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Ascribing Intermediaries Between You & Allah.

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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu lillahi wa Kapha wa Salatu was Salam. ala nabina Mustafa ama Babu finna halal canal que la Mola he will halal Buddha Buddha Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam will shadow more to have a calmer deathrattle Middleton wakulla be the itin Bala Allah to wakulla Allah Allah Tim phenol.

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A second now that we come to from the nuwakot of Ellis families with the shift centmin Gianna beno, who have been in LA he was saw

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your daughter Oh, whom we are Allahumma shefa with what Kalani him Kapha is mine. He brings the second nullifier of a person's Islam if the conditions are present, and millennia are absent and a person falls into this, then he is a non Muslim by the consensus of the Ummah and this then, and that is the individual who makes between himself and Allah, an intermediary, a middleman, a wassup. He feels that he has to go through something or someone in order to get to a large region. This person who was doing this, it becomes a mystery becomes a Catholic. The second not that from the no opposite of Islam. It is the one that we find in our oma right now. Most people who fall into *,

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they fall into this this is the reality of our own. People have taken middlemen that they believe will help them to get to allies with each other and worship a lot better from the ODM a lot. Whether those only I happen to be prophets and messengers, salata la he was sent me when he Jemaine or they happen to be religious people, religious people solidly him who are living or they're dead irrelevant to the people worship the graves and to many of the Muslims to chronicle when it comes to this particular issue. And it's one of the most dangerous ones, although at least ranking with the Kenny MOBA, tauheed, which is the Kereama that is the antithesis and the opposite of a shidduch.

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Making a partner along with a lot. And when a person makes an intermediary between himself and a lot, he's making that individual that thing, a partner with allies, whichever. So this second one is a big problem. So the people they make due to the intimacy in the intermediary, and they say we're asking you to ask Allah or they make it tawakkol and they will rely on that individual or the make St. ratha or St. Ayana. illustrata is when you seek someone's help in something that only a lot can help you with. is asking Allah subhana wa tada at home.

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So people from our Ummah, they seek help from individuals who were 234 1000 miles away from them. Dora tawakkol Alistair aka LST Anna, asking people to assist you in things that only Allah has the ability to assist you in. No one can help that child to be born okay? No one can help your wife to become successful after that operation. So all of those are manifestations of this and we have it in our own so we have in the Quran and the Sunnah. Many proofs that Eliza gel established that kofod Quraysh. And people before them, they used to do this thing, worship Allah but having intermediaries and this happened a lot, especially with fresh especially allows panel with Allah mentioned in the

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Quran. We are badulla men do nothing mother, your daughter whom William found we don't have that issue for our una and Allah. They worship those things instead of Allah and those things that they worship, that can't hurt them, nor can they benefit them. And then these people turn around the law set and they claim and they say these are our intercessors along with Allah. So that's what kofod Quraysh used to do. The idols that they had, they used to believe in Allah, but they thought we can get to Allah through these idols. They used to also make intercession with the gin with the gin with john Lula he Shoraka Elgin they may for a lot

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with gel partners with the gin, they used to actually gin to help them. ask Allah for us on our behalf, protect us, save us. In sort of gin, Allah revealed some of the details of what the kuffar courageous to do, when they used to seek the intercession of the gym, they will come and when they would travel, they would like to set up the attendance and set up their fires and things like that. And then they would send one of the people to go and to make dua to the general they would do it collectively. And this is a problem that allow to mention from them well, no who can regional mineral ends you're gonna be re Jalan meaning gin, fuzzy, do whom Raka. He said, there were a group

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of men who used to seek LST either, they seek assistance from the jinn. And the gin did nothing except increase them in fear. So the non Muslims have courage to lead time for Islamic times, the human beings will come the middle of the desert traveling, they want to put up their tents, they want to like their fires, they will go out and say, oh, chief of the valley of this, Jen, we're asking you please ask a lot not to cause any harm to us. Don't let out fires go out. Don't let any of our animals get lost. Let no harm come to any of us. So the Hadith said, when these people arrived, the jinn saw them and they ran away. Because the Djinn are free, they ran away. I don't

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know if these people gonna hurt the gin. But when the gin saw that the men started making dough onto them, the gin came back, and then the gin started messing with them, making noises start making the attempts fall over. And it just increased them in fear, as this is said. So the IR establishes for us that kofod Quraysh. They used to make this type of shift by making intercessors and intermediaries between them. And Allah although the religion of Islam said don't do that, like touch a Rooney law he and dad didn't want to move on with Islam. Don't make between yourself and Allah, any partners in any intermediaries and you were supposed to know what are you doing? Can't do that.

