. How are you feeling? So amazing. I think it's a different feeling when you get to move, right. It's like,

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expose yourself to a lifestyle that we used to have back in the days. Right now if you don't like the lifestyle they have it's very sedimentary. Actually, it's just sitting down kills you. Right? Yeah, there's research on that, like the worst death is by sitting down too much in a cubicle all day.

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I just do desk, a desk. I mean, our ancestors used to be forced by lifestyle to be up there used to be in conflict all the time. Different. Go home, you'll be feeling different. Your wife feels different georgeanna You're coming from home. I mean, let's say you're providing your testosterone you know Hi. Doing what a man's Yeah. Now you're driving two hours in traffic. Coming home. You don't feel like doing anything. Less complaining kids or cry? Just repeat through teeth. I take a weekend off. He's going to mall going shopping, sleeping extra security. What do you what do you recommend for people to kind of get this because you've developed laziness just now. Instead of just

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being a lifestyle. That becomes a lifestyle. So what do you recommend? Some people can lose still I used to and it could just be 20 minutes in your speed walking, doing some push ups or home? That's like baby step before you maybe get to some. You got to start somewhere. Yeah, but I think you need to put in that high intensity. And yeah, I can feel different. I mean, some people just show up to Power rock. And I'm like, Okay, it's good for your cardio and whatnot. But I think every man should be into context for absolutely no doubt about it. I mean, this just by default, we're all warriors back in the days, right? And now we're all like, I was

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able to get these days off for the guy. So you're good. What do you expect from this guy? So I try I try to give people baby steps were people who had they've been so far away from working out eating right? Yeah, I tell them look, just eat real food. Avoid fake food. That's the minimum you could avoid the processed food. And then start doing some push ups. A person who doesn't mean one pushup started doing five today build up slow, do something very push ups a day, by setups twice squats takes like three minutes.

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Do it for two months, and then see what happens. I'll challenge anyone. Do it for a month.

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See what happens you see and then start and you move to the next move and start doing some awesome content, some martial arts really important. It's different when you get hit, you know? Oh, just people have to Shadow Ball.

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The left a thing that like to watch them, but when you when you get hit, everything changes different even when you hit a punching bag and his pads, you know. But when you get hit back, then it's a different style. Um, that's real life, right? People think they can just throw a live Throw, throw throw other kicks in the face, you know, he's just like, you don't know what to do. You don't know what to and that's where you end up in depression anxiety. People start popping pills because they don't know how to handle it. They think I can just do doo doo doo no one it's done to be kind of like, how do I how do I deal with this? So do you mind starts playing shaytaan they're

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whispering. And then you end up in this like dark hole? You don't talk to anyone, you don't reach out to anyone. I just suffer? How much would you say? Because you deal with a lot of people who have mental health issues, you do counseling? That's your expertise? How much of a role does this play people get involved in the martial arts that helps them with their mental state?

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You I think, see that the mind influences the body and the body and fits in the mind. Sometimes you have a weak body. But if you have the right mindset, you can get that body and right you start I mean, what's the right mindset Am I just got to do it. Stop making excuses, show up, show up, start doing stuff.

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Problem is when the minds messed up. body can be in shape. It's a bit more difficult. You got it, but you can still push.

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Thing is kind of all starts from here. If you you can look good, you can have a nice body. If your mind is messed up. You don't have your mind if you don't have the right knowledge in your head. It's very difficult. I think it's easier if you have the right mindset to change your body think it's more difficult to change the mind. But of course, once you get going start moving.

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It works. And that's why you need to have like just community brotherhood. If your mind's not right, at least brothers can help you and motivate you. If you're alone. It's just the worst place to be.

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So what do you think get get a partner, someone who'll go with you. Sometimes it's intimidating to go through to the door of a new gym or something. Right? So you get a partner maybe? And go tag team together?

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What's the problem? Right? I mean, we're not today we have

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the brother was almost dead. People don't want to hang around. People don't want to spend time together.

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It's like the heavyset guy, I'll be alone. He's like, I Oh, it's always handmade.

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Like you always he said always went it was always them together.

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These days. Can you just call up someone? Anytime? It's like, Look, man, I got a problem without any judgment without like, you can actually open up to that. No women can. You can always go there sisters and mother cry, complain. And it's good. I'm not saying it's bad. You know, like, it's good that they have their avenues to complain. But like us, I think we're having an issue don't have that, that brotherhood need to have an accountability partner, someone like that. You gotta you need accountability. Nowadays, it's like, as soon as you like try to give some on the See how advice to someone, it's like they cut you off.

