The Demands of Muslim Brotherhood

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The responsibility of Islam is to fulfill individual and their relatives' rights, including their parents, relatives, and children. The importance of showing love to one another to avoid confusion and misunderstand between their race and their brotherhood is discussed. The history of Islam is also discussed, including the aftermath of the Battle of butter and the loss of theying of Jana. The importance of avoiding hatred and being careful of relationships is emphasized, along with a book called " operation of Shackling" to create a "rocky]].

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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And hamdulillah Al hamdu Lillahi wa.

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Wa Salatu was Salam ala Milan Abbey Avada Allah Milan Habiba. humara Ahmedabad Amati Viola Kitab Abba Kitabi. What actually are the other Shariati? A marble Ruffalo, Villa Humana, shaytani R rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. In Neville McMahon Hoonah if we're for Asli obey now for a comfortable Allah Allah Allah Contura moon. So the kala will awesome. My dear respected Alama elders and brothers we begin by praising Almighty Allah ascending salutations upon our beloved Nebia Karim sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but others you and I, we are all an amalgamation of rights and responsibilities. Allah has placed us in this world as human beings where we have to fulfill certain

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responsibilities. The greatest responsibility that is upon us is to obey Allah subhanho wa Taala to fulfill the commands of Allah to Allah, to fulfill the rights of Almighty Allah subhanahu wa taala. That is our greatest responsibility. Together with that Allah subhanho wa Taala has placed various responsibilities upon us the responsibility of fulfilling the rights of our parents, our relatives, our children, and the broader community. One such responsibility, which is a very great responsibility about which Allah and His Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has emphasized is the right of our Muslim Brotherhood, our Muslim Brothers, those who are joined to us with the faith.

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And this is a very important responsibility that you and I have to fulfill. Bear in mind a general rule with regard to rights and responsibilities has been made mentioned by the Great Mufti Mufti Shafi sobre Talalay, the author of marry for Quran and the father of the present very great Alan well known Mufti Taqi Usmani who writes in his tafsir, one place he says that the greater you fulfill the rights of Allah, the greater you will find your relationship with people will be better. Just remember this, the more you fulfill the rights of Allah, Allah, Allah will correct your relationship with people. Many times we find that our relationship with people is not good. And then

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we wonder why it is so perhaps our relationship with Allah is not correct. Therefore our relationship with people is not correct. Nevertheless, one of the great responsibilities upon us is the responsibility to a person and to people who are joined and we have a common thread the thread that we are joined by the kalamalka ilaha illa Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah, and Allah dalla in the sunset enamel Bookman, Owner, aqua, fastly obey nurse, awaken the movement and the believers are one common brotherhood. No matter what race you come from, what ethnic background, what is your different inclination, you are joined together as an homage of our beloved Nebia Kareem salsa. You

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are a common brotherhood, by virtue of Ryu reciting the Kalama Allah Allah, Allah, Allah and a person who writes the recite the Kalama Nyla in Allah from another background, another race, but he's joined to you with the Kalama he is your brother. This is a very interesting incident as it Maulana Abul Hasan nettv Rahim Allah, one of our greatest,

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you know, thinkers in Palama, in the past few decades is written, He says in a time of after the Battle of butter, when the captives of butter were taken by the Muslims in Madina, Munawwara they were taken captives, they were prisoners of war. So, one person whose brother was a captive who was a non Muslim at the time, he was a Muslim. So he saw that the resources of that time there was no presence so they kept them in the house of certain people. So he was kept at the house of Iran, Saudi person from Medina. So he can pass his own biological brother and his daughter and sorry, please keep my brother safe in custody. So the brother was taken aback. He said, You are my

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biological brother. You are supposed to show kindness to me. You are supposed to perhaps tell him free me. I'm your brother. You are telling him keep him safe. So what did this Muslim brother who was a muhajir team, he is you are not my brother. He is my brother. He is my brother based on the common brotherhood of la ilaha illAllah Muhammad

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So, you are my biological brother but at the moment, you are not a believer and because of that there is a certain distance between us. Subhanallah So strong was that Muslim Brotherhood. It is not only based on the columella Allah Allah Allah. It is part of the kalam Allah Allah Allah Allah Nebia, Karim saw Selim, etc laughter the whole janitor took me no one told me no.