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abdulghani must all said that the man came in Acts the prophets of the law what he was sending them are the Allahu jasola was the biggest crime was the biggest sin that a person could commit. He says some Allahu alayhi wa sallam and Tage la lillahi den wahoo Haddock The worst thing you can do is to make a partner between Allah is someone else and intermediary between Allah and someone else and a lot created to by himself. What right does that partner has for you to intercede on your behalf? What are you doing?

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So there are many ample a hadith and

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and from the authentic sonet making this something that is impermissible. There is a shubha that the machete Koon had during that time. And the people worship the graves and they go overboard in the ODI doing our times they had the same shoe. And she had Aslan Rama to lie and he he refuted this shubha this misconception he can he refuted it in his book cache a shuba hat, where he tries to explain many of the misunderstandings the erroneous ideas that people from this oma who makes ship they use like the misunderstanding the misunderstanding. As long as I'm not making sausage the to the person. As long as I'm not praying to the person. I'm not making Schick no slaughter mini shift

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as we mentioned last week, swearing by a lot is shift as we mentioned last week, being a practitioner of magic in certain parts of magic and shift imaginal Islam is not just you make it such that the point is that's the Shobha. Another misunderstanding in this particular bath in this particular issue is that the people felt back then and now. Look, we don't worship these intercessors and these intermediaries, we don't worship them. We know that they're created, but we worship Allah. But we feel that they're better than us. They're better than us. So if we go through them in order to get to Allah is going to make our do more acceptable. But again, this is just a

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shabiha it's not acceptable. It's not an argument that makes sense. And that's why the Quran refuted this argument in many, many, many ways. In many ways. So concerning this issue of Allah tala mentioned one Latina woman dooney ODI ma na Budo home in LA Leo curry Bula ala ye zophar

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courage said the shuba misunderstanding

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And verily those people who take partners along with Allah and make them intermediaries that people have Quraysh when they did that, they said, We only go through these things so that they can get us closer to Allah. We worship Allah we believe in Allah. But we're just went through them in order to go through to get to Allah. Na, na permissible. Don't make any and dad, no partners and law describe the believers and he's described the Kufa woman and Nancy mengetahui Domingo de la he and da da, buena home.

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When levena Aminu a shed from Billy Lange,

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there are those people who take partners and intermediaries along with a lot and they love those intermediaries more than they love our luck. Because if you tell him say well law, he he'll say, well law he and he'll lie. But if you want him to get a truth, if you want to see if he's telling the truth, when he says what nebby I swear by the Navy, then it'll tell the truth. You have bought a home.

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They love them that way they love Allah. But the believers are people who love a lot more. They don't go through anybody no matter who he is an angel, Prophet and Messenger righteous person, dead or alive, because there's no middleman and no go between us analyzer a gel. So that's a sharp hire whiny, that's a sharp eye that they had going through them in order to get to a light. And then when you say to them, hey, Abdullah, I'm not the law. You can't do that. And I'll tell you why. There are many ways that a law refuted this stuff. But before you even tell them the way you tell them, that's not permissible. they'll respond to you by saying, You don't like the only

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you don't respect the only there's always the argument. And there's always the answer of people who don't have knowledge about the religion. Don't do an innovation in this religion, even if that innovation, the only objective is to praise the prophet and to raise his status on lightning, and to raise awareness and make our hearts more fond of him don't do innovation. They say Yo, I'm making an Emer bill maker, and you're, you're preventing the growth that you have it backwards. So they hate to heat and the people that Tahitian Tao have to heat heel. And they love Schick and it's a crazy phenomenon you find when you're surrounded by these people, from our community. You want to do a

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sweetener that people don't know about, like one tasleem in the prayer at the end, and you say a seller

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that's it. He doesn't know about that sooner. So Afterwards, he jumps up and down. He never asked where that come from. Just jump. I don't know what I've been praying for eight years. I don't know it. Hey, relax. First of all, if it isn't innovation, why is it okay for you to bring innovations and it's not okay for me. If it isn't innovation, you do the molded you do the vicar you do the item you do this, you do that?

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You have all these things? you're introducing them religion, no proof for it. Now you think this one tasleem? is innovation this one? Okay? For the sake of argument. It's an innovation and I'm introducing it, why is it okay for you? It's not okay for me.

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The other thing is is not an innovation is from the sooner you're going to find a shall as we move on the fourth or fifth not that from the nuwakot. It was for the person to hate something that a lot revealed sin. So he hates something from a large religion push you outside of the fold of Islam. So as it relates to this particular issue, honey about making intense series along with a lot of intermediaries along with allies, which is something that is clearly haram and our religion is refuting our religion but despite that people have fallen into it.

