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Hola English eternal James Miller Monroe he will come to the law here of blonde aminos Surah, two Salam, Ala Moana city and Sadie now Muhammad Ali, big Marian. My beloved brothers and sisters of Sudan are Alikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Al hamdu lillahi rabbil aalameen Always forever will begin with the praise and the thanks of Allah Masha Allah Allah Allah Allah will testify that there is none worthy of worship besides Allah subhana wa Tada and we send our love and greetings salutations to beloved Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi, salam to His pious and his pure family to his companions and all those who follow his sunnah until the Day of Judgment. mela Bliss has to be amongst them. I mean, when hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah. A few weeks ago, we started the series on Alain de Lucia, Muslim Spain. And we started off with a teaser, saying, Why do you solve for x? In mathematics? Why do you solve for x, y is x

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the unknown. And we said this was because the books of learning and study was in Arabic. And the unknown number or the unknown word was che machine. And Spanish people constantly shocked. So they changed it to chuck and the chuck in Spanish is an x being point I wanted to make was the Renaissance and the development of European civilization. If you look at the word who's dominating the world, Europe and the colonies like America and Australia, where did this power come from? How did Europe pull itself out of the dark ages? It sort of came across a treasure of knowledge in Spain, which was developed by Muslims. It was through Muslim and Islamic technology that the

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Europeans were able to push forward. And today, the last 500 years, they have been in the ascendancy. And so this forgotten period of Islam in Spain, and what it had given to civilization and humanity is something which we must remind ourselves about. And yes, it's been a long time. In fact, we many of you are familiar with earth rule and the Ottomans and Constantinople. Just to put it into perspective, the Ottomans conquered Constantinople.

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When they conquered Constantinople, the Muslims were about to exit Spain, they'd already been there for 800 years, Muslim civilization had been in Spain 800 years before the Ottomans arrived in Istanbul, Constantinople. That's how long a legacy. And so we spoke in our first part of the series, how did Islam get to Spain? Why did it even why did we even go the and we said that from the time of the Sahaba, Islam into North Africa, time of St. Ahmed already we conquered Egypt. And from there it moved further and further west until we got to Morocco to the edge, you can't go further, just the ocean across Morocco, very, very small, little straight to call the Straits of Gibraltar. You can

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see Spain from Morocco. Well, Islam was thriving and the North African countries under Islam was was prospering Spain was in chaos in disarray under the church and the ineffective leaders. And it was through actually, by invitation, some of the nobles of Spain invited the Muslim generals to come over. And subhanAllah as I said, if you want to remember when did Islam into Spain, very easy, what year 711 Like the sharp 711 711 was when Barack and that's why it's called Jabba Gibraltar. The mountain of Tarik Jabba do Tarik, the mountain of todich. Gibraltar, he arrived with his army 70 living, and within two years, the whole of Spain, the whole of Portugal into France is basically

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under Muslim control. And the Sami country within two years, the whole Iberian Peninsula. And we see this continued for a number of years until the army of Islam reached 100 kilometres outside of Paris, so deep into France. This was the glory days. And we're going to mention today the rise and fall of empires at that time 70 live in 720, the Muslim ummah was perhaps at the height of its power. You had an army on the doorsteps of France, Paris and your army negotiating with the emperor of China, or ruled by a family, by a select group of people in Damascus, the immediate family, perhaps there was no family in the world, it was ever as powerful as the Omega dynasty. And to this

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point, there will be many believers, but most believers would not have the power where they could just point the finger anywhere on the map and things would happen. We mentioned in that series, as the they would send generals and call generals back generals would conquer countries and just with one word, the Khalifa would have the general disappear. Many Hollywood didn't have the power but they will millions had this power, though millions were a dynasty and a family that ruled absolute from Damascus from Spain, to China. But as is the case with Allah is the rise and fall Allah says well E M. e r e m Cisco Allah will be dealt with already Doreen fala Akash if Allah Allahu Allah

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says that if he afflicts you with some hardship, none can remove that hardship except him. What are you really gonna be trading for LA Rodan deferred Li and if he

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have a wish is good for you, then none can prevent that good for you. You see, we Hema Yasha Allah gives us His blessings and his calamity to whoever he wants. I mean everybody of these levels are one of our people Rahim and whatever he does is with mercy and with kindness, and Allah says Indian Sudoku, Mala Mala Halimeda come, listen to this ayah it's so apparent for today's lecture. Allah says, if Allah chooses to help you, doesn't matter how weak you are, how small you are, how few you are. If Allah helps you, for Allah, Allah, Allah conveys none that can oppose you. If Allah is on your side, no one can ever defeat you. And if Allah subhana wa Taala would abase you turn from you,

