Abandoning the Quran – Not Memorising It

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smilla rahmanir rahim

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al hamdu lillahi Meadowhall when a stain or when a stuffy little

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when are all the B na human showed od m phocoena

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women save the TR Molina

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Mayor de la Hoefler move the nella warming dude the little fella had the law

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by a shadow an era in llama whack the whole Ashley Keller why shadow a no Mohammed and Abdo who were also low who Salawat Omar he was Salam O Allah He to Sleeman kathira

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Yeah, au Halina amla, tapa, la Hakka toccata he will add to mu tuna in LA and Thomas me moon yeah you are NASA toccoa bakuman levy dokumen FCM wahida till more culatta Minh has Oh jaha what betheme in Houma regarding a theorem when is what takala levy to set a Luna be? Well our hand in the law kind of La cumbre Kiva?

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Yeah, you are living in Tacoma or kulu Colin sadita you Slayer loco? loco. We are located on the new Baku where main utair in la hora Sula, who factor the FAS falls and now vema and bhandal for in hydro kannum kannum Allah subhanahu wa tada or havan houda houda Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam will show two or more Martha to her wakulla death in VEDA atone were calabi dighton Bala Tomoko Gallatin, phenol, Ivan Allahu taala Jimmy I'm in Nadi jahannam women should deti

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Ciao bella, Today marks the third Friday. In this she is blessed month of Ramadan. The month of the Quran

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will be in the third Friday of the month. In this she is fasting we have also hit the monumental point which is halfway through the blessed month of Ramadan.

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We have the evening lab about another hour to go in order to fast here in Birmingham in the UK, other people in other parts of the world. They have six hours, eight hours, 12 hours, whatever the case may be, but here in the UK these are the last moments of this blessed day the day of their in the weekly reading the Muslims allies with gel is Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has legislated a number of things to be done today and from them is that we pray the salado Juma but since the Coronavirus, we have not been praying Juma. We've suspended the Jamaat, just as we're going to suspend inshallah, they're eight prayer because Allah does not burden us beyond our scope and our

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ability now you can lift Allahu nevsun illa was Aha. So we're going to suspend the Salah of a Torah way inside of the masjid. And as relates to the read prayer, we're not going to make the read prayer as a congregation. If there are families that have quite a number of people that are in your family 15 1012 people, then I wouldn't stop a person from making their aid in that case where they can go outside and Shatila and maybe make their eat in their backyard, maybe make their aid in another place where you're not going to compromise this whole issue of social distancing. But as it relates to us feeling that there is an obligation or a necessity for us to perform their aid everyone does

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the salata Valerie in his own house, and this is something that I believe should be avoided and allies Island alameen Allah

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so today is the halfway point of Ramadan and from what we should be doing on this Friday, although we don't pray the soul out of Juma is we send salutations BAM prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allahumma suddenly, Allah Mohammed Allahumma barik, Allah, Mohammed and so forth and so on.

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Many times you can possibly do it. And a lot of times this is from the sunon that are Majora, the Sooners that have been abandoned by our community. And they are a lot that people just don't sit. And they take the time out to say, I'm just going to sit here for the next 15 2030 minutes. And I'm just going to say son Lola while he was saying,

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it's not something that is very difficult and in light of what the prophet has given us, Salawat Allah He was said mo it, then it's from his heart hope, his rights upon us that we take some time out just to do it. Just to continuously send the Salawat and the salaams upon him. The Azure of that the reward of that is going to come back to us as the Prophet told us salewa to lie, he was said mo LA and La La he, Allah he has some angels who fly around. Whenever they hear the Salawat and the salaams being given to him. They take it from that individual may go back and they relate it to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in a way that Allah knows it's reality. We don't know. But we

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believe in it. Another one of the Sinan, that we should do on Friday, as the Prophet mentioned some of the law while he was sending them is that we should read SoTL calf and this Friday marks as I've mentioned already the halfway point of Ramadan and in addition to that, we should be reading in this day sort of the calf, the 15th Jews of the Quran.