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From what makes it hard on too many Adela. One of the clearest proofs is from the Jomon kelim of the prophets of Allah it was suddenly the Hadith that everybody knows our religion is the religion of a towhee and Hadith of Abdullah bass when he was a young man and the Prophet told him some a lot he was sending to me a young boy I'm gonna teach you some words remember a lot a lot remember you remember why you find a line in front of you?

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Well, first in law with a stand for standing biller, and if you ask anything, ask Allah. No man. Oh man. Oh, sorry, man. Oh, Batman. Oh, Frank, man. Well, this time for Sterling belay young man Muslim. If you need assistance, you need help. Then seek it from Allah alone. no middleman. Only a lot. And then he went on to explain even more. He said why them low end. html Albanian for uka be shaking lemon for

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catabolic if all of the oma

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Jain mankind, white, black, Muslim, non Muslim, they all came together in order to help you to do something to quench your thirst and get you a baby to make you successful. If they all came together, if you went through all of them as the intercessor and they're all helping you to do that thing, never will you be able to do it. They won't be able to benefit you except by that which Allah wrote is going to happen. And if they came together to harm you, they'll never be able to harm you. Except with that which Allah Allah has wrote against you. So that goes to show there's no middleman

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yabo Donna Min dooney la Hi, ma law law you do rule

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they worship other than a lot that which doesn't benefit them. And that which doesn't harm them, meaning meaning those people can't harm you, those people can't help you. Unless Allahu taala he was to allow it. So why would the individual make that decision, as it relates to it being haraam allowed me to clear our religion whining that looking at him for intercessors for the person who is a more hate a person of tawheed, he's the furthest person away from this inherently just doesn't happen. The kenema La Ilaha in LA LA means they know intercessors la sharika, who is said and everything that we do everything, as salata Hodge, everything that we do, all of these do are that

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we say after the prayer during the day. And the reward for saying these do and some of them are amazing. Some of them are amazing. So one of the ways that Elijah Joe showed that this was impermissible and it was something that's not acceptable, is the fact that if there were multiple Gods out there, Allah, another people who had the ability to do things along with Allah, they were his equals and they were intermediaries. They can say yes, they can say no, they can help things, then there's going to be problems a low tolerance setting the port on Locanda fee Hema lehighton in Lola left fester data. If there was more than one might more than one power more than one God, Allah

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has warned more than one in the heavens of the earth than the heavens and the earth will become spoiled, can exist together, you know a business where they have two CEOs. No, he's the CEO. He's the chief financial officer. He's the main manager, but you don't have two bosses and that's why if you have a house, the husband is the boss and the woman wears the pants that house is gonna be facet gotta have any man gotta have an email. So that's one of the ways that a low tolerance showing that people can be more than one God can be can happen. If there was more than one guy, more than one Illa Allah tala mentioned even the herba Kuru Bhima Allah when Allah Baba whom Allah, if there was

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more than one guy, then every God would just leave and go away with what it created. It would just leave you be upset because the other guys he would take what he created, what he created, what he created, and then they were trying to overwhelm and overpower each other, they will try to overwhelm overpower each other. So it goes to show clearly Eliza gel is the only one who deserves to be worshipped and also if you were to read the Quran, many of those if that allow Tyler negates, there being any shoe for

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me and dad, any Shoraka you know, these partners, intermediaries, and many is with as refuted most of those is or many of those is they end with a lot to honor after dispelling this myth and debunking this myth, always describing himself with two of his names. And that is he is and why hate by himself alone. And he has a hard he ends many of those is with those two names. He is by himself. And he is a kohara kahar is a lady who is the one who can overwhelm any and everybody. Nobody can do that to a lot. No one can stop a lot from doing what he wants to do. So many of those is these two names. At the end of those eyes, all you have to do is check and you'll see like a lot of time I

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mentioned the Quran in surah Yusuf when Yusuf was in this season in the prison, and he wanted to give the interpretation of the dream to the two people he said to them Yeah, I saw he was singing our Babel Mata for a tuna Hiram amalaki Allahu Allahu kahar Hey, you two people in the prison with me before I tell you the interpretations your dreams you tell me Are these gods that are many of these many Lords that you people have are they

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Better, or Anwar hate alcohol. So laws refuting this thing about multiple or bad multiple Gods multiple laws. And he refused standing at the end of the aisle like he does mean is. It shows the people allies alone unique by himself and allies, the one who overpowers And like I mentioned, there is not 12345 there are many if he refutes the partner and at the end of the if he mentioned that, I'm Jaggu de la he Shoraka Hanako Kalki Photoshop, I'll help him call Allahu carnico, Konishi wahoo, we'll walk you through

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how they made for LA many partners and many intermediaries had they done that.

