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And then Hamdu lillahi Nadeau who? When a star ino who when a star Pharaoh

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was heard when La ilaha illallah who had to hula shreddy khelo

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What a shadow and Mohammed Abdullah who Rasulo who Salawat Allah He was salam why need to scream and get Fira? Amma Babu. This past Sunday, we began a new series in this class in this masjid, dealing with some of the 40 Hadith of the Nibi of Islam sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. We dealt with the first Hadith, which is the authentic hadith, Elaine Ohakune. Verily, the evil eye is true. After delivering that lecture and going home, something happened. That increased my opinion and increased my Eman in the fact that this statement of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, not only is it true, but it's important to everybody here. And it's dangerous. And the vast majority of us don't

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pay attention to it, although was in the balance is your well being the well being of your family members? You look in these roles, and probably Allahu Island. Many of us are suffering from the effects of the evil eye. And then we have those people who come in who don't believe in it at all. Although the Prophet said that it's true sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, although Allah azza wa jal has mentioned, not one, not two, three is of the Quran that establishes like the ayat that we all know when we make a list the either be less with Hannah with data from the ain women Shari has it in either has said, I seek refuge in Allah from the evil eye of the envious when he is envious. Qatada

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the great Mufasa Allah, may Allah have rom upon them both said, This hassad here is the hasit of Alain that we seek refuge in Allah from in sort of the column. Allahu Taala mentioned to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were in the academy levena Kapha Rula us reform that could be absorbed at him. Lemme Samuel vicar way Hakuna inna hula Majnoon verily am Mohammed when you read that Quran, and you read it to these non Muslims from the COFA Quraysh. When you read it, they look at you with their eyes, because some of them were known for the ability to give the aim. There are people in our community who give people that aim. We have magicians and we have people give ain't

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humbling when you read the Quran, these nine muscles of Quraysh they look at you to give you the name in order to make you slick. And if you were to slip become known, they say as the is said, look at this burly he's made you know, so the people will take his Dawa and they won't take L Islam. That's I got from the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala as for the Hadith of the Prophet salallahu Salam Yeah, Muslim Yeah, Abdullah had this with a hostage. The hadith said allying half

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa ala it was telling us to take his grandson and Huson and the other one that Hussein may have blocked to either be pleased with both of them. And he will make the Diwan that every parent has to know. If the parent doesn't know this, it says this easy dua there's something wrong. There is something wrong in terms of your priorities. He would take both of them and he would say over both of them are evil Kumar BKT Matt Tila, a timer. Min Cooley shaytaan wahama women Cooley Amon llama, I seek refuge for you to in the Perfect Words of Allah the Quran and that is the Quran the words of ALLAH, I seek refuge and protection for you from Allah from every shaytaan

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in every scorch, I seek refuge in Allah for you to from the evil eye that's harmful. And then he said to both of them, your father II Brahim used to say this over is smiling is hot. It's another detail that the pain is true. Now the crazy thing about the person who's a modernists, he's an Afghani from our community is he'll believe that Allah azza wa jal put Ibrahim in the fire because that's mentioned in the Quran. We'll call nya na Cooney Berdan wa salam Ali Ibrahim, the fire became cold and not only cool, it was cinammon it gave him it gave him peace and tranquility. Some people go into the shade, some people come into the house, some people go into the where the AC is so that

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they will get Salama from the Harada from the heat

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Ibrahim was in the heart of the fire. And Allah made a coup. That person believes that and yet he won't believe the Hadith in Sahih Bukhari, that same Ibrahim that they love Allah He sought refuge in Allah for his son in smiling this hop Salawat to Allah He was sent them why they him from the AME. What kind of deen is that? He'll believe the Hadith that the Rasul Salah he was sending went to Israel with Mirage, and he saw Ibrahim in the Jannah. And all of those things that were mentioned him sitting against a tree, and all of the children of the Muslims who died young at age,

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he believes in that, but for some reason, he wants to nitpick and cherry pick from the religion and say, I don't believe in the aim. You don't want to believe in the aim. That's okay. But I say for the Opala from amongst you, myself included every woman here, especially those who have children, you better get with the program and start learning what to do about the aim. I don't believe it, because your opinions don't believe in that. Now Muslims don't believe in that. And they start to use their brain in a place where it's not meant to be used in that way or in that arena. And what was collected by Imam Malik tremendous incident, the command companions one day away with the NABI

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SallAllahu, alayhi wa sallam going to Mecca. The narrator of the Hadith, Abu Mama said, my father was over there taking a whistle in the water. And then another companion just walked by. And his name is I'm Robbie, when I'm living with revered saw his body, he was unblemished something that's not known in the Arab world, from the hot weather, from the dry heat from the sun, you're going to have pigmentation. The sun is going to affect your skin. It's like the people in our community that went over there. He has acne that went over there. He has eczema that went over there he has whatever. This was always pulling off the pimples on his face. So his skin is marred.

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He does a hair cut and the back of his neck. He has bumps. he shaves his beard salaallah article said he gets razor bumps. So as a result of that he doesn't have clear skin is blemishes. When this man saw that man's body and he saw skin, he said Mara a to kill yo, whether a gel mocha biotin. I have never in my life up into this point up until this day. I have never seen anyone with skin like this. Not even the virgin girl who is in the inner recesses of a home. She doesn't even come out to be hit by the sun. That's how perfect that man skin was. How can the man's can be like that he's always out in the environment dealing with people. So that man was impressed.

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Upon saying that the man taken the hustle fell down, had a fit. He couldn't lift his head up. He was unconscious. They took him out of the water. They brought him to the NABI SallAllahu. It was setting them they told her Sula Hey Rasul Allah, this man, my father, my father, son, even who needs tremendous companion. He is he has a fit. What can you do for him? Well, he was okay, but what can you do for him? He said hello to him on him and I didn't. Do you accuse anyone of doing anything to him? He say yes, yes. I met him in robia. He walked by and he said this in this in this.

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The Prophet looked in America Robbia tremendous companion. He looked at Ahmed bin Ruby. And every one of you was Amir Libya right now. Right now what he said to you there what he said to him, he said to everybody here. So you have to imagine yourself in the motive of Ahmed Arabiya, and he became infuriated because his religion is a religion where the Muslim can't harm his brother. The Muslim can harm him with his tongue with his hands, steal his money, anything like that. He has to love for his brother only.

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He became infuriated. He said I my York Tulou.

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Document or he might or Gibble Phil Jaeger will know who Bill Baraka. Why in the world why would you kill your own brother? Why would you kill him? Why would you kill your brother? Why would you kill him? Why would you kill him? Why would you kill your own brother? If any one from amongst you see something that your brother has that pleases you? Then make dua for Baraka make dua for baraka and another Hadith. He said another narration if Allah had documented FSI he O'Malley, a key Meyer Gibble federal bill Baraka a

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If you see something that you like within yourself, you like from your money, something that you like from your brother, you impress them make dua for Baraka.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, I'm gonna go and wash your face your hands, wash your elbows, wash your knees,

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and watch the trough of your feet, and wash the inside of your thought he did that and put it in the water that came with the ward and they poured that on a man's head, putting on a man's back and a man jumped up and walked in when away with the people. person says, I don't believe that. Why? Because Europeans don't believe in that. He won't believe in that authentic hadith. You won't believe in that. But he will believe in Hazzard Nasir yummy. He'll believe in a newspaper. But he won't believe in what Allah sent down in the Quran and the Sunnah, from this hadith are tremendous information that we have to understand. At the top of this, it adds on to what we mentioned at Angel

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And it also shows that the incomes from a job, it can come from the evil eye, women shall rehearse it and either hazard, it can come from envy, it can come from jealousy, the lady in the Arab world in the college and the college, her husband got married again. She was so infuriated and upsetting, jealous, she went to where they were having the millennium, where they met when the women and the children were doing the potty, and she licked the place and killed over 60 kids and women.