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Also in addition to that many things, as I mentioned, is that there is an hour on this day yo mille Juma there is an hour in which if the slave makes dua to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Allah will answer his supplication allow answer her prayers. The scholars have the life as to the exact time of that hour. But the strongest pingan and Allah knows best is that the last hour is established in sha Allah and it is at the very last piece of the Friday after Salafi Lhasa, close to salata, mother. So since we don't know the exact hour it is It was late left ambiguous to us, just as later to Qatar was left ambiguous, we have some signs of it that is in the last

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10 nights and in the ad nights of the last two nights, but we don't know the exact specific date. And that is because we should struggle and strive our level best just to do it as much as you possibly can. If you do it as much as you can all day in Sha one not leaving any hour to go by. Except that you sent salewa to Parliament, the Sams then you're going to get any shot Allahu subhana wa Tada. So we'll continue what we began three weeks ago, as it relates to is from Sora tell farrakhan and that is that Allah subhanho wa Taala has described his servants when he called them the bad man and he gave a number of descriptions that they have. And he also mentioned in sort of Al

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Furqan, the prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is going to come yomo pm and he's going to complain what color also

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messengers going to say Arab be in a coma. Have a look or Anima Majora Verily, my people, my community, my nation, my oma. They have abandoned the Quran. And they have me hijacked of the Quran. And it is not permissible for the Muslim to make hedger of the book of Allah to abandon the boycott the book of Allah. I said that there is a sooner than is Majora, the sooner that is Majora. There are many Sunni that are Majora. Prophet Mohammed used to keep his fold open at times and he will walk around and he kept his fold like that. Some of his companions one of them at least used to do it all the time. And when the people asked him about it, he said I saw the Prophet doing and

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sallallahu I didn't send them so I'm never going to do it. That's a sooner that is Majora. There are many, many. As soon as the Miss whack is as soon as that is Majora it is abandoned. Many many whether it be in the month of Ramadan, I'm pretty sure that many of you will have seen the video that was going around and the text messages that were going around encouraging people to do the sooner of

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Eating dates and then expelling the seed of the date. And the way that the Prophet did is a Mullah Whiting was selling them so as to not spread germs in the vessel in which all of the dates were being held in. So he would take the dates of Allah while he was selling them always with his right hand, always with his right hand. He would eat the date, and then after getting all of the flesh off of the seed, he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would put the date between these two fingers, so I'm sure inshallah that people have seen that. That is a sooner that is Majora. We don't say that. As soon as were Juba, we don't say that this sooner right here if you don't do it, you're not from the

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sooner but we do say as he told us in an authentic hadith sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that men and maroof Shea do not consider anything that is my roof. Anything that is correct. Don't look at as being insignificant. Don't trivialize it, don't minimize it. Because everyone is going to need Allah subhanho wa Taala has Rama and every good deed. Yo mukaiyama he told the people so Lola who it was salami duck Gnar Willow be shocked to Merton

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favor Hellfire put something between yourself in the Hellfire even if it's half of a date half of a date. Don't look at half of a date as being insignificant as being trivial. Allahu taala will take one pound $1 one dinar and he will put it in the scales after person gave Sadat a few Sabina he'll cause that $1 to go up to $10 you'll cause it to go up to $700 he'll cause it go up to even more than that.

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Even more than that. So from the sooner that I Majora of those things that are being mentioned to the community in the hopes that people will give life to these soon as as well. The recitation of the surah of the Quran the chapter known as El Cap, El Cap, the cave, it is a Sunday, that is Majora many people leave it off. And leaving off this particular sooner is Emma Shakira. It's a problem. It's a big problem, because the Muslims should be and he has to be connected to sort of God. whoever reads it, it will cause a light to shine for him and to proceed from him until the next Juma and three more days in addition to that, so we can't afford to not read this particular surah and can't

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afford not to hold on to this particular sooner. So we go back and shout Allahu taala to explain in this whole issue about abandoned in the Quran. And the abandonment of the Quran has many meanings. We've dealt with a number of them already. The one that we want to deal with today, inshallah, is the abandonment of the Quran in the form of what the vast majority of people were listening to my words right now are fallen into a lamb and rahima illa Rahim ahora buena, except the one that Allah had written upon them, and gave them tofik and guided him and made him successful in doing this thing and holding on to it from the abandonment of the Quran, is the fact that people do not try to

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memorize the Quran. The Muslims do not try to memorize the kurama villa. The really weird thing, distressing thing, disturbing thing is that if you look at some of the songs that are present in every single culture, and in every single language that Muslims speak, and the culture that they have, you will find in the music of those culture. And those cultures the Muslims have memorize the words to those songs. And the words many times are words that are not Hello. They're not from the kinematic by the bat, those good words that Allahu taala would take the good word and he raises it up to the sky. And kenema

