Abu Usamah At-Thahabi – The Islamic Personality – Episode 33

Abu Usamah At-Thahabi
AI: Summary © The Islam's history and its importance are discussed, including its wealth and the use of "has been" labeling it. The speaker also discusses the importance of avoiding negative emotions and the use of money in religion. The speaker emphasizes the need for strong men to carry wealth and control oneself, as well as the culture of the "the down below" and theories of the "up above" concepts.
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and then handling lay in the middle who when a star you know who when a star Pharaoh when our rule will be law him in surely and phocoena women see it hi Molina. Mayor de la Hoefler moved in another woman you didn't fella had the law

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while he had to enlist in law who was the who last should he get?

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Well, I should do and Mohammed Abdullah who was who who saw the world on why he was so damn whiny.

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Yeah, you are living in Amman Tapachula haka to karate he went to move to New INLA and too small.

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Yeah, you had NASA Toccoa Baucom. A lady hello to come in neffs and why he didn't wahala termin has Ojha what Bethlem in Houma Regina and Catherine when he said what Tapachula levy to be here well Erhan in Allah can La Cumbre Teva.

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Yeah, you're living in Amarillo Takuma. We're Kulu colon say Di Di Usili locum Amala calm. We are Phil Lachlan de Nova calm. We're main Uteri, la Huaraz Sula, who forgot fast falls in now Vemma a mountain in the halal Calam can am Allah he will Halal Houda Houda rasool Allah His Allah Allah when he was sending was shuttle or more Mark d'etat to her. We'll call them deferred in bid item. We'll call it be Dighton balada. Temecula Galatia Tim finna come to a tremendous Hadith from the Muscat of

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in Abuja, the world of prophecy from the blessed mouth and the wise mind and heart of the Nibi of Islam, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the book that we've been dealing with the 40 Hadith concerning the Islamic personality.

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The Muslim has a religious obligation and responsibility to make jihad against his knifes and try Inshallah, as with jello by Allah's permission is tofield. He wants to be successful in trying to adorn himself with those things that the Quran and the Sunnah have instructed and invited people to be upon. So today's Hadith if a person understands it, and he applies it, it becomes that much more easier for him to navigate through this dunya that we explained about his reality about two or three

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Hadith ago. He said something Allah, why do you send them what was collected by Imam Bukhari and Muslim so this hadith is the highest level of a hadith in the dunya. So the Muslim he knows that and remember Buhari could this hadith in his book, as well as Al Imam, Muslim Carlos Allah Allah when he was salam ala Serena, and Catherine Toronto, when I can Rosina gain enough's. He said, being rich, wealthy is not that you have a lot of money, a lot of property. That's not what it is to be rich. He

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said, being rich is having contentment, as relates to what you have in what you own. So from the Islamic personality is for a Muslim, to look at those things that Allah has given him. And he or she finds contentment and enjoyment with what Allah has decreed, and provided him or her with. And he doesn't have hassad and hacked, jealousy and envy, and he looks at what other people have. And as a result of that, he gives them the evil eye. As a result of that he puts evil inside of the hive that

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Allah has given someone else, because he is an individual who is doing things to damage what Allah has blessed someone with. And we mentioned before the man came and say, God also law tell me something that I can do that will cause a lot to love me, and tell me something that I can do that will cause the people to love me. He told him Salallahu it he went on it was setting them if you want a lot to love you for the one Allah to love you then have absorbed in the dunya Don't be a

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person who is in this dunya and you're in it as if this is what you have been created just to do, and that is to get the dunya and acute accumulate the dunya. He said if you do that, if you have Zeus in the dunya you have a status system, you don't go overboard, then Allah will love you because you realize Allah created you to worship him. He didn't create you to worship the dunya was in the dunya

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he said and if you disregard Shukra if you disregard and you forsake what people

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Have what people own, then the people will love you, they will respect you. Because they see you as a person who you want to be their friend for Allah's Cause and only his cause not because of what they have and what they possess. You want to know them, because of the religious connection that you have with that individual. They know that their property is safe from you. So people are going to appreciate you. As for those people who we know, are scheming and conniving, and planning, night and