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Jealousy kills. That ain't kills. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in this hadith, sending this hadith, why would one of you kill your own brother, he called the mean something that is a killer a murderer. And he should call it that. He said In another Hadith sallallahu alayhi wa ala it was salam to Sleeman Kathira inland ain towards kin original cover. What tothill l Jamel Kidder very the evil eye because a man to go into his grave in a Killam the evil eye will cause the the camel to end up in the pot. Some of the tribes of the Arabs used to be so good at the end, that they will look at people's animals and then send someone after the animal because they know the

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animal is going to fall and die.

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From that hadith of the man, the companion rod the alignment so important is that the aim can come from someone who's religious, the religious man, I made a bit of rugby, I was a companion. He was religious. And it can come from a person who's irreligious. Like the people of Quraysh, they try to put the aim on the seed of Benny Adams. The aim can come from an individual who didn't intend that. That wasn't his knee and his knee. It wasn't to say anything evil, he just mentioned it and you'll kill the man.

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The aim can come from a family member, and maybe not a family. The lady is pregnant from the family and they say, Oh, look how radiant you are. All you're really gaining weight on your teeth. Nice after you've done that to it. Oh, you look strong. But he didn't like baraka and you didn't ask Allah for Baraka. Wala he Billa he to light on mentally slam. The aim can come from someone who's sitting right next to you.

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And someone who's on the other side of the world. When you put your pictures on social media, those Muslim boys and girls, men and women who are walking around on social media, thinking it's a game and thinking it's a joke. Look at your personal lives. How in the world? Can someone send his baby's picture on social media? Wherever I'm at a bucket and Zayn can look at a picture and give him the aim intentionally or unintentionally.

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Ryan can come from the gin or the aim can come from the human being. I don't believe in that. How we have no power over the jet. I don't believe in that. But power. Yeah, actually, you believe as I told you in the army, you believe in them. You believe in all of that madness? Why can't you believe in the authentic hadith? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us and this is important. Sit through my Boehner I you know,

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Benny, Adam, my Boehner I you know, John, we're our odd Benny Adam is a definite fella. And you're cool Bismillah

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the partition between the son of Adams our RA and the Jin is that when they go into the toilet or crumble Kamala they go and take their clothes off is that they should say Bismillah if they don't do that

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Then the eyes of the jinn upon them,

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the eyes of the jinn upon them. But if he says Bismillah, he's reduced that issue. The aim can come to the pregnant woman by the Lord of the Kaaba by all of these people that I just mentioned. But the prophet told the Companions specifically sallallahu alayhi wa sallam up to follow the tooth pain well, after kill two types of snakes kill the first snake that has the short tail, kill the other snake that has stripes on his back. He said, because these two snakes will cause a pregnant woman to lose her child. Who's her child? And how many women right now are in the Women's Hospital with some issue? Where did the issue came from? From vain? How many people in the hospital with cancer from

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the cancer from vain? The large didn't work? They are missing. Everybody. Look at your family, everybody. Look at yourself and your problems. Elaine, Elaine Elaine. This thing about saying Baraka is from the Sunnah of the Nibi we need to say more or we need to create in our lives in our environment, I want to message him the DUA Barack Allahu fi comm we have to say that more, there has to be something you teach your kid because most of us are not saying it. And if a person is not used to making the vicar of Allah, his thing is normally I'm making the ticket. That's not his thing. How is he going to remember to say BarakAllahu liquid and the day of the Nika and how many marital

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problems do we have between the cousins who married each other? And the families are jammed up, worked out? Worked out. But the sooner is when you go to the mica to the walima it's a day everybody gets fly. They put a nice clothes on. Everybody is taking that extra step like on Friday is the day people are being better than what they normally are. What was the Sunnah? The Sunnah is not to do what the Imam says the malvehy SOP this long do our long dua. No one's paying attention, but it's just what we do. It's just a simple dua for the husband and the wife BarakAllahu li Kumar, we're Baraka lofi Kumar, what Jana Allah Who Bina Kumar

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May Allah bless both of you put blessings on you, and in you, May Allah bring you together and good, but when we go to the Nika Oh, he says while looking at her dress, oh, look at that fool. Whoa, this place is nice, man. It was nice. And that's all we do all day. Everybody in the spot is doing that. So it's just not one nine is our young.

