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AI: Summary © The importance of praise for Allah's actions and connection to the creator, as well as the natural birth of man and woman are emphasized in Nigeria's tour of the Prophet's natural birth. The tour of the Prophet's natural birth is called the "be like Mohammed" and is designed to take place in Nigeria. The success of guest experiences and the importance of healthy eating are also emphasized, along with the success of local restaurants and guest satisfaction in their business. The success of guest experiences and the importance of healthy eating have been highlighted in the tour of the Prophet's natural birth.
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unreliable alameen wa Salatu was Salam O Allah emammal mBiA will mursaleen sadhana Mohamed Salah La La wa sallam, or other early he was a happy woman tibia from BSN Isla Yama, Deen allama Charlemagne whom I mean everyone say I mean,

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say like you mean it?

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Me very good. Okay, so we always we always, always, always begin by praising Allah subhanho wa Taala Why do we praise Allah subhanaw taala anybody? Why do we praise God? What's the reason? What's the purpose?

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Why hmm

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He's worthy of being praised. Why is he worthy being praised? Okay, just a great reason because he's a creator because everything we have is is because of him.

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Our sight our hearing, the ability to smile, the ability to laugh, the ability to taste food to enjoy our our clothing to be warm on these cold nights. So Patil I'm not sure if there's anywhere in Cambridge where you can drive and see people or no one drives you everyone rides bikes, it's okay, you can go and

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I don't know you know, everyone rides bikes here, no one drives but if you can, you know, see people sleeping underneath bridges and, and trying to you know, just make it through the night until the next day because they don't have anywhere to live or anywhere to stay. Then you really I mean, you know, the Prophet Muhammad was one time someone someone basically told him that the Quran doesn't have doesn't have an effect on my heart. And he advised the person to go into the head of an orphan child right? Sorry, I have like water

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on me I'm so sorry. I'm not a diva. I'm not like I need water otherwise, I can't go on.

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Just this this Nando's just keeps going back.

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So the prophet SAW someone told him to go pat the head of an orphan child to and and why is that the case? Is there something special about patting the head of an orphan child that that makes that situation different? No, it's it's the reality of the fact that you're, you're going and you're making physical contact with someone who has less than you. And that that will soften your heart and in essence, to have a soft heart is to be able to receive the Quran. And so we praise Allah spawn Tada, because we're sitting in this room tonight, and it's warm and it's comfortable. Whereas some people would dream of being in rooms like this would dream of being able to sit and just relax for a

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while. And then we We ask Allah we ask God to send his peace and blessings upon the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam.

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And simply I mean without without much elaboration, which could be forever. The prophet SAW sent him is the reason why we have what we have. He's the catalyst forest, then he's the connection that we have. He's the change Allah spawn, tada, that was provided to us. And so it's, you know, if any of you ever ordered a package that you were waiting for, like desperately, like amazon.com or something. Yeah, or Dakota, UK, sorry.

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So you guys like ordered a package? Like, you know, sometimes when the new iPhone comes out, everyone orders and they're all excited. They're waiting for their tracking online, they're waiting for it. And so, you know, somehow, whenever I'm waiting for a package that I'm really interested in, it's not just that I want the package, but all of a sudden now the delivery guy is like the coolest guy ever. So like the guy comes on, thank you so much, dude, how's your day going? He's like, good here. And he's like walking away. So like you not only do you appreciate the the gift you're waiting for but also the person who gave it to you. And also the person. He's not only a delivery man, I

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sent him but he's a teacher. He's a Marathi. He's a mentor. He's all the above. And so we asked a lot of sentence Peace and blessings upon him for that as well.

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I think the brother wants to mountain to get the water I believe. But anyways, it's okay. It feels better now. So, tonight's talk is well, the tour in general is called be like Mohammed, I want everyone to say be like Mohammed.

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Okay, good. I was afraid for a second. I was like, Do you speak English?

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Everyone makes fun of the Americans like we made the language. I was like, said anything. So the tonight tonight's talk is is kind of officially that the kickoff of the black Muhammad tour. And when I was speaking to my teachers, including, you know, Sheldon Nasir and you know, hey, thanks. Okay. Let's take that they the idea of naming a tour a command right.

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about something to do was kind of the whole focus. And I think the reason why is because that we live we live these lives upon a law and you guys more than I because all of your students Yes. Anyone here not a student. Most people here Okay, so most people here are students, some are but even if you're not, you know, you have situations like work and you have families that you have to attend to. We live very distracting lives. We live very, very complicated lives unless Martha says look at the clock on an incentive fee cabinet. He He declares without a doubt that we created mankind in work, but you will constantly be doing something. You will constantly always be on a

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somewhere. And I'm sure a lot of you feel that way that when you pay off one bill, another bill comes in the mail, when you take one exam, that professor from another class says, we have an exam next week, and it's just never ending stuff to do. This is the way that I lost my father created us, and is the way that he created our lives the number lucam, a UK accent formula, so that he could test this and see out of all these distractions out of all these sort of, you know, complications, which one of you is going to prove to be the best in their actions? And if we look, how are we going to be the best in our actions? What's the guide, what's the sort of blueprint, then simply put, we

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don't need to look any further than how to be like Mohammed Sosa. And so that's, that's why we named the tour the be like Mohammed tour, because I think in times of darkness, in times of confusion, and times of maybe apathy, which can be the most, you know, severe of diseases of the heart, in times of, you know, just kind of being tired. That the, the source of guidance is to be like, Mohammed's a lot worse than them. And so you can't be like somebody unless you know them, right. You know, to learn about somebody is to love them, and to love somebody forces you to learn about them. And what you know, you see it all the time in movies and books, whenever one of the characters develops a

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crush on the other character, then all of a sudden, like he memorizes her schedule, kind of creepy, but okay, but, you know, he like starts and he's like, on Monday, she wears pink and like, it's just like, you know, and it's just, it's an exaggerated idea of the fact that when you truly love somebody, whether it's romantic or platonic, or, or whatever, that you notice details about them. Right, the Sahaba doula on whom they said that the prophet SAW Selim, he had between 12 and 17, great beard hairs towards the end of his life. How would you notice that about somebody unless you seriously seriously appreciated them? Right? They said that, you know, when you shook his hand, I

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sort of slam, your hand would smell like Musk, because that's how he smelled all the time. He smelled like amazing, fragrant Musk, how would you remember that unless you love somebody. So the concept of learning about the problem from associating them is directly tied in being like him, because you can't be like somebody, you won't want to be like somebody unless you love them. You can't love them unless you learn about them. Tonight's talk is talking about or discussing the topic of spending time with the divine.