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partners who they actually believe can create the way that a lot has created to the point where they have in doubt about allows ability to create and those who they are taken as partners. A lot told the Prophet you say to them, yeah, Mohammed, He is Allah

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and he is the one who created everything by himself. And he is and why hate alcohol. So there are many ways as I mentioned it whining is king clearly and say don't do that can't happen. It's not permissible. Other is saying if there was more than one God then there's gonna be problems so it can't happen. can't happen. Worship Allah alone call on Allah alone. And also the issue of there's nothing between you and Allah when Allah tala wanted when Allah was going to expel a police from the agenda.

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Tell them you got to get out of here. He believes x the law for recite unto young piano wisdom that's where the law he gave him a chance and gave him responding to yo kiama a breeze said from mother it

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baby a be him woman healthy him a man in one Shama eating, while I tell you to act, federal shaqiri

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you breathe said I'm gonna come to them make trouble for them. I'm going to come to them. I'll come to the front. I come to them in the back. I come to them on the side. I come to them on the left side. I come to them every direction. Their wife, their kid, their job, their health, their house, any and everything. That's what that I admit. I collect them from every direction. They think I'm coming from this door. But really, I'm coming from this door and that door and that door simultaneously. point is this is one of the ways and a lover of Bute has no other guys along with Allah. You don't have to have an intermediary between you and Allah middleman. Because look what

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shaytaan said. He said, I'm going to collect them and I'm going to assault them. I'm going to come in front of them. I'll come from behind them the right in the left the unnameable Islam like shattered the slam the Boo Tamia they said this is a proven indication shaytan never said I'm gonna come from above them last because not permissible because between their slave and Allahu taala is nothing. Allah is close to him as I mentioned in another is similar to the ayat where either a bad the enemy for me corrib Oh gee Buddha today is that Donnie fell yesterday Woody, what are you? What do you mean will be longer?

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If my slaves asked you about me, I'm Mohammed. Let them know I'm close. I will answer the doowop anyone who is

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not far away than I need, that my slave leaves someone between me and him. I'm so far over the seven heavens over my throne in a way that fishes magic, My majesty. So I'm so far away, that my slave needs someone to connect him to me know, in Kareem, I'm close to him. And all of those other ayat in the Quran. Yes, alone aka an alpha. Yes. aluna cannon Mahi. Yes. aluna kamada Yun philippou Yes, Allah, a healer, all of those eyes. They asked you about this. They asked you about that they asked you about this, they asked you about that. All of those is told the Prophet Muhammad tell them the unfiled belong to Allah and His messenger. Tell them the woman's period is or hurt her period is a

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hurt so don't come to at that time. They asked you about the new moons tell them so people would know the time they asked you about this. They asked you about that. Allah always told him tell him tell them when it came to. Allah didn't tell the Prophet tell them anything. If my slaves asked you about me, he didn't say tell them. Allah said Verily UNCLOS Prophet Mohammed is not even a middleman for that. As relates to how to practice, the religion he's going to show us is going to be the middleman in that regard to

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Show us but his job is responsibility is a doubt a lie you're going to see. So there are a number of ways that the Quran deals with debunking this myth. Now's the time to do deal with all them, we dealt with three of them. Other thing, what proves this issue about the impermissibility have taken the schufa, the Shoraka the sheffey, along with Allah,

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if I would ask each and every one of you out of a loss creation, and Allah has a great creation,

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who would be the one thing or person from the mfu cart? That you would think if intercession is permissible, it would be with him.

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You have the sun, you have the moon. You have the airship, you have the courtesy the throne of Allah.

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You have the heavens the earth, you have the magnetic you have the gates of agenda. Yeah, the Hellfire fish have so many things from the creation. If I were to ask you people and I want you to G boonie a g boonie. I want the answer. If there was one creation from a laws, Muslim clock, what is that one creation that you think if there was that one thing or person or thing that can intercede on our behalf? Who would it be somebody telling me

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is the best of the last creation.

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So if someone had the ability to do it would be him. sallallahu alayhi wa sallam it would be him more than Alibaba Vitaly, more than a share Abdulkadir Jaylen more than hassle and banner more than any person it will be him sell the loved one he was selling them. But look what happened sila Bukhari Muslim

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personal law he sallallahu Sallam was given the eye of the Quran with the command of a large cane well under a sugar Attica and a Caribbean Yama go and won the ushiro that you have the closest relatives. And this word I Shira comes in the Quran a few times the asherah specifically means your grandfather, who's the fourth one up, that's the I shoot of the person, you have your father and then you have his father and then his father and then his father and then that father the fourth one is the shear

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and we know that from the application of the iron. So when this I was revealed to him, I may go and one the closest relatives and it was specific I sciatica and upper beam problem when he said Yamashina courage, Masha Quraysh, a star one full sukoon for Allah He led

