Managing Group Projects 02 – Importance of Communication Skills

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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. In our series of discussing on how to deal with group projects, in an online setup, Today we discuss the importance of communication skill. Please understand, my dear students, if you're working or studying in an online setup, you have students coming from different backgrounds and as such, the communication skills and style may differ from one another, everyone may not be an effective communicator as you are. So in order to deal with this communication barriers, it is extremely important that you slow down your process of communicating, you go a little slow, so that the person listening to you is able to understand you, you go a little

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slow, so that the person is able to respond to you. You ask them probing questions to make sure that they have understood the task that you're working on in the group project. So this is an important skill that you have to keep in mind because mind you, you don't have live student base in front of you with whom you can interact and get immediate life feedback. You'll probably be discussing with them through WhatsApp or through emails or through forums. And as such communication may be a barrier some people may not open up as easily as you do. So keep this in mind. And we look forward to more on the series. Thank you for joining