Sajid Ahmed Umar – Successful Parenting #08

Sajid Ahmed Umar
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the issue of teenagers finding answers and identifying emotions in children. They suggest that parents should teach children in order to overcome these issues and avoid mistakes. The speaker also talks about the school's fault for not properly addressing the situation and suggests that parents should take responsibility for their children.
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We know the teenage problem today, when children are searching for independence, and their minds are developing, and their bodies are maturing, and they're feeling this emotion that they never felt before. And they're looking for answers. But mother is not at home, or Father is not at home, or mother's at home, but she's not interested. So what happens,

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the child's mind will never remain empty.

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It'll never remain empty. If you don't teach your child,

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the guidance teacher at school will teach your child the program on television will teach your child, the man on the radio will teach your child, the neighbor next door will teach your child if you don't teach your child and be a true guardian to the child, that the child will adopt several other guardians. And then when you see this child moving away based on different information and different advice, and different Shura that the child is getting, now you you get upset and you say subhanallah I'm having trouble with my child, and what's wrong with my child. And why my child and why this and why is that and we start pointing fingers is his fault. It's her fault. It's the

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school's fault. But as we point fingers, we forget that there's three other fingers pointing back at us.

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A Charity begins at home

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begins with you that how did the situation come about? Surely you are in control of the situation. So how did it come about?

The Teenage Problem Today

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