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Simply put, it's how the Prophet systems relationship was with Allah subhanaw taala very interesting relationship. You know, what I, I did a talk in Milwaukee, which is a city in the United States, which is in a state that's about as big as this entire country. But, uh, you know, we have like, massive amounts of land, and it's just ridiculous. I'm bragging right now. I'm sorry. So, so I was in, I was in a talk in Milwaukee, and it was a lot of like, teenage boys. And it was a brother's youth dam. And you know, cuz sisters, like, they were like, you need to work on making your briyani. And that's all you're good for, which I don't agree with, right? I'm just joking. No gender roles

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here. I'm just kidding around. But they seriously didn't let the sisters come I was really upset about that. I was actually halfway not going to go because of that. But they are from that one anyways. And we I spoke to the brothers and I said, I want you guys to tell me something. And I'm sure the sisters would have had a similar response when I asked them. I said, when I say the word Allah, what's the first thing that comes to your mind?

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When I say the word Allah, and keep in mind, these are teenage boys. So like, a lot of us might be a little bit more nuanced in our cognitive abilities and our capabilities, we might be a little more mature in our understanding of our faith. But a lot of these boys weren't. They weren't your typical teenage boys. They were just kind of like, you know, we pray because our parents tell us to

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and in reality, they don't pray they just go sit in the room and close the door and say Allahu Akbar was sitting on the bed. And then they come out of the room. They're like, I'm done. Right? Mom's like, such a good boy. So, so I asked them and a lot of them Subhanallah this is this is a shame. This is a tragedy they responded by saying we think of anger. So you say the word Allah The first thing I think of is

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not oppression, but like a strong just angry ruler. Like someone who's just gonna come and lay the lay the SmackDown right. And Subhanallah you know, Allah spawn Tada, what's the first thing if you open the Quran? What's the first verse? How does he introduce himself? Bismillah My name is Allah. Al Rahman Rahim, the Most Merciful, the most compassionate, right? And then he says hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen R Rahman Rahim again, you know, when you introduce yourself to somebody first and you tell them is what? Hi, my name is. So what do you tell them?

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What would you say? All right, England. Let's go wake up. What do you what do you when you introduce yourself to somebody? What's the first piece of information you give them? Very good. Your name is your like my name is?

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And then they're like, Oh, my name is you know, Rihanna. And then I'll be like, what do you do right hon arounds like what do you do with your friend do you study are you working? So you try to tell them what is the most defining characteristic about you? Especially if the Arista, proposer hit awkward,

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especially if it's a proposal, right? But you try to tell somebody what the most defining characteristic about you is and so

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Especially if it's somebody that you really like you hit it off with so like you're laughing joking around eating some food you're like, yeah, I'm gonna be like I, you know, I like to do this or I'm an athlete or I love you know, technology or I love watching Sherlock on BBC, it's an amazing show. Or you tell them things that you love about yourself that you actually admire that you're proud of that you want some someone else to know. So Allah subhanaw taala, when he's introducing himself to you and I in the Quran, which by the way, the order of the Quran is also part of why he as well, it's also part of Revelation, then unless Matata introduces himself to you. And he says, My name is

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Allah. And he says, By the way, I'm also the most merciful, most compassionate. That's the first thing that Allah wants you to know about him. Isn't that incredible? And then he says, Al hamdu, lillahi Rabbil alameen rub is like a caretaking, loving, nurturing mentor of a master. It's not the cold Master, like the one who's like going to your job. And it's the one who puts an arm around you and says, Hey, let me show you how this is done. What is the caretaker? So again, a third instance, a third instance of mercy. Then you have a rough man, the Rahim he repeats it again. So you have four and five instances of mercy and love and nurturing. And then you have mad God. Finally, you

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have some mention of countability. So you could say it's five to two or five to one, the ratio of mentions of mercy to accountability or to justice, or you know, I guess you'd say, the day of judgment. So Allah spawn tada wants you to know about his mercy. That's the first thing he wants you to understand. How many of us we were taught this in? Do you guys have Sunday school here or Saturday school? Yeah, how many of us we could say that this was congruent with our Sunday school experience, or how our parents taught us about Allah. You know, oftentimes, we're taught about Allah in a way that represents him as being very, very angry all the time. But if you look in Surah

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Fatiha, that's not how he introduces himself at all. It's a grave misrepresentation.

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And this is why the problem is so subtle. And in the early days before he received what he before he received the revelation, he would go to the mountain and he would, he would search out for a less common thought he would search out for some sort of meaning, you know, the prophet SAW sometimes society, a lot of people try to say, or try to talk about how current modern you know, Western society is so far gone from spiritual accessibility. But you know, if you compare the society now with Arab jaha, back in the day, as if I was there, I say it back in the time the Prophet Muhammad SAW Selim, you, you'll find that there's a lot of commonality, you'll find that both societies have

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rampant alcohol and sexual promiscuity. Both societies were consumed with, with material culture with consumption of things, both societies focused on becoming somebody in the, in the culture in the society in the community, not necessarily focusing as much on what you can give, but what you can become. So we find that our community that we live in, in a great in a great sense, not unlike the Muslim sense, necessarily, has very, a lot of parallels is very similar to the time of the Prophet homosassa.

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Nice religious person, Mashallah. So, that's okay. That's good. Thanks for reminding us. It's a short time. So this this idea, this misnomer, this common sort of, you know, mis education that Oh, the prophet SAW sent him was in a, in a time that was fertile for Islam. They were all waiting there. They were making tau off and they were like, Where is the Prophet? Where's he going? When's he gonna come? That's not what it was like, at all. If you look today, and people walk around the streets of you know, of England, and they walk around the streets of all these different towns, the United Kingdom, and they're like, Man, these people are so lost. Somehow there's so they're just

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addicted to drinking and addicted to just themselves and narcissism is just, I mean, Kanye West is just like the the symbol of narcissism now. Right? And it's very, it's a tragic story, actually. Because back in the day, his earlier albums were very focused on social conscience. But now, all he can talk about is how much money he has. Right? It's all we can talk about. He's a crazy person. He's literally been drove driven crazy, because of his obsession with himself. I mean, Subhanallah, you want to see something that happened to Kenya? What just read the story of the police? It's very similar. I mean, the arrogance overtaking them is very similar. And so don't ever mistake yourself

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and think to yourself that we live in a time that was worse than some of the problems. So it wasn't that bad. Actually. No, it was it wasn't that much better than than it is now. And the problem homosassa them he became dissatisfied. So if we're going to talk about if we're going to start the talk now and get kind of rolling with the points. The Prophet Muhammad SAW them this is the first point that we have to understand is that the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam was discontent was dissatisfied with the way his community was. And it bothered him.