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the good word that is planted firmly in the ground that either lulla and those other good words that will benefit the human being. The person will memorize all of those songs, but he doesn't memorize it. She doesn't memorize that much of the Quran and then at a time like this, where the Coronavirus is on the scene and we've been forced to pray the selective Torah way. Many people don't pray it out of embarrassment and out of shyness of not memorizing that much

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The husband he married his wife, he she thought that he memorize more than that of the Quran. And hamdulillah outside of Corona, he would come and he would pray in the masjid or hum de la but now he's in the house. He can't leave the family and the prayer is embarrassing. He's shy, because he only memorize two or three of the smallest swords of the Quran. And I don't say smallest sir is trying to make them small because the smallest surah in it knuckle Cofer is our vema and there is arida and his tequila is heavy in the scales and is wide and massive and its meaning and its implication. But what I'm trying to say is there are some smaller servers of the Quran surah to a

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class Paul who allow a herd you know, those sort of sort of teleSUR. Now, if an individual only memorize those three servers, or five swords or seven servers lab, that's no problem. Pray with that is better to pray with those few swords than it is to abandon the prayer altogether. But the point I'm trying to bring to your attention is the point of, we should be people who are inspired to memorize the Book of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So that it will be a validation of our claim that we believe in a lie. So gentlemen, we love Allah. There may be some Allahu alayhi wa sallam was asked by the manga rasulillah Tell me something I can I ask you, I can only ask you, he says, say I

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believe in a lot of them be upright, and then be upright. So as the Hadeeth clearly explained to us, the Quran is an argument for you or against you, for you or against you never had he said, the Quran will be a benefit for the person who when it comes yom Okayama, the Quran was in front of him. He worked by it, he practice it, practice it, he called to it he defended it. He memorized he read it, he listened to it and so forth and so on and some of the other issues that we're going to talk about inshallah, but one who comes in the Quran is in front of them, you worked with him by that Quran, he believed in it, then it's going to be a light for him yo piano and the one who comes in the Quran is

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behind him, because he did not work by it and throw it behind him. He neglected it. He didn't memorize it. He didn't read it didn't listen to it, then this individual won't have that light. May Allah subhanho wa Taala give us his Rockman give us his forgiveness, give us inshallah his fogelman is a son and his Apple yo mukaiyama May he make the best day of our lives the day that we meet him. So as it relates to brothers and sisters in Islam on metal Islam, as it relates to memorizing the Quran and his virtues and its importance. I wouldn't be in our sole salewa to lie he was Salam O Allah hit Sleeman kathira, he never left an opportunity never squandered an opportunity. He never

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lost an opportunity or let it get by, where if he had an opportunity or a chance to emphasize the virtues of memorizing the Quran, if you had an opportunity to raise up the status of those people who memorize the Quran, and to show their superiority, and their virtuals, he never left that opportunity. sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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he would

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send out a group of people. And he will make the Emir from amongst them, the one who memorize the majority of the Quran.

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He will give the flag of a Jihad to the one who memorize the Book of Allah he was from a man the scholars of the Koran and the religion.

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Whenever we use a Mullah, what he what he was sending them would be visited in Medina, by different tribes and different individuals. And after they sat with him and learn with him a number of days, he would tell them now you go back and call your people to Islam and on your way back, why you have to pray on the way and when you get there. Let the one who has memorized the majority of the Quran from amongst you, let him lead you in the prayer. And then if they are equal in the Quran, then let the one who knows the most fit the sinner out of them let him be the Quran shown the importance of the Quran and then the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa Taala it was seldom the Naboo

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam also, when he used to have those campaigns in jihad, if a number of people from the companions were martyred and this is from his Sunnah, he will look at this situation he will say, which one of them has memorized the majority of the

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on which one of them has memorized the majority of the Quran. And he didn't always know who had memorized the majority of the Quran from the people sometimes he didn't know and sometimes he didn't. But that goes to show that the community or shoe had died. And to show her that love, you guys, you this oma are the witnesses of Allah. So the community when we know that there are people memorize the Quran, this is something we should come to know about, without making any koloff without going overboard without making it difficult, just natural. So he sallallahu alayhi wa either it was sending him, he would put the individual who memorize the majority of the Quran more than the

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other people, he will put them first and bury them first in the grave. So these are many of the examples that he sallallahu it was sending him took the time out, to draw the attention of the community directly and indirectly, to the importance and the virtues and the superiority of memorizing the Book of Allah, those of us who come together to break our facts so we come together at a particular place on a particular day. We're 15 2030 Muslims in the same place, the one who is offered to the book of Alani memorizes she memorized the most, they are not like the ones who didn't memorize like them allow to put forth the question in the Quran called hallelujah still live in a

