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smuggler matter him. And hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah he bound

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saramonic Mara to my Mubarak cattle come to you once again in the blessed month of Ramadan. 2020

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and today is the 28th day that we have fasted in this blessed month here in the UK and Birmingham in about two and a half more hours will be at Sonata Margaret, which would mean that it is going to be the 29th day of Ramadan or the 29th night which can possibly be late to Qatar. As we mentioned, there are specific ahaadeeth that would suggest that later to Qatar can be on the 29th specific night general specific. And the people from the past from the self Rahmatullah heat island am used to say that if a Friday happened to be the night of later to Qatar later to Qatar corresponded with a Friday, they used to have a lot of hope that that particular night would be the actual layer to

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cover. So this Friday, this Friday, tomorrow is Thursday. Right now, McGirt tonight will be Friday night, the 29th night of Ramadan. So because Friday is corresponding with the 29th night, the self of this only used to say there's a high possibility and a high probability that tonight is later to Qatar. Again, I repeat, we cannot nism and state emphatically we don't do that. We're talking about possibilities and probabilities in the mindset of the set of the righteous predecessors from this oma. So with that we encourage you take advantage of this last night, which is corresponding to a Friday do your best to get salaat get the recitation of SoTL calf get it in, do your best inshallah

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switchel to say sallallahu alayhi wa sallam on the profit as much as you can start in tonight, Sala Lavoie, he will seldom do your best to make the difference of car and to make Toba and his stick far and to say Aloma in our food to him Bulava for me.

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Because as we mentioned, this is the way that the Senate used to look at this issue of leyna. to Qatar, they will try to find it in all of the 10 days, all of the 10 nights the last 10 nights and the blessing month Ramadan, but specifically in the odd nights in the odd nights and as I said, there are general ahaadeeth the show it could be the 21st General Hadeeth that show it could be the 23rd and it can be the 25th 27th general idea that it could be the 29th and then there are a specific Heidi, that suggested can be all of those different nights. And that's why the scholars say later to Qatar can possibly Tanaka from year to year it moves from the 21st to the 23rd or just

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different nights because all of those are hobbies we have to come up with a plausible explanation as to why it could be specific general Hadeeth look for labor to cut the ultimate su ha Phil Witter, FL Phil actual aware him look for later to cut them the last 10 and then the heading said look for them in the odd nights of the last 10 and then there are specific Heidi saying look for them on the 29th look for later to Qatar on the 29th. In addition to that what I just mentioned the statement in the position of the setup of this oma as Al Eman Eben or Raja brought in his book, laptop if an MA RS law if and life

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and tonight in today's last lecture, we're going to deal with the issue of abandoned in the Quran. And we have already mentioned a number of examples of what can be understood and implied is being hijacked of the Koran leaving the Quran in abandon the Quran

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as we get from what Allah mentioned in Surah, Al Furqan, that the prophet of Islam so Allah what you send him is going to complain and say, oh my lord, my people have abandoned the Quran. They're not going to read it. They're not going to listen to it when it's being read. They're not going to contemplate its message. They are not going to be a people who do Rokia with it.

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They don't memorize it, all of that is abandoned in the Quran. Today inshallah, we want to deal with two last issues and there are many more, but due to the need for brevity and the need for and these are in short and then you know, the lectures, we just going to deal with these last two. And the first one is abandon the Quran is not working by the Quran, not using the Quran, to navigate our lives in the way we make decisions and the way we conduct our lives. Our mother is you may not be pleased with her, and what was collected by an Imam Muslim. She described the Prophet sallallahu it was sending me she said kind of horror on his character was the Quran. So the Quranic commands to

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justice, to fairness, to cleanliness, to having courage to bravery, the Quran commands that you are generous, the Quran commands that you endure you you adorn yourself, you put within and you inculcate within yourself a lot of characteristics and superlatives. To be truthful, to be diligent to be clean, to give people the benefit of the doubt not to be judgmental, not to be arrogant, not to be a person, person who is unhygenic. To be a person who is having sympathy and empathy. All of those primitives that are positive, the Quran tells you to do it, and to adorn yourself with its beautification, those nice characteristics, and all of the negative qualities. Don't eat too much.

