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smilla Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa shad one La ilaha illa Allah Who is the hula sharika

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why shadow Anam Mohammed Anam de who are also low who Salawat Allah He was cinema when he

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just heard the last event for

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Ramadan's hottap escalada gel to accept everything that went by. And the few days that remain, and they a little

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smiling and preparing for Juma is listening to the Torah we have the salaat last night. I didn't pray here last night, and I saw that someone had donated 100,000 pounds.

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It changed my mood, and it also changed the topic of the hookah.

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Want to talk about a mother hammer from the mother here is see that we have amongst the Muslims in the month of Ramadan is a bad manifestation. And although I have personally been with everybody here in sha Allah, they may be that person was listening to my voice who's not here, who this is applicable to him or her.

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That is

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we in the month of Ramadan don't understand some times that the nature of this month, the nature, the spirit of the month, that you have to do more.

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You're going to listen to the Quran more.

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You're going to fast more.

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You're going to guard your tongue more.

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You're going to pray more.

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You're going to give sadaqa more

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is the nature of a month.

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When someone gets up before the community and says okay, we want to get money. There those people huff and puff and they fidget. And some of them blurt out and say again, money again. You don't understand the nature of Ramadan.

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They describe the prophets of Allah when he was sending them your nebby your soul, the seed of the heart and the seed and Katelyn Adams children, that he was the most generous person period. But in the month of Ramadan, he was more generous.

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When jabril used to come to him and rehearse the Quran, he became more generous. So the impact of the Quran

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if it was revealed on a mountain, the mountain would have fell down.

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The jinn when it was revealed. They said whoa, we heard a book that is amazing. It affects the creation

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omet mentally slam that when I read that

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when jabril came in rehearsal put on with him so long that he was telling me became more generous. It's the effect of the Quran especially the mantra Ramadan.

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So if you are a person who has been healed, and you didn't reach into your pocket, you have the ability to do so. Whether it's your relatives, the other people when this only you haven't given yet. You're not understanding. You're not practicing the spirit in the reality of Ramadan.

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But I'm specifically talking to those people who in this Masjid in that Masjid, and that charitable group and this Nova they all these projects and initiatives. When people get up and they start asking people huffing, they puff

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and I heard someone blurt out in a Masjid. Again Again, you ask him for money? Yes, you're Abdullah.

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You walk down Coventry road. There are people asking you to raise funds. This one over here saying buy this

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set of bananas for so much money and this one over here saying buy this petite, this watermelon. And that one over there is calling you to the dunya to raise funds for this food and that food. And we pass by and we walk by with more or le Kieron we pass by and it's no problem.

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We don't get fidgety. And the proceeds of that fundraiser go into our stomachs is going into someone else's pocket.

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And there's nothing wrong with that. But where's the suburban where Why so much suburb in that. But when the masjid is saying, hey, gift for Allah, gift for only slam.

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help those people were need from your brothers and sisters. We fidget.

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Those of us who have mobile phones, when you're looking you're reading an article or something that is of interest to you. This is the reality of the capitalistic society we're living in. So reality, consumerism on steroids. We're being bombarded with

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If right and center, but we've become used to it. So we don't fidget. And we even dream about these things not even knowing that subliminally we've been affected by this stuff. But when it comes to the dunya, we're from the US Bureau help, we got a lot of suburbs.

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So as I'm reading something from social media, something comes in and interrupts what I'm reading. So all I do is press the X and I get rid of it, and I keep reading it.

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But when I come to the messaging, and the people say, Hey, give this give that the people get upset.

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So I want to say without putting anybody down, this is a terrible state, if you've been affected like that. Now, in this Masjid, we have a level of faith and understanding. And that is, I know as the man in the hottie, I can keep you here all day. So we shortened the two Germans, we made two Germans, in light of all of the stuff that's going on with Corona social distancing. They told the man 20 minutes and you added here, I want to talk to you for an hour today, but I'm not going to do that. We have some level of Fiqh.

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So in the night time, last night, I changed the photo because I saw that our Eman sob her father who Allahu taala,

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he got up and he talked to the people after the Sonata Asia for a few minutes and started telling the history about the MSG, and how someone way back in the day, paid 100 stacks. And then it was on the rest of the community to come up with 40 grand.

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And I was shocked when he read that someone from the mousseline last night said, I'm going to give 100 grand to one shot live I sold my property. When I sell my property. I was happy.

