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This talk was presented on October 21st, 2015.


AI: Summary © The virtual class on Islamic law covers topics such as religion, law, and water purification. It emphasizes the importance of learning the art of reciting the book for one's own reference and passionate individuals to achieve their goals. The class is a formality class where students will be asked to explain their comments on the original text. The importance of watching football and praying is emphasized, along with the importance of understanding one's role and the power of words in relation to one's behavior.
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Just under 100 100 elektrobit alameen wa COVID to limit Sakina whether it's been a lot of alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala VI mursaleen sagina Mohammed while earning he was having asthma in a loving mother Salah image of Salah what and the digital Salah a lot Marina Hello the clicker or should click over here but kidding, I said I want to lie he over accountable.

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I shot Kamala Harris It's wonderful to see so many people, so many old faces, so many new faces that come to LA from both the brothers and the sisters and hamdulillah This is the first and opening session or the introduction to Kitab Salah, which is of course, the main book that we will cover from zygoma stop now, it is the text that we were going through nice and slow and steady in detail to make sure that we learnt it in the proper way. And hamdulillah we finished off the three years covering the harder which is the book of purification. And so, I will talk a little bit about this inshallah in the in the next few moments, but as the hamdulillah as you know whenever we have a

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major moments in our class, that we always invite our chef or chef photographer to recite some poor and some is unnecessary I need those verses which are relevant to the particular study that we are doing. And so chef will recite two portions today in sha Allah with with my translation and that will be formed with Maria and should not be known and I hope that you can listen and imbibe the meaning of these vessels was

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and these were the profits that God bless the lost pounds less from the seat of Agha Melissa lamb, and of those that we carried in the ark with Noah from the cedar Ibrahim and in Surat, el and those that were guided and chose, when the revelations of the lord of mercy were recited to them, they fell to their knees and wept. But they came up in generations. We neglected prayer, and we're driven by their own desires.

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These will come face to face with the evil but those who repent who believe, who do righteous deeds will enter Paradise. There will be not wronged in the least they will enter the gardens of lasting bliss, promised by the Lord have mercy to his servants. It is not yet seen but truly his promise will be fulfilled.

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That they will hear only peaceful tomorrow.

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Nothing bad, there there will be given provision morning and evening that is the garden we shall give as their own to those of our servants who have developed

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Indeed, how prosperous are the believers, those who pray humbly who shun idle talk, who paid prescribed arms, who got their chastity, except for their spouses, are those their own with these they are not to blame. But anyone who seeks more than this is exceeding the limits. There are those who are faithful to their trust and pledges and who keep up their prayers and they will rightly be given paradise as their own that remain forever.

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Okay. hamdulillah So, again, we thank chef

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happy the hellos Allah I asked the loss of Allah to bless him, and to increase him and his knowledge and his recitation of the book, as well as making evidence for him and not against them. ask Allah Subhana Allah to allow this Quran that he recites to raise him in his status with Allah subhanaw taala as the prophets Eliza Lim said in the Hadith, which is authentic, rise and increase rising with the way that you recite the Quran And as a reminder for us to increase on our re citation of the Quran.

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Sunnah from the lamp

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Kitab Salah, obviously, we are covering a book of fact, we have a lot of people here. A lot of people, of course, who are

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those who started three years ago. And then those that continued many people, then you know, tailed off. And to be honest, I don't let anyone tell him off. Considering the amount of detail that we went into, into the harder you see, you would have thought if you're new to studying

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Islamic law, the new the thought that you start by the most important things, and actually they don't come more important, in fact, than the prep. However, of course, it's not possible to pray without purifying yourself. Allah Subhana Allah says the denominator is our control Illa Salah Foxy Lu Han, Allah Subhana, Allah says that, oh, you who believe when you stand up for prayer, then wash your faces and your and your hands into your elbows, and so on, so forth. So it's clear that before you pray, you have to wash yourself. And so that's why always when you study law, you will always start with the chapter of purification. And as you've seen for the last three years, purification is

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no small matter. It's a huge subject. And it covers so many things, those actual items that we can use, or that products or substances that we can use to purify ourselves, the nature of water and the different types of dirt. And it could be concepts of other products, which might clean, and then the process of cleaning, how does one clean an area? How does one clean one's clothes? How does one clean oneself in a minor way and in a major way? Is there a concept of physical impurity and a spiritual impurity? Yes, what's the difference between them and so on. And then you have the specific states you have the impurity, that one, okay, one, one obtains or one falls into when they