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a crash Save yourselves, because I can help you with Allah at all. And then he turned his attention directly to his direct relatives were all Quraysh but we're not from the same. Not necessarily we were different branches. So Prophet Mohammed turns his attention first. He said, All of you are my tribe, now the other tribes in Mecca, but he focused on his whole tribe. And then he said after saying all of Qureshi said yeah, Benny menoth, his fourth grandfather, all sons of my fourth grandfather, men have abdomen and

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save yourselves because I can help you with Allah. He continued, he said, Yeah, bass uncle of Rasulullah. Uncle, save yourself, because I can help you with Allah. Yeah, Sophia, the Auntie of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, save yourself, I can help you. The fact that the Prophet sallallaahu Sena mentioned Quraysh, understandable the whole tribe, abdomen as the fourth grandfather. And then after that, he started with his uncle who was living at that time, his paternal uncle, and then his sister, the paternal uncle, a bass. And then after that his sister Sophia. And the scholars use that as a dilemma to say, Your father's brothers and sisters have more rights over you then your mother's

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brothers and sisters, although your mother's and your mother's brothers and sisters, they have rights, especially your mother sisters, but in terms of spending money and beard and YT dating and all that who gets it first, we got to start with your mother and your father, and then who you love and then your sister, and then who got also love and then your brother and then hold an upper up for Accra. So you do your immediate family and then after that, those who are close your fathers brothers, your fathers, brothers and sisters, they have more rights at the mentioned Sophia

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He said, Yeah fall tema bent Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam Sally, Sally my shipment money as anything you want for my money, I give you whatever you want. You need help, I'll give you my money, but save yourself because I can help you with Allah. Now the question is this hadith Bukhari Muslim question is, how does someone come in and say, Now, you think that you can make dua to the Nabi sallallahu wasallam, for the Kadar of your Hawaii age, and for the cache of your quarterback, you think you can do that? When he told people were closest to him, I can help you.

00:30:40--> 00:30:41

I can help you.

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And it's not just one incident. We have all of those I have all of those is one of the ways that Ellis lamb debunked this issue. Like I mentioned, there is nothing between you and Allah, those many if that deal with this is not permissible. They end with the names of Allah and why alcohol, so many issues Another one. Another one is that there are certain of cod and honey, the reward of that car is unbelievable for the small amount of work and effort that you put forth in that the reward is unbelievable. And part of the reason why the reward is unbelievable is the fact that inside of that car, is you're establishing a tawheed and the fact that Allah doesn't have a shriek. He doesn't have

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a partner. He's suparna what Allah doesn't have an intermediary between him and anybody else. Like I believe in Allah, may Allah be pleased with him. The do out of the soup. He said anybody who goes to the bazaar, the marketplace, if he just says the simple device that has this last shady color who any

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then you get all of these rewards. Whoever says La ilaha illallah wa who lies shady,

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shady, there is no middleman.

00:32:06--> 00:32:10

Whoever says La ilaha illallah wa de la sharika. Who loves

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you he will you meet will hate la you must be at the Hiawatha coalition at the end. If he says that he'll get 100,000 rewards. He'll get 100,000 savy I miss these taken off. If he says that, if he says that he'll get 100,000 daraja that Allahu taala will raise him. What can it here's a luminous shaytan. And that thing also was a protection for him from Shakedown. In another narration Bella Lola will bait beighton for Jana, Allah will build for him a house in Jenga. So the point here is this portion of the door are all of that La ilaha illAllah tauheed in their lives when nobody is with them. Or you have to say that and the reward of getting that is 100,000 has a net movie at

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100,000 CD, a roofie at 100,000 daraja. And a lot of bills from my house in general. That's one of the ways they show it's not permissible yackey in our religion and make sure by any stretch of the imagination, and to make any norm from the NY Bishop slaughter in favelas, where it's run by the law says your father in law obeying the law being afraid of Allah, all of that. The other door that we make at the Salah, similar to the first one. He said some a lot even send them in what was collected by Bukhari Muslim Abu huraira said Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, anyone who says at any time 100 times La ilaha illallah wa

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sallahu wa Hulu handwara colletion qadeer anyone who says that 100 times he will get the reward or free in 10 slaves. He went me free 10 slaves and said you have your freedom. And you'll get 100 Hassan arraign 100 savior taken against him, it will be a protection for him against a shade Thawne for his whole day. If he said in the morning, it'd be protected to the night saying the night we protected the morning. And nobody will come with anything better than that other than the one who said it more. So these do are in the rewards that are connected to these upcard the one of the many ways again that show Muslims not acceptable for you to fall into shape like that. Make partners with