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But I said to myself, you know,

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the Imam sob only took three minutes, five minutes, and I can imagine that there are those people in the masjid. Again, again, money again.

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And I guarantee you when Allah knows best, you go back today and shortline you look at that video, and you're going to find some people who hated the video, because that's the nature of it, I think are the host navan in our community, that they are the racists and they are the people anti Islamic and they are the people who have Islamophobia like in London last night when they were throwing rocks and eggs at the masjid in London. But you barely hear that. You barely hear that last week. They arrested some racist for terrorism charges want to do harm for the Muslims and Anna Muslims in a blessed month of Ramadan. You don't hear that but let a Muslim misbehave and it's going to be an

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indictment on our whole oma but we say to them Di Di Di Allison lamb is here to stay.

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And Islam is here to stay

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by my point of my community here on matel Islam and the blessing month of Ramadan

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is that Eliza gel has made it emphatically clear yeah you realize and to move for para Illa Allah He will la hora de Niro, I need. You are poor to Allah and Ally's rich and he's praiseworthy. Whether you come up and step up to the plate or not, Allah is rich, and he doesn't need us.

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He said in the Quran and the ayah that we all know but we should think about it. When my novel ends in lallier, about duni ma od do Min humoresque od when you're three Mooney in Allah hora Zack will kuwa Timothy, that's our team.

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I'm not created mankind and the jinn except to worship me along with toe Heath. And when I legislated

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I don't want from them to see me and I don't want from them their money. Allies are reserved for me Mateen that's our religion.

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So when the people asking you for money in this message and that message and multiple times, don't fidget, don't fidget. Just give them money. And if you don't have the money, give you moral support and make dua Don't be of the people who liked the Manasa pin. They used to say La tofu. Don't give money with those and those who are with the Nabhi. Don't be like that.

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I want to share something with you guys. That is critical. And I'm not going to take a lot of time. Although I want to take a lot of time. Our sisters, our children is an ion of the mini ICT in theory

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He found some with a column with Jay he do

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foresee calm he said

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that he come higher on the

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go out on the slam go out. He finds him we'll see Carla, go out and make Jihad and you're making the biggest jihad in Islam, the jihad, the knifes holding yourself back Thurston every day

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coming to this measure for tearaway, you don't have to be here for thought our way. So on the 27th inshallah, we're gonna take a little bit more time to try to get you to help yourself because it's better for you if you only know.

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So you don't have to come to the tearaway if you're one of those Abu Fiji's. If you're able fidgety, am I saying in a negative, aggressive way, don't come. I say go somewhere else. Stay home. It's not magic. But we're trying to get the dough in order to help this religion and to help people. Did you not hear that story about the elders who started this Masjid when they had killed it, that an ad we they had a fraction of what we have in money, a fraction and look at all this stuff that has happened after they made their efforts. And in 2021, with all of this technology, you think that we don't want to crack this program open meaning

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really helped Alice lamb in Europe and in the world.

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The IR said, Muslims go out feasability go out, go out. He Fatima.

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The scholar said, and I say to you, have you guys not tuned into the tough scene of the Quran this year, I have an enormous CD in English, the Book of Allah cunnamulla. Last year, every day,

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just one of the many programs that the Muslims here are trying out the community.

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And all of that is from the 100 of the original people started this place. So the I said, and we bite our tongues for no one, don't speak either side of my neck, go out and go forth in the closet, Allah go out, he thought them with the corner, go out the elders in the strong ones from amongst you. And also the youngsters who are weak as well. That's the meaning of the iron. Those who are rich go out in the cause of Allah. And those who are poor go out in the cause of Allah.

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Men and women

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go out in the cause of Allah in the way that's been legislated inappropriate to our time and our place. So I have to get my kids involved. The last 10 days of Ramadan, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam with tying up his belt and bring the night alive and wake up his family, your family, my family, they have something to do

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to the best of your ability. The rest of the isn go out and fight in the cause of Allah and spin your money, spin your money and make jihad, Jihad enough's and the Jihad with your money, your wealth. And there are many is the Quran telling us that in the month of Ramadan, another Ramadan. So listen, and I need two extra minutes, maybe

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the companion some of them after the death of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam worthy Allah Allahu anhu.

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They went on a campaign to fight against the Romans and the Byzantine. Can you imagine the Arabs when they are going to fight Rome in the Byzantine Empire? That's right. That's what happened because of that book. Because of that sooner because of the level of Islam of those companions. Yeah, we aren't that way, inshallah. We're a fraction of them. But we're on that way.