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day for your destruction, people are not going to like that individual, even if it happens to be from his own close relative. There are those people who will skim and scan it day in and day out for the destruction of other Muslims due to envy and jealousy. If people come to know about the existence of those people, they're not going to like them. But if you're an individual who you meet people, no matter what they have, no matter what they don't have, you're the same. You love them for

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Allah's Cause and Allah sake and you deal with them based upon that. And because of that,

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so this hadith when he is trying to tell the Muslim get a proper grip on understanding what what happiness is and what being rich is. So in understanding what being riches we have to understand that Allah azza wa jal is the one who is rich. And he has established that that no matter what people own him possess, like some of the people who we know the word how much is not in their vocabulary. I'm not going to say that they own matches. And Bentley's, I'm telling you, some of

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these people own private islands, they have islands, they can invite all of us on the private plane and we traveled to their private island that they own.

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That's rich, but that's not the real richness. That's what the Prophet was explaining in this hadith. So the true richness is the richness that is with Allah from Allah's names is he is Eleni, Eleni, you can be Abdu and Ronny, the slave of the one who was self sufficient. Who was not in need of anyone as he said in the Quran. Yeah, you were nice. And to move for para Allah. Allahu Allah Rani, you will Hamid, all mankind. All of you are in need. All of you have Faqir, full Cara, all of

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you, even the richest man in the world. All of you have forgot compared to Allah. And Allah is the One who was honey and Hamid. So the minute he informed us about the reality of the dunya. And today's data says not about that. But he's saying your mukaiyama the richest man in the world is going to be brought for the one who Allah gave the most money. Allah knows best who he is. But he didn't do right. This particular man didn't do right. He did evil. He did evil. As a result of that

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he will be dipped into the hellfire and he will be asked did you see any good in your life? He's gonna say well, Allah, He, I haven't seen any good in my life, with all of that wealth that he had, what he ate, what he drink, what he drove what he slept in, slept on, all of that stuff. He had the highlight that he was living, when he's dipped into the knot of jahannam. He's gonna be brought out and say, well, Allah, He, I haven't seen anything. That wealth is not going to be of assistance to

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him on that day. He didn't use it properly. And then the one who had the most difficult circumstances in the dunya

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a shed Denyce bullets and he had the most difficult the poorest man you can think of he will be dipped into the gin and heel bx, did you see any poverty in your life? Any difficulty is going to say, Well lucky I never saw any difficulty because what I had to go through that poverty to get to Jana. That thing that I had to do it was worth it.

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So the believers individual understands Allahu Subhanallah with Allah is the one with all of the wealth. Allah will try to describe himself for you sending the Quran and Allah who will reserve who will call with Mateen Allah is a reserve Reserve and the wasn't file finally my you read a reserve. He's the one who provides late in a diet night in the day gave every

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creation from this mahalo card, what they needed

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and to give the people an idea of the level of Allah's riches, so many ayat of the Quran, when Allah He Maluku sama YT when to him, belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth everything that's in it. The Prophet says of Allahu alayhi wa it was setting them in the Hadith little cool CeeLo welcome in Sakuma Ginetta comm combo, the sorry then why hit for a loony for I Tate Kula hidden Miss edit me

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Monica Savannah come in my indie Illa Kumar young Kazuma hit the auto trader, fill back.

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Allah sent him that hadith of cosi Subhana, Allah to Allah, if all of the human beings from the first human being Adam, and to the last person who is going to be created, if all of the human beings from the first of them, and the last of them, all of the gin from the first of the gin to the last of the gin, if they all stood up in one empty plane, all of those human beings and all of those jinn, and every single one of them asked Allah for what they wanted, and Allah gave each and every

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one of them everything that they asked for, not the person or the jinn asking for one thing, what do you want, I want this and that, and this and this, and this, and this until you exhaust whatever you want, all of them x Allah, what they wanted, and he gave everybody what they want it. He says subhanho wa Taala that will not deplete or take away from his kingdom. In the same way, if you had a pen, a needle, and you put it in the ocean, and you took it out of the ocean, you're gonna have some

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water on that pen. But the water that came out of the ocean that's on the pins, if you take anything away from the vastness of the ocean,

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then take anything away from the vastness of the ocean. So that's a sign that's an indication that's a proof. Allah subhanaw taala is the one who is an assignee. So therefore, someone who was sitting here, I don't know, you may be a doctor. I don't know. He has more money saved than anybody else. He has 200,000 pounds saved up.