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So the process I'm set, right, the worst person is the one when you tell them you know, if you're alone, again, some noise does a minute on this Repeat. Repeat this again, this is such a powerful idea.

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They've also said that the worst the person or people is the one when someone advising doesn't fear Allah, they tell you mind your own business.

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I mean, because it's, that's the problem with with men with us men, we have ego issues. Like you don't want to seek help. Because, you know, you're fragile. So you'd want to get advice from anyone because you know, at all. Like you have families, especially on the map, you're gonna get humbled, if you're not humble and humble. Yeah. I mean, that's what it is, you know, you think you're arrogant, I think and so I'm gonna choke you out.

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And that's just the way it is. You got to show up and you got to be humble. And it doesn't matter. There's always going to be someone better than law folk are calling the admin Eileen, about every person and ours is more, some are more knowledgeable. There's always going to be someone better. The problem is people are suffering from low self esteem. That's why they don't want to shop. It's like, well, I'm gonna get embarrassed. I'm not good enough. No, show up, man and fight and just be strong. And it's about the heart. So what if someone's going to beat you're embarrassed if you want to get embarrassed if you actually admit they're embarrassed? You only get to get embarrassed if you accept

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that embarrassing if you're going to be there being humble and learning and having fun. And just feel like yeah, man, I got my back weird, but it feels good, right? It's just learning, right? It's all about the ego. So we have to kill that ego and just come to a line it is what it is. So we covered now the part of training incorporating that into your life. Another thing well before we conclude how much does food have an influence on your mental health for example, you know, just simple examples is basically anyone studies nutrition and he's into health water. And

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yeah, the

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hydrate obviously, but drinking the tap water and they're contributing to the lower testosterone because of what they put in not just the fluoride. Yeah, you know, the white, you know, the things that they're flushing down the toilet going into the

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water, drinking water, and then this tap water has all these chemicals toxins in there, and that's affecting your mental health, would you say? I'm just getting one example and I'm talking about the process

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that goes back to how important is nutrition for mental health? I mean, the basic principles sciences, you are what you eat. Right? So whatever you put in here, that's what you're gonna get. So, as you said, right now, I think it's personally from my research. I do believe it's systematic.

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People say, conspiracy theory and all that, but just look at the research.

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Because, you know, you get accused of conspiracy, and you show your research and like, that's conspiracy theory. Look, thing is men are being emasculated.

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As you said, the water, the food, the lifestyle, everything is against being against being healthy,

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is when you're not healthier, depending on things, depending on big people, depending on dependent on economy. It is what it is. I mean, people want to say, Yeah, this is rubbish, just look around. Actually, you don't even need research just have to look around to be observed.

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Something that you observe, or we were at the highest level of technology, healthcare, and still we're dying from obesity, cancer, you name it. Why?

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Literally in the world,

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in the history of the world, we are at the best. When it comes to the resources that are out there were dying out. The stats show levels are the lowest sperm counts are the loss.

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That's why What do you want?

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Is that when you when you said and you said something very factual,

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the attack on masculinity? And is that why we see a pull towards people such as ng take in the Muslim community, a lot of men, where they really enjoy, he has a lot of things that he says, out of the youth and people gravitate, because he was saying some things that

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I said, if I have responsibility for something, I must have a degree of authority over that thing. If the captain gives orders and everyone ignores him, then he isn't gonna go down with the ship doesn't he is He has authority because he is responsible. Two things are the same. Right? We don't obviously agree with everything and I would love to him. I'd love to him to be our brother in the dean and you take if you're watching, we're going to come see you inshallah.

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Another invitation to come. We obviously can't measure him according to the pharmaceutical. He's not living by that yet. I think I think he's attractive. I think it feels, you know, yeah, I think, you know, we meet these people were like, look, if I were to embrace any religion, it would have been a slap. Yeah. And I'm always like, what stops this this and like, Just do it. But without Undertaker and others like him. It's not necessarily just what he says is also how he says he's he's assertive, His commands, confidence. These are things that are attractive to both men and women. And this is something that we're missing. I look at the Compare and the table like Sonic

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Sahabas cannot compare. And people are confused because they're attracted to these characteristics. But then there's a lot of baggage negative baggage that comes here. People don't see that. And the whole Bad Boy culture. It's not about that people like bad boys, it's about that is that people are confused.