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Don't sleep too much. Don't be lazy. Don't lie. Don't be an individual was self centered, narcissistic. Don't be a person who was arrogant. Don't be a person who is nosy. Don't be a person who overthinks Don't be a person who has double standards. You have double standards in the way you deal with people and on and on and on. Don't be rough, don't be tough. Don't be nasty. Don't be an individual who's ignorant and you speak based upon ignorance and you act in an ignorant way. So all of what we have mentioned up into this point, the previous lessons about abandoning the Quran, the goal and the objective behind memorize memorizing the Quran, listening to the Quran, reading the

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Quran, learning the sciences of the Quran, doing a mole and a double, and a Falco and tacos, concentrating on the Quran. considering it all of the goals and the objectives behind that is so that ultimately we can work with the Koran and by the Quran, with the Quran and by the Quran. In the last class we talked about how the yo hold had been described as a people who they like the donkey that has books on the shoulders because the donkeys have books on their backs because they don't practice the Quran. They have all of those books but they're not practicing what those books are saying and what the Quran is saying what the angel of the Torah is saying. So that's Eliza gel

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effectively one and us Don't be like the yo hold Don't be like the nosara they both groups are like that. Allow the time I mentioned in the Quran, women whom amin Yun Allah Allah market lag Allah moon and Kitab illa manaea were in home in LA you're known

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for Waylon Levine, actor buena kitabi ad him Soumya Puna had them in the lab. Whoa, one to them from them. Our group of people who they can't read and they can't write. They're illiterate. They're ignorant. They're illiterate. They can't read. They can't write. All they have is Amani. Amani means an Omnia. All they do is read that's it. They do wishful thinking wishful thinking. They don't do the deeds that would constitute them being exactly as they are claiming. For an example they said as Allah mentioned in the Quran, Abner Allah

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We are the sons of Allah and Allah loves us. Allah told the Prophet sallallahu Sallam tell them told Phil in my vivicam be the newbie cool, then why is it that a lot of punishes you people if you're his sons, and he loves you? It's just a mania. It's wishful thinking without any works. Jesus died on the cross for our sins, that you will have everlasting life just believing that that's wishful thinking. The fact that the rules say that they're that people have the truth, that nesara they say Christians, they're the people the truth that

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They're the ones and they're the group that a lot loves is just wishful thinking. Omnia is just wishful thinking. And our religion is not based upon that. The religion of LSM is based upon you saying something, and then you walk in the walk, you say what you want to say you talk the talk, but you have to walk the walk as well. That's our religion. And that's why when the man came in extra profits on the law while he was seven, he said to him, jasola, tell me something, I only can ask you. I can't ask anyone else. I can ask you and you alone. You're peculiar and specific, and special in this regard. The Prophet said, Call, meant to be like a thermostat and say, I believe in Allah

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and then be upright. Because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said, you have to say, I believe in Allah. But then let all of your actions be reflective of what you just said. Abu sama,

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Hamza Fletcher, Bilal Abdul Rahman, most of us shockcord Abdul Rahman Salim

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shaybah hanifa. Every single human being other than the Nabi sallallahu, alayhi wa sallam is going to fall short of what he says, because the Prophet is the only person so Allah while he was cinema, who is complete, so he said it say that I believe and then be upright. So today's discussion, the first part of it, abandoned in the Quran is not working by the book of Allah. If we look at the statements of the self of this, Omar Abdullah Abdullah says something that was really important, may Allah have mercy upon them and be pleased with them, everyone was screwed, he said, doing our time, we used to memorize 10 Ayat of the Quran. And then we will learn what those 10 I had meant, and what

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they implied. And then after that, we will work by those 10, I guide and inculcate them and put them inside of our repertoire of what it is and what it was to be a Muslim. And we would do that before we moved on to the next 10. If this is the sooner of memorizing the Quran, that we just don't read, and memorize a whole juice in two or three days, you memorize 10 I act, you understand and get the tafsir of those 10 is the explanation. And then after that, you work by those 10 I got that you read and you memorized and you got the understanding of them. Today, the system for the most part doesn't allow this is not how we're doing with the hip of the Quran in the doxy. And in the madrasa the

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Quran, you get in the end, you just tried to memorize. And I'm not saying that's Haram, because we're practicing a principle that comes from a pseudo fact. And it's a principle that helps us in our lives, my life, you direct Julio who follow you to a colo, the thing that you can get the majority of it you can't accomplish, the majority of it doesn't imply that you should abandon all of it. Because I may not be able to memorize 10 I

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get the Tafseer of them and then practice all 10 doesn't mean I stopped memorizing the Quran, because I'm not able to do it the way I'm loving my school describe me a lot be pleased to know. But that's the ideal case scenario. So those do show the emphasis that the center of this omarama to lay it in a Jemaine the emphasis that they put on practicing what was memorize practicing what they read and what they understood. In addition to that, we can get many examples of what happened with the companions that show how the Quran had an effect upon them when it came to practicing. I mean, there are just too many examples too many examples.