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Allah moon will lead in Allah, Allah moon say unto that, are they equal? Those who know and those who don't know they're not equal. Those who know are not equal to those who don't know, those who have memorized and they know the source of the Quran, are not equal to the ones who have not memorized. So at any given time, any given place, the one who memorized more than everybody else, that individual provided that he's working by it, he's not making 100 of the Quran, he that individual, that girl, that woman, whoever it happens to be, they are given the Quran, his heart, and they are the best of the people, Earth man, even a fan. May Allah be pleased with him. He said

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that the Prophet mentioned some of the love while he was alive and he was alum of the local mentor animal Quran, a lemma and another narration hierro comenta alum Al Quran, why lemma, the most superior of the Muslims. In another narration said the best of the Muslims is the one who learned the Quran and then he taught it, he memorize it himself. He learned it himself and then he taught it to other people. So all of these indications of how the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to make test gene and encourage the community to memorize the Book of Allah subhana wa tada and this is from the Sunnah.

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As for the virtues of the Quran, for her death well our heritage

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for her death while our heritage there are many virtues Allahu kneser Hadith ki taba. Allah has sent down the best speech, he sent down a book that contains the best speech. So he's to say the best speeches and speech of Allah the Quran. So with that being the situation in the reality that Muslims should connect themselves to the book of lies agenda what was collected by Eman al Bukhari, and the authority of the companion Abdullah. Even Amery even allowed us and the authority of Abu Dawood Rahmatullahi LA, the Prophet says Allah Allah who it was a lemma yo Carlo Lisa Abel, Quran ekra were 30 word till karma Quinta to rattle for dunya for element zilliqa and I attend Takara aha and this

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is a clear virtue of memorizing the Quran. It will be said yo mukaiyama to the one who is the Sai hip of the Quran. You know the word Sai hip like the Sahaba saw hip is your companion. I will bucker is the Sahib of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Also your wife is your Sahiba Your husband is your Sahib as well. Someone who's your companion that close to you. So the Prophet mentioned in this hadith sallallahu alayhi wa sallam it will be set to the side of the Quran. The Companion of the Quran here means the one who memorize the Quran. The Quran is always with him. He is the Hamel of the Quran, the half of the Quran, he memorized it. There are some people who say that this hadith

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is a general Hadeeth is just not for the one who memorize the Quran is for every single Muslim. And you'll see why they say that after I explain and give you the translation of the Hadith

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But in sha Allah, the strongest statement is this hadith is peculiar. It is specifically for the one who memorize the Quran, it will be said yom Okayama. To the person who memorize the Quran, it will be said to him read, read and elevate and read the Quran with Torah till with Tajweed. Don't just read it the way anyone who has not been taught the Quran will read No, there is a correct way of reading the Quran. And there is an incorrect way of reading the Quran. So during the lifetime of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam just to digress a little bit because it's important jabril May Allah be pleased with him, used to come to the Prophet every night, in the month of Ramadan

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and we will go over the Quran and rehearse the Quran. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam will move his lips in order to try to memorize and to concentrate them to focus and to be a diligent student and learning from jabril and Allah will Tyler mentioned in the Quran, Allah to her rake be the Sunnah Carlita Angela be yummy. Don't move your lips quickly like that. Trying to memorize and going fast like that. Don't do that. So that's a an example of how Allah is telling the Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam through the medium of jabril his teacher, Allah who should they do Kula that's what Allah says Quran. He was taught sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam by one who was mighty and powerful meaning jabril he taught him the Quran. He taught him how to read and how not to read. And he also taught him what to read as well. Salawat to lie he was sent mo LA.

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So it will be said that the one who memorize a Quran Yama, Yama, breed, and elevate and rise up and re with Tajweed and toteal, just the same way you used to read in the dunya. For verily, your last and final resting place in Jannah, will be determined by the last ayat that you are able to read. So as I mentioned, some of the people were of the opinion that this Hadeeth is a hobby of encouraging everybody to memorize as much as you can for the Quran. Because if you memorize Jews ama, it will be said to you read and rise up and read with Tajweed like this to read in the duyet because the last resting place for you on the agenda will be at this last idea that you're able to read from Jews.