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Because that confidence, that confidence is attractive. What comes with that confidence is all that toxicity and all the Haram and all the things.

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So people get the Muslims get get caught up in that. They look at our story, and we both respects them, our community leaders. And they're saying brothers, be nice. We have I'm not saying not.

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No one says don't be nice.

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It's just that if you look at the process, and again, we look at look at Canada computer, so rely on hustler in the process and Sua has the best example imagine if agitate he started taking Prophet Muhammad as much as it was sent for him also. Right? Yeah, I mean, like, people take things too. Like when I'm gonna embrace Islam, I'm like, I was huge. Like Omar with this. He would go up like he said, he would just go on declare.

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I'm loving it almost like he's like they started beating us they were beating

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going back and forth when he went for Omaha. Sorry to wager

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because, okay, whoever wants to is mother to lose her son. Come on, I'm leaving me just on the other side, you know? It's like, is he arrogant? No, but he's not scared. Right? So you find, like, look at the process of it's not about being always mean, the problem with these guys in the red pill movement undertakes. So they're always trying to stay on one side, always consistent on one way. And when they get called on it, and they have been called, even by women, I've seen a couple interviews where they get stuck. They don't want to admit it. Also, Sam would go from strength, to softness, strength, for SNAP, and that's the balance. Right? Our team will always notice to a lot of students

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establish the balance in you know, in truth, and don't break the mass. So processing in certain situations will be super, super tough, super strong. In a certain situation, super linear. It depends on the situation, I think that's a real man, he's able to ascertain what situation requires which response. So people are entertaining others, they're gonna get some things right. And a lot can go wrong. Because you don't have as long as gives you. Everything's a blueprint for life. Muhammad didn't give us things on his own. It's created the heavens and earth. So if you want 100% on how to act in all situations, Yeah, gotta come to the dean. To keep it simple. I mean,

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undertaking these guys are exemplifying some elements of the fitrah the natural male disposition, that's what's attractive, right, like people go back to the nature is that, as you said, the revelation is meant to

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fine tune the fitrah to protect it to guide it. Right without the revelation the fitrah can be corrupt. The revelation is meant there to guide the fitrah remove the revelation, you got to undertake Quran the revelation and fine tune it you guys want to Africa, this time and June, the fifth time, come on, brother, come join the Ummah, let's go.

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What would you say to him, he's coming in, you know, I would say Stop messing around, like, you know, take your glasses off sunglasses, that's a sign of insecurity. You know, he's saying that it's his eyes and he's got some, but in the end, you see him sometimes in the sun outside without his sunglasses. You know, the sunrise you still always use a mask. Because your hide their insecurities and fears. You know that scary master sunglasses are a sign of insecurity, or something missing something, something as you can never get no matter what you do. You can train you can be the toughest guy. In the end. There's no human, there's something that's and that's not, I'm not trying

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to like disrespect, respect. That's a fact that until God Almighty large, truly in the remembrance, and loving hearts mind can never truly be satisfied and happy until you have connection with your Creator and not in the trinity or not. And, you know, worshiping your desires anyone else just out of the love calling you to what will give you the security for campus security and this relationship with the One who created just a month ago. That's right and the dean

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as well.

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Alright, alright, so we covered a lot here we covered the training, make it part of your regimen, get in shape, get active, establish some push ups, eat right. Avoid tap water, and mindset. Get your mind right. And you can't do that you're not waking up for Fudger in the morning.

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Recovering a lot of muscles can't live with the blank. Good good humbler?

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My brother,

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Alright, brother.

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We need to do this for the future of our children, the future of our great country, the future of mankind. This is your brother of one I'm gonna follow up and I've got a very important message that hamdulillah brother Eddie is setting up the Dean center, not just the Dean show, but the Dean center of full dalla Academy, a masjid a Dallas center in America, the first of its type that a groundbreaking project and I want everybody as I'm supporting it, I want everybody to support it, so we can take the dollar to the next level. We need the Dean center please support it.

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When I send me home

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I cannot leave without giving you a gift. If you're not yet Muslim and you're tuning in to see what these Muslims are talking about. And you'd like a free copy of the Quran. Go and visit the deen We'll take care of the postage and everything and get it delivered to you. And if you still have some questions about Islam, call us at 1-800-662-4752 We'll see you next time until then. Peace be with you. A salaam aleikum. And if you liked this episode of the deen show, like this video, share this video far and wide.

by a ROMANIAN who accepted Islam Gabriel Al Romaani

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