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matinee slam, for those of you who believe in the Quran and the Sunnah, as I stand before you here today, and you see and hear me, the Prophet says, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I know how can the evil eye is true, that evil is true. So therefore it's the responsibility of the Muslim to do what to take precautions

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to take precautions. First we should always make dua for baraka for people Baraka low feet, the item of the Quran, Willow Kunta, a difficulty genetic occulta, Masha, Allah, La to water illa biLlah he has his children their Baraka, Luffy him, he has his children. He says to his son, oh, you're a big boy. Way to go. You're a big man, You the man. Ma sha, Allah. La Quwata illa biLlah? Yes, I say that. He has to say that because the relative of put the aim on the closest relative amongst him, that's his own babies. It's a serious issue. I asked you and asked you by law. How is it possible that the Muslim can lead the masjid today on Friday and not see, I have to do a better job with the

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issue of the aim. For those of us who were reverse especially those of us who were reverse, we may not have memorized a lot of the Quran. But one of the issues of the Quran is those last two is from Surah Al Baqarah. The Prophet mentioned sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to Sleeman Kathira men Cara, Bill I attained the ashes Surah Baqarah. Filet that in case

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anyone who disagrees after salata, Maghrib anyone who reads the last two ayat from Surah to butter, they will be enough as a protection for him.

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They are seen as important but these two I will protect you from what you need to know and to do from that end call who Allah will call Rob Bell.

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further call out libera denies Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam anyone who reads those three swords three times each one in the morning he'll be protected in the nighttime he'll be protected but kalila my main a few people who do that a few people from the most important issues as well as the other to say that dua for your kids are evil Kuma be kitty Mantilla Allahumma inni I will do become min Elaine I seek refuge in You from the aim of Pulo Cody ha That was stuck for Allah Lee welcome when that's of Allah to Allah. And you're even at Jamia min, our unit nurse

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and Hamdulillah he Hampton Cathedral on were put up by Mubarak and fee was Salawat to Allah He was said Mo who I didn't the beginning. I mean, why the IV he was hobby he edge money. Uh, my bottom concerning the aim is what if Allah gave me your intellect right now? Give me your ears and your intellect right now.

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As I stand up here and advise you and inform you and warn you about the aim.

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I am not here encouraging you and telling you every single hierarchy or second in the dunya is the aim. Am I telling you that everything in the dunya is dying? No, I'm not saying that. So don't go overboard. And you walk down the street with your head down. And as soon as someone looks at you will get your attention. You say Dang, dang. I didn't say that. And the hook was not about that quarter fat. Just stay in the middle. The aim is important, and it's serious. The man behind you can give you the aim unintentionally. The one on the side, it can give you the aim. I gave this hookah they put this cookbook on social media. People don't even know can give me the aim.

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So it becomes absolutely necessary for me as a Muslim to see how fickle life is how fickle it is. You're here today. I don't say gun tomorrow your gun within the next minute. The next minute, Allah Lhasa summer Hala last summer Hola, methylene offenen the little kid, any one of us is just eating any chokes just like here today gone tomorrow.

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stuff is going on. We have no idea and it's looking at all the drama that's going on all of the drama. The least that we can do is pump up in shallow eyes with our ribeye, the machine as it relates to being conscious and cognizant of the evil of the end. We asked Allah who kind of went out to put us on the way of the people Hadith and a put us firmly upon his keytab in his sunnah according to the standard the setup of this ummah, we ask Allah Tala during these turbulent tribes trying time to protect us divinely with this with his protection that is Ilahi acumen salah, your hammock Musa