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I'm not that is an opinion. But it's a bit an opinion that as moral juror is the weak opinion. The stronger opinion is the opinion of the gym Hall the majority of the NMR and that is this Heidi is peculiar, it is special. It is particular It is hard. It is for the people who have memorize the Book of Allah subhanho wa Taala and another Hadith that goes to show the virtues of memorizing the Quran and engaging oneself in minimum and memorizing the Quran there are many is the hadith of Isha ohm, Abdullah Al Humira been to a bee Baqarah Sadiq may Allah be pleased with both of them. She said that the Prophet says I'm the loved one he went on and he was a lamb methylone Lady yakko Quran

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wahoo hospital level, my Sephora tell ki ROM

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the individual that has read the Quran

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and they memorize the Quran, they will be raised up yomo piano in the presence of the Sephora teleki ROM the Sephora tell ki ROM and that is one of the names of the angels in the Quran is Sephora, a Sephora l Kira Allahu taala mentioned in the Quran fiso hoffen muka Rama marfo Eitan Muta Hara ba de Sephora Karam Bharara. He described those melodica as being pure, and as being honorable and as being obedient. So in this Hadeeth, inside of Bukhari, Isha may Allah be pleased with her and her father. She said that the Prophet told us Allah Allah while he was cinema, the individual who has memorized the Quran is a half of the of the Quran. He will be raised up along with them and that

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Erica, now that is a virtue

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To be in the presence of the monastic, to be raised up in the presence of the prophets and the messengers salewa to lie he was Salaam wanting me to be raised up in the presence of the shoe Hi dad. Those people were martyred if he said bt lot to be raised up in the presence of the llama, these are the people of virtue in this religion that people have virtue in this Deen. So do you get higher than the melodica? Do you get higher than the prophets and messengers? salat wa Taala he was salam, O Allah him as mine. And that's a virtue from our own man. And that the one who has memorize the greatest book that has been revealed by lies with Joe, when you look at all the books that have

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been revealed, the Koran is mu Haman. And it is greater than the other books and it supersedes the other books that will reveal it can't be tampered with, not from in front of it, not from behind it. It can't be changed the book of a lot, until Allah decrees that it's taken up at the end of time. So in our religion, this man has been blessed in that people who memorize this book. They will be raised up yomo piano along with the Malacca Villa subhana wa Taala. And that's a clear indication who any of the respect that people memorize the Quran that they have, we have in this Masjid, the half of the QA Allah, Allah, he's the head mm here. Some people when they want to deal with him,

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they don't have Adam Hill said, to listen to the dispute that they may have the husband and the wife and then they're dirty and nasty and disrespectful towards him and he memorized the Quran.

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He wants to come out of the room to come in order to leave the salon and people stop him and don't give him the opportunity to go and do his job do as with vifa. And we are not people who have edit. It is from the deen of Allah from the religion of a life there is someone who has memorized the Quran, you should show respect to that individual you're going to see that inshallah Allah tala as we move forward, from what shows us the importance of memorizing the Quran, the virtues of being from the Father, or from those who at least you make it your personal business to make Jihad to be committed to the proposition in the idea of memorizing as much as you possibly can, is the authentic

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hadith that was collected by a Muslim

00:32:44--> 00:32:52

doing the khilafah and the leadership of El farrokh. Omar, the Amir, and what meaning may Allah be pleased with him?

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Omar left a man responsible over Mecca. He was like the governor of Aramark up over the people of Mecca. That man showed up, and he met Mr. And another place. Another place him in remark they met up when a man saw the man he knows this was his wildly. The governor, the one who's responsible, he was left as the authority over the people Mecca. MSA Who did you leave in Mecca? in your absence, you know, as your deputy to take care of the people. He said I left a man by the name of ibnu observe, able to observe.

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Amar was surprised able to observe Isn't he from the my Wiley of the people Mecca. That man used to be a slave or his father used to be a slave. And then they receive their freedom but they used to be slaves. They were not even in control in charge of their own time. He used to be a slave. How can you leave a slave over the Ashraf of Quraysh? You know Mecca has some virtuous tribes, right place and all of the divisions that come from praise Benny Hashem, Benny masoom all of them. How in the world can you leave an ex slave, a former slave, a Mola over the nobility of Quraysh you know how these people think as well? The man said, Yeah, ameerul momineen. This man able to observe. He is

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the most knowledgeable of us as it relates to the course on memorized better than everyone and he understands it better than everyone and he also knows the knowledge of inheritance and for the knowledge of inheritance, upon hearing, the reason that caused that man to leave ibnu hubs are able to observe me Allahu taala ran upon him over the people of Quraysh. Amara said, may Allah be pleased with him. I heard

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam in Allah ha Jatropha will be had that he typed up a one man. Well, yet there will be a hurry. Allah will raise up some people with this book and put down others, he will raise up that individual that has memorized it and put down others. People have a lot of money. He is an individual who has memorized the Quran, and he may be a person of color. And unfortunately, in America, I think all of you are aware of what I'm aware of in the blessing month of Ramadan of the African American man who got gunned down in the street like a dog by a man and his son.