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The two best people have is Omar, Abu Bakr and Omar, may Allah be pleased with them. And we can give many of examples, but why not just pick from the top of the totem pole, the two best companions being represented in the personality of Abu Bakar Sudhir and Mr. m aloha BB l farrokh. May Allah be pleased with both of that.

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There was a situation where there may be some love while he was selling them, wanted to choose a man and make him the Emir and the leader of his tribe after they embraced Islam. He asked Abu Bakar who do

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you suggest and who do you suggest? One of them said, I suggest highsec, even Accra, who was a tremendous companion, he came into slam kind of late, but he was a powerful force and a personality to be reckoned with. One of the companions aboubaker or Mr. Said, I chose hyson, Accra, let him be the leader over these people. And then the Prophet acciones sallallahu wasallam What do you think? And he chose some other man, another man with another name, the one who chose hi subset, you only chose him to go against me, you only trying to go against me, and to say something other than what I'm saying? And they got upset with each other. They started arguing in front of the Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wasallam and then Allah revealed the III from Surah 30 hoogenraad Yeah, you have levena Manu, Latifah, who a swatter. confocal solten nebby when I teach you how to love who bill Cole, caja de Kumba. Oh you believe, do not raise your voices above the voice of the Prophet sallallahu it was sending them. Don't put your opinions over his opinion. And when you're in his physical presence, Don't raise your voice obey His voice, which goes to show a type of etiquette in law in Dallas than when you're in the presence of older people who are older than you. Don't raise your voice over them and don't speak loud to them. If you are in a position where someone in

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position of leadership and responsibility and virtue, is there, your mother, your father, your uncle, the Imam, some elderly person from the community. Don't you Rowling's raise your voice over their voices. Don't do that. Don't do that. I always tell the people in America especially my African American brothers, who are Muslims, but I will say this to all African Americans in America, especially the men and the youngsters from amongst us, when the Pope Paul stop you in the street and they start asking you questions, the last thing that you should do is to speak to them in an aggressive way. Because whether you like it or you don't like it, whether you accept it or you don't

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accept it, they are in a position of authority. And that authority should be respected. The man has a gun, and he has the law behind him. And we've seen far too many times that if one of them were to kill one of us, a lot of times, they are clearly guilty of allowing that situation to escalate and they have broken the law and they took someone's life. And the law allows them to get off the hook. So therefore, we shouldn't be people who compromise the situation by speaking in an aggressive way. No, no, that shouldn't be done. So Allahu taala told us in this ayat, and there are many benefits from this ayat, do not raise your voice over the voice of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

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Don't put your opinion before what he says. When the sooner comes to you as a deleo. Don't say I'm not taking that I'm going to take my culture don't do that. And it also means when you're in his presence, lower your voice. The Muslim wife should not speak to her husband. In a condescending way she gets upset. Okay, she's gonna get upset, but she shouldn't start putting them on blast with a decibels in a voice start going high, because that's disrespectful. So when this is when the idea came down, Abu Bakr and Omar immediately made Toba to allies, which they didn't say we were angry. They offered no excuses to the point after that, when they used to speak to the Prophet sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam when this ayat was revealed, not only Apple back in remember the rest of the companions read the wanna lie I named him they used to lower their voices and speak with terms of respect and endear me to the newbie of Islam sallallahu wasallam practicing that is immediately and there are many examples of that. And the customer tells the story where they accused our mother

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of committing Zina adultery and being unfaithful to the Prophet sallallahu. It was setting them where he had he had something impossible.