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then nothing can save you against Allah Allah Allah Allah, Allah Allah. So Allah says, Allah, so Allah says, Put your trust in him, put your trust in Him. So now we move we conquered Spain 7011 We jump for two years. It's 750. This made dynasty the House have been omega as we said, was at the prime of this civilization. 30 years later, civil war is raging through the Muslim lands. And the family of the Mayans are quite big. And one of these family members a young prince by the name of the rock man, the first Abdurrahman, the son of Mao here, he was the grandson of the Khalifa, but a very minor Prince. In fact, most people didn't know about him. He wasn't enlightened to be the

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Khalifa. But the family of the he was he had the Omega surname. So he loved a pampered life in the palace.

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Had whatever you could want. People basically worshipped you, people you got whatever you desired, the best of women the best of clothes, you will live above the law. He lived like this in the palace of the Romanians. As we said he was the grandson of the Khalifa. So his dad was the prince. His dad was the son of the Khalifa, and his mom was a Berber lady. Now remember, we spoke about the Berbers. The Berbers are the tribes of North Africa, Morocco, Tunisia, the tribe of North Africans, really the army that conquered Spain, is from this tribe. So on the one side is that is omega royalty. On his mom's side, she was a slave woman. And that's part of how they wrote back in the day that this

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beautiful slave woman was taken. And he had a daughter, a son with her, this Berber lady, and he had Abderrahman as his son. But he was far removed, as we said, he was a minor Prince, very, very far outside of politics, he was never going to be the Khalifa. And as Allah will Subhanallah, as we said, at the height of the power, Allah says in Allah, Allah, you don't want to be coming to your rescue, maybe I'm pushing him and pushing him. Allah does not change the condition until you do something to change it. So the only years from the height of the power, they would collapse, why they were unjust, they live an extremely extravagant life. They took without limits, they build huge

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palaces for themselves. They appointed the family is in all kinds of key positions. And eventually, and this is a some, this is a lesson that we know from time and time again, when you tax a people, you oppress the people, you have crime running rampant, you don't give them electricity, eventually, they're going to be replaced, they will eventually be replaced. And so a revolt within the Muslim lands called the abassi revolution. So the next dynasty is going to be the Abbasids. They come and they overthrow the Armenian government from within, they claim to be closer to the family than to be Salam. So from 748 to 750, the Ahmed family is completely overthrown. But the Abbas is we're not

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just happy Subhanallah and this is the dirty politics of the time. Politicians are all the same. He's all Muslims, by the way. They were not just happy to take the caliphate and become the new rulers. They rounded up the entire Ummah, yet family, children, men and women, everyone so long as you have the omegas surname, they rounded you up, arrested you. And so they said to the roommates, Listen, guys, we are going to give you an amnesty, no more fighting for the OMA yet come to this one place, we're going to have a banquet, you're going to get a free meal. And we'll pardon you at omae it's pitch up. And all 80 of them were murdered, massacred. At members of the murdered family, the

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Royal Family completely executed by the of assets. This young prince we spoke with the man he was about at 19 What's happened. And of course, he went into hiding. No one really took notice of him, him and his younger brother, they went into hiding deep in Iraq, trying to avoid the assessments of of the assets. And the Oba assets would be on a relentless campaign to find everyone from the omega to the omega family to kill them. And so this young man of the rock man, we know a lot from his history because he wrote his own memoirs. He mentions how he was undercover living so from the palace to our living, you know, a very he didn't lifestyle not showing just trying to remain under

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the radar in Iraq, when eventually someone betrayed him because he's a huge bounty. If you know when omega is they do alive, we're gonna pay you a fortune. And so one of his servants betrayed him. And he says on the day when he realized that he was betrayed him and his brother, they ran and they came upon the Euphrates River, one of the big rivers of Iraq. And behind them are the assessments of the VW acids, and the two of them the two brothers of the Rahman and his younger brother, they jumped into the river and they tried to swim to survive. Eventually the river was too much. And so the younger brother couldn't swim

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You went back. And updraft man says the last I saw I turned back and I watched how they chopped off my 14 year old brother's head. And so he runs for his life, literally transform his life until he collapses from exhaustion doesn't know where he is. And from being a prince pampered, he is now a wanted fugitive hunted like an animal in the middle of the Middle East. And so for the next five, six years, you will be traveling from country to country trying to save just to stay alive trying to survive.