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And his name was Akhmad. They didn't spell it the way we spell it. Allah knows best if he is a Muslim, but that's his name. gunned down like a dog and that's because people of color their blood, while people are trying to make America great again, their blood is the blood of second class citizens. You find an individual comes into the religion and he is a person of color. He gets raised up over people who are of a different color white people are up to whether it happens the case happens to be as a result of the book of Allah. So that's a classic case of how the Quran when it is memorize it raises people up and I know in my own personal life, many people who as a result of

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memorizing the Quran are uzume Allahu taala. I got a an email today from one of the father of the Quran is really from Ghana. He is none other than the chef rock kashia Kamini Oh kashia that is my brother. And that is my teacher as well is my teaching the Quran. This brother came from Ghana, came to America. And now Allahu taala has raised his situation raises situation in that people want him on the dour trail. They're asking them come would you read the Quran for us in our community in the month of Ramadan? Come? Would you be the Imam in this place? Come? Can you give a lecture here and there? Can you do this? Can you do that? Elijah Joe has raised a man Why? Because his parents put

00:37:26--> 00:38:10

them in position. They saw the need to cause their son to memorize the Quran as a result of that as a hula hoop Hana hula Allah The Allahu taala protect brother who kashia and kashia may protect the rest of you. The point here is you memorize that caught on with a goal in the objective of worshiping Allah. Don't let the golden objective be so that people can praise you. Because the first three people going to be raised up yomo kiama. The very first three people want to be judged. One of them will be the person who will memorize the Quran and it will be said to him you memorize the Quran and say yes, and people praise you because you read it. They said that's what you get. But you

00:38:10--> 00:38:59

don't get anything else will be thrown in the hellfire. So don't let the Nia Don't let the golden the objective be to be praised. No. Let it be to have Allahu taala please with you. Another Hadith and there are many as the hadith of anisimova nomadic that was collected by him and maybe no magia Rahmatullahi Allah May Allah be pleased with all of the companions of the Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam The Prophet said in the law he Aleem in a knots Allah has people, his people, from the people millionaires from the human beings, there are a group of people who are for Allah. There the Allah they are alas people, but companion sejarah sola men whom Who are those people jasola he told him

00:38:59--> 00:39:03

some Lola who it was sending them home and will Quran

00:39:04--> 00:39:06

where Allah Allah wa ha Sato.

00:39:08--> 00:39:59

The people of Allah are the people memorize the Quran, they are a lost people, and they are the special people of Allah. That Hadeeth is not for every I'm a backer in zayde from the people we ask Allah to make us from his Allah, Allah Allah. But this Quran or this hadith clearly establishes that the Allah the people of Allah, are those people who have memorized the Quran. The companion Abu Musab it may Allah be pleased in what was collected by the Imam Abu Dawood. He said that the Prophet mentioned sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Enderman edge Lally later Allah a cramp the shea butter Muslim what Hamill Quran rainbow Valley Fie what a Jaffe and we're a crom Ville so clan el mapa setup he

00:39:59--> 00:39:59


00:40:00--> 00:40:05

From a person exalting Allah, venerating Allah

00:40:06--> 00:40:27

and and from an individual looking at Allah with respect, veneration and fear is that that individual anytime he sees an elderly Muslim who has white, he has gray man or woman, you see an elderly Muslim, you should treat them with respect. That's part of having veneration for Allah.

00:40:28--> 00:41:10

He said number two, is if you see an individual who has memorized the Quran, you respect them, as long as that person is not going over born in the Quran, or he's not falling short of the mark. He's an individuals working by the Quran and with the Quran. So when you see him, you respect him in respect to him. It is a way of respecting a line venerating Allah. And thirdly is when you see someone in position of leadership. He's in a position of leadership. We respect them. We don't make heritage against them. We don't make to Hege we don't agitate the community against them. We don't carry tails against him, we make dua for him. The point here is, when you see and you know a person