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If we want to establish a relationship with Allah spawn, tada the way that the Prophet system is guiding us to, we have to have that feeling inside of us. That we enjoy being where we are, we understand there's a time and a place Allah subhanaw taala made you live in this country for a reason at this time.

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for a reason, you have a specific goal and agenda, right to complete. That's why you are here. But you should not be comfortable simply consuming what the culture is giving you. The Prophet system was so uncomfortable with it. He didn't like seeing women being treated like objects and being raped and left for nothing. He didn't like seeing children being orphaned and, and, and peep businessmen being cheated. He didn't like seeing these things. And it was to the point where he couldn't sleep well at night. How many of us are going to go after this presentation on our brothers and sisters in Syria, and we're going to sleep just fine. Tonight, we're gonna sleep just fine, like children.

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Right? And so the prophet SAW some part of it part of his, his spiritual growth was his fine tuning to the people around him and how it bothered him. So he would go to the mountain and Jebel Nur. Right, this is called the mountain of light is still there. If you go to Mecca, you can still see it. And the cave he went to was called Adi hit off the Cave of Hira. And if you go again, you can still see it. There's a lot of people that you know, they try to like pray there and stuff like that. But anyways, so if you go to this mountain, you'll see that this is where the Prophet Muhammad Hassan used to sit. How many of you have ever been there before anybody to Holly hit up? How big is

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it do remember how big it is?

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The actual cave itself

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is very small, right? Like You I was actually very shocked when I went there. overseas. I was very shocked to see how small it was. I was like, wow, how would the provinces just sit here, but he just needed some time alone. He needed some time alone. So this discontent with his community drove him to spend some time in reflection in searching for something searching for a deeper meaning. Right. And this is the second point is that if you want to establish a relationship with the divine with God Almighty, then you have to search for that meaning it's not going to come to you. The prophet SAW something didn't just go back to his house and Mecca and sit and say, Well, God didn't come to

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me Give me the message. But he actually went and the hike is very difficult. You drive there with a bus now. And then you walk up all these steps that they've made that wasn't there back then. Okay, that wasn't there. There was no like camel bus, right? It was just you had to walk, the prophet doesn't have to walk many. And he know what he had to do. Sometimes he would stay there because it was pointless to walk back and forth. So he would have, you know, his family members and, and his friends, family members drop off food to him, they would come and they would drop off food to him every now and then. And he would constantly be in retreat. And so to search for something, people so

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many people are like, brother, I want to get Tuckwell, I want to become closer to Allah Tada. But they want to do it on their own terms. They don't want to invest anything into it. You know, when you have a relationship with somebody, and that person never calls you never visits, you never asked how you're doing. Never even tweets that you forgot sick, right? doesn't do anything like doesn't reach out at all. They're always waiting for you to contact them. In fact, they're the person that when their name shows up on your phone, you know that they're going to ask for something, right? How would you treat that person? Well, how would you think of it? You might treat them? Well, because

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you're a good person. But how would you think of that person? You demand this? This person only comes to me when they need something. And they never ever make an effort to invite me over. They never make an effort to meet for coffee. They never make an effort to ask me how I'm doing. All they do is ask when they want something. Now compare our relationship with that person, that hypothetical person to our relationship with Allah. Are we that person? Do we only call we want something? Do we only raise our hands when we're in need? Or do we raise our hands when something good happens? We said hamdulillah do we try to visit a less Montana's house at least once a day? Is there a masala on

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campus? Okay, do we try to visit at least once a day? At least once a day? Right? This is supposed to be like our best friend our companion do we visit him at least once a day in his house and sought out we're gonna talk about later in the talk is our method of conversation do we try to elongate that conversation when you love somebody? You don't try to cut that conversation short brothers in Korean brothers sisters who are engaged You know, I'm talking about or when you first got married, you know, I'm talking about? He'd be like, No, you hang up, right?

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I know. It's kind of a weird example. But imagine in prayer and prayer. We're like trying to finish as soon as possible. So we can get back to real life. So we can get back to our what we need to do. There's none of this, like, No, I don't want to end this. I don't want to end this. There's very little of that. And when we do hit that point, it's like a rare sweetness, right? So the prophet SAW him he teaches us a very valuable lesson that if you want a relationship with Allah, you got to put in some work, you got to invest that time. If you don't invest that time, then you're not going to receive any fruits. If you don't work on watering the plants on fertilizing them on planting them

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correctly, then no fruits are going to come from that plant. No fruits are going to come from that plant. So the problem is awesome. He goes the hottie here all over a long period of time. By the way, it wasn't like he went the first time Bam and jabril ekra. It wasn't like that. He went over many, many weeks and months and months. And then finally, okay. And he didn't know what he was searching for. It wasn't like he was like, okay, angels are real. Where are you? Like, he wasn't like that. When angels came, he was so afraid. He didn't know what he didn't know who who what was in front of them or who was in front of them. And so he's sitting in angels of your eyes and I'm

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coming down with a crop and he's he's shaken and we know from

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The narration that he squeezes the Prophet Mohammed Salim, and the problem is isonzo salaam. This wasn't like a hug, give him a cola. This wasn't like a hug, like, oh, like it. Give me a hug you Come on, like, come on. No, the Prophet says I'm describing he said, I felt as if my soul was going to leave my body. I thought I was gonna die.

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And he says, The Prophet says, Matt, it'd be cloudy. I'm not I'm not a recycler. I'm not a reader. And he says, again, he squeezes them again, and the province at this point is crying. What I don't know what else to do. I'm telling you the truth over and over again. I'm still receiving this punishment. What else can I do to stop this?

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Is it corrupt this middle become lazy HELOC? That's when jabril gets real on him and says, This is what you've been searching for. You're getting it read in the name of your Lord who created you? Right? This is where an interested Bertha delivers that that gift. He says you've been investing all this time coming here searching for something searching for answers because you're tired of feeling what you're feeling you're tired of society being the way it is. You want to see positivity. You want to see change. Here it is, this is the message I'm giving you.