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go to sleep or when they go to the toilet or when they have marital relations. And then of course, those which are female specific, such as ministration, and postpartum bleeding, and so on and so forth. And these are huge subjects that have require a lot of detail and hamdulillah. Before that, we covered that over the last three years. And this is a class as you know, which is not like a what we would cover in a weekend seminar where we choose the most important parts and put it into a nice package which we can present over a weekend or two weekends. And I think that that's a very good

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important tool that we have in the box to make sure that we propagate this religion to the widest possible audience. But Islam has classically and traditionally always been taught this way that we're actually studying right now. And I've made it a very clear point that despite many pressures, many pressures, and the kind of pressure, what I mean is where the class falls down to only a few people, because the nature of going through the classical way is that it is long, and that it is slow, and that it is detailed, and that we would look at the Arabic even though you don't understand it. But of course, we're explaining the words and translating them and explaining what they mean.

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And so that shouldn't inhibit anyone. But by everyone's nature, when something gets logged out, people start to fall by the wayside. And so I want you to know that this isn't where I have researched the subject and put it forward to you. And speaking from my own self, no, we are being very, very clear about the methodology that we're using, we take a classical essay, or text, a metaphor is called in Arabic, and we take that actual text, and we use a commentary of another scholar to actually explain what that text means, however, because both are in Arabic, and because both are what we would consider at the scholarly level, you need someone else to unlock the

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commentary to unlock the original text. And that's my role. And so what I will do is I will explain the commentary to the actual text itself, hopefully, by by that aiming for making to make you understand the subject very well is an informal class is a very legal very classical class, but it's an informal style class, meaning that we take questions

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within the class and, and so on. And those that are regulars to this lesson and have been following LP for years, they will know that, you know, these first few lessons are the most irritating, because, you know, this is where everyone's taught the kind of the, you know, the basics and whatever. And then, you know, the students have heard it so many times. So I'd ask you guys to bear with it. I know that sounds boring and irritating. But you will begin as once as well, three years ago, and we had to do it. And so I went inshallah, in this session also introduced a poll. So I know that people are watching us on Facebook Live at the moment. And of course, that will have its own

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problems actually, not only just the connection, because it's based upon a Wi Fi connection, and the fact that it doesn't have a virtual classroom, so you're only seeing what you're seeing in front. Whereas if you're watching this class, as you should be either here in front of me now in the machine, which is of course the correct, adapt the correct method, if you're local. And I encourage the sisters who are only in a very local area to do that those that are new to travel, I encourage them to use the online portal instead. But then those that are joining us from the around the world, and there are many hamdulillah by the bottle of Allah subhanaw taala, then when you use logical

00:12:38--> 00:13:12, the URL, the actual site itself, when you sign in there, not only do you get the video in the right way, and everyone who's standing here can see the screen and what it looks like you will, you'll not only be able to see the video in the correct way. And in the correct format is a 10 ATP, very nice, high quality. But you'll also be able to see the Arabic texts that were taken from, you'll also be able to see the English text that we're reading from. And you're also able to simultaneously write your notes as well. Anything that you find interesting, anything that you didn't understand, then you write. And that system therefore allows everyone of different levels to

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do whatever they want. There are some people who don't even look at the English translation, they don't write any single thing down. But what they're doing just reading along it with their own mind with their with their own eyes, the following the Arabic texts, they have a home or on the screen. And this listening to my explanation to see what the eye say something which is new or different to what they already know, that will be the advanced student of knowledge. And then you've got those books, which are so basic, that they don't know what the Arabic text means they can't look at it can't read it. But they know that I'm referring to the English text and explaining it. So the portal

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is where it's at. It's got something for everyone. And I really encourage everyone that found it difficult to stay with us for the last three years to make this effort for this chapter particularly. And that's for a few reasons. The first reason is that gets out Salah is covering the single most important act of worship that we have. And I'll just stop there for now. The second reason is that as a subject goes is actually really easy. And anyone who studied law, anyone who studied law and studies the intricacies of fact and differences of opinion, you've actually find that when it comes to purification, or transactions, or a few of these other kind of, you know,