00:41:10--> 00:41:56

who memorize a Quran, I'm not encouraging you or telling you let him take advantage of you. No, but he said, the individuals working by the Quran, he's not going overboard, noisy, falling short of his responsibility for all what we can see, he appears to be a person who's doing the right thing. So therefore, we give him the front seat. Therefore, we give him the first piece of food or we serve him first. And we raise his situation. All of those are examples of the importance of memorizing the Book of Allah subhanho wa Taala and being the half of the Quran. And now we come to the last point and it is a question that comes to us quite often, especially at these times these Manasa bat at the

00:41:56--> 00:42:15

time of Ramadan. What about people who have memorized the Quran and then they forgot the memorization of the Quran? I know some people like that. I know some people like that I know some people who memorize the Quran and they forgot the book of Allah is a big problem a big problem. First of all, let me say

00:42:16--> 00:42:18

memorizing the Quran.

00:42:19--> 00:42:24

There are two types and both of them have their own peculiar ruling.

00:42:26--> 00:43:14

One or forgetting the Quran forget in the Quran. There are two types of forgetting the Quran two situations. And both of them they have their particular rulings. The first one is the one who forgot the Quran as a result of old age as a result of senility as a result of having weak memorization but I have to say, don't let Shay Thawne make you afraid in the methodical Miss shaytaan Olia shavonne, he makes his Olia afraid by whispering to them all the time. You can't do it. This is going to happen. If you do this, you're going to lose your job, and he makes you afraid Don't let shaytan give you a swas so she could come and say, Oh, you're not an Arab. Oh, your memory is not that good.

00:43:14--> 00:43:54

You'll never be able to do it. No, no, no, no, you have to push a thumb back. You say I believe in Allah. Allah can make anything happen. Allah can make anything happen. Allah is the one who mentioned in the Quran. Those is that if you want something to happen if you make jihad, He will guide you to the way he said in the Quran will occur. Yes, sir. nellcor analyt, Vicar fahima McDuck we have made the Quran easy to be memorized to be read to be understood. So is there not one who would make an effort he made it easy for you. So all you have to do is take a step to Allah come to Allah and now lies or Joel will come to you and he'll make it easy * inshallah. Those people make

00:43:54--> 00:44:13

Jihad and the cause of a lot of the unknown Subala those people make efforts in our cause. We're going to guide them to our way if you come to Allah walk and Allah will come to you running, running, running in a way that befits His Majesty Spiner who, what Allah and more him as it relates to

00:44:15--> 00:44:16

forgetting the Quran.

00:44:17--> 00:45:00

If a person is just Oh, he had an injury got hit in his head, an injury fell hit his head. So his memory memory is memorization abilities have been compromised, then inshallah there is no problem in this case. In this case. Allah told the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam sir Nakuru, aka Fela, tenza, Illa, Masha Allah, we're going to cause you to read it, we will teach you how to read it and will cause you to read it and you won't accept and you won't forget it, except if Allah had you to forget. So the Prophet would read sometimes and he would mix up

00:45:00--> 00:45:08

He is he will read it and some of the companions may not be pleased with them with some of the law, what incentive would remind him, they will remind him to happen.

00:45:09--> 00:45:52

So, this is what happened with the nebby. So it can happen with anyone and Miss Yan, and insane comes from this word and to see and to forget, all human beings forget. So if a person forgets because of that fella, but Sally No problem, but if a person forgets our negligence, he never reads it. He doesn't make mirage. And I have to say this for the young brothers and young sisters who when the mother said the parent the doxy, just as important after you have memorizes you have to sit down and you have to go over it. When we read a colorway and our homes and our children who are in the madressa the Quran, the doxy if they don't make Maharaja of the Quran, and they get up and they try

00:45:52--> 00:46:10

to read they're gonna make mistakes. That's just how it is it's gonna make mistakes. So we're going to encourage our Chabad who are in the madrasa the Quran, you have to make mirage. The Prophet told the people some Allah what he was saying, I had to be have a Quran for me. No, I shed

00:46:13--> 00:46:59

the end in noho a shed Do they have an outcome acaba sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to follow Latin maillol able to openly go over this Quran and revise the Quran because it will escape away from you will go away from you quicker than an untie camel. You don't try that Camel Up camel is going to run off at some point. So you have to make more and more Baqarah with the Quran. You have to keep going over it. So we have some of the statements I'm finished with this inshallah Eman even serene from the realm of the Quran and from the great tambourine. He said that the people of the past meaning the companions may not be pleased with them and the Tabby rain. They used to have Kira here Yuk

00:46:59--> 00:47:46

rahoon they used to hate seeing a man memorizing the Quran, them forgetting and they said that was from the Akbar Al Qaeda was from the major sins. If he did that out of neglect. He looked at the dunya he went after the dunya and then he lost the book of lies which Another example is the great Tybee Abbey Abu Alia Rahmatullahi tala Ali Abu Alia. He said that the people of the past that have been and the companions may not be pleased with the Hmong. They used to see a man who will go to sleep and not take care of the Quran. And he forgot the Quran as a result of being negligent as being from the sins that destroy a person and from the major sins Allah mentioned in the Quran.

00:47:47--> 00:48:05

Women are other and decree for in Allahu marysia and vaniqa we're not sure oh hoo yo mo qiyamah Tiana Cora Robbie Lima hotshot me, Anna will come to the Sierra, Cora, Quranic attacca, I got to laugh and Sita Waka kaleo tunes.

00:48:07--> 00:48:57

The human being Allah said, Who ever turns away from my Vicar, my book, whoever turns away from it, he's going to have a life that is restricted and is going to be problem. He will be raised up yomo cam and he's going to be blind is going to say Oh my Lord, why did you raise me a blind when I used to have the ability to see it will be said to him? Because my ayat came to you and you forgot them. My dad came to you if you forgot them. So today you're going to be forgetting you're going to be forgotten. So that I it goes to show, as the scholar said, Does that mean genes and the reward will be comparable to what you do if you forget about the Ayat of Allah? Allah is going to forget you.

00:48:57--> 00:49:17

Yeah, you are levena Amman hula to Qunu Cal Levine and Nestle Lucha and South Memphis welcome. Oh you believe to not be like those people forgot about a lot. So Allah caused them to forget about their own selves their own selves. Last thing I want to mention very quickly,

00:49:18--> 00:49:25

is a sooner than is Majora. The Prophet mentions sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as it relates to the Quran.

00:49:26--> 00:49:30

If the slave stands up in order to make the slot

00:49:32--> 00:49:40

and he does, I see why can uses the miswak before his prayer. And then he starts to pray.

00:49:41--> 00:49:59

An angel will come down and get in the back of him and it will listen to him and it will come closer to him and closer to him and closer to him until that Angel puts his mouth on the mouth of the one who was reciting the Quran. So everything that this person reads from the book of Allah will go into

00:50:00--> 00:50:06

side of the Jove of the angel go inside of the angel inside of his job.

00:50:07--> 00:50:56

Someone who has wiki man say what's up with that had this this hadith that that does. That doesn't sound virtuous to me. That's because Eliza gel has not given you the king and the north of La man. The omo kiama, a man of agenda will have the hood Wayne. And the Prophet said about the hurdle 18 Salalah Why do you sell them that you will be able to see through the leg of the lady all the way to her bone marrow, and this dunya that doesn't sound too interesting. But yomo kiama is going to be more than interesting. So the milk of agenda, the hammer the shrub agenda, everything in Jana is different than it is here in this earth. So as it relates to this Hadeeth it is a virtuous Hadees

00:50:56--> 00:51:40

showing the virtues of reading the Koran with a clean mouth. So when you break your fast and you're the one who's going to leave us a lot today, inshallah, when you break your fast, you should gargle your mouth out, get the residue, the residuals of your iftaar the data your mouth, use a miswak if you can use a toothbrush or miss whack, no doubt about the Miss wag because that is what the Heidi said, clean your mouth out out of respect for the Quran. And then you read the Quran. And when you read the Quran, there will be an angel that comes down, then say that your recitation has to be the greatest recitation in terms of the beauty. Like the chef of the Rashi Alia Sufi that we mentioned,

00:51:40--> 00:52:22

like chef Mohammed during the Sudan. They have beautiful recitation, Mohammed and Cody doesn't have to be the most beautiful sound, but just the Hadeeth The Prophet said that sallallahu alayhi wa sallam do the miswak clean your mouth out, spit it out, gargle it out, and then leave the salon and that Angel will come put his mouth to your mouth after getting behind you and coming closer and closer and closer. And the recitation of the Quran will go inside of him. We ask Allah tala to accept it from us and to accept it from you whether or sung Allah who was sending them with Baraka no biggie now while it was Harvey Jermaine, and once again that whiny actually brothers and sisters

00:52:22--> 00:52:33

to ask Allah tala why you're fasting, the guy my parents, and my family members, to Al Islam and to the Sunnah, sent out my leg Kumara to lie he wabarakatuh