What made Laylat Al-Qadr honored and so virtuous?

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The transcript describes the history of the title title Lila to Qatar, which was the day before the Quran came down. The title became a special night for the day, and the episode introduces the idea that the night is a creation of Islam, with no actual events or moments. The episode also highlights the importance of learning from the bulk of the Quran and becoming more-homey and-homey in order to achieve success.

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solara Sohail he said in unzer now whoa fi lateral cada Subhana Allah in danza Nair, the biggest thing that ever happened on Layla Delgado was the revelation of the Quran, my brothers and sisters in Islam. The day the Quran came down, it was the day Allah saw his mercy came down. That was the day of laws mercy came down. It was such a huge event when the Quran came down. It was such a huge event that the night was supposed to be special. So the night was called a little cuddle. Yanni the ID is you need to ask which one gave virtue to what it's not all and that gave honor to that night. and not the other night give giving honor to the Quran. It was the Quran coming down in laylat. And

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cover that now this night became something so special, so honored that it was known among us as Lila to covet which comes once he so it was the Orion it was the Quran that Allah Subhana Allah and just like that what we learned from Lila to Qatar, what we learned this is the next lesson we learned is that since the Quran was so powerful enough to give status and nobility to a night,

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then the closer and closer we are to the plan, the more and more nobility we get from Allah subhanho wa Taala the more and more honored we become in the sight of Allah subhanho wa Taala we're speaking about a creation a night The night is a creation of Allah sosial the night the night it was an ordinary random night just like every other night of the had no virtue nothing whatsoever. People would sleep during this night wake up just like normal when the sun came down, that's it that night deserve to be honored. it deserved to be honored to the point where it's called a little color and an entire surah is dedicated for it in the plan and its worship the worship in this night is better

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than 1000 month this is all from the bulk of the Quran. This the the virtues of Leela together is all because of the bulk of the Quran. So what we learned from this is the closer and closer you are to the plan, the more and more you earn of Allah subhanho wa Taala is pleasure, the more and more you earn of Allah subhanho wa Taala honoring you, and dignifying you become noble among the human beings among the angels Subhan Allah in unzila hoffy Laila to cuddle for you learn this you learn this step the closer you are to the Quran, the more honest you are, the further away from the Quran you are the more humiliated you become the more humiliated you become Suppan Allah