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a lot make a step out of other than allies, which are not something that's acceptable. It's not even my call. It doesn't even make sense. So in this particular chapter, honey is a dangerous chapter. We all know people will fall in these issues left right and center. But I must say this and this is important is important. As we mentioned previously, we have to keep repeating this for every class hopefully. Although we know people who say yeah a lie yada suit

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Allah, Allah Mohammed we know people they write that on the messages they say they do it they put it on their birthday cakes. They put it on the cake on the night of the Hutton Yeah, Allah yada sola when the people see that they say Ma sha Allah, it's a sign that we're really, really doing we're supposed to be doing. I say,

00:35:21--> 00:36:06

shaker slam said anybody who does this care for agema. And he is a character by the consensus of the Muslims, don't you come and let me not come and say, and so and so was a calf era, because she's doing this uncle song. So as a cache, because he's doing it. My mother, my father could farm cutting off ties a relationship, no more salon to them, I'm not going to inherit label and error for me, I won't visit them, they won't visit me because Seamus Lam said that they will Kfar. No, we told you there are conditions that have to be present. And they have to be preventive measures that have to be absent. If those preventive measures are present. And those conditions are absent, it doesn't

00:36:06--> 00:36:27

work. One of the conditions that has to be present, is that your mother and your father know what they're talking about. They know what they're doing. Someone sat down and established the heart against them. Not just telling them and argue with them. But they made an attempt to show them this is not permissible. There are many ways of lies, which has shown us is not permissible. Let me just give you five,

00:36:28--> 00:37:08

what do you have to say about what the prophet said to the bottom and this and that, and he establishes, and then the uncle, the Father, the mother, the sister, the brother says, Well, like I don't care what you say, I'm going against that. Now. We'll put them outside of Islam. But we got to make sure he has knowledge, we have to make sure he's not mistaken. We have to make sure he's not being compelled. Don't go out. And don't make to fear of people. Don't make the fear of people based upon these nuwakot just by themselves. Because as we mentioned, anyone who comes to Islam with clarity, we can cause him to exit from Ellis land, except with clarity. And with that, which is

00:37:08--> 00:37:17

clear from this chapter one is something really important as well as relates to intermediaries. What about the issue of

00:37:21--> 00:37:23

things like another to take an oath

00:37:25--> 00:38:09

to make an oath. All if you do this and you do that, then I'm going to do this and I'm going to do that. So the person made an oath, is a person making an oath in contradiction to this is he using that oath as an intercession, the media clearly know who said that the Muslim just has to know that is not the taking of the oath that's going to change the cutter. He has to know that now if he was thinking is the oath itself, by me simply making this oath The thing is going to change now mass shift can be learned shouldn't do that. shouldn't do that. The Prophet said about the oath about another son in law while he was setting them in the hula yet to behave. And nama, you Stafford, you

00:38:09--> 00:38:50

men who you start, who would you be he minella he'll, this oath doesn't bring any good. It doesn't change the Qatar, the fact that you took an oath to fast so much and give so much money, 5000 pounds sadaqa if your wife has the baby, okay, that doesn't change what's going to happen to that baby doesn't change. Probably Mohammed said the oath is used to cause someone who's stingy to do something normally what you do, he normally when you give that five grand, he normally wouldn't fast, he normally wouldn't do the thing that he took the oath about. So the oath and all it does is really makes him do more than what he would normally do. But whether or not that thing he took the

00:38:50--> 00:39:17

oath for is going to happen and not happen doesn't have anything to do with the with the with the with the number. So if he thought if he thought, by me doing the number, the number is going to make a change, then the number becomes kind of like an intercession. So it's not the number is not the number and that she finds the same way. Hello Tyler made it clear to us in the Quran that that she finds for him the law he has she found kulu

00:39:19--> 00:39:30

all of lilla here Shiva Jamia all of the Shiva belongs to a lot. Those people say hi lady Shiva in the law. There are two types of she find Islam.

00:39:32--> 00:39:56

The first sight is the one that is not permissible. It's not gonna happen. like asking someone who's dead or someone who has to have the ability to help you it's not permissible. is not my sure it's not permissible. Allow Tyler mentioned in the Quran, a number of iron from those if you let me know and people merasakan are coming to come.

