Shirk is the Biggest Sin in Islam

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shuriken Islam is the biggest sin schicke, an Arabic myth associating partners. In the Islamic terminology, it means associating partners with Allah.

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It is the biggest sin. If you break any one of the three categories of Tawheed you're doing * it

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is the biggest thing in Islam. And Allah says in the Quran in surah Nisa, chapter number four was number 14. Allah forgive it not

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that you associate partners with him, anything else if he pleases, he may forgive, but anyone who associate partners with him, has done the most grievous. He has sent.

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The same message repeated and you certainly saw chapter number four was the 116. Allah subhana wa Taala does not forgive the sin of joining God's with him. Anything is if he pleases me forgive, but anyone who has joined gods with Allah, He has strayed away too far. So according to the Quran, the sin which Allah will never forgive a sheikh.

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Therefore, while doing Dawa, while speaking to any human being, the best message you can convey, is conveyed the message of Tawheed Allah, Allah is Allah that we worship none but Allah.

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And Allah says in the Quran in surah Maya, chapter number five was the most only two. It says laka kufra Allah Xena Carlu in the Lucha

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wall mercy of new Mariam. They are doing cuff those who say that Allah is Christ, the Son of Mary Wirkkala mercy, but Sir Christ, yobbery froyle Alton rough Israel with Allah worship Allah Rob Eva bukem Who's my Lord and your Lord in normal you shake Biller, anyone who associate partner with Allah,

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Allah Allah Jana, Allah will make Jana forbidden for them. Allah will make paradise forbidden for them for Marva ha na Malik solemnly mean and far, and fire shall be dwelling place, and he shall have no help us in the hereafter. Jesus Christ peace be upon him said enormous Shrek Billa anyone who associate partner with Allah Hara Malala Jana, Allah will make paradise forbidden for him, Mama Bahonar mama lives volume Iman and thar and fire shall be dwelling place and he shall have no helpers in the hereafter.

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That's the reason I started my talk by quoting a verse of the Quran from Surah Al Imran Chapter number three was number 64 Which is cool yeah hello to Tao, co People of the Book to Allah will occur within Sawai in binary binary, come to common terms Aspen us and you which is the first term Allah nowadays Allah that we worship none but Allah only believe in one God is not sufficient. Besides believing in one God, you also have to worship Him alone and no oneness. The first term is Allah now with a little law, that devotion if none but Allah, one true Almighty God. Allah knew she can he show you that we associate no partner with him while I read about Luna bar than Arbab and

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window Nila that we erect not among ourselves, lords and patron other than Allah find our law, then they turn back, thank you Lucia do say bear witness, we are non Muslim moon, we are Muslims by having a will to Allah subhanho wa taala. And Allah says in the Quran, in Surah.

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Chapter number 12 was 906 that most of the people do not worship Allah without associating partner with him. That means most of the people, when they worship Allah, they also associate partners with him.

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The right thing is worship Him without associating partners. Allah says in surah Lokman chapter 31, verse number 27, that if all the trees on this earth was converted to pens,

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and all the oceans into ink back to the seven ocean, yet the words of Allah would not be exhausted.

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I would like to end my talk by giving the condition of the Buddha's Quran from Surah Hodge, chapter number 22, verse number 73. Receive, amen. Listen to this parable. All those will take for predictive besides Allah. If all of them gather together to create a fly, they cannot even create a fly. If all those who worship besides Allah, even if they gathered, they will not be able to create a fly. And if the flies natural with something, they will not be even able to get it back. feeble are those who petition fibula, those who the petition wakrah Dhawan Alhamdulillah Bill Alameen