Acceptance of the Decree of Allah #3

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Here's a little Joomla Tenaglia Matoba you send a female accelerometer Salas yada, yada, yada, Ya Rasulullah what other early he also happy woman who I love I mean, coleambally and Solace is native Java service at night. There's much Baraka in this day in the sun as to increase your solar upon the Prophet alayhi salatu salam and all your good deeds. You're really my man. I do Themis, Nettie, he was telling me the up Jamie, he'd be sent out in Hudson, and I'd be Hurayrah total the Allahu Anhu Paul

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called on the the use of Allah Allah who already also have your seldom literary collection at both, you know, any mom Telemedia has any reasonable generation, right, just wait, hold on one of my favorite hadith of all time.

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The theme is real law is acceptance is being in contempt.

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The content sorry, with what Allah subhanaw taala has given you and the concept of the law is extremely, extremely important. It's very dynamic too. And I find it to be one of the most misunderstood ideas in it, because parts of it, to understand that you have to have a sound comprehension of what COBOL and fedora actually is, you have to have a good understanding of what your role is, you have to there's a lot of pieces that play into properly practicing the law and not over you not using it in a way that makes you passive or weak or negative. And not also losing it to the point where you are at risk of losing your faith if things don't go your way in certain domains.

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And I think the balanced is here we're going to try to achieve inshallah and this is what he said earlier so instead I'm gonna beautiful Hadith you can you know, try to hold on to it for your own your own. There's a lot in it aside from Zillow, but I like it my renumerated for that one piece. Got it and so those are many out what do I need? Can you imagine? Yeah, mine will be hidden or your aluminum and Yeah, mine will be hidden, who is willing to take from me some pieces of wisdom to live by or to teach someone else to live by it like if you're not going to do it yourself then at least be willing to teach it to someone else. Forgot it Abu Huraira for call to Anya Rasulillah so what to

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say or something I'll do it for cada via Dietrich my hand color Hosanna Hamsa take for me these five.

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But it definitely Muharram the Quran Abba doneness, stay away from that which is haram and you'll be the best servant amongst people. Stay away from haram stay away from the from where Allah subhana drew the red lines, and you will be the most serve the most serving of the servants you'll be the closest to Allah and in terms of your service. Really, he's not looking for too much more than that subhanho wa Taala just stay away from haram. And that's on its own is a huge deal. And then the point of my Hadith well Allah be my custom Allah hulak token elderness and be content and satisfied with that which Allah subhanaw taala has decreed for you, you will be the richest of all people.

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Whatever it is he gave you, whatever hand he dealt you the stuff that you cannot change the stuff that aren't gonna go anywhere, anytime soon. They're just a part of what you are given. If you weren't content, you're satisfied and you're happy with it, then you are the richest of the rich, no one is richer than you. If you feel that what Allah has given you is you know, is beautiful and you're happy with it. I'm not talking about you being happy with what you're doing, or what you gave Allah subhanaw taala what you're giving back by being happy What if the last account that I chose for you, he chose for you parents, he chose for you a place to live he chose for you. You're gonna

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look a certain way certain points you can't change that you're gonna have a certain height and sometimes a certain weight and that'll be kind of what your what your placement is. And he's your friends and this is the place you're gonna be living in certain things is hard to change. They're not really open they're just they are what they are changing them as difficult for you to be liberal and and content and being unsatisfied with that you're the richest of the rich. You're not looking across the street to the other lawn and seeing it greener because you're your content you're satisfied with what you what you have. Follow us and Elijah Mina and be show excellence to your

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neighbor you will be a true believer.

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Well hey, belly Nassima to a booty enough seeker Techwin Muslim and love for others that which you love and hope for yourself you will be a good Muslim. When I took the HCA for in the Catholic hotel boy Hickey to me to call you do not exaggerate laughter in your life. Because if you do too much of it, if you take everything lightly, then your heart dies. If you take everything in life, everything around you is a joke. If you mock everything if everything is funny, then at some point your heart will not lack the ability to show compassion. You won't be able to feel anymore. It's known by the way I psychiatrists they'll tell you that or psychologist will tell you that humor is a way to hide

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to hide a lot of pain. It's a way to hide hide how you actually feel so they they make jokes about everything to hide behind it. This is what he's talking about only so don't don't exaggerate don't know don't overdo it if you have something to deal with deal with it if there's something that you feel feel it if you're struggling with something struggle with it don't don't hide the hide laughter Oh God, or else your heart after a while will die me you'll lack the ability to actually feel real things and you'll you'll try to feel things it will be hard to do it because you've numbed yourself. Those are the five pieces of advice he gave us

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Legal Salatu was their beautiful ally they're really beautiful I love this Hadees it definitely behind stay away. Protect yourselves from the from the red linings, the red lines wherever Allah says Allah said that's haram stay away from that stay away from that. Don't fool yourself. Don't fool yourself with too many acts of Noah feel when your fault when you're crossing a line of haram Don't fool yourself is not in your you're better off doing zero Sunnah prayers, but not crossing a red line in your life once just meaning if you're crossing a red line if you're doing a haram 10 times if we could remove one of those 10 times and you will never pray a Sunday all your life that's

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better. That's better. You're better not to have crossed that line one less time then pray 1000 Rock after all we are or fast the whole year outside of Ramadan. If I if you if you had to choose one less haram thing I did or all of this good no one less haram thing. That is the this is the value. If you don't understand it sound like that. I'm sorry, you don't understand Islam at all. It's time there are lines that you have to stay away from once you cross you're in danger you've made this is a big deal in my house, you don't touch them out and you don't go beyond that. All the good deeds are there to to increase your closest to Allah subhanaw and increase the love is a beautiful thing.

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But Muhammad and they have priority. So stay away from that which is Muharram you'll be the best of the servants of Allah subhanaw taala be content be satisfied with that which Allah subhanaw taala in the hand he dealt you and you'll be the the richest of all the rich. We still rich on the inside your riches in existence on the inside.

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Show excellence to your neighbor and you'll be a true believer love for people that wish you hope and love for yourself you'll be a true Muslim. And don't over exaggerate to humor because it can make your heart numb. And that those were his five pieces of advice he gave out of his salatu salam he told a way to live by them and if you can't teach them to someone who can live by them I always kind of struck me as interesting that he just shared five pieces actually this this hadith is worthy of a whole by basically because what connects them all and there's actually something that connects them all but if you look at it, but they seem to disconnect but they're not but I'll I'll leave that

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for another night and show y'all really my man I'ma do what did me there you

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go loan fee Jimena. He was almost Nettie he be sent out there hustling and Ebihara Yatta all the Allahu Anhu but but I never use Allah Allah Allah you earlier Salam When Yahoo I'm Nika Lima tiene Yama Looby hinda Are you aluminum and yet I'm Adobe Hiner for UCLA, Abu whatever, whatever call to call to enter your rasool Allah for Carlos and Allah is LM Jose Antonio Hamza Walker, the VAD. It took him a hurry my second habit anise, Warby Mr. Kasim Allah who looked at the oven and nurse Watson Elijah Erica Mena well ahead but in Nassima to Hebrew enough SICA tech on Muslimah Well, I took the shaker for indica throttle bahi to me it will call sort of Rasulullah sallallahu aliados

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limestones Miko condition Allah you