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One of our backers, poor relatives was the one who was saying this. He was trafficking and spreading this cannon. He was making commerce speaking to the people about Yes, did you see what happened? I was with the man. They came into the city together and he was given fuel to those flames that almost caused a civil war between the companions with one wily Jemaine

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when Allahu taala exonerated Aisha

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And Abu Bakar came to know that his relative who was poor and Abu Bakar used to sponsor him and give him money. And he still turned around and was saying that about I will book his daughter. And if you say about a man's daughter that she committed Zina, or that she's a woman of ill repute, that's disrespect to the Father. And I ishes from the only galvao law

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so I will book a said I am not going to give him any more money after he did that. This is after lie exonerated her, and everyone knows she was free of what she was being accused of. And this was one of the people were accusing her of this thing. I will back a day with probably all of us would have said I will buck I said, I am not going to help him anymore activists and then a law rebuilt the island the poor on in sort of manure, and do not let those people were relatives claim and sway and promise that they're not going to help their relatives anymore financially. And then abacha took that back those words of his and he kept giving the money the sponsorship to the man.

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That's why he is a severe, because most people put in that situation is going to say whoa, lucky, I will never give him another red pin. And then someone says yo yo, yo, don't say that backup, pump your brakes, slow your roll. Look with a lie, say the person say God that's talking about

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you know, boubakeur. But practicing the Quran means that we have to try to be like Abu Bakar, we have to try to be a part of the religion that the Prophet brought Salah when he was sending them. And it was taken and shown to us by those companions in a practical way. Last example that I want to give him their money is what happened with our mouth, because it's connected to certain farrakhan. And those is about the true servants of rock man. Doing that he left of him out, there was a man who came, and he saw an audience with a model. So he talked to a relative of his and his relative, got him inside of the spot, got an inside of a personal private meeting with her mom.

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When the man started speaking, he was very disrespectful to her mom, this is not your money, I let him put you in charge of this money are allowed because it comes from your father, you better spread this wealth out and stop acting like that. And you started talking to a man who didn't take any shorts and even play that, um, I didn't play that. He didn't play around like that and talk to me like that.

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And a man was very disrespectful to the Amir on what meaning Am I got ready to deal with them because grandma used to carry a stick anyway. And chastise people for things that they did. And for things that they didn't do. Like the prayer if you didn't pray in the masjid during the time of anon, Emma will hate you. If you didn't have a good excuse as to why did you go missing and you weren't praying in that message? So Mr. Ravi aleinu got ready to deal with that man, not taking any calm and revenge for himself, but trying to show this person. This is against our key time. This is against asuna talking to the leader of the Muslims like that. Talk to one of the companions of the

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Prophet like that sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, talk to someone who is in a position of authority should be respected and got ready to deal with him not for him. So for the deen show him and everybody else. We don't play that in our religion. The man who was his relative who got him into the measureless he said yeah, a miramont. meanie. Allah said in the Quran about the ignorant people were out of energy, he mean, turn away from those who are ignorant, avoid them turn away from them. And then we read the other items sort of forgotten about the two servants of a rock man. We either have a woman Jackie Luna Carlos Salama, if the ignorant people talk, and they address the true

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servants of Allah rock man, the service of Iraq man say to them sin and peace unto you, you an ignoramus been sent to you. I don't have time. I'm fasting. I'm fasting. I'm not going to pay your ignorance in kind with ignorance. Even if it happens to your b2b, your wife. Your wife is going off. She lost her week. We are haraam figuratively talking. She's fast. She was passing out. You have to not spazzed out. The husband is going off swearing and cursing like a sailor in the month of Ramadan. And the wife. It gets under her skin. And so she wants to give it back. But she's from the to serve as a man. She just falls back and just takes it easy. And makes DWANE say Salaam Salaam

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Salaam Alaikum. Take it easy relax. So that man said this tournament. He said Take it easy.

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ameerul momineen This will allow set to deal with the ignorant and this person is from the ignorant people. Am I just stopped and cooled out?

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They described him after this incident incident. They say Karna Maru coffin Leakey tabula Emma was a person who when you give him the Quran, he was stabbed. You give him the Quran as a deleo he will just take it. Some people today you give them I get after if the iron and they won't take it. But if you tell them chef so and so sent your ship send it then they say okay, it's revelation from the sky. It's a revelation from the sky.