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He heard that in North Africa, the North African governor was not so in favor of the new ambassador Khalifa. And so he made his way to North Africa, hoping that the ruler of Egypt, the ruler of Tunisia, would give him some kind of sanctuary. And initially, at first he was welcomed. But when the Khalifa saw this young, in the records mentioned that he was extremely good looking, very eloquent, had a good charisma was a pious person. He just had some something special people were attracted to him. The governor said, I can't have this guy here, because he's going to eclipse me, the people might rally under him. And so he betrayed the governor of the governor of Egypt, or the

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governor of North Africa betrayed of the man and was about to send him back to the basset Khalifa, which is execution. And so once again, our prince has to run and flee for his life. And he now enters the furthest point West, which is Morocco, and he lives amongst the Berber people. I spoke about the Berbers before, they are a harsh, strong type. And now he's living ragged in the mountains. And these were people obviously from his mother's side, his mother was above a woman, and going from the palace, the great palace in in Damascus, to now living in the mountains amongst the Berber people. He found some peace and hamdulillah for a few years. And he stayed there and he was

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happy to remain the until, of course, the abassi the reach, you could not escape. More and more assassins and people were coming to find him. At one point. He mentioned, I was only a you know, a group of soldiers into our camp searching for me. And the chiefs, the wife, the lady of the camp, she hit me under her Avaya 20 year old guy hiding under the lake, the FBI of this old lady. And that's the only way I survived. So now it was quite clear that even in North Africa, even in Morocco, he's not going to escape the hands of the, of the, of the of the of assets and the assessments. So from a prince, to a refugee, to a survivor to a Bedouin. He's going through all

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these stages Subhanallah, this young man of the Roman at the age of 25.

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The last place to look now is across the little state of Gibraltar into Al Andalus. This further is most province which really became neglected because it was so far away. The Omega didn't have acid governance, Khalifa did not care too much about it was still very rural. It was still very uncivilized. It was far from the center of civilization. And so it almost became on its own and it was in deep crisis. The people in Spain at that time the Muslim governors were fighting with each other. There was a civil war going on. And what was the Civil War between the Civil War was between the Arabs and the Berbers. The Arabs from Damascus in Yemen, fighting the North African Berbers, we

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are better than you. Now. What is the man on the one side he is Arab? He's Omiya he's in fact Qureshi. And on the other side is Baba. He's got the right credentials. He's got the name. And so it made sense. Perhaps if you go into Al Andalus perhaps in Spain, you'd find safety from the Abbasids. And so he took a gamble of his life. He leaves Morocco, he leaves the tribe that was protecting him, and he crosses over to Gibraltar you know, some books mentioned that, as he's crossing the little streets of Gibraltar is being attacked and he's being grabbed by assassins trying to pull him out of the boat even loses a few fingers, just in that scuffle trying to get to safety Hispaniola. what a

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what a life of this of this prince. And he arrives in today what is Malaga the shores of Underoos the first Omiya the royalty to arrive at this at this province that Ruby 250 years, but never before had the royalty stepped foot on Spain. And now he is the first woman had prints to arrive in Spain and the Chronicles mentioned. It was quite a spectacle. It was quite something amazing that the people came out to see this young prince and as we said he had all the right boxes ticked or made. Qureshi family, not everybody but relatives. You could say from the Kurdish side, the Navy, Saddam, he was a Berber and he had that homemade charisma, he looked apart he was eloquent. And the people

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kind of flocked to him. Also, when they were civil war going on, everyone is looking for an alternative and not too long of the arrives in Al Andalus. He gains a following and people start to flock towards him. And also you get to see the character of the man when he gets the he sees how the lifestyle that people were living that move forward away from Islamic principles drinking and all of that. He arrives in a story which is quite commonly written when he arrives one of the first things they offered him was your the goals have what you want of the goals and he said I'm not interested in any of this. I'm not interested in partying and doing that I've serious business to come do

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Yeah. And so he begins to assemble the people around him and within no time news reaches the rulers of undiluted they will people obviously the governors that this young made Prince has arrived and so without as you can imagine the fight for Andalus would begin of the Roman and that's why it's called up there Amanda first up there Amanda dark hill up there Amanda man who enters into Spain, he moves forward with his not really army but just his supporters going north towards Calcutta, Cordoba is the capital of Al Andalus scrittura is the capital of Spain. So you should always remember this name Kuba, it is from this place kotoba that Europe will basically put its civilization upon, and it will