00:39:57--> 00:39:59

Bearing fee when I hold a tune

00:40:00--> 00:40:41

Alaska, well, careful room avoiding oh no you believe spend from what we have given you before the day comes, when there will be no transaction, you will have a chance for bed and there will be no friendship. Nobody's trying to be the friend of brother, nobody husband, wife, mother and father by going drop everybody and there will be no Shiva and the carefree role there the volley moon, the Cathy role or the machinery comb because they think it's permissible to do these things. So that is negates Shiva yamaki Armin, where she finds that the one where you're asking somebody to do something, they'll have the ability to do it and have the authority to do it wrong. And then the

00:40:41--> 00:41:09

second time is the shift. That is permissible. But it only can happen if two conditions are there. The first condition is that a law has to give the permission for it to happen. Men then let the yoshua bengio. Elaborate if needed. Who is it? That can give intercession except by his permission? What come American fist summer whitey la Tasha, who she found a lemon bad and then a la manga shot.

00:41:11--> 00:41:57

How many angels are there in the heavens harmony? There Shiva there Shiva, it ain't gonna benefit. It's not going to benefit anyone, except after Allah gave the permission and allow us please. So in order for someone to be able to intercede on someone's behalf, you have to have a laws permission. And the law has to be pleased with the one who was making the sheaf. I can't just be doing it in any way. So that's the second chapter when he from the nuwakot of Ellis land. And that is making a middleman between you and other than Allah. And I have to add on this we've seen as some of you were well aware that we're living in a time right now where the people were practicing Islam, even the

00:41:57--> 00:42:04

people claim a connection to the Sunnah, even the people who claim sephia connection to the Sunnah.

00:42:05--> 00:42:06

fall into this stuff,

00:42:07--> 00:42:31

is intermediary stuff. So if a brother makes a mistake, says something did something that was incorrect. A group of us come together is from our machine is from our group, we make a mistake. We come together and we make an car against them. We say you did a bad thing. You have to write a ban. You have to go to the chef. You have to make Toba at the chef.

00:42:32--> 00:43:14

You have to go to the chef and make Toba and the chef has to give you the stamp of approval say you okay now, that's not our religion. When the companions were making to add to the to Ally's agenda while they were traveling, and they were screaming out loud, when they went up and elevated thing, they would say Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, because you're going closer, the little devil lies above so they will make the beer and glorify Allah. And whenever they came down a mountain, they will say suparna law because the law is far removed from being down a lot above high. When the Prophet heard them screaming like that somebody was selling them. They were exuberant. They were excited. Showing

00:43:14--> 00:43:23

that all excitement is not okay, now we're religion. There's a time and a place all that excitement on the battlefield. He told the Muslims he told a lot told him how

00:43:25--> 00:43:26

Allah Kitab

00:43:27--> 00:44:17

excite them so forgiving the fight. That's the place Yama Juma you get excited with the people get them you know, revved up, no problem, but excitement all the time for everything. So they were shouting, Prophet Mohammed Surya, you unanswerable and Fujiko au people take it easy on yourselves have Rama. You're not calling someone who is deaf. Or far away? You're calling someone who is close. He is close. And he hears so take it easy. If he's close and he hears what do you what do you call the middleman for allies close to you. You don't need that stuff. So whether it's a share, whether it's a slogan, whatever it happens to be, don't put any middlemen between you and Eliza. Okay, fine.

00:44:17--> 00:44:28

We'll take the questions. inshallah. If you guys have any questions from this week, some people have questions last week, we had to get out of here. If you have any questions, you could put them forth now and Sharla the cannon to come shake

00:44:30--> 00:44:32

your hand. Amen. Brother.

00:44:44--> 00:44:59

When had he said 10 times but this look at is the car at the center after the five prayers and 100 times is the one who gets free in the slave. But there's a hadith where he sallallahu Sallam said that 10 times

00:45:00--> 00:45:20

Just like our mother, she narrated me a lobby please with her. She said that the Prophet led the people in the slot Southern lady was setting them and after the prayer he said, a stuck for a lot of stuff and a lot of stuff for a lot alone men to send them woman Caslen, tabarrok de yada yada Jelani, Willie Crump, and he got up

00:45:21--> 00:45:30

and went into the house, and he didn't do anything else. That's all he said. So when they saw him later, they said to him, why did you only say that this time?

00:45:31--> 00:46:03

He said, I remember, someone gave me some Southern as an Amana to give that sucker. So I remember so I just got up in a rush. So hurry up and do the good deeds sorry, who am offended tomorrow be calm, hurry up to get these get them up fear of your Lord badger will hurry up and do the good deeds. fitten can lay modern times and comes with a lot of fear and you won't be able to do good deeds. So anyway, he did the car in different ways. Sometimes he stayed a long time and this show he did that short time. Any more questions and honey anymore?

00:46:22--> 00:46:25

Say the question from the beginning again about the grandfather.

00:46:37--> 00:46:45

Good question. I think that's a good question. And Amanda Howie, the great scholar from the Hanafi madhhab. But he was a scholar of Hadith.

00:46:46--> 00:46:48

He wrote a book called mushkin.