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And he gets money.

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He has no right walking around, thinking he's better than other people. Because that doesn't mean that he's happy.

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And we just performed Hajj, and we perform Hajj with a group of people who have money. They're not like many of you students, you don't have to pens to squeeze together like this many of you, you don't have to pounds, some of you, some of these people are making a lot of money.

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And we went to Hajj with those individuals. I always ask the doctors always your doctor, yes, that means you have a lot of money. And you don't have any problems, right? All of them say no, that's not true.

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That's not true. Everybody has problems. Everybody has challenges. So having a lot of money. 20 is not a sign of a person being happy. Happiness is an individual, whatever Allah has given him, he finds contentment within I have to make this very clear. For youngsters who are in school in the university in high school, I told you a million times, we want you to make something out of yourselves. A snap doesn't want them You mean to mediocrity? No, we don't want you working in Burger

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King. We don't want you flipping burgers. I want you guys to be able to get degrees and become professionals and do something for your lives and your immediate family and the Muslim community. Don't take the Hadith like this and say, well, that hadith said I should just be happy with being a bum. No shouldn't be a bum.

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You have to make something out of yourself. But the hadith is saying, Don't be an individual who equates happiness with money. No, the cliche is true. More money, you have more problems you have, the more money you have, the more problems you're going to have. So the people of this ummah, from those companions, read the alarm and whom they used to be a group of people who the money was in their hands, and it was not in their hearts. It was in their hands and it wasn't in their hearts so

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they can give sadaqa so they were not you know people lost sleep over what decisions were being made as it leads to their money. So the prophets of Allah what He was saying to them as relates to a human being, He's the richest person Salah when he was seven, Allah is the rich, I will honey and everyone is in need of Allah's help his provisions as relates to human beings, they a lot of human beings that have passed that had a lot of money, like the man that was with Farrakhan, Allah

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mentioned in the Quran, that the treasures have the keys, the keys to his treasures to as well. He used to keep those keys and a treasure chest and it will be difficult for a number of strong men to carry the keys of his wealth. So what about his wealth? From what they say today? There is a man from Africa from West Africa from Mali. His name was Mansa Musa. They said that he was the richest person that ever lived. He was a Muslim, used to travel and bring gold from Mali all the way to

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Mecca. You do a lot of stuff for the people who are poor and who are in need Rahmatullahi Tala and they

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all have the wealth that these people

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We'll have

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these people, Bill Gates, these people like that all of it, it doesn't guarantee that you're going to be a happy person doesn't guarantee it. So the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he was an orphan. He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he wasn't rich at all. But Allahu Taala mentioned in the Quran some favors and Surah to Doha, LM gadget, the Korea team and for our what would you take a ball and in for Heather, what was your DACA even for Aetna, then we find you Muhammad, you an orphan growing up

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off weak, you will weak in the society of Mecca, you were in a position to be oppressed. We found you like that. And we gave you protection. Allah gave you companions and gave you a religion and did not find your strength. And I got it You are right, meaning he wasn't practicing Islam sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and Allah guided him to this religion and made him a Nibi and narrow su Salallahu. And he was sending. So him being a stray means here, he wasn't a Muslim, he wasn't practicing Islam.

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And then we find you weak, poor, you were in need. You were in need, and I enriched you. So that I it clearly establishes that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. He was enriched, he wasn't enriched by money. When he died, someone loved what he was sending them when he died. His weapons of battle. He left them with a Jewish person as collateral.

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He left his weapons with a Jewish person as a collateral. He took something from the Jewish person said I'll pay you at a later time. But you take my weapons as collateral. Rich people don't do that. So Allah, why don't you send them his weapons of war that he mentioned about it, do a recipe that the villain the ruling roommate, my sustenance has been made under the shape of my spear, meaning he will go out and spread this religion, and he will conquer the lands that he was given down to when

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people fought against him. Somebody was sending them so that very weapon that is provisions come from was with a Jewish person. And yet Allah made him the richest person because it's reached his sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was in his heart. It was his contentment, his connection and his relationship that he had with allies with Joe and by default is relationship that he had with the rest of the Creation sallallahu alayhi wasallam so this hadith one is important to understand. This

