Zakir Naik – The Laws of God Keep Changing from Time to Time

Zakir Naik
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My name is Aryans ARIA Boudreau Kumar na rheinzink Conde from the Li. I speak no continuing English to English I'm very sorry sorry, Sir My Bucha account GABA one Kibana who is a video mama Parivartan Jota tiga meslier Bucha Cha town conky Islam, the ummah of Li bolttech A Yannick a minutiae kaka we put in Genom naota or jokey Srimad Bhagavad Gita mercy Krishna nergens a kaha aiport ki insaan Yong ki K bar Janome DataCite domainname Aluma medication a mucho que Manet Pella yoga Gondia double bellies Maniago deatta GJ up said new Islam Karna Hamza Janta Hunga

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or do three bar gank a minister julio de vous, Uganda Husqvarna up to the wrong to start up Gabbatha snag a militia capulin gentlemen who de nail de Bhagwan gave an eye who in Yamo make river the neuter atika Samia Musa may Bhushan or Chang

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there are two questions. The first question is, can they be change in the law and the teaching the Almighty God? Can they be changes? And Question two is that can a person be reborn?

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Can he be reborn? And he called it a verse of the Gita which I'll come to later on? As far as the first question is concerned, can the laws of God keep on changing if the law of God is time bound? If it meant for only a particular group of people, and for a particular time period, it will keep on changing.

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For example, as I mentioned, Metta Torah, the Buddha, in G, all of them are revelation of God, but they were meant for a particular group of people and for particular time period.

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But once the last and final revelation of God has been revealed, nothing new can be added.

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Nothing can be subtracted.

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Quran is the last and final revelation of Almighty God, no other revelation to come. Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him is the last and final messenger. There is no other messenger to come. Allah says in surah azopt Chapter 30 Verse number 40, Mark anna muhammadan Abba Marija Alikum wala Salalah work has been work on a large coalition Halima, that Muhammad peace be upon him is not the father of any of you men, but he is the messenger of Allah, and at the feet of the prophets. And Allah is already full of wisdom after Prophet Muhammad, if anyone faith that he the messenger of God, he gets revelation then he required the psychiatrist.

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Prophet Muhammad is the last and final messenger after Quran no other revelation will come. And Quran clearly mentioned in for him either chapter five was number three. On this day I have a complete religion for you. And I've chosen for you Islam and complete my favorite on you. Once the religion is completed, nothing new can be added nothing can be subtracted. So as far as your question, yes, the old revelations

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they can be changes. But the basic message from the first revelation till the last about Tawheed, about oneness of God is the same

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to all the revelations that came before the Quran, they have not maintained the pure form.

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They have been changed by human beings. And because it was not meant for eternity, Almighty God then feel it fit to be preserved. But as far as the Quran is concerned, Allah says in surah chapter number 15 Verse number nine, we have revealed the Quran and we shall get it from corruption.

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This Quran even if all the human beings try and change the Quran, they cannot do it.

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All the women been engine they get together the country in the Quran. So as far as the previous revolution, yes, they can be changed, but the final revolution no it cannot be changed. It is the ultimate

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