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If it came in another hat, then they'll say it and they'll do it. No, we have to be what coffeen as it relates to the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now as it relates to practicing the Quran, actually working by the Quran, when there are many is the low dollar has made us or commanded us to be of these people. And many a Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and from them is the statement of Allahu taala a Tabby Martin de la la cumbre become Tabby omen. dooney Alia kalila matters a cruel follow that which has been revealed to you from your Lord and don't follow anything other than it from the ODI this man and that man and this theology and this way of life and this

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idea of this concept and this philosophy, follow unconditionally what has been revealed to you people by your Lord and don't follow the

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other than what Allah has revealed how little it is that you reflect that you understand. So the command is Tabby o le t bar, le t by means to follow and follow in here means to practice to do what it is telling you to do. And that's why we have a lot of these is like that. Allah will tada mentioned another item the Quran subhanho wa Taala what Tabby who is Anima de la la Kumi Roberto Cavalli and get to come back

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to lattice road follow in practice that which was has been revealed to you by your lawn following practice it before the punishment comes upon you suddenly and you won't even be aware of it it just come and you lost your life. You're dead. You broke your fast someone was breaking his fast he ate a chicken bone stick a fork of enemies done, he's dead. He expected to see there he on Saturday on Sunday inshallah. But on this night, the 29th night while he was eating, he choked on his samosa on the water, he choked on his meds that he was taken any day.

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So follow the Quran and the Sunnah before you die, follow the Quran the sooner before the punishment comes your mo PMO the punishment after person has died. And there are many many Ayad we have to move on. I want to share with you one Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and their meaning. The Prophet says of a lot he was saying to his companions verily, I am leaving with you two sources, you won't go astray as long as you hold on to them. And when Heidi if you said I'm going to leave with you two things, Shane, another hobbies he says tackling two heavy things because of their significance. He said one is greater than the other. He said I'm leaving you these two things, you

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will never go straight. As long as you hold on to that. The Book of Allah and my Sunnah. And another idea he said the book of Allah and my eternity the sentence from Al Bayt we respect and we love as a debate, but we say emphatically Abu Bakar amount of man are better than it and everybody else from a little bit rhodiola but the point here and the shade mineral column, he said Mexico, hold on to these two sources, the Quran and the Sunnah at termasuk is likely to

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disarm, practice it work by it, do what they are telling you to do, and be on top of them. So with that being in the case, we have to follow the book of Allah subhana wa tada and we have to practice the book of Allah too many Heidi too many eyes, from the Hadith of the Prophet said some of my while he was alum Muta. Bill pour on yo mu pm ET will actually living in a cannery. I'm aluna be fifth dunya demo. soret Albacore it what are the Emraan

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Prophet Mohammed says sallallahu wasallam the Quran will be brought forth yo mo Kiana T.

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And the Quran will be brought with the people who used to work by it, the people used to practice it and the Quran will come and in front of it will be sorted Al Baqarah in Surah Al e Emraan. Showing the virtues of those two servers because all of the Quran is not the same is not equal some of the Quran some of the speech of Allah is of those more virtuous than other speeches of Allah. I can see is the greatest Ayat of the Quran. Surah Fatiha is the greatest su of the Quran. So to bacara surah it Emraan a to service to have virtues in the Quran. So this Heidi said that this virtue will be for the people who the people who practice the Quran, they used to read it and they used to practice the

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Quran as well. And that's why the Prophet used to encourage us to make sure you put the Quran in front of you mean and what that when you come yomo kiama you put it in front of you. You did work you work by night you put it behind you, Brother Mohammed said unauthenticated Salalah while he was sending him in Java who Daniel Quran Angela who Malmo Pardo in agenda, woman gyla who memoir or a selfie Cardo in a novel, whoever puts the Quran in front of him, it would lead him and guide him to the paradise. Anyone who puts the poor arm behind him, it will push him to the hellfire. He made the Quran subservient. He made his desires subservient over the Quran. He made the Quran subservient to

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his desires, what his desires said that's what he did. What his anger said, that's what happened. If he became angry and you came, you say, Prophet Mohammed said sit down. He said get out of here with that nonsense. Yeah, actually, Allah said though, he said, Man, I'm not trying to hear that junk.