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hadith is similar to many of the other Hadith that show us people have an understanding of something that may not be the Islamic understanding. And Prophet Muhammad used to always clear these issues up Salah when he was setting up, so he knows that the people think being rich is having a lot of money. So you want to make it clear, no, this is not the case, not in our religion. Having a lot of money that is a form of richness. Prophet Muhammad is not negating that Southern lady was saying that it

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would be ludicrous for Muslim to say Bill Gates is not rich because Prophet Muhammad said richness is being content. Bill Gates is rich. But this hadith is talking about the richness that is the true richness,

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their true richness. So he said to his companions, a touch of Runa men and mirthless the you people know who the bank robber person is. They say yes, the one who doesn't have money, and he doesn't have any property. And that's a person who's bankrupt. He said, That's not the bank robber person from the bankrupt person for my ummah, is the one who come yomo piano, he hid this one. He lied on that one, he accused that when he devoured his blood, he did this into that and they're gonna have

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to take his good deeds. So he's coming up on without any any currency, no good deeds, no Hessonite. So he clarified what was in their minds, some of our brothers, youngsters, some other people, we're into working out and lifting weights and trying to be strong. And that's from the religion, right because we dealt with that hadith, and movement of COVID Hogben, Allah, human mental life, the strong believer is better and more beloved to Allah than the weak one for so many reasons. So the

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person is working out, he's lifting weights, Prophet Muhammad, again, explain something that people misunderstand, especially younger people. And then we have this culture here in Birmingham amongst our Shabaab, people shooting themselves up without any supervision, working out, you're shooting all kinds of steroids that you buy off of the black market, you don't know where that stuff comes from doing all kinds of irreparable damage to your bodies. Now, I'm not saying

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steroids are haram in this religion, but you need a doctor to be telling you what you're doing. You can't be in the locker room amongst you know your friends shooting each other up with steroids.

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He says something Allahu alayhi wa sallam lays a call we laser a shady bit Masada what I can shiddhi the levy young lacuna wssu. And

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he said he is not the strong one, the one who can out wrestle everyone.

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A guy who can out wrestle you beat you up. He said, he's not the strong one. He said, the strong one in our religion is the one who can control himself when he gets angry.

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So the guy has a lot of muscles.

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We have a big neck, Bay and veins popping off all over the place. But when it comes to being gentle with his wife, with the children with people around him, he can't.

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He has those raise those easy. He has those, those rages sometimes caused by that story. I want to I want to I want to make that point clear here. I'm not saying anabolic steroids. And I'm not saying that's haram. I'm saying don't be foolish, and buy that stuff from some of these third world countries, Eastern European countries on the black market. You shooting yourself up with that. Because you understand having a bunch of muscles popping out over all over the place is a sign that

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you're strong. Prophet Muhammad said making this issue clear. Being strong is not the one who cannot wrestle people. The strong one is the one who can control himself when he's angry. So he used to do that and that's what he's doing in this particular Hadith. Tala sallallahu alayhi wa sallam sia Murthy and Jihad v sabini. Let the you know what tourism is.

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A car haha. Do you know what tourism is? tourism to the people is going to Egypt. And looking at the Sphinx. Going to Jordan and looking at one of the Seven Wonders of the World Lake Victoria in Uganda going to see the wall there in China going to kill him in general. That's tourism for a lot of people. Prophet Muhammad said the tourism of my ummah is a jihad feasability that the correct jihad, the correct jihad, and that the Muslims travel, not to waste time looking at what Fred own built

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with the pyramids, they traveled taking this religion to the four corners of the world. So this hadith of him saying some Allahu alayhi wa sallam that richness is being content. He's talking about true richness, Goddess Allah Allahu Allah, you send them a dunya matar, Cairo Mata Aya and Mara to saleha. He said, The dunya is provisions things that you own. You own a phone, you own two, three pairs of shoes, you own your clothes, you own your hat, you own your car, you own whatever you own.

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He said that's what the dunya is. The dunya is a number of commodities and possessions that everybody owns. He said the best thing to own in the dunya is a righteous wife,

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a righteous wife, because she's going to help this situation. She's going to get help his situation in terms of worshiping Allah and just just being a decent person making his struggles as it relates to this hadith of the Rasul sallallahu alayhi. Wa it was sending them. There's a similar Hadith, like it Rasul Allah was with that companion who was known for his zoot sallallahu alayhi salam that was none other than I will Veronica ferry, he was a companion that for the dunya he didn't take the

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dunya at all. And he was on a high level of Zeus, to the point where he wasn't the easiest person to always get along with. Because the nature of peoples that they liked the dunya

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that's the nature of the people xuejun Allah nurse, her Bucha what men and Misawa been in has been made alluring and beautify to people, the love of children and the love of women and sometimes naturals from the fitrah. That's from the fitrah.