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You will not enter into Janet until you have love for one another. Let me repeat that. You will not enter into Janet until you have love for one another Gemtech admin kisi to stray muscle man bikers at Mohapatra patient IATA or Jana the company is not worth you're entering into Jana. Wala told me no ha ha goo and you cannot enter into Jannette until you have Imani you don't have a man until you love one another and maybe a cream sauce and I'm said you will not enter Jannah until you have love for one another. Allah. Allah show him should I not show you something? Because of which Allah will increase love between you up to salaam Aveda come spread the salam amongst you Subhanallah and is

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because of this brotherhood, my dear respected brothers that this brotherhood is so sensitive. So secret that Abdullah ibn Umar Radi Allahu Turan, who says in a hadith mentioned in Jami at Tirmidhi. That Nebia Karim saw Selim was making Tawaf one day. And then he looked up towards the cabana Bay to LA. And he says, very great is your sacredness and your virtue, and who doesn't know the virtue of the Kaaba and the Vitola. We all rush towards, and we yearn to go to the Kaaba and debate Allah, may Allah make it easy for people to go, it is becoming more increasingly difficult for people to go because of the costs and other things. But what is the virtue of the carbine, the Vitola that

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carbine Baitullah, which was first started and first bill hasn't added Melissa to Salem, then Bilbo Hazaribagh, Emily salatu. Salam, the way there is Acaba and we make dua for fifth year in this world, exactly on top of it, in the seven heavens and beyond the seven heavens, exactly at the same spot. There is beta Maha Mudra, where the angels make the off of beta Maha Mudra. That maybe a cream sauce and said very great is your virtue. Very great is your blessedness very great is your sacredness, but I take an oath by the bead in whose hands is my life. The owner of a believer is greater than you. The owner of a Muslim is greater than the Kaaba, how many of us we are breaking

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the cupboards on a daily basis by dishonouring Muslims by dishonouring, our Muslim Brother Do we ever regard to honor for Muslim equal to that of the Kaaba, the way in Libya crimson Allahu alayhi wa sallam has told us but yet is a Hadith of Libya cream sauce from the honor of a believer is even greater than that of a cup with the cover in the ventola. And part of this particular Muslim Brotherhood is that we strive towards bringing unity and harmony between the Muslim ummah, in this there is unit in this unity, there is blessings. In this unity, there is the help of Almighty Allah subhanho wa taala. Maybe a Kareem saw Selim and said for in Al Baraka.

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The blessings of Allah is Allah united, lat why is it that the polka? Ha? They dislike, that there must be many Jamaats in one Masjid. Why? Because it breaks the unity of the movement.

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And if everyone makes their own Jamaat, what's happened to the main Jamaat for in Al Baraka tomato jam ah, the blessing is in the United lot. Maybe a Kareem saw slim Cynthia doula he handled

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the hands of Allah Tala. the assistance of Allah is upon the United blog, amongst our Orlova amongst our scholars, the son of an alumna Elissa Rahmatullah, Lima Yusuf Sabra, who actually used to say he used to say until the OMA does not become united, Eliza systems will not be with them. Let me repeat this, until the Ummah does not become united, Eliza systems will not come upon them. And then he should see in the time of nebbia Kareem saw Salman Madina, Munawwara if there was 10,000 people, every Muslim had the support of 9999 people. No one wished him ill. That is why they reached the heights that they reached. And until you don't be a united you will not be able to achieve victory.