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They went to fight them. The Romans had a big army, and the Muslims had a big army. And it was going to be a clash. But the Romans were scared. They were scared.

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One of the men from the Tabby game, after the prophet SAW the light of a settler, he was pumped up. He went in, he ran into confined to those people, and they killed him up. And he turned around towards the Muslims and he fell out.

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Some of the people from the tab he said

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he destroyed itself with his own hands, and read an ayat of the Quran. Learn to be a de comida Luca, don't destroy yourselves with your own hands. And that I couldn't mean that. Don't commit suicide. Don't take drugs. Don't

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Drive crazily don't do things that responsible lose your life. If you do that this idea can apply to you. But they said

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he killed himself with his own hands. The companion abou Are you but I'm sorry, go back and read. He was the man. I yo but I'm sorry from betting a jar from the people of the insock

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one of the originals who accepted Islam when the Prophet was a mecca. And he promised when you come to Medina, we the answer will supporting we help you listen to the iron myrtillus lamb and get a lesson from our Aslan, I have no hesitation to stand here and say, I'm setting up inshallah, and we all should be setting up meaning we're going to connect ourselves to those companions to the best of our ability. That's our laser. Our Iza is not in these groups, is not in this craziness. It's in connecting ourselves to the religion of Abu or Yuval and sun and Abu Bakr and your man, man and honey, but not just in Kalam. And not just his beer

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Are you but I'm sorry.

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He is one of those leaders that the answer in the vein of Abu Jana Canada's been bullied but we don't know about him. A lot describe the answer in the Quran, where you see ruler and fuzzy him Willow can be him and her saw saw those mohajir Ito's insaan. They used to give preference to the mu hadrien over themselves. Although they were poor, they didn't have anything. But when our buckenham came from Mecca, their brothers in Islam left their homes and made sacrifices. They were poor. They gave whatever they could look, I uban inside he said to the people who said that man destroyed himself killed himself with his own hands. He said to him, you said a terrible thing. He said this

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if I know the meaning of this is and from the companions. I'm from the self. I know the meaning not you pay attention.

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He say the meaning of this is it is it was revealed on us the answer. When the Prophet came to Medina salallahu alayhi wasallam we opened our hearts for him and to him. We open our homes to him. You became the brother have that inside of you became the brother of him You became the brother and if one of you die you inherited from him.

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And they gave that

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half of their wealth. I give you half of my money. I got 5000 pounds saved up. I got 1000 I'm gonna give you had my brother who's in need.

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Care Siri is not asking you for half of your money. mess. It is not asking for half of your money. Just give some.

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He said it was revealed on us. We open our hearts, we open our homes, and we opened our pockets and we gave him everything. And then Sam started spreading the Battle of better the Battle of bendy mosteller the Battle of this battle that we kicked the yahood out after they broke their contracts. And Islam started spreading listen. So we the answers set amongst ourselves away from the Prophet sallallahu Sallam who couldn't hear because he's not hostile nozzle. He's not harder nozzle. We said hey, we made a lot of sacrifices. So why don't we like back up a little bit and take care of our money? You know we did so much. Now we can make money now get back to the was the way it was before

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the profit came not against the prophet or slam but the dunya let's get our money, we have this land.

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And then Allah revealed this is

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what unfill feasibility and fatal feasibility what I told Kobe The community was seen.

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Are you but I'm sorry. He said, The meaning of the ayat is Allah said spend in the cause of Allah you and SAR spent in the cause of Allah and don't destroy yourselves with your own hands by your own hands and do a sin because Allah loves those who see me. He said the meaning of destroying with your own hands is not giving sadaqa

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is you not giving says

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is you not spending money. It's not the way shaytan had the people thinking.

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So when Matera slam let us put our money where our mouth is, with this mistake, what is that Mr. With is that initiative, that initiative, Have some faith, give the money where it's going to be used and it's going to be used to further the cause of what the center of this amore upon about are you willing sorry in Abu Bakar tomorrow man and I need the rest of them. Read the yellow on whom

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Alhamdulillah hunting kefir on water you ban Mubarak and Fie

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Well sallallahu wasallam a baddeck at an avian and I mean, we asked the lies which Allah when establish our feet firmly upon the Kitab in the Sunnah and they make us of those people and truthful in wording deed, and he made us of those people take advantage of what remains in this month to make Toba for the Hebrew for the Nemanja, for the stuff that we did then all of us and that he places it in our hearts to help this religion comes to life.