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I will vote he was not on that. He used to despise the dunya and he used to criticize people and he was kind of tough with the people, even with the Companions, rub the Allah I know, as they begin to defeat the non Muslims and wealth started coming to the Muslims. I will very refuse to get caught up into that and used to give advice. The Prophet said to Abu vara Salallahu Alaihe was sending them a Tera catheter man who will who arena Do you see and do you believe if someone has a lot of money,

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he's rich. I will vote to say yes. He said what about a person who doesn't have any money? Do you see that as being poor? He say yes. That

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Prophet told them something Allahu Allah, He will sell them in the Malvina renal CALB. Were enamel fucker, fucker culpa. Verily richness is the one who has a rich heart.

00:25:12 --> 00:25:45

And poverty is the one whose heart is impoverished, then it'd be used to make dua and ask Allah to protect him from wealth that would punish him. And that can mean a lot of things. One of the meanings of wealth that can punish a person is the way he has to go about getting it. He has to work like a donkey, like a dog, a chroma Kamala, he got to work hard for that money. Another meaning of being punished by his wealth is can't trust anybody. Everybody is trying to rip them off. Even his

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close relatives, they want to steal his money.

00:25:48 --> 00:25:49

They want to steal his money.

00:25:50 --> 00:26:20

People have a lot of money as I told you one time, they can't eat food because they don't trust a chef. They don't trust anybody around them. He asked Allah protect me from that. Having a lot of money. He told apple and told us SallAllahu it was sending them without the alignment. Having a lot of money is not being rich. richness is when you have a heart that's rich. impoverished is a heart that is impoverished, the one who is going after and he puts himself down. He just wants to make

00:26:20 --> 00:26:52

money. So he's still money. SWANA make money by hook or crook. He has no principles. He has no Kalama His Word is nothing. Nothing. You give him some money to home, he's going to steal your money. He's going to rip you off. He'll rob the masjid in the name of the Miss. He'll go out and pretend that he's getting money for Muslims in Palestine, Muslims and Iraq, Muslims in Syria, Muslims over here in Kashmir, Hill, put those

00:26:53 --> 00:27:01

those cans in local stores and people give their change. He'll come and get at the end of the month, and that's his money.

00:27:03 --> 00:27:29

That person is for clear, because all of that wealth is going to come back you got to be responsible for that. People are in position this message. People are in position to steal the money. They still have money for the car to steal the money that people give on Friday. Steal the money's panela and they steal the money from the Muslims steal the money from the Pilgrims stealing the money. That person is Faqir.

00:27:30 --> 00:27:52

Someone getting an opportunity. He has money it's well, it's not his. He wants to keep it. He takes that and gives it to the people who deserve it. Look I found this three four or 501,000 pounds. Someone left it in my taxi. That guy has a real enough's go to sleep at night not being a thief

00:27:54 --> 00:28:14

and that's why the Nebby of Islam into sallallahu alayhi wa ala it was setting them in Canada dunya agbada Me he John the love he now who I'll be here with Gemma I know who Shimla who will attend to a dunya we're here Rav Hema for men Kennett, dunya agbada Me

00:28:16 --> 00:28:31

jaal Allah fucka lubaina ama or federal Carly he Shambhala who? Well I'm yet to him in a dunya Ilana cootie Bella who, anyone who his main goal and his main objective is the hereafter.

00:28:32 --> 00:29:11

He's trying to go to the hereafter Please Allah, every movement is an era when he is quiet is an Acura. He has the ability to say something back. He has the ability to swear to curse. He has the ability to make signs with his fingers that you know how he's feeling. He can get up and do something he could do that. But his goal and the objective is the hereafter and his moving and his being still his still movements. He's thinking about the hereafter not talking because there's no

00:29:11 --> 00:29:33

claim and what he's going to say. So he remains silent. He said anybody who the hereafter is the main goal and his main concern. Allah will put His richness in his heart. And Allah will bring his affairs together. And the dunya will come to him despite itself in spite of itself.