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You will not be able to go forward. Anyone who does history will know that Salah will be in a union Abdullah Ali today we take the name of Salah Adina up and we yearn for Salah will be the up who freed the beta will cut this imaginary axis from the Crusaders. How much do we know about his history about his life? Salah Butina up Rahmatullah Lee spent 10 years of his life before he fought

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The Crusaders bring in unity amongst the Muslims. He realized that the Muslims will not be able to fight the Crusaders until four major cities are united Damascus, Mosul, hello, and Cairo for 10 years he brought all of those people together when he brought them together then he fought the Crusaders and Allah Allah granted him victory. And this is what one of the use of supplemental essays until you don't gain a unity. Allah will not be able to win that will not give you victory.

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So Unity in that life strength in that is your victories in your victory and the opposite.

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The opposite of it by up disunited, Allah Allah takes away blessings. If Nika theory Imam is smart enough to deal Hypnic athirapally Mix mentioned that Nebia Karim saw Salam was on his way to tell the people of the precise night of Laila to Kedah and he writes in he says, to people who are fighting because of the pernicious pneus of the fighting, Allah Tala looked at the knowledge that they have.

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And he writes they said, because of these two people fighting, Allah Tala took away that particular knowledge by you fighting in disunity. Allah subhanho wa Taala deprives you of blessings. Because of the disunity of communities and don't Allah subhanho wa Taala will make you weak, Allah will make you cowards, Allah will take away your strength. It's not I'm saying the Quran says we're not and as our FATF shallow water the harbor he was below. Do not dispute with one another. Allah will make you cowards, Allah will make you weak, weak, Allah will take away your strength.

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From a micro level, a macro level, when people start fighting, the it is just a normal thing. Your efforts and your strength instead of being directed constructively becomes directed in a destructive way. I have seen families for why he does him. I've seen families who are united, who are full of prosperity full of blessings, they started fighting and then what actually happened after a while you will find them in all different types of shades of difficulties, to the extent that they have absolutely no Baraka in the blood, in the wealth and in their life. Because of what Allah Tala says don't fight with one another Allah Allah will take away blessings, Allah will make you weak. So this

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is the reality with regard to it. We need to understand shaytan gets extremely pleased. When Muslims are disunited. It gives him the greatest pleasure when Muslims are distributed Nebia cream sauce Lim said in the Farewell Sermon, which is known as the hijacker with a sermon, the goodbyes and the Farewell Sermon what it may be a cream sauce to them said che Dawn has become despondent Have you worshiping anyone besides Allah, Muslim by and large one worship idols, they won't worship anyone besides Allah will akin the Irish, he will make you fight shaytan will now he's become despondent have you know, worshipping anyone besides Allah, but he will make a fight now. That is what you will

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spend his time in. And unfortunately the way we are today we have to say he has become extremely successful, much to our detriment. That is the reality with regard to it. We need to understand we have more in common with one another than what we have

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in our disputes in our arguments and our difference of opinion. We have more in common as the Holy Quran says when the Dena Maha who are shut down will prefer Ruhama albedo, feathers I asked you to ponder over this ayat, Allah Allah speaks about Muhammad, he is a prophet of Almighty Allah, those who are with Him, those who are His companions, I should do too far. They are still going against the disbelievers Ruhama they know who they are merciful amongst one another. Let us look at our situation in the world today. Let us look at our situation do we portray this particular quality

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bins, Rahaman compassionate amongst one another and be instilled against the enemies? We are the exact opposite.

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We are Allah says Allah Tala makes mention about the Companions Ruhama who they know

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they are merciful amongst one another. They are stand against the enemies. We are not standing against any foreign forces, all our stillness, all our hatred, all our disunity, all is directed within within the community, within the government, completely against what Allah subhanho wa Taala and our beloved to me a cream sauce. Lemon said we have more in common. A very famous incident. You lose if the Abdullah was the student of Mohammed bin Idris, a Sharpie. So one day in the class, there was a difference of opinion that will start was saying something he disagreed with the court whether it was done and in a fit of anger. In a fit of anger. He

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walked out of the class and he went away. He didn't think much about it. late in the night while he was in his, in his room, he heard a knock on his door. It was not common for a person to come at that particular time. So he was taken aback. So he said Who is it? He said Mohammed bin Idris.

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The name of Imam Shafi Rahmatullah Lee was Mohammed bin Idris, who should know the name of our Imams. The name of Imam Abu Hanifah Rahmatullah Li was Normanby in third, Mohammed bin Idris was Imam Shafi Rahmatullah li Mohammed bin Idris. He was taken aback, the only Mohammed bin Idris he was interested. He didn't expect this will start to come. You open the door, and Imam Shafi Rahmatullah Lee said, Eunice. We have differed on this one better, but 99% of the issues we agree upon. We agree upon the Oneness of Allah. We agree upon the greatness of Libya cream sauce, salam, we agree upon the Quran, Pina Colada for mighty Allah, we believe in Imani and much more than Imani Mufasa. If we

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had disagreed on this particular matter, why do we forsake the 99% of things that we agree upon?

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Or you owe us? Why should we have hatred on this particular basis? If we have disagreed on one matter, when Allah Tala has kept us together in 99.9% of the things? Why is it that we can have that particular type of situation in today's time? People are telling one another apart. There is no sense of Muslim Brotherhood. When, when our alumni have said until you don't bring up opportunity, Allah will not give us victory, Allah will not give us progress. Look at what's happening to the Muslim ummah today. Look at what's happening in Palestine, look at what is happening other parts of the world, yet we are busy, most of our efforts is directed against our own.

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And how do we expect thereafter to get success? My dear respected brothers make an all time effort make an effort to unite, make an effort to come closer towards one another. making an effort that we as individual, maybe you can't control what is happening outside. You can control the forces you can control what's happening in the community, but me myself, I will not be a means of creating disunity.

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This whole particular aspect of social media we get to the social media is something that only thrives on negativity. Have you ever seen people post and forward good news? Very seldom, let there be one fitna. Let there be one fight. Let there be one negative post against someone in five minutes, the whole Botswana, the whole South Africa will know about

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social media thrives on negativity, it doesn't thrive on positivity. And we are the ones who will be the ones who will be in the forefront of posting things against another Muslim brother, whether we have verified or not verified it. But of course it's juicy. Why? Why am I going to live out the opportunity to post something and to forward to someone something that is very juicy. Even if it creates disunity, even if it brings about you know, a turmoil in our society in our community. What does it matter as long as I'm the one who is the first one to send out something that is juicy, making this Oh, my dear respected Brothers is too valuable for us to dis unite and bring hatred

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within this company. In one occasion, in what better there was an incident between two savvy it was it was one fight that was between two individuals. One was from Makkah one was of Medina, in the in the battle and the expedition of bunny Mastana. So they started fighting amongst one another. But during the fight, what actually happened was that

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you call for support. So you call one another so the person of Makkah called the people of Buddha, or people of Macaca unhealthy person of Medina, called the people of Medina to come and help me. What was a fight between two individuals almost turned out to be a fight between the citizens and the people of Makkah and the people of Medina. When Libya Kareem said Allahu alayhi wa salam came to know about it, go and look at the books of Hadith. Look at what he said, there who have written more than Tina.

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And he said, Did I, what is the slogan of ignorance I'm hearing? What is the slogan of ignorance that I'm hearing that people are calling one another on the basis of the allegiance to a party. The person of MCI is calling the people of Makkah, the people of Medina, the person of Medina is calling people of Medina and they fighting. This is a slogan of ignorance. Leave it for it has a bad odor it smells. I didn't come and teach you this. My dear respected brothers let us be very, very careful that we do not allow situations in other parts of the world by other parts in other regions to create disunity in our ends.

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If there is a difference of opinion in other places,

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Let it be, why should it be the means of disunity and hatred within within the ranks of our community or another community? Be very careful of staying away from hatred. Libya Kareem Salah when he was cellmate said about this brotherhood, Lata cotta Walla Walla de hacer do with Tabasco

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Oh people do not cut off of one another. Do not cut relationship with one another. Don't cut off relationship with one another. Do not do not be jealous of one another do not hate one another we're cool nobody bad Allah here who's gonna be the bondsman of Almighty Allah subhanaw taala his brothers and to one another. How can you hate another person who is common with you on the basis that Calima Allah Allah, Allah Allah, there is an aspect that you dislike someone for the sake of Allah to Allah, because of certain things that he is doing and he might be creating fitna, but who does it have that sincerity that our relationships is at that particular level? That we are doing it only

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for the sake of Allah and our nerves does not play a role in our desire does not play a role in that. So in the VA Grimsel Solomon said stay away. In one Hadith Novia cream sauce Lim said Allah to LUCAM Should I not share you a miracle? Be Observed the Daraja Kamalaya

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should I tell you something that is even more greater in reward and Nephele? Salah Nephele Rosa Baba Rasulillah della Sera Sula Elisa who that'll begin bring people together reconcile people don't make them fight.

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No we are we will put chubby we will put more keys to create more problems. We will go to another person. Do you know what that person told about you? Do you know what he said about you? Is if we just enjoying the spectacle? Maybe a cream sauce numb said should I cannot tell you something that is even more rewarding than the film was more rewarding than the film. Rosa bring people together. Why? Because hatred heal Holika hatred shaves off. And because when we use the shaver it is referring to hair, maybe a cream sauce and said I don't say it shaves off your hair. It shaves off your deen

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hatred shaves off your deen. Today we have so much hatred, that sometimes we will get happy at the misfortune of the person whom we are our hatred is directed towards. We will help you know yet maybe a cream sauce who said learn to Hiroshima totally yaki. Don't ever, Don't ever show a happiness at the misfortune of your enemy or the person who is opposed to you, that may Allah may have mercy upon him and give you that same difficulty.

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To Be careful of having an happiness at the misfortune of your perceived enemy. Allah might show him you know someone gave me a book just before the cookbook and normally is my habit. The moment I find a book I say let me just see one or two things. So it is the works of hazard more or less a pattern Puri who was the HA the shackle Hadith of the organ. So in there it is written just while I was reading it, we don't believe in coincidence. He said to show happiness at the misfortune of your enemy sulphate Eman Chhatra

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there is a fear of Allah Tala taking away your Eman.

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There is a fear but look at because of hatred, what is what we are doing. My dear respected brothers, I would like to have made mention of many other things with regard to this brotherhood what does this brotherhood demands? But in short, let me just conclude because we have to finish it at this particular time and time has elapsed that we replay Reaper, you know just very briefly give a small, you know, repeat with regard to what we have said Allah has created that with rights and responsibilities. The greatest right is that of Allah subhanaw taala amongst the rights it is, it is the Kalima, Allah Allah Allah Allah. Allah has specifically made mention of enamel Muna, aqua, we

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are brothers and to one another. And in that particular brotherhood, part of it is striving to achieve unity because in that there is blessings in the days the help of Allah. And if you are disunited, then Allah Tala takes away his blessings, Allah Tala takes away his assistance do not become a means of creating disunity. We have more in common as brothers that we have in things that are we are not in common, have to live in a Masuda the Allah told us to say what an amazing statement, he said that difficulty that you have in achieving unity. Let me repeat this, the difficulty you have in achieving unity. Now when you have to bring unity we have to have a lot of

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patience, we have to have a lot of tolerance. He said that difficulty is less than the difficulty that will come upon you because of this unity. Let me repeat that there will be a difficulty in achieving unity. That difficulty is less than the difficulty that will come upon the word because of this unity. And in this one

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The aspects with regard to you know we have more in common than we have in things that different that we have differences and keep away from disunity keep away from hatred. May Allah make us among those we have love for one another. May Allah Tala create harmony between us and Allah Tala take away the disunity that is seems to be prevailing in our community in our home but so that we can achieve Allah subhanaw taala as Rahman we can achieve Allah tell us blessings and we can achieve ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada as assistance of Allah Allah Azim we need it more than ever before. May Allah give us a topic of understanding why.

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morning it was for manual dynamics.