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be the most advanced city in all of Europe for many, many hundreds of years. So if he moves towards Cuba, to conquer the capital, and he's, of course stopped by an army of those who went to rule Spain, the governors that were they And subhanAllah and this again, as I mentioned, if Allah wants good for you, and Allah wants to protect you, no one can stop you. Nobody could stop you. He comes with a handful of men that were starving and they were on the brink of of dying of starvation and a huge armies before them. Before the battle once again the the governors they try to sweeten the deal and say, man, let's not fight marry my daughter you become my son in law and we will together is

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infused he says no, I'm mashallah the ladies would like this. I'm already married, not interested in another wife. But I'm coming here to I am coming to take. We want to do things right here in under loose. And so a war breaks out. And it's also mentioned how valiant he was led the charge not like the other kings sitting to the back, he is in the front line, and the wings and amazing victory on the day. And both of the enemies are captured. And he becomes the ruler of October. So this young prince moves from being a temporary young man in the

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castle, to being a refugee to be a wanted man to living with a purpose to coming into an underdose. And now he wins a magnificent victory. And he is the Emir of Alcohol, Tobacco, Cuba is a tiny, it's a city, but he doesn't rule all of Al Andalus, you will now go to work as the Emir of Al Andalus, to lay the foundation of what we would come to know as being this great, great country, one of the first things he did was he ratified and he put down, that we will live in peace with our Christian and Jewish neighbors, there will be no political oppression of anybody. And he remember the population of Spain, he's Muslim. And so he continued this tradition. And he went to work to start

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building, bringing water into the cities, revamping broken mensajes, building schools, being a patron of the arts. And so this would be for the next 30 years, this man who take Al Andalus, which was a wild, neglected land, to becoming the civilization that it would once would work without thrive and flourish. The greatest contribution he made

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it is the most beautiful kotoba if you and I want all of you on the slides, so on the slides, I want you to Google the Grand Mosque of Cordoba, if you look at it.

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Now that's the Olara that's Granada. Let's not let's not go to that we'll get to Granada. The Grand Mosque of Cordoba, if you look at it, you would say it looks a lot like it looks a lot like it looks a lot like it on the inside. It looks a lot like the the magic of Medina, the harem of Medina, when you look at the curriculum, as you say this looks at the harm of Medina, the harm of Medina copied it from Curitiba, and he built what would become the biggest Masjid in the world, following Spain. Can you imagine there was a time when the greatest magazine in the world was in Spain? Not in Syria? Not in Iraq, not at the harm of Makkah. In Spain, the first thing he did build a masjid mashallah,

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mashallah in Cordoba. And so Alhamdulillah this man would re establish his control city by city, he would begin to take rule and bring about administration and Subhanallah it must have been the mixture of living in the palace for his younger days seeing how a government is run and seeing our empires run, and then living with the people on the run. Going months without eating that hamster Han Allah, he was became he became the army that they would love. Of course, the tables would never he has an enemy.

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The long reach of the basset Khalifa was not going to to stay away for too long. The Abbasids as we said, they bitterly hated every single OMA yet, and they look to kin to exterminate any made family. And so when they heard that there is a young man who has a kingdom of for the omega t city establishing the Omega household, they felt this was a threat one day they could claim to be the Khalifa. And so they sent an army spinal even in all the way in Spain, that our baskets would not sit back and allow an Omega to thrive and so they send the North African governor with an army to invade Spain first to invade Portugal, and they conquer land off the land. Eventually they besieged

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the sprints.

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I'm in a tiny little castle, and they're about to swallow again, this man is we should make a movie of this man. He's about to be starved to death. And he says to his handful final bits of soldiers and say, Guys, look, the writing's on the wall. We're gonna be we're either gonna die, starving to death, or we're going to be taking prisoners, or we can go out fighting. We can go out swinging. And so

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700 main charge out against an army of about 10,000 And subhanAllah. He wins the day, he manages to defeat the Asad army, he managed to defeat the US Army. And not that he was a violent man. But he had to basically show some strength. He had the governor and all those who were defeated and executed, took the heads and he had sent it back to the basket Khalifa. So the basket, Khalifa is on Hajj. And he gets this present this package from Spain, he opens it up. And it's the heads of all his generals, and the governors and what their names basically from Abdurrahman, to the Khalifa of the Abbasids. And so the of acid Khalifa said, Subhan, Allah Praise be to Allah, that between me and