00:46:49--> 00:47:20

I thought, and Heidi mushkin mushkin elazar. Those are difficult to comprehend or they seem like they conflict and contradiction. And it was this mess Allah. One Hadith is saying I can help you with a lot. But then we have another number of a Heidi, showing that the province has said he makes the shift to Cobra, we'll get people who deserve to go to the Hellfire out.

00:47:21--> 00:47:29

When all those people come, and they go to different properties, it'll be able to get out of the Hellfire people from this oma who made the major sense.

00:47:30--> 00:47:36

So he has all kinds of chifa establish. So how could it be over here that he said I can't help you?

00:47:38--> 00:48:25

no conflict, no contradiction. What he's saying is clearly Save yourselves by doing actions by doing deeds by working by doing what I brought following my religion. So I can help you if you don't do any actions, right. And the authentic identity says something like it was sending them. Cotonou nessa been what has happened to Qatar, yomo, qiyamah, Illa, mecanim, in SAP, Yama, Yama, all relationships, and all lineage won't be of no benefit. No benefit, except what's going to be connected to me. So if you're connected to me from analog bank, you're gonna get some benefit. So that being said, that's going to benefit if you connected to him. But he also told the people

00:48:25--> 00:49:07

selling why they were sending them who ever was slow and doing these, his lineage is not going to help him be speeded up. So if you go across to Sarah, crawling, the fact that you related to him is not going to speed you up. You didn't do the deeds. That's what this is talking about. You people save yourselves because I can help you. You're not gonna get into gender just because you're my uncle, you're my cousin, your mom, tribesmen. That's the meaning of it. But he will have the ability to do the intercession as we establish, establish. When those two conditions are fulfilled. Allah gives the permission and allows panna with Allah is pleased with the one who's going to do it. So

00:49:07--> 00:49:08

that's the

00:49:10--> 00:49:15

harmonization the harmonizing between the two any more questions and one for the

00:49:29--> 00:49:41

so the iron is coming Medical Officer malattie lab tonisha phi Tim Shay and Ella and lm embody and get them Allahu Leeming, Chateau LA, Chicago.

00:49:53--> 00:49:53

Take it again.

00:50:14--> 00:50:16

There are many types of schufa

00:50:17--> 00:50:32

revenue that people have the ability to make sure via as well as the prophets and the messengers. So Shiva is not something that exclusive to the Prophet sallallaahu send them. If a person dies 100 people pray over his janazah they're the people of tawheed

00:50:33--> 00:50:55

then that person, they will make intercession on his behalf. The Mujahid got killed pcpt that will be able to make intercession for 70 people from his family members, children that died before their parents, they died in the cradle. They will be able to make intercession for their mothers and their fathers who

00:50:56--> 00:51:30

died before then the sun will be able to say in seed on behalf of the parent, the daughter, so there are many types of she found the Quran will be able to intercede on people's behalf. So to Bukhara REM Ron will come and we will intercede on behalf of people used to read them in the dunya. So there are many things many things fast and will make intercession on people yo mukaiyama so many things. But Prophet Mohammed Salah Salim as we mentioned, he has different types of shift as well.

00:51:31--> 00:51:40

And he has this special one and the biggest one, but that's not the only one. He has the ability to make intercession on behalf of his uncle Abu Talib, who's a cafe.

00:51:41--> 00:51:42

But what's the Shiva

00:51:43--> 00:51:47

that Allah gave him the permission I will tell him he's going to the hellfire.

00:51:48--> 00:51:55

And he's gonna be in a health fight, because he may stick with a law and he took intercessors along with a law like his people's drives me.

00:51:58--> 00:52:38

So he helped us land profits a lot. He was senator max the lives of gentlemen for him a pair of shoes, that he'd be put in those shoes, and it's so hard to burn his brains with other torment of the hellfire. And that's going to be the less the least amount of punishment. You'll know pianos, some of the people said, he'll just be in those shoes. Nothing else is happening to him just in those shoes. He will get burned smoke this he's just in those shoes because there's prop set some alarms and they said that's the least punishment, but his brains gonna be balling for eternity. That's problem. So because of the Navy salicylate making its session, his adapt was reduced. So he

00:52:38--> 00:52:44

has many types of shifa, and that's why it is important that they occur of

00:52:45--> 00:52:46


00:52:47--> 00:53:08

Do you hear me say everything that Vince says and then as he finishes make the DA at the VA, then whoever says that he's gonna have the intercession of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam just because he made that and then because he made that and then any more questions, one, Any more questions? Okay, then the Shaolin Tuffy behalf of Qatar una sala to Hollywood.

00:53:09--> 00:53:17

Panic alohomora because we're a shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa shadow no Mohammed Abdul Allah.