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That's the person who puts the poor arm behind him. He has to put the Quran in front of them. And I'd be like Benny Surat al the Yahoo. Allow to mention about them while em Jaya whom Rasulo meaning Billahi min Suk Deku nema maumoon never the 32 minute levena O'Toole keytab Kitab Allahu wa awardee him you know home ly yeah Allah moon, and when they came to the yo hold rasulillah when the messenger came to them, from the Lord man Indira be him. They came, the Prophet came to them from the Lord moussaka Cooney mama home and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was confirming what Moosa told them what he said, told them Prophet Mohammed brought delille and proofs that he's really from

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Allah, He confirmed what Moosa said and what Musab brought those people group of them who are given the book, they took the book, and they put it behind the backs and they acted as if they didn't even know they didn't even know. So we don't want to be those people but the Quran behind our backs and we don't want to be of those people who receive our books of ds yomo piaba behind our backs and in the left hand. So we have to work by the put on last point and last category of people whining we want to deal with inshallah, in terms of working by the Quran, and that is, we have to judge by the Quran at hakam Al Quran, we have to cause ourselves to judge by the Quran and to be judged by the

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Quran if we don't do that we are not true believers. We are just giving lip service and this is why the scholars call them either the poor iron the iron of the test. It is the test the measurement, calling quantum to a boon Allah for TB Rooney, your biblical Mullah, were filled looking the Nuba comb tell them how many of you truly love Allah and follow me Don't just claim you love Allah. Follow me if you love Allah and if you follow me allow forgive you for your sins and so forth and so on to do so many good things for you. Okay, just say that aloud describe the believers and he said in the mind kind of colon meaning that don't ruin Allah he would also either do a bad Don't ruin a

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lie he was who he Kubina harming your poor little segment now what I'll try now what would I pick a woman who Flipboard Verily, the believers are those people who

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when they are invited to be judged by what Allah tala has revealed, and to be judged by the messenger in his Sunnah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the true believers say we here we'll bet

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Those are the true successful ones. There are those people who if the ruling is for them, they'll come. If the ruling is against them, they won't come. If the ruling is between the husband and the wife, someone sits and listens to the situation, if the judge judges and says to the wife, yeah, you're correct. She's happy. She's happy. If the judge says no, you're not correct, you're wrong. He was right you got to get the program. The system says I'm not listening to that you people against the sisters you people to rough Islam is to mean against the women. That's not the way of the believer, the believer whether the judgment is for against him he gets with the program. The

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hypocrite is not like that. The Kaffir is not like that. We're either people who may Tabby manzanilla Cabo Bella, ma l Fein Ali banner, if it is said to them, follow what Allah has revealed. follow the messenger follow cron follow the sun the following religion, they say no, we're going to follow what we found our father's doing. Allah said, although they found those, their forefathers didn't know what they were doing. And they were not guided. They didn't know what they were doing. nor were they guided. So many is my candidate minimum. Well, I'm Minuten koggala, who are a sudo m RA, and your cornella human hero to me, Omri him, it is not be fitting for the belief in man or the

00:36:23--> 00:37:06

belief in woman if a woman is married to decide something for them to have any say so after that. So we have so many examples. So many examples. All of these Jamaat, Allah doesn't want them, Allah doesn't accept them. And he told us Don't be like that. Don't be on that division that these Jamaat they create. We have to get with the program. We have to get with the program. The sister gets divorced from the husband, she has no right to go after half of his wealth. She has no right. She has to do what Allah has allowed her to do. The husband has to continue to take care of her children. But if they don't have children, she has no hope for alimony over that man for the rest of

00:37:06--> 00:37:54

her life. Unless they made that agreement, when they're really in the religion of Islam is not like that. So we want we find sisters who want to clean the man out clean them dry. That's not the religion. And I just give that as an example for the sisters. We give many examples of the brothers, the sister is not the one who should be responsible for taking care of the house. That is the responsibility of the man richardo como una Nisa Bhima de la who be Babu ma to be my infomine I'm worried him men are the sustain is in imitate the sustain as and maintain is over the women because and Allah has given them superiority over the women because of what they spend out of their wealth.

00:37:55--> 00:38:18

So the man shouldn't force the lady to spin on herself. The mentioned expect like this culture in the UK where the welfare is a problem. No, that's not our religion. If the lady allowed that, if the lady was okay with that's a different issue, but us expecting that the man and forcing that that's not from the deep

00:38:19--> 00:38:36

joy judge yourselves ourselves by the book of Allah subhana wa Tada. No mention about the United Kingdom other than them, you read Duna at the haka, when a tabula rasa, Maru and yaxha Ruby, when you redo shaytan when you

00:38:37--> 00:39:04

die, either they want to judge to the top vote, they want to judge to those things that are not divine. They want to judge by democracy. They want to judge by what their sorority saying, you know, the Kappas and the Kappas and omegas they want to judge by that call from the man. They want to judge by what the ignorant say they want to judge by that which is not infallible.

00:39:06--> 00:39:52

We've been ordered to disbelieve in everything that is worshipped other than a lot and every system that has been created other than the system that aligns with gel has sent down divinely. So with that being the case abandoned in the Parana quani is not judging by the Quran. And I want to end this by saying and shout lies with Joe that people claim a connection to the Sunnah. More than anyone else set a fee up the way of Atlas sooner well Gemma and then Hadeeth when we should be those people uppermost in memorizing the Quran, learning the Quran defending the Quran calling to the Quran not just with the lease and Mr. Ravi Allah who said

00:39:54--> 00:39:59

if you see an individual reading the Quran is very, very nice as recitation Don't be fooled by the recitation.

00:40:00--> 00:40:52

Take your time and look at does he adorn his actions with the Quran in the same way that he adorns his recitation? someone gets up gives a hug but gives a talk is powerful. It's nice, it comes across nice. But you have to look at his actions and what is he saying? The man gives a beautiful talk, and we just lap it up. But we see the individual and public disobeying Allah disobeying Allah, and we can see that clearly and no one should be judging anyone. But don't get fooled by the qalam of people. Look at the action someone very dear to me. Scotch Plains, New Jersey always says, you can show me better than you can tell me. You can show me better than you can tell me May Allah azza wa

00:40:52--> 00:41:06

jal have written upon them and bless them. And that is true actions speak louder than words. So let's not be like the Manasa tea without keeping the home. The ILO a llama unzila

00:41:07--> 00:41:08


00:41:09--> 00:41:12

tolo LMR ns Allah.

00:41:13--> 00:41:17

Ra ATL Muna 15 years to do an anchor sudo

00:41:18--> 00:42:05

and if it is said to them, come to what Allah has revealed, you will see the hypocrites turning away a burden from what you said. They don't want to hear that you give them the Quran and the Sunnah, and they don't want to hear that. where they're located Allahu Akbar shma Zed kulula de la mina bill Acura where they're looking lady naming dooney for establishing road. If Allah has mentioned along those people disbelieve they are enraged when you say like Eli the law only worship Allah. But when others are mentioned along with Allah, lo and behold, they become happy and have glad tidings. People have to eat. If you say to them, only say one line just swear by Allah, they get mad. Because

00:42:05--> 00:42:55

they want to say what nebby I swear by the Navy too? Well, Ali, I swear by it as well. No, just swear by law alone. Call to Allah alone. People get mad. Don't call us to your chef to your madhhab to your group, to your his call to Allah and Allah alone. So when concluding brothers and sisters is our last talk from greening Masjid, for this blessed month and Ramadan inshallah, we won't be seeing you guys again until after the eighth. I pray to Allah by his isamill album, that he blesses all of you with a good Ramadan. I want to make two very quick points, if you don't mind. First point is I want to thank all of those brothers, who saw my last presentation from Greenland when I asked them

00:42:56--> 00:43:53

stop doing my head in and blowing my my WhatsApp stop blowing it up with that Illuminati stuff. And the brothers of Hungary there, they start killing my data. The Hadeeth said Whoever doesn't think that people as in think the law. So I want to thank you for that. You gave me Sakina Second of all, this salada buried in your house in your homes, seven tech beer and then fighting beer the way the man does it for the raid. It is a point of the life between the scholars the life, you reap what you believe, is the best position and you do that don't fight each other don't argue with each other about these issues. Because the Quran has made it haraam for us to be fighting about these issues

00:43:53--> 00:44:30

and clashing and getting upset about these issues that both sides have their points of view. And although I believe not praying, the read prayer at home at all is the strongest opinion if someone else wanted to take another opinion. Let them take that opinion. While hamdulillah Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Nabi and I mean, why suparna colonial were behind dica why Chateau La Ilaha Illa and was the Furukawa to Lake wa salaam aleikum wa Taala he was not a cattle