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weird and wonderful subjects or sub sub areas, they actually quite tricky. And sometimes they explain it is not easy, especially if the subject itself is using measurements and concepts which are ancient. So for example, when we're talking about trying to understand a mode of cleaning, or washing, or bathing or whatever, then all the time we're thinking about our modern, you know, reality of limitless water showers, taps, you know, liters and things like this. And whereas, where's the where's where's the prep, there's no change in what happened then until what happened now the prayer has been preserved. Exactly. There is no such thing as the hierarchy kind of

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measurement of the prayer versus the

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The Medina measurement of the prayer as a reference, of course, to the use of volumes in in the, in the chapter in the chapter of, of using of measuring food and so on. And so I'm just saying that as an actual subject to follow and understand is something very, very important. And the third reason is other and is important and other dentists is is its relevancy, every single aspect of the slide is relevant. It happens right away, what you learn, you apply straightaway. And one of the blessings of this actual chapter being able to put it in straightaway, is that if you use a good enough commentary, then the comment, the comments hater, even though it's illegal facts, and there's no

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rights, actually to find the hearts off, or to find something spiritual in a book of law, there's no right. That's not what you're there for, you're there to go and get a job done. It's not meant to be an enjoyable process. It's meant to be rote memorization and learning, and so on and so forth. But hopefully, if it's done, right, and especially if the commentator does it right, then you'll be able to almost kind of like squeeze out some of those more, more heartfelt, and more, I guess, deeper understandings of the actions, the wisdoms, the rulings, and the like. And so this is something which I hope that you will pick up on, and hopefully you will take part in. So Sharla, a little bit

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later, what I'm going to do is I'm going to give you a

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do you have that she has the the

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the on an iPad, like I said to the the website? Yeah, yeah, I want to just show you what the actual website looks like. Because there are, as I said, so many people. And it's, it's a, it's a good opportunity for us to

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give you kind of a general idea. Now those those who are online, will be able to see it on their screen. But I've just for the sake of Facebook, I don't think this is going to come across very well. It's not very, yeah. Okay, that's good. So once you're into the actual screen, are you showing them in screenshots? Yeah. So once you're out, you can see it on the big screen up there. Once you're into the actual screen itself here, this is what's called the homepage, then you can see a number of different options at the at the top there. And once, when you want to watch the actual lesson itself, then you will click on where it says live session, once you click on the live

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session, you'll then see that you've got the video which is coming up and this will be playing Okay. And then at the same time, you will see the comments which are on the on the side, and you have these tabs. And if you look at these tabs, just just here, okay, you'll see that you can select the Arabic and you can select the English to display at the same time. And in this corner here, you can write your notes and all of that is saved for you automatically. Whenever you go back, you will find it that so for example, if I click on a shipment, a which I have done in Arabic is now displayed. And if I click on this here, then it the text in English, which is the translation, which is the

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Arabic followed by the English translation is displayed. And for those who want to go back, and this is the great thing about this is if we go back up here, and we go to resources, which is at the top there, which is resources, okay, then you'll be able to find all of the last three years of lessons, all of the videos, all of every single lesson video is that every single lessons audio is that. And also if you don't have the time to watch it all, then you you have revision notes and slides that have been done at the bottom at the end of each year. Likewise, you have access to all of the written notes, which are transcribed, meaning every single thing that was said with all of the

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references that I use is that by the transcribing team, so I just want you to know that there is an incredible amount of effort and a huge group of volunteers that service this, this entire project MLS punctata bless them, Lord, I'd like to say that I want to thank for, you know, to go and record and thank the brothers and sisters from prophetic guidance, who you see physically here setting up the physical kind of setup on site and then those that you don't see who are setting up the online system, which is a great task and there are many of them. And then of course the transcribing team which is which is its own like six seven member team which every single week they coordinate with

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one another to take portions of the video and write and research and you know weed out mistakes and errors and and so on and so forth. And and that's so awesome. Like the tanker modeling Institute, which has put all of its computing power and its resources behind it. And of course, Cheeto mustard as well which has always supported us by the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala always supported us from the very beginning and allowed us to spread this blessing of sacred knowledge in cheedo in South Manchester to the masses and hamdulillah. So, I want to just now just give a introduction to salon itself. Now chef Ehlers, I mean in his commentary when it comes to this, he doesn't actually go into

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Too much detail with respect to the prayer because like I said, the book, a scholar when he's teaching law, he's not meant to be taking on the added burden of reminding the people, if that makes sense. That's the job of the Habib, you know? I mean, if you look and reflect upon why so many of us get upset, so many of us get upset at the teams that do drama and why we don't like going to drama football because the quality of the football is so poor.