00:29:34 --> 00:29:47

He doesn't have to work hard. He doesn't have to be a slave to the dunya. What's been written for him is going to come to him and it's going to find him and the one who the dunya is his main goal and concern, so he'll steal the money.

00:29:48 --> 00:29:59

He'll steal the money, he'll gamble, whatever. However, wherever this is his case, he said that Allah will put poverty right between his very eyes

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And Allah would make his affairs dispersed and scattered. And nothing's going to come to him from the dunya except that which has been written for him. So the hadith of 20 is an important idea of the NABI SallAllahu. It he went on it was sending them, encouraging us making it a shad and Toji inviting us don't equate, being rich and having a lot of wealth with being happy because it's not true. And you'll find in this culture of the millennials right now, they knew this from a long time.

00:30:35 --> 00:30:50

And they just keep reinventing the wheel. One of the most popular shows with human beings are those shows like Pimp My Ride, where you want to see how nice people's cars look, shows like,

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where they show you the mansions that they live in. And they take you through the tour of the mansion. People love those shows, they love them. People who won the lottery, how they live in after winning the lottery, these shows resonate with people, because many people were poor, they look at that. And that's what they equate as being being happy. It's not the case, all you have to do is look at the intimate look at the internet. And look at those people who had a lot of money in their

00:31:18 --> 00:31:46

stories on the Internet. Like that man was really wealthy. And as he was dying his money couldn't couldn't buy him the things that he needed to live. He just wanted something simple like to be able to live be lifted on his back. So he couldn't just look out the window to be able to appreciate what was outside. Many, many stories like that. And look at the mini stories of the people won the lottery. And then after winning the million dollars 2000 $10 million of soar all of the drama that

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came into their lives as a result of that.

00:31:49 --> 00:32:25

So then maybe he had an option SallAllahu it was suddenly he was asked a question. Do you want to be a newbie who was a king? Like Sulaiman was a king? Do you want to be an Nebby was a king or you want to be a Rasul? who's just a Rasul? He said, I want to be a Rasul. He didn't want to be a king. He's going to be raised up with the fool Cara yomo piano sallallahu alayhi wa it was Senator, I just want to repeat and reiterate and make it clear for our youngsters. There's no way it should be understood

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that you want to discontinue your education in the secular world. No, what I tensa no Siva committed dunya do not forget your portion of this dunya we need Shabaab who are professionals. We need sisters who are professional, everybody cannot go to Medina, the study Mecca wherever people want to go overseas, if that's what you want to do, may Allah hoping give you the baraka and the tofu to do that. But we don't want anybody believing this hadith and other Hadith similar to it, are

00:33:00 --> 00:33:25

encouraging you to drop out of life and drop out of the race, this hadith, you could put it with the Hadith we took already SallAllahu wasallam call in Alba the terminal Amen. He told the people and but rather, not being a person who goes overboard with what you wear and what you eat, and being you know, extra extravagant by little but rather just being a regular person with a regular thought.

00:33:26 --> 00:33:53

A simple modest person. This is what this hadith is referring to. So if you brothers have any questions, you could put your questions forward Shala that can in the come shape. Before that though, we have our brother who has been accepted to and Medina and another one of the brothers Hamdulillah we want to advise that brother when he goes to Medina, keep his head down under the radar, get focused, you have a lot of the Quran hamdulillah already, just stick with the balance

00:33:53 --> 00:34:21

people were over there and stick with the reason why you're there. You're not there to be policing people's IP than what people are doing. You're not there except to get educated in your religion. So keep your head down and stay with those brothers who are balanced and avoid the people of the Shuddha and the people will Hulu they share it doesn't like that one and he doesn't like this one. He doesn't stay away from that. So waste of time. And it's going to be a distraction for you. And

00:34:21 --> 00:34:40

you're taller. Remember that hadith of the Prophet sallallahu it was said anyone who goes out in a path to get knowledge Allah will make easy for him his path to Jannah by doing that you remember that? Okay if any of you guys have any questions you could put your questions for the cannon come shake

00:34:50 --> 00:34:59

okay, then either was so low, sending them a bada nabina was early he was having a giant Did you My aim was sent out

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