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So he receives it. He goes back to his wife. These are the ohana our mother. He's shaken visibly shaken. He she's actually shaking like he's he's tremor. He says me loonies. Me Looney deathy Rooney Rooney Cover me up, cover me wrapping me up, cover me up. Because he's like, I'm shivering. It's not cold. It's the desert, obviously. Right? But he's, he's shaking out of that that experience. And Khadija rhodiola. Han Has she turns to him and she says What happened? And he said, this happened to me this he narrates the whole experience. And he says, His got upset with me. That's the first thing he's worried about. He's not worried about like, you know, Subhanallah we, we do things and we're

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like, Oh, for sure. God's gonna accept it. Right? We're like smoking on that shisha pipe, or like, YOLO I'm just gonna, I'm gonna make this stuff far later, right? The Prophet says, I didn't even do anything wrong. He didn't make any mistakes. He just went to go retreat and meditate. And at last month, it came to him through inches of Braille and gave him that message. And what's the first thing he asked his wife after he's after that experience? is Allah angry at me?

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Like he's so concerned, his relationship with Allah, in his mind is so important. The last thing he would want us for LSP upset with him more than anything, that physical pain he went through doesn't matter that shivering he's going through doesn't matter is upset with me that all that matters to me right now.

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So these are the early Lohan Has she says no, no, of course not. She says you feed the orphan.

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Right? She's you take care of people who need your help. She says, You're the one that when anybody needs any assistance, they know they can call on you, Mohammed Ahmed, Abdullah, God would never be upset with someone like you.

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Right. Now, fast forward, the prophet SAW Selim.

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Even Ambassador de la Ron, he says that, in Ithaca theory, he narrates this in a subsea, he says that after a few days, it could have been like eight days or 12 days, Allah spawn Tada. There was no revelation after that point. So there was no revelation after that point. So there was a there was maybe one instance some some scholars say, but some of us do, and generally say that there was no revelation for a period of time it was cut off.

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Now what happens brothers and sisters, who's the most beloved person to you in your life, by the way?

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Who isn't?

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Your mom? Very good. Is she here? Okay. So she'll find out that we're being recorded, like meetup calm. So

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no, that's, that's very good. I mean, I think a lot of us will say our mothers, right, our moms are our most beloved person to us. And that's right in line with the son of the Prophet, so send them right, and you could have you know, mothers be the most beloved. And then after that might be your father. And then after that might be like, you know, your, your spouse, if you're married, or your closest friends, or maybe you have a really close uncle that you're that you just love or an auntie that you love.

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What happens brothers and sisters or brothers who just answered the question, what happens if you go home and your mom's upset with you? And she's giving you the silent treatment?

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You get quiet tea, right? You just like, what did I do? You know, I was teaching my middle school kids are like 1213 years old. And I told them we were talking about this Hadees where Allah spawn Tada, may Allah protect us from this, he said that on the Day of Judgment for a certain person for a certain group of people, a less Matata will not even look at them. Right. And so there was a hadith that we were learning and I forget it to I forget exactly what it was right now. But elephants, I will not even when I even looked to them. And elephants, I will not even speak to them on the Day of Judgment. And I said, you know, there's a certain almost relief that you get when you get home, and

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you know, your mom's upset with you. And she just yells at you. Because then after it's over, you're like, Okay, we're done. Right? And you go to your room and you're like, I'll sit here for 30 minutes. I'll let the debris settle. Right. Then I'll go downstairs, I'll start helping her roll the throttle, right. I'll be like it. I'll slowly try to make my way and you're like, yeah, I'll do that. I'll do that. Right. And then after a while, like, you know, moms are just so soft. Michelle, a lot of it. Moms are the only people who could yell at you and cook for you at the same time. Right? They're like you're a worthless child.

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Right. And you're like, Okay, like, what do you do you want this? Or do you want a sandwich? What do you want? You know, like, okay, right? Like, I want both. Okay, I'll give you both worthless child. So

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but you know, when your mother yells at you Subhanallah you're like, or your, you know, your friend, let's say you get into an argument with a friend or so whenever there's a moment of climax, it boils over, you know, after that inshallah things will get better, right. And this is actually even in counseling me in a master's in counseling. He's actually even psychologically proven that after a cathartic episode, sometimes people start to feel better. So you kind of like snap, everyone just says their piece, they vent. And then everyone's like, oh, that wasn't so bad. Okay, fine, whatever, let's just be friends again. So with your mom, it's like, you know, she kind of just let it go. The

00:25:42 --> 00:26:12

worst punishment, and this is what my middle schooler said, the worst punishment is when they don't even yell at you. So when we go home from school, and if we did something really bad, or whatever happened, and our parents just look at us, and they say, I'm disappointed in you. They said, that's the worst, because you know, that they're holding everything inside. This is from 11 year olds, about 1112 year olds, they're so attuned to emotion that even they understand this. They're like, they know, there's, they're like, it's the worst thing because you know, that they're holding inside. And then on top of that, they said if they don't even talk to you, if you walk in, and all

00:26:12 --> 00:26:23

they do is like, you know, let's say you got like a speeding ticket, or like your report card is really bad. And they're like, they just kind of leave it on the table and just look at it and shake their head. They don't even say a word. They're like, that's the ultimate worst.

00:26:24 --> 00:27:02

So when you love somebody, brothers and sisters, communication with them, is something that your soul needs, communication, being able to talk to them, right. I'm traveling right now from my home in Knoxville. And I don't have a SIM card in my phone yet. So I'm like trying to get on Wi Fi wherever I am. Just so I can text my wife, right and text my mom and everybody people I love just so I can say Hey, what's up? Right? just kind of keep that conversation going. And so getting the silent treatment is bad not being able to communicate is bad. So when the prophet SAW sent him when he gets cut off for those few days, that's essentially what he felt like, you know, he felt like

00:27:02 --> 00:27:14

Allah spawn tada was upset with him. Because he's like, why would he stop talking to me? Right? And he's very, very, like, confused. Because he loved the Quran he loved here. He loved to recite, love to feel it.

00:27:15 --> 00:27:49

So what did some of the chorus do? They started calling him out. And they started saying, Yeah, your Lord. Yeah, he hates you. Right? That he hates your data. Like he hates you. And he's cutting you off. We'll call it luck. I like he and he's cutting you off. And they will and as he was walking in the streets, they'd be like, hey, look, it's the guy who's cut off is the guy who is God hates him. And so that taunting would he make it even worse? And Allah subhanaw taala was so protective over the Prophet Muhammad SAW Selim, right? Because when you're in a relationship with somebody as a friend, as a, as a as a good friend, when you have a relationship with somebody, what happens when

00:27:49 --> 00:28:25

someone picks on them? You feel the need to defend them, right? And so, Allah subhanaw taala defends the Prophet so saddened by what what do Ha. But lately, there's a man with dakara buka or malerkotla. He says, What the *? Firstly, don't say that what Doha is the soft, beautiful, almost refreshing morning light. I know in England, you guys are like, have clouds everywhere, but like, I'll tell you something. There is something called the sun. Okay, and it gives off this light that is incredible. No, no, but I'm sure all of you know what I'm talking about that there those days were like this light comes out. And Subhanallah you might have felt so exhausted, but you step out

00:28:25 --> 00:29:03

the front door, you hear the birds chirping, and you see the dew on the grass, and it's like a nice brisk, like, I don't know what the centigrade is, but it's like 58 degrees. It's like really nice. It's like nice enough for just a thin a thin jacket. It just feels good. You're going to get some coffee or some tea or something you just feel like great. It's a great Saturday morning you're just feel relaxed and rejuvenated. This is what the highs and the high is that moment where that nice calming soft but rejuvenating light is there. And St Louis say that this was the first revelation of Quran for the Prophet Muhammad Salah because what is the function of light brothers and sisters?

00:29:04 --> 00:29:06

What is the function of light What do we use it for the most?

00:29:10 --> 00:29:12

to illuminate before what

00:29:13 --> 00:29:15

so like if the room is dark well I'm going to pull out my

00:29:17 --> 00:29:52

torture flashlight right? So sorry. So I bought my flashlight and what I do with it I make I start to make away for myself. So I pull up my phone I turn the light and I'm looking so I can guide myself. So Allah subhanaw taala he creates this metaphor of a Doha this soft rejuvenating light is the Quran, it's this guidance, it's the thing by which you can see because without light can you see? You can't right. So light is the thing which enables you to see and that is also the function of the Quran. Quran is the thing which enables you to see throughout the darkness of society. And then he says what lately either sagia right.

00:29:53 --> 00:29:59

And the night when it falls and when it when it becomes still such as is is when nothing is moving

00:30:00 --> 00:30:36

So you go outside and you came in here, any cars? You don't hear any animals moving. You don't even hear any insects. It's just still, right. Well, that's the opposite of the Doha, right. Because the Doha, people are walking out. The birds are chirping, you can hear like the person getting the newspaper, there's some activity there's some life going on, when lately either sagia is when the night cuts everything off and makes it still. And so Alice wants out of the saying this point that you are in that point, those few days where you weren't getting any current revelation, that was allayed. But lately, that's such a matter what dakara buka woman, kala, your Lord has not cut you

00:30:36 --> 00:31:13

off, nor is he displeased, that you. And this when you are when you are convinced that somebody is upset with you, when you are convinced that somebody is angry at you, and as somebody who's just so perturbed and just wants to, like, hit you. And they come to you and they say, No, I was never upset with you. That's the most relieving feeling ever. That when when you when your mom, you go home and you're like my mom, for sure is gonna be me, right? This is gonna, she's gonna just want me with her jumbo right here and then your mom comes in your mom says to you, like, No, no, I wasn't upset with you. I wasn't upset. Right? That's when you just feel so relieved. Your heart just starts to beat

00:31:13 --> 00:31:45

normally again. And so Allah spawn tada in this relationship with the Prophet Muhammad SAW something he says, No, I wasn't upset with you. I was never upset with you. Right? And you can almost imagine like this, this, this mentor looking at his his mentee just smiling, saying I was never upset. Right? Fast forward now to the to the the hardest year of the problem human systems life. So he went through that initial stage where a less bounce out, I literally started the conversation caught on as the conversation of a less cansado with each of us. And so we have to ask yourself the question before we move on, is do we see it as that kind of conversation? Do we ever want it to end? You

00:31:45 --> 00:32:20

never want your conversations with your beloved 10 ever? So we're reading called on when we're resetting code or listening to Quran? Do we feel sour turning it off? Because if we do, that's a good sign. Everyone has to turn it off. Sometimes you got to go to work, you got to go to bed. You got to go to class. You have to turn it off. Sometimes you got to close the book. It's normal. It's okay. But do you feel Sauer doing so? That's the question. Now the Prophet Muhammad says I'm 13 years later, we talked about investing time into a relationship by going to the mountain over and over again. Let's talk about 13 years 13 years of preaching this message 13 years of worshiping

00:32:20 --> 00:32:41

Allah spawn tada gathering people of teaching people 13 years. And throughout those 13 years the profit from the sale selling let's go over an inventory real quick. His father was passed away before he was born. Yes, yes or no. His mother passed away when he was six years old, very good. Then his he was under the care of who?

00:32:44 --> 00:33:26

His grandfather of the mortality, right? And he passed away. And then he was under the care of who his uncle obatala I will thought of and then he actually married these are the lavon how while he was still like obatala was still there. So he had Ableton Live in Khadija. But he had already been through so many family losses. And then if you look at the 13th year, the 12th year of the mission, the Tao of the Prophet Muhammad, so send them the message, you see that his uncle and wife passed away in that same year. And this was when the torture and the harassment was getting to a point where it was just unprecedented. Never Never this bad ever, even for the problem homicidal never

00:33:26 --> 00:33:58

this bad. and combine that now with the fact that his political protection was removed and his uncle because his uncle was not wealthy, but his uncle had political swag, right? So imagine like somebody who's not that rich, but they have a lot of respect in the community because they're an elder. And they say to the police, they're like, Don't give this don't give my nephew or niece a speeding ticket ever. Right? And you just feel like you can drive anywhere and not to worry about getting in trouble for anything while driving. That's kind of like what the prophet SAW him was in he was never gonna get harassed because his uncle's obatala. Then financially, he had his wife Khadija who was

00:33:58 --> 00:34:11

supporting everything right through her businesses that she owned. She was supporting all of the sort of endeavors of the Prophet Muhammad SAW said and while he was teaching while he was spending his time being the Prophet ISIS, so they both passed away.

00:34:13 --> 00:34:27

I mean, what do you guys do when somebody passes away? Who's close? Who's close? Like a friend of yours? They're their beloved pass away. What do you do? Like your cousin? Or like maybe perhaps even like your uncle or aunt, they have a family member who passes away what's the process you go through with them?

00:34:32 --> 00:34:49

Try consoled them. So the first thing you do is you're like, maybe call them I heard the bad news. I'm so sorry. I wish I was there with you. Or if they're nearby, you might go over to their house. Yeah. And then what do you do what what what's generally encouraged when people when they when they have family members or friends who pass away? A lot of times counselors will tell you to what spend,

00:34:50 --> 00:34:51

spend what

00:34:53 --> 00:34:53


00:34:55 --> 00:34:59

spend time with them just like what care for offering answers. Spend time with them. So somebody passes away.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:20

It's a very, very close friend of yours who lost somebody and you want to go spend, you want to go see them. Okay, let's just let's just go talk about it. Right? Let's just sit together even if it's quiet even the person just reflecting a lot. Let's just go sit together, let's go spend time together. So the problem is so Sanam is going through the hardest time of his life and his wife Khadija, for those of you to understand his wife Khadija, you have to understand something.

00:35:22 --> 00:35:35

His daughter, Fatima was the only living child well, who live long term past lives, the pups the son from his wife, Khadija and other family members of the Prophet so send them

00:35:36 --> 00:36:12

both by blood and by marriage, were jealous of that relationship of the Prophet system and faulty Ma. And this is documented in the seal. Why? Because they shared a special bond there, they both had a relationship with each other the Fatima's relationship was that she was her daughter, and the profit systems relationship was a he was her husband. So the profit assignment and we know the famous had the two parents narration where, you know, I share the profit system used to always talk about Khadija as this wonderful woman who supported the mission. And we always did such great things. And I one day got so fed up. And she said, Why do you keep talking about that? That that

00:36:12 --> 00:36:47

that lady from from old times, right, and the Prophet system got so upset, his face turned racist, please don't ever talk about her like that. So please, don't ever talk about her like that, up until the day that he passed away. And so sometimes he would send food to his relatives and friends. He would send them gifts. you'd normally do that you do that with your when your spouse is still alive, right? My brother in law's birthday was the other day, my wife and I sent him a gift because he's my brother in law. But the question is, how much love do you have for somebody when even after your spouse dies, you still send gifts to their relatives religiously, as though the spouse was still

00:36:47 --> 00:37:04

alive. So to understand the profit systems relationship with Khadija you have to understand two people who were incredibly in love with each other incredibly admirable of each other, they just they loved each other, they admired each other, they respected one another and they support each other. Now imagine that this person has taken from you

00:37:05 --> 00:37:14

and anytime you see any remnants of her anything that she owned, there was once a necklace that she owned the Prophet says I'm sorry he started crying because he missed her.

00:37:17 --> 00:37:18

She passes away

00:37:19 --> 00:37:39

What does Allah Spano Tata now do this is spending time with the divine This is why we invest in a relationship with Allah spawn Tada. This is why we try to become his close worshiper and and and develop a very close relationship with him. Because in times of difficulty brothers and sisters, he will pull you up you know what he does to the problem? homosassa them just like we would do.

00:37:40 --> 00:37:44

He calls the Prophet system for a visit. This famous trip is called what

00:37:46 --> 00:38:17

it's talking about odds very good. Listen, I'm Mr. Raj. So Allah spawn tada after this most difficult time is most difficult time he calls the Prophet system up for a trip. He says, Come visit me. Right? He says your people are torturing you. Your family has passed away like so many members of your family has passed away. Your uncle who you love so much died right in front of your eyes, not taking the message, then your wife passes away. Now the torture is getting more and more your companions are suffering from harassment. He says come visit me come just spend some time with me.

00:38:18 --> 00:38:34

So the Prophet Muhammad still sell him and he even sent him a car right? What's not a car it's a book but it's like a horse but he sends him like a vehicle to to come to come visit. He's I'll take care of all the transportation. I'll take care of all the accommodations. I don't care about any of the obstacles that you have. Just come spend some time with me.

00:38:35 --> 00:38:57

And so the Prophet Muhammad SAW something goes and he rides on and buraq and he goes and he leads prayer for all the NBA. He goes up to visit Allah spawn tada through the heavens. He talks to all the the you know the Hall of Fame, so to speak of all the NBA on the way up, he gets up to the top and he says at the heads of the LA salado events, he says Oh Allah give you the most pure greetings in the purest praise.

00:38:58 --> 00:39:32

A set ny AK un nibi Allah spawn tada turns back to the Prophet so Salaam Jalla wa ala However, he may have done it. And he said, I said Mr. Leggett, you had to be a Peace be upon you, all messenger. What are some of the law he would have kept him at the mercy of Allah and the blessings? Imagine if Allah Subhana Allah himself told us today, Monica, that his peace and blessings be upon you? Would you ever have a worry for the rest of your life about anything? What kind of approval must Allah Subhana Allah have had for the prophet SAW Selim? That he said Salaam Allah una de la to LA to Baraka to my peace, my blessings and mercy will always be on you.

00:39:34 --> 00:39:40

And that moment, if I was there, both sisters, no offense to any of you, I love you all so much, I would not have thought of one of you at all.

00:39:41 --> 00:39:43

I wouldn't have thought of anybody else but myself.

00:39:44 --> 00:39:46

What response to the prophet SAW someone give

00:39:47 --> 00:39:50

to them why Dana y live Abdullah Hassan.

00:39:51 --> 00:40:00

He says, peace be upon me. And then he extends it, he says, and upon your righteous worshipers those who try their best to worship you. He thought about you and I

00:40:00 --> 00:40:00

At that moment,

00:40:01 --> 00:40:09

I mean, this is true love. So he's taking the relationship he has with the last balance out, and he's telling him what he's saying, Allah, I have a lot of other people that I want you to meet,

00:40:10 --> 00:40:11

because they're trying their best to get to you.

00:40:13 --> 00:40:44

So we take this, this this moment, this lesson to reflect that the relationship that the profitsystem had with us about how close is the prophet SAW Selim, that he's introducing other people to him now. He's telling him y'all love. There's all these other righteous servants who are trying to get close to you. And he's bringing us up in a conversation. And we know from other times other narrations where the prophet SAW Selim, we'd be walking with his companions. And he would tell them, he would say I miss my brothers and my sisters because the Arabic male form is universal. So we can include sisters as well. It was my missing my brothers, my sisters, and then the companions,

00:40:44 --> 00:40:57

the Sahaba was the adults what law? Isn't that us? And he would say, No, no, no, you're my companions. That's different. You live with me in this life. He goes, my brothers and my sisters are those who will live, they will never meet me never see me never hear me, but they will still follow, do their best to follow me.

00:40:59 --> 00:41:26

And so we know that he thought about us, we know that he was constantly you know, you'd be in prayer crying, and he would say, oh, Matthew, Matthew, He would say, my own mind my own, and I showed it to him. She thought that she would be sleeping, but he would see the prophet SAW Selim in such that on his busted face, crying tears being because he was concerned he was worried about us. He was worried he knew that fitting that the countless fit then we're going to come and bump into us and act as obstacles to us and he was worried So how am I going to respond to these things?

00:41:27 --> 00:41:58

Now we'll fast forward again. So we had the first instance which was what Allah spawn tada starts the conversation with him. And then we have the conversation gets cut off the Prophet So Sam is heartbroken. He thinks that Allah is upset with him. And Allah Subhana Allah says, Matt with the Aquila, Bukola malerkotla. And so there's this kind of relationship building between them where you see an obvious appreciation, whenever the Prophet sesamum is taunted or harassed by people that are less prone to that comes down to him and he says what? No, and he defends him on behalf he defends the prophet SAW them on his own behalf. Then check this out. This is also incredible. The prophet

00:41:58 --> 00:42:21

SAW Selim his character was so good you guys know the famous sort of acquittal Yeah, you hit a cafe rune. Right? How many people do you meet nowadays who are so comfortable calling everybody so far? You guys ever met someone who's like so comfortable saying the word Catholic father aka father Catholic? You know why? Subhanallah I believe it was the machete from Allah very famous gods of seer. You know why Allah quantize? That's cool. Yeah, you will kaffee rune.

00:42:22 --> 00:42:24

You know why there's a coil first.

00:42:25 --> 00:43:00

What is that in Arabic? What What time is that? For what? Very good. So he's commanding the Prophet says I'm good. Yeah, you have kaffee rune? And the scholars, they comment and they say, Why did Allah have to commend the prophet SAW something to say? Yeah, you had kaffee rune, because that was not his character. He wouldn't address them like that. Because it was too sharp for the prophet SAW sent him. He wouldn't just go to cosmetic cafe. He wouldn't feel comfortable constantly ocufa he wouldn't feel comfortable. So unless Pousada his relationship with the Prophet system was so close, that he had to say, oh, messenger couldn't say it to them. Right? You have to say it and I know

00:43:00 --> 00:43:06

you're soft. I know that. You don't want to say no, you don't want to push them away. But you have to address them with this. You have to be stern with these certain people.

00:43:07 --> 00:43:08

Now we'll fast forward to the end.

00:43:10 --> 00:43:22

After you've been after you've had a long relationship with a certain person, right? And I missed by the way, I moved away from my mother. Are you guys moving away from your parents? Your parents live somewhere else? Generally? Yeah. How do you feel when you go home? Visit your parents?

00:43:23 --> 00:43:24


00:43:25 --> 00:43:28

over the moon, right? I'm assuming that means good. I don't know.

00:43:29 --> 00:43:31

I'm like, Oh, God, someone helped us brother.

00:43:32 --> 00:43:46

No, no, I know what that means. Just kidding. Right? No, exactly. I mean, you feel just in credit, like, so when I go visit my mom. Now. I could just I could just sit in her lap. And I'm like, 260 pounds. I don't think she wants me to. I don't know how many kilos that is. But,

00:43:47 --> 00:44:01

you know, somehow, like, when you're younger, there's no one that you want it to get away from more than your parents sometimes. Because you just wanted to, just like I'm so done with being commanded to do chores. But then as you get older, I'm almost 26 my birthday isn't a little bit.

00:44:02 --> 00:44:34

You don't want to do anything else. But think about them and spend time with them. You know, especially when you realize the problem my mom she used to. She used to be able to when we played too much Nintendo and PlayStation. She used to be able to carry the TV outside of the house with their bare hands. Like the Hulk and she would put it in her minivan and she would drive the TV to work with her so that we wouldn't play all day while she was at work. Okay, and she was that strong Mashallah, like she was just we wake up at seven in the morning be like, Yeah, she forgot the TV, because she would normally ask us to help her. So we're like, oh, we shouldn't wake us up to help

00:44:34 --> 00:44:40

her nice. Oh, yeah, we run on series. It's gone. We're like you carried by yourself. It's just like, God, do what you gotta do. Right?

00:44:41 --> 00:44:44

Then now somehow, like I remember like, before I moved, my mom.

00:44:46 --> 00:44:52

She She asked me to help me carry she asked me to help her carry a gallon of milk in because it was too heavy for her.

00:44:53 --> 00:44:57

And her wrists hurt. And so as you get older, you really realize

00:45:12 --> 00:45:14

You really realize how valuable

00:45:15 --> 00:45:20

those moments of caring TVs are. Because one day will come where they'll have trouble carrying

00:45:21 --> 00:45:59

a jug of milk. So when you spend a lot of time away from your beloved, like your mom, or you know, if you're married your spouse or close friends, then you know, you get together and all you want to do is spend kind of like your last moments together. And you think about, you know, you want to just be able to sit together and reflect on the good times that you had. So the Prophet Muhammad wa sallam, he gets to the point where he's visiting one day, he's visiting a doctor. And he's a, he's visiting all the companions who passed away in the battles and just over time, and he says to them, he speaks to them. He says, I'll be joining you soon. And as he walks back from a bulky out, he

00:45:59 --> 00:46:35

develops a very serious headache. And that headache proved to be the beginning of the prophet SAW Saddam's pains of death. And as he spent time passing away, we're just gonna, you know, fast forward because I'm running a little short on time, but as he spends his weeks and he's he's sort of in this severe intense, feverish pain. The Prophet Muhammad SAW Sanam is surrounded and is visited by those people that love him the most. And so you have, for example, his family comes to him, his daughter, Fatima comes to him crying, he's in the lap of his wife, Ayesha, Abubakar Siddique comes to him, all these people who he spent all these years with now 23 years, some of them even longer being friends

00:46:35 --> 00:47:05

with being close companions, they come in, they visit him, and they're trying to take care of him. And there are some days where he's feeling better. But there are also some days where he's feeling very, very, very terrible and much worse. And so the Prophet Muhammad SAW said him eventually it comes to the last few days. And he's there surrounded by the people in this world that he loves the most. I want you guys to remember this point. He's with the people in this world that he loves the most. He's in the lap of his wife, Ayesha, his best friend is visiting him every single day. And his daughter, Fatima comes to him and she, you know, takes care of like brushing his teeth and things

00:47:05 --> 00:47:40

like that. These are the people that he loves the most. When you think about who you want to be with, when it's time for you to go, you think about those who you love the most your parents, your siblings, your friends, you want them to be around you because as you depart this world, you want to be with them in that sort of sweet gathering, that bittersweet gathering. And so, at the moment of his passing, the Prophet Muhammad SAW Selim, you know, the they narrate that his fever began to get to this unprecedented heat, and he began to sweat immensely, and he looked up at the sky and he raised his finger. And he said, This phrase, he loud if he could, Allah is allowed to figure that

00:47:40 --> 00:48:13

either he said it to the, to the, to the greatest, or the most high of friends and companions, right? And that high station, and basically the what we were told was that all prophets are asked if they would like to pass away we know that Prophet Musa alayhis salaam, when the angel of death came to him and asked him, you know, do you Is it your time to go he punched the angel of death in the face. And, and it's true, it's in the narrations, and angels, this one back to last month, it was his eye and he said, look what he did to me. And so we know that the prophets like their their death is not just like, sudden their life is not just taken from them. Rather, it's sort of preempted. And

00:48:13 --> 00:48:48

so when the angel came and asked the prophet SAW inside of them, if you would like to stay here are if you would like to go to, you know, to meet Allah spawn Tada, he said, eat up, eat out, we'll figure it out. And so you look and you see how strong this relationship the Prophet system had was, with his Lord, that it started in the beginning with a powerful conversation, one that very literally got the Prophet so addicted to the Quran, that he didn't, he couldn't go a day without it without hearing the Quran without being given the Quran. Unless you would feel sad, he alas montage I couldn't go a day without calling the Prophet so suddenly, unless the prophet SAW someone feel

00:48:48 --> 00:49:21

upset. And then finally, you find that when the prophet SAW something was in the worst of his times, Allah subhanaw taala, called the prophet SAW, sent him up and said, come spend some time with me, it'll make you feel better. And he gave him this gift of what of prayer. And he said, if you want to feel connected to me, then there are five times a day where you should take time out just like you meditated in the body hit just like he went up to the debit of Newark, just like I gave you the Quran there take five times a day to zone out from all the distractions, all the white noise, all the static of this world, all the constant advertising, all the constant marketing, all the constant

00:49:21 --> 00:49:53

badgering, we need you to buy this, we need you to sign up for this. And just take time out to just decompress and take five times a day to connect with me and have a conversation with me. Right when you go out for a long visit or retreat. What is your mom tell you? She says what call me every once in a while, right? Call if you have a mom like mine call me every hour, right? So last month, I said yes, we'll log said call me five times a day. I'll be here with you. We can talk five times a day. We can get you through whatever difficulties you're going through. And then finally, at the very end of his life, the prophet SAW Selim was excited to meet Allah spawn Tada. And we know that there's a

00:49:53 --> 00:50:00

narration that tells us that whoever is excited to me last month, last month, I was excited to meet that person. And so you see that the prophet SAW sent him when it came

00:50:00 --> 00:50:35

To being like him, and spending time with the divine, which is the whole purpose of this talk that we're concluding right now, the prophet Sal sentiment gives us a very, very simple but diff yet yet regimented blueprint on how to establish a relationship with Allah. It starts with code on. Very simply put, it starts with Koran, we have to ask ourselves for the sisters, what's our relationship with the Quran? What is our relationship with the Quran? Is it something that we read when someone dies or buys a house or get married? You know, I had the most awkward moment ever, someone asked me because I was the tallest to carry the coat on over the new bride and groom's head as they walked,

00:50:35 --> 00:51:09

and like, I just don't do that. But it's only because I was tall. Right? They were like everyone else he was short, no one else can reach. Can you please do it? And I was like, my hands hurt. Sorry. So you know, but is that are really is that the extent of our relationship with the Koran, that this book came to guide all of humanity through the through for the rest of for the rest of time, until the day of judgment. And we only use it when someone gets married or dies or buys a house? Or over we have an exam? So you see, right? Right? Is that the extent or do we use it? You know, the soprano Sahaba, there's a narration that says that when they lost the rope to their camel.

00:51:09 --> 00:51:40

So imagine you lost your bike lock, or you lost your car keys, that the first place they would go was they would start to revise their Koran because they felt there's this book has the answer to every other question that I have. So maybe it has the answer to this question. Whereas my camel rope, they literally thought that like this was this was and it sounds funny to us. And we're chuckling from the love. But at the same time, think about this, that was the state of mind that they were in that this book literally has the answer to every other question in my life. Right? So maybe it has the answer to this one too. And then obviously, you know, when I left fourth, I didn't

00:51:40 --> 00:52:19

say you know, you left your camel rope like behind your the rock, like they would be like, oh, but understand that mindset, that's the mindset that we need to develop as believers is, is that this book is literally an answer book to a lot of to all the questions at some point that we have in our lives, right, then the second thing is that we cannot be neglecting prayers. We cannot be neglecting prayers, we cannot be rushing prayers. We can't be, you know, trying to speed through them so that we can get back to our dunya we relationships. This is another very important imperative aspect of developing a relationship with Allah with the divine is that the prayer has to be seen as sort of a

00:52:19 --> 00:52:51

meeting time with him. And if you if you could meet anyone on Earth, you would not want that meeting to be short. If you had the choice to meet anybody you wanted to on Earth, like you were like that you can meet anyone you want. You know, some people would pick a famous person, some people might pick a family member, some people might pick, you know, whoever they're in love with. You would never want that meeting to end. And so how do you think Allah tala feels when we're speeding through that little prayer? We're speeding through that macgruber Isha prayer, right? So we need to make sure our prayers are on point. And the last point is this is that the Prophet says sometimes life

00:52:51 --> 00:53:21

teaches us a very valuable lesson. And this is something that we all whether or not we are open about it, or whether or not we're honest about it, we're very concerned about it, which is on the date on the last days of our lives as we pass away, what's going to be our status. Are we going to want to meet a less Pousada? It's kind of something that you get nervous about when you think about it. Because you wonder, you're like, I'm so immersed in this dunya I have so many interests that are very dear to me, and I have so many things that are going on, that I hope and pray that my heart is one that when I'm passing away, I'm excited to meet Allah.

00:53:22 --> 00:53:59

The prophet SAW something tells us that if you live a life, of dedication and devotion and love of the Quran, and respect and completion of your prayers, then he says, I can guarantee you that on the last days of your life, you also will be saying eat out, don't freak out Allah to Allah the Most High, right? And so we ask Allah Spano Tata to give us the ability to have a relationship with him. We ask Allah, Allah to give us the capability and ability to forge that relationship so that it becomes something that really becomes the light by which we see the world and gives us the answer to all the problems that we have and becomes a solution for all the difficulties that we encounter in

00:53:59 --> 00:54:29

this world. We asked the West mentality to give us love of Allah and love of the Prophet Muhammad SAW Selim, and love of those whom he loves and love of those who love Him. And love all the actions that are righteous, and keep us away from those that are evil. Just knock them off him for inviting me to university to Hogwarts School of wizard and witchcraft and I really appreciate you guys spending time I know we should have a little bit late and I spoke for so long, but I really appreciate your patience and I hope that we all came closer to a less montage together. So panic alarm will be Hambrick national en la isla Atlanta and so critical to be like so I want to

One of the noble characteristics of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was his connection to Allah (SWT). In this video, Ustadh AbdelRahman Murphy talks about how we should emulate that connection within ourselves too.

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