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this man is a ocean is an ocean between us, and I'm never going to bother with him again. And so this would be the last time the of acids would look to, to bring about any kind of to is to cause any harm to the under Lucien kingdom. And so updraft man is now free. He establishes the House have been Omiya, the house that once ruled the world was now allowed to come back to the Emirate of Andrews, and they would establish and bring about much of the great Renaissance that we would see happening on the loose. And then for the rest of, of Europe. I landed in Spain, if you should know, just something to think about Spain, the most famous dish in Spain is what paella. But there's no

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rice in Spain, Spain doesn't have rice, all these fruits and vegetables and citrus and was imported by the omegas. Because they came from a place that had all these things. And so they wanted to replicate the richness of the East. So they brought it to the west. And through that Europe flourished and benefited. He sent out people to bring crops and grains learned from architecture to develop in Spain. And what's beautiful about the city for imagine, on the North, you've got an M and ocean of Christianity, looking to invade on the south, you've got to have assets looking to invade. The land is Muslim and Christian and Jewish. It is rugged, it's a desert. But we're going to make

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this in the center at the end of the world. Something which all of civilization can look at. This was his great ambition. And he would sit the study would sit the first stone the foundation for an emirate that would thrive for the next 300 years behind Allah. But we end up with this to show you about kings and conquerors and all these things that he would build a little palace. Magnificent, but our own little retreat for him as he got older to live outside Cordoba as you get older disciplines to retire. And he made this house look a lot like his home in in Syria. And he had some palm trees from Syria planted. And in his memoirs in his book, he writes, he looks at the palm tree.

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And he says to the palm tree, you are just like me. You came you were taken from your family in the east and now you are put in the soil. Yeah, in the West, and you longed to be home. At the end of the day, brothers, you could be the King, the emir, you could be everything. But the happiness you have from your family, your wife, your kids, that's priceless. This man says I will trade all of these things in just to be with my family who are murdered and executed by the by the baskets. I will wish just to go back to my home and to live a very modest life just to be with family. And so from the soils of Al Andalus. A new civilization would would come about the last point. This man

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Abdurrahman, the first he's known as the Falcon offspring, and who gave him this title. Where did he get this nickname The Falcon of Spain. It was in fact the Khalifa of the bassins himself. The Khalifa boss is asked is he's caught? Who is the Falcon of the crash? Who deserves the title of the Falcon of the crash? And of course the governors are you Khalifa you are the Falcon, you are the best of the best said no, not me. Another Khalifa another man. So is it malware or the alarm? The man who established the Omega dynasty, so No, not him? Okay, Abdul Malik, even Marwan another great king who conquered Spain basically. So no, not him. So the Khalifa himself is the Falcon of the

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Quraysh is that up there, Amanda in Spain, who escaped by his cunning, the spears and the swords and the blades of the enemies, who after wandering alone through the deserts of Asia, and Africa, had the boldness had the tenacity to seek his fortune without an army, without any lands without any money. Being unknown. He crossed over the sea, and having no one to rely upon except his own intelligence and its own perseverance. He nonetheless, humanity, humiliated all his enemies. He defeated all the rebels, any organized, he built cities, he mobilized armies. He secured his frontiers he fought jihad against the Christians, and he founded a great empire and a

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Now that seemed a realm which was completely in disrepair. He brought it out basically out of the desert having nothing, no army no money, and he did this no man so then the Khalifa himself says, No man before him ever did something like this. Now we are the Alana rose to his stature. Through the support of Satan Ahmed said Northman was backing allowed him to achieve through difficulties as for Abdul Malik of neuron and other Khalifa because of his previous appointment, and because of his, basically his stronghold and his family, he was able to rise to that, but as far as the ramen, he did this all by himself with a whole La Quwata illa biLlah. And there is no power and there's no mic

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besides Allah subhanho wa taala. And so, today a bit of a storytime. And the point we make, when I said we mentioned these stories, as I said, at the beginning of this lecture, as it was his Indian Sudoku, Mala, Mala Kalibata, that with Allah The impossible is made possible. With Allah on your side with iman and Taqwa all the doors are opened, nothing is outside of our reach. And so we find him within the histories and the pages of St. How great things are achieved by great men, but through the perseverance and through the belief and the Eman in Allah subhanaw taala and so we continue the CDs Inshallah, next week, we'll talk about the golden age of Spain, and the caliphate

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of Spain in the law, and a reminder that inshallah this evening of the month we will have our Israel in the Mirage program will do that.

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Revive ourselves remind ourselves about the journey through space and time, we will go through the journey of going to the salon from the summer, all the way to the end of the end of existence if the law is applied, or some law say now Muhammad wa salatu salam serine hamdulillah blasphemy law what if you have to