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You'll only really understand it when you study the deen when you actually study the religion and from its sources, you will recognize that you know, if you don't stick to your job, then everyone gets then at one messes up. You see the scholar effect he should stick to his job is nice that he says something which you think oh, wow, that's so interesting, you know, outside of the normal legal kind of mundaneness That's nice. That's really interesting intellectual intellectual point. And sometimes he might throw in a point where did you see how I lost pounds I did this and you feel like you know, a handler and he says Pamela but his job is not there to meet you cry and to meet you

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Yanni. You know what I really kind of you know, go and pray. And I did. I did today the first lesson, we covered the word salah and all these meanings. Now I really want to pray. You know, I'm saying it's not going to happen because the first entire two pages of all the different commentaries of this particular commentary just start off by defining the word Salah, which couldn't get more dry and legal, to be honest. Okay, so that's not going to be the thing which is going to wake you up and revive your Eman. That's the job of the leader. The whack is the one who reminds the one who gives wife Okay, the one who admonishes gives admonition. That's his job. That's the hotties job. That's

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the poet's job. That's the storytellers job to say these kinds of things in a very kind of, you know, nice and chilled way to make your hearts off. And that's why we get so disappointed when we go to Juma hookah, and it's basically a news broadcast, okay. It's just another political broadcast advice on so party, or it's the news at 10. And it's just basically a discussion of the politics of the world, and what everyone has, you know, done wrong, and why you're going to help and all the rest of it. You know, the idea is, and this is very important that people often miss, and anyone wants to study this properly, you'd look at Eben Pagan, and that's probably the best analysis of the

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drama as possible inside the mouth, how he described the hood about the purpose of life and limb, you know that the province lies and I once stood on the member. And what he did, he said, Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. And he decides to turn it off. And that's it in two portions. And then he started the crash. That was the hotbed the resuscitation of sootel calf, because the chutzpah is meant to be a reminder. Now obviously, that wouldn't work today, because people wouldn't understand what it meant. Okay, which wouldn't be much difference to most of us when we go to hoopers. Anyway, but yeah, I mean, still, you get the point that the people understood the

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Arabic and they took upon the lesson and that's it and cough is, you know, is the perfect hookah material. It is that which reminds us of who we are, it reminds us of the folly of this dunya it reminds us of the danger of sin. And it also reminds us of the excellence and the beauty of paradise. And so it's everything is the whole circle, the full shebang. And you know what, that's what people need. You see the Juma sutra is the only was agreed upon amongst the scholars and we're going to be covering all of this in a lot of detail. It's the only super clear obligation that they agree upon that you have to go to the masjid for are we to think about that statement. So when it

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comes to the obligatory prayers, like you know, father and daughter and mother and husband, Micronesia, these are obligatory prayers, but the score has differed over whether it is obligatory to pray them in domestic, they differed over that, okay. And we'll cover that obviously in his right time and place. And when it comes to this Latin janaza, which is often prayed in a Masjid, but sometimes prayed outside, they differ over whether it is an absolute obligation or something less than that. And when it came to the IED prayer, and whether that's praying intermuscular outside, they differed over whether it's obligatory to pray that or something less than that, okay, three

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positions in the market or something, which is the wider but the number of just a few people or obligatory for every single person. But the one arbitrary prayer, which they never differed over was the Juma prayer. They all agree that it is an absolute individual obligation upon every April men, the women not included, children are included. And travel is not included. And the idea behind that, and I want you to think about this, the traveler not included, the promise of life to them, never praised travel, never praised travel. And often when you think about this, the traveler is the one who doesn't get to pray drama, okay. And you might think that's a great concession. All right, it's

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brilliant. For me, it's a wonderful to be traveling, because the Joker is so poor, I'd rather be traveling in hand or whatever, okay? But imagine that the footpaths were great, and imagine that the footpaths did actually remind you about law, then if you're traveling and you keep telling yourself it's not obligatory upon me, it's not something I need to do. Then you remain in that state where a whole week has gone past where you haven't been obliged to go to the masjid. And you are by yourself often when you're traveling. And that's one of the licenses that the Traveling is a portion of punishment.

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A lot of people focus on the physical reality of the fact that is a portion of punishment. You know, back in the day, it was really tough walking in massive distances, riding massive distances and getting nowhere. And people think that today with, you know, cars and motorways and smooth roads and airlines and first class and business class and god knows what that somehow that's changed, it hasn't. Because second you leave home and you are traveling, the punishment starts being away from your family, the punishment starts being away from your wife, your punishment starts being away from your bed, the punishment starts being away from your food, punishment starts. So there is a physical

00:25:30--> 00:26:08

punishment and a reality which many people comprehend, well people often miss is that once you're a traveler, there are other certain realities that will affect your spirituality or your ability to be revived in terms of your heart, and danjuma. What is the key thing which is missing? So I want you to know that when Allah mobilized every single person, every single person other than travel, to go to the master to listen to this football, and then on top of that, left threads upon those people to say anything, and not only to say anything, or to speak, outline, but even to stop someone else saying something. So someone else who's speaking you turn round whatever, meaning that not only do

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you have to go, we have to completely focus on this message, because this guy is going to really save your week. That's what am I saying, this kind of you're sitting in front. Now, on this moment, at this one day of the week, the best day of the week, I have made obligatory upon you. And you're going to go because you know what I've told you a lot of things throughout the week that you might not be doing but you're going to be up down up down. But this one you got to really, really deal with, you got to be that. And then this could be his job is to think like this person who has probably not been to the machine all week, who's working all this time is probably either he's not

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praying or he's praying at home. Quick little jobs. If he's praying fudger we said hamdulillah. But if he's praying project, he's probably not praying in a Masjid. And we know what kind of budget that is. That's the function where you choose the shortest route to the bathroom, and you choose the shortest route back and you pray as close to your bed. And the vicar happens back in bed under the duvet. It's a prayer which is done half punches don't know what's going on. No, no sooner any kind of nature whatsoever of coming out and waking up and using the fresh air to wake up, walk into the machine praying and electric water. That's a big huge sacrifice. Let's actually get back to the

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actual premise of if he is praying, the quality is poor. He's not gonna read the Quran or seen the Muslims have spent time with good company. And so therefore genuinely other than just the rhetoric, okay? It's not just a cliche. This Juma is a jumpstart of his heart, Patrick, that's exactly what it's meant to be. So this person when he he is that footpath, and that reminder, the Salah, which comes after it is meant to be the greatest prayer of his week. And you know why? Because the purpose of lions and them said that it says from the fifth and the knowledge of a person, meaning the hottie who makes the football show, and the prayer long, meaning the focus is not the actual chutzpah is

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the prayer, meaning the football is not going to be a one hour presentation upon the state of the Muslims, or a half an hour presentation about the analysis of what's going on in Egypt, or whatever. A reminder to make, and to make people responsible for what's going on is obvious and should be done. But the idea that is to remind people that you know what, whatever you're doing in this week, if you have not been part of the machine and the community and the dean and the salon, the drama, then you really need to get back to it because you are on the edge. And here's something for you to remind you about law, and they are told about gender, and they're warned about gender, and they

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ended up prayer. And it's a long elongated prayer, a slow one, where you actually live your deen when you connect with Allah subhanaw taala. And that's the power of Salah that is the power of Salah. The sutras that we know from the students that were recited in Juma are those which are 10 times the length of the sutras that we see recited today. Because people over stepped in, they're talking in the footpath. And then because there's two minutes left, everyone's absolutely getting freaking out, because they get back to work. It's

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out the door. And that's it. And so I want you to know that our lack of understanding of our roles is essential to understand what kind of mess we are in general. And so when you see a scholar, and he's doing what he's meant to do, understand what his actual role is, hold people accountable to their roles. And so having said that, I am giving you from myself some of the some of my experiences that I want to share with you just how important the prayer is because as I as I tell everyone I teach for casilla and the divine link, meaning they're modeling we can cause as if there's one thing if there's one thing that needs absolutely no trailers and no promos, and no money, you know, no

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rhetoric to sell and or emotional kind of whatever is the pro because the prayer sells itself so well. Allah subhanaw taala emphasizes the prayer So, so well. The purpose of life like he deserves not like he needs like he deserves the one who is negligent to Allah subhanaw taala he will never be able to

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fulfill the rights of any of the creation. Whoever is not showing higher for Allah subhanaw taala who is not showing generosity