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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Allah alayhi wa sahbihi as mine, or prison thanks belongs to a loss of Hannah Horta, Allah. And may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon his servant and final messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as to what follows my dear respected brothers and sisters in Islam, salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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And tonight, inshallah Allah we continue our study of solar delaine and inshallah Allah will begin today with explaining or talking a little bit about the layout of the suta the structure of sort of the lane and how it's organized, and then inshallah Allah will begin with the first aid. So the layout of the surah, we find that the first part of the surah is a series of XM, a series of Earths, which we've talked about many times, where lately, they all share ordinary, that digelar one maharlika zakharova.

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And when an oath is taken in the Quran, you are being asked to reflect upon each item of the earth, and it will prepare you for what's called what's known as joab will pass them the response to the earth, the conclusion, or basically the subject of the earth. And the subject this job will pass on, by the way, usually, it's the central message of the entire folder. So in this surah, Allah subhanho wa Taala he takes an oath, by the night, and by the day, and by the male and the female and how remarkable they are being created. Then he gives us the subject, the fundamental lesson of the surah what is the subject of the surah in Messiah calm Russia, your efforts are truly divided and your

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efforts are truly diverse. Some people are working hard towards righteousness, others are working hard towards being Richard evil in rebellion to Allah subhanho wa Taala and since this is the subject of the sober, it should be explained the live xojo will explain it, how do people make these efforts? So the second section of the sutra is describing the two paths. So on one hand, you have for a moment our power tapa or soda bill, snare for Sonia pseudo hula lucilla. And on the other hand, you have the other kind of efforts, or mmm Bakula, stubbornness, or get the berbil Hostnet for Sonia, pseudo hulan Ursula, then of course, Allah subhanho wa Taala. After mentioning these two

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paths, he mentions his role in all of this. When he says in Alena and houda, we're in Allah and Allah, Allah, that's the third part of the surah meaning that these two people these two types, they're working in their own direction, but they should know guidance belongs to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And it's upon Allah subhanahu Wata Allah to guide. And the other thing that Elias Origen mentions is that he's in complete ownership of both of them.

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He knows exactly what they're doing. And he's in complete control because he himself is the true owner, not only of the Hereafter, but what's going on here as well. He says, One oullette you know,

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only the believer who does good, he expects reward in the hereafter. If the believer gets depressed, he gets worried that he gets stressed in this life, then yeah, and usually a believer would come up to him and say to him, brother, be patient Allah who will give you more reward in the hereafter. And if a disbeliever when he does evil, when he does bad, you want them of the hereafter. And even if you want them of the Hereafter, they'll say, well, it's it's not happening right now. And so Jani, I shouldn't be worrying about it because it's not happening right now. So I can do whatever I want. So Pamela, both the believer and the disbeliever. They attribute a loss of Hannah Hua Diana's role to

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the hereafter. But Allah subhanho wa Taala lets us know, not just the airfiber. He also says when una right he he to Allah subhanho wa Taala is in control here also. And Allah Zoysia knows exactly what you're going through here. And he knows what you're doing here. And the consequences will be here, as well as over there. We're in mellonella, Hirata wallula. Then the final part of the surah is part four of the surah is basically a warning, or this is the second the second last part of the surah is basically a warning. It's very interesting kind of warning that a lot of zolgensma gives for unveil to come now. Montana. layerslider in Alaska, he says, I'm warning you

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Way, Danny, we're not going to talk about this in detail right now. But he says, I'm warning you of a blazing fire. No one will enter it except the worst, the most wretched, the most evil. Now what kind of language is is Allah azza wa jal, he doesn't say, I'm warning you of the fire, and you're the most wretched. He didn't say that. He said, Laos, la Illa, Lashkar third person, and he is saying, I'm warning you that the worst people will go there. Now the fact that he didn't call you the worst, but he did say that the worst people will go there. It forces you to think if the worst people go into it, why is he wanting me? Why is he saying I warn you that the worst people will go

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there? Why is he wanting me? Why isn't he just wanting the worst people? Right? What we're being told here

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is you may not have realized how far down you've gotten. Maybe you have become an ashcan. And you haven't even realized, maybe you have become the worst, and the most Richard, and you haven't realized, so I'm warning you, the worst kind of people end up there. So what we're learning he is, and you better get you better become one of you and you better not have become one of them. And if you have you better get your act together last night her in Alaska. And again in third person, Allah subhanho wa Taala. Then he mentioned who be saved from the Hellfire from this punishment, it has beautiful language. He says, What's the usually

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the most pious, you'll be kept far away from it, you know, when the mother is crossing the road, and there's cars coming and going. And she keeps her children right by her side, that stage need to pull someone far away from danger, Jenna, that is to pull them far away from danger, or to be on the side. And he basically far from danger does need. This is the hyperbolized form. It means to keep them far, far away from danger, not even close to the danger at all. Like for example that you want to cross the road, you're inside the building, you make sure the car is gone by now you leave the building, you cross the road, and then you're totally safe you are in the building, not just waiting

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on the curb on the site. So a lot of social talks about these people who are completely completely absolutely safe. So on one hand, the people that are most stretchered who are going to be thrown in the fire. And on the other hand, the ones that are going to be completely completely safe. And this idea of being far far, far away from the fire. This is this idea is very powerful. Because when the people of the Hellfire they haven't even entered the Hellfire they just looking at it. They're not even there yet. You know Allah azza wa jal tells us about them. Yet Tao who nanika Baba, before they even flown inside, there will be crying for death, but just just kill us just cause death upon us.

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Right there'll be claimed for this death, not because they're in the Hellfire, but because they're close to the hellfire. Subhana Allah. So it is Allah subhanho wa Taala his gift upon you that he keeps you far, far away from it. So he says, What's the usual outcome? Not necessarily mentioning, I'll give you the paradise. He just says I'll keep the fight away from it. And we understand keeping as far away from it. This is an incredible gift from Allah subhanho wa Taala that he just keeps you far away from it. And then Allah azza wa jal Finally, he concludes this sola

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with any the idea of how are you going to reach this level of an EPA? How are you going to reach this level of being the most righteous, so that you may be saved from the hellfire. So he says, I love you, the man,

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woman, a woman that I met in touch that he who gives his wealth from me as well to purify himself and they do not expect any reward from anyone but Allah subhanho wa Taala. So you know what, something very interesting. We learned from the beginning of the solar to the end, that the most recurring theme in the solar is wealth is money. In the beginning, the word is stuff that came up that was full of in the beginning of our social system, a meme and APA. Whoever gives gives what gives wealth is one of its meanings. In the beginning, we found one man, neon, who man who man came up, then again, why mmm dakila whoever is stingy and withheld, that's also got to do with money at

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the end and never use the man who also it's got to do with wealth, wealth and wealth and wealth. The whole pseudo is about this. So we're going to learn in this surah what the previous surah told us. And what did the previous solo tell us? It told us that the one who cleansed it the one who cleans his soul and

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the one who cleanses himself has attained success and in this

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Surah Allah is going to teach us that if you want to clean yourself up, it has a lot to do with your attitude towards wealth. It has a lot to do with how you think about your money, how you think about your property, how you think about your house, your car, about the things you own. And by the way, there's nothing wrong with earning wealth and having a lot of money. There's absolutely nothing wrong with this. Nothing wrong with having money in your pocket. But there is something wrong with having money, money entering your heart. That's it. That is the real problem. People can have all the wealth in the world they work as long as it doesn't enter the heart. When Allah azza wa jal

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talks about the worst kinds of people, he doesn't say that they have money. He says that they love money. They love it, right? Why in the hoonah, Bill Hader, Elijah did what a boon and mela hubungi Gentlemen, and where is love, love is in the heart, right? So this is the problem when money enters the heart, it's fine if it enters the pocket, but if it enters the heart, that's where the problem is. So these people love the money so much. He always compiles it, he always collected the counselor, and loving Gemma mela noir data. You know, that's Yeah, that's what you do when you're obsessed with something you love. So this attitude of loving Love is the central theme of the sutra.

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And hence we are going to understand the word when a lot of storage is in Messiah.

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We're going to understand this in new light, right? So basically, it means to make effort with the same insight basically, we said to make an effort, right? People are making an effort in two directions, either. And either you want to get wealth here, or you want to get wealth over there, right? Now. Yani, there is a way we can be wealthy in both in this life and in the Hereafter. But it is really, really hard. But it's still it's possible, it could be done, that you can have wealthy and you can have wealth over there. But understand that when you're concerned, or that when you concern yourself with worldly assets, and it becomes your priority and the priority in your heart.

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When you're thinking about your wealth, more than you're thinking about the wealth and the asset and the reward Allah azzawajal gives you over there, then you've become a Lashkar, you've become of those and loving obatala you've turned away from the message for this is the problem and that this little address and how to solve this issue inside of the heart, the powerful listen is going to be the center of disorder and inshallah to Allah now we'll begin the air by a discussion and when we're going to take it easy inshallah to Allah because you know, the Quran.

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As the sower gets shorter, they become much, much more difficult to explain, because when a surah is short, that means basically it's just giving you point form and you're going to have to Yanni try to understand this short sorta based on all the other bigger sword and this is why solothurn Fatiha short surah but go and find the difficile of volumes right? Because basically it's a summary of the Quran. Come to Sudoku, Allah hadn't the others. You think it's very simple in one lesson you can explain this sort of a like

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this shorter, the surah the much more difficult it becomes to explain because one short surah is built upon the lessons that were founded in the old the other sword. So basically, you're coming to a like a huge explanation of the Quran when you come to shorter sword, especially short air. So we'll begin in sha Allah Allah, Allah will lead him in a shipowner. rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Well, lately they have shed a lot of social swears by the night. I swear by the mic as it covers up. And Allah does not mention what the night covers up. He just says I swear by the night as it covers up,

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doesn't mention what it covers up. Because this is part of the style of disorder. Objects aren't mentioned. In other words, you are expected to fill in the blanks. This is one of the great styles of the plan. it expects you to fill in the blanks yourself. What does the mic cover up? You know, figure it out yourself? You should know you've already read the previous sorta and we studied sort of the chumps. So this attitude of filling in the blanks, and Allah subhanho wa Taala forcing us to think about things. This is one of those things that the beautiful aspects and features of the Quran that Allah subhanho wa Taala forces us to become people of people have pondering over the Quran.

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We're always pondering over the Quran, and Allah azza wa jal forces us to ponder over the, you know, even the idea of dish wheat. What do you think this meat is all about? There's really these basically say you can read the poor and slowly right. When you read something slowly, you're forced to

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Think about it. Imagine you read a newspaper, you read it real quick. If you didn't understand you'll go back and begin to word by word slowly. The idea of reading something slowly it forcing you to ponder and think over what you're reading. So the idea of this read was only there to force you to think of what you're reading the idea of memorization, when you memorize something, what do you do you repeat it over and over again. When you repeat something over and over again what does it force you to do? It forces you to think so Allah subhanho wa Taala continuously wherever your head from whether this way or this way or from here or from there, no matter which way you come inside to

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the Quran, Allah subhanho wa Taala is forcing you to think so you're reading one layli voucher and you're thinking now what what does it might cover up that was already mentioned in the previous sorta when Allah azza wa jal said was Shem ciobo haha will kamari that Allah has Havana howdy version Lucha he said well lately they all share her. I swear by the night as it covers it. It referred to the sun. So when he says what lady they overshare I swear by the mic as it covers. It basically covers the sun that was already mentioned in the previous video. But in regards to the word the OSHA,

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a Shogun Ilhan Omar he comments on this and he says you're not the beautiful meta he mech animal bleah meaning that the night covers with its darkness, whatever had light on it before. Also, some have commented. Then what Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions the night he's alluding to cover to disbelief. And when he mentions that they he's alluding to he man and Revelation, which comes like light molars origin refers to the Quran as light Nolan Medina. And it brightens up everything and it gets rid of all the darkness. So revelation, it gets rid of the disbelief and the misguidance just like light gets rid of the darkness. So this is one lady they OSHA now must have had on dialysis.

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One ahead Eva shall show Can you also Rahim Allah, He says along is mentioning the removal of the darkness of the night. And how it immediately disappears in no time it disappears, the night disappears by the appearance of the day. Now, you know it takes a long time for the night to unfold. But the appearance of the day happens much much much faster. It happens very very, very quickly. You know even a little bit of light just at sunrise just before that time. At bit of sunlight, a bit of light and a serious change comes over the world. Everything is almost bright. Right? Every you can see everything now in front of you. But night is a slow process. You know, there's also then Muslim

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creeps in and then the mind begins to come in slowly, slowly. Even now it's not fully night, right? Until really really at night, new 12 o'clock. Now it's really, really dark. it crawls in bit by bit. And this is almost the parable of a man. And you know, disbelief. It doesn't happen overnight. corruption in our society. It doesn't come overnight. It takes a long time before a nation becomes corrupt. But if you look at the change of good that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam brought, how long did it take him? You know, the nation that was homosassa Lama center was in darkness in ships and cover for hundreds and hundreds of years. And overnight, the message of homosassa only

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took 23 years 23 years is nothing in the nation in the history of a nation two decades only. That's no time. Overnight, completely. They manifested, you know, a full manifestation of the day when they had evangelina Subhana Allah so when layli they all share when they're hairy that agenda basically what's embedded in between the lines is Eman and Coco. Coco takes time to come into a land like the darkness takes time to unfold. However he man light one second, the moment the sun begins to come out everything is lit up. And this is like the presence of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he came out among his people, which have been in shape for hundreds of years, all it took 23

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years and light was all over the place Islam he man was ever so this is any one day howdy that does Allah. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala he says

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one may Allah the Quran

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he will have another discussion on the word warm air. And it's a similar discussion to the one we had in the previous solar solar two shops. Where we were studying the vs was summer

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One banner when Obi Wan Baha, the word man, and the word marriage could be understood as man and masuleh and it could also be understood as man must Maria, what does that mean? Mel masuleh if it is man masuleh then the statement is Allah azza wa jal is saying, I swear by the one that created the male and the female, that's a lot. If you're saying men must Daria, then the emphasis is not on the creator of law. Rather, it's on the creation itself. So if it's men must study, the meaning would be how remarkable and how amazing is the creation of the male and the female. Now, there's a very interesting point here. Allah subhanho wa Taala. He said, male and female, avacado and unfair. He

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didn't say men and women are version Walmart. He said one,

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not one, or version one.

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Now, as an unfair, male and female can be used pretty much for anything that has a male and female gender. So by announcing of the car on fair, he opened the scope, just like young shed, he lifted open, he didn't say that it's covered by the mat and someone lifted open. And just like he said, he left it open. Therefore also male and female, he left that open, beautiful, it just comes from the style of the soul. So Allah azza wa jal created male and female of the animals, male and female of the human being of the plant and so on. Now, these peers male and female, that are being mentioned, there's a profound listen

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there's a profound listen in them. That's really beautiful. You know, we learn Allah subhanho wa Taala says woman cliche in Hakuna Xhosa from every single thing that exists we created a pay and you know

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if you think about this, just think about this for a second. If my existed by itself,

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we would be in destruction. A lot of social dimensions this in the poet on our item in john en la hora, la como Laila samadhan, la Omen gamma se to the medicine la sala. What if a law only had made for you? What if the night became submitted? It just lasted and it wouldn't go away? What a disaster for all of us, this will be analyzed Virgil also says

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to me, Jan Allahu Allah, Kamala Harris or Madame la omocha. What if the day would never go away, and it just remained day forever? How difficult will that be upon me and you, so one necessitates the existence of the other night and day that necessitates the existence of the other, that's how harmony is created. Also, what maharlika veker own fair, male by itself is incomplete, life cannot continue. Female by itself is also incomplete. Life cannot continue. And even in our own psyche, you know, you know, men, they have tendencies, and the tendencies of men, only they very corrupt, like we have the tendencies towards violence, rage and all these other things, who comes those tendencies

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down woman, our mothers, our sisters, our wives, so on, they come these tendencies doubt. So both male and females have weaknesses, that the other fulfills. Women have emotional weaknesses that only men could fulfill. And men have emotional weaknesses that only a woman can fulfill. So panela how amazingly yummy how amazingly complimentary, these two are together, both go together to create harmony, just like the night and day, go together to create this harmony also, pairs male and female of any type of any whatever that's an animal, a plan a human being, it also goes together to create this harmony and to create this balance.

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Now, we're learning something profound.

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If something is in pairs, then this life must also be old must also have a pay. Everything is in pairs, then also this life must have a pet. There's life over here, this life over he must also be paired with something this life by itself cannot be complete. It is only complete when it meets its other half. What its other half Amazonian says in the same folder. We're in mellonella Hirata will be hereafter that second half. So the hereafter becomes a necessary part to this worldly life in this worldly life. You have night and day you

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Have male and female, and they are reminding you of everything. They are reminding you that everything is incomplete by itself. It needs a pair to complete it. That's how we that's what we're learning. When you see a woman, you're being taught that by yourself, you're incomplete. When you see the day alone, you're being taught that we felt the night it's incomplete. So, this attitude begins to develop in your mind that things must be in pay. So now that when you look at this life, you say it is incomplete. It must have something to it, which is the afterlife, that will complete it. This is how Allah subhanho wa Taala appears the dunya and the Yoni logically for us. Then he

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says, In saya Kuma shatta in Messiah Kuma shatters, very beautiful.

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Indeed, your efforts are diverse, and indeed your efforts are divided. No doubt, your efforts, your efforts, the efforts of all of you remember, we said this sudo Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks to us in second person, you, the previous owner was in third person, he she they his that's all third person. So in this surah, Allah is talking to the nation directly. And interestingly, in the previous surah, Allah was talking about the mood, right? They, he would talk about them as they, they burn. But now, all of a sudden, in the next surah, which is sort of the name, the warnings, and the descriptions of your state, and not in the third person. It's not about them anymore. It's about

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you. So the previous surah was preparing us for these lessons. Now you are ready for the recent lessons directly. So Allah azza wa jal turns his attention towards polish. And of course, everyone has an extension in this folder, and he says in Messiah comb lasha. Now the word sign, sign, he basically it, it is to pace really fast. So it's faster than walking. But it's slower than running. It's pacing. And, you know, we learned this word, we learned this word previously, as well at the NASDAQ. When Allah subhanaw taala said, about RSI about fitout, he began to pace meaning moving quickly and urgently towards something that's what sorry, is. So this is when somebody places like,

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when do you see somebody pacing at the bus stop, or when he's rushing towards his office, when they are or when when they have any, something really, really important that they have to do and this the sense of urgency is created, and you have to rush to do something that is sight.

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And they are not quite running. They just and they're not quite walking as well, they're moving quickly, because there's something concerning them. Allah subhanho wa Taala says that these concerns you have, that you're running towards and pacing towards, they are all over the place. They're in nasarah, Khan Lesha, it's all over the place. So Allah azza wa jal is describing the contrast of the day and the night, and the contrast of the male and the female, how these things are opposing.

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Just like that your efforts are opposing. They're all over the place, in the religious sense. And in the non religious sense, also, in the religious sense. For example, the Muslims are making effort to establish the deed, and they're making effort for victory of this deed. And the non believers are making efforts to destroy this deed, to harm this Dean to attack it and its teachings. So the two are making efforts. But in opposite directions, opposing directions. There are people that are righteous, there are others that are corrupt in Messiah, that this is what it is. But then in the non religious sense, in the dunya, every one of us has a different job has a different

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responsibility. And we're all heading in different directions each and every single one of us has our own problems, but the word Lesha shut that this will check that it's really beautiful and it's a remarkable word. There is two words in the Arabic meaning or in the Arabic language for diverse or divided in the Quran, we find more than if we all know what mortality is most benefits to have a difference division. And the word chapter shift also means division.

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Shut there, but set that on one hand.

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Sorry, mortality firstly is two very different things. This is two very different things. Shut down the other hand, is something that was once one piece and it shattered the book. Now it's become dispersed and divided and scattered. That's what should have

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There is something was one of a very broken, it became many pieces. So what we're learning in this air is a lot of zoa jelly saying humanity and our efforts, initially they will one

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on the earth, mankind began as one community as one nation from the time of Adam amazonensis cannon. So meten wahida. Humanity used to be one nation upon to heat, it used to be united. So our efforts are supposed to be one.

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And the fact that we that the fact that they are diverse and they're divided, they come together at the end to become part of yet another whole, right. Although our efforts right now, whether it's the believers or non believers, it's all dispersed and divided and all over the place. What we're learning is at the end, they all come together, and they made part of a hole. That's what we're learning by the use of the word shatter here, just like the night and they come together to become part of a whole and dislike the male and female come together to become part of a whole new project and a plan, our efforts, even the efforts of the disbelievers against the efforts of the believers,

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they all come together, and they are part of a larger plan. This change,

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sorry, this changes the way we look at the seal of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I'm going to explain this, how the efforts of the believers and disbelievers comes together to be part of a larger plan. It changes the way we look at the seal of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam. It changes the way we look at the efforts of those who tried to attack Islam.

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It's all part of the process, it must be there. In other words, you have people offending and oppressing masala masala, mahalo Solomon, the companions of the Allahu taala. And that is their efforts. That's the efforts of the disbelievers to attack the message and the messenger and Mossad on the other hand, they're making efforts to, to spread the deed, to spread the message to opposing efforts. So we have two opposite efforts, two opposing efforts, as we said, and if these efforts don't collide, if they don't come together, then the at that command, the companions to have patience wouldn't have come down, the instructions of making his euro wouldn't have come down, the

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path of jihad wouldn't have come down. So all the efforts, and all the events of the life of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, are not a result of One Direction efforts. Like it's not just the efforts of the believers, what else is going on a conflicting effort of the disbelievers. That's what creates the situation. So it's part of a larger plan. Don't complain about it. Understand, it's part of the plan of Allah, it's part of the test in Messiah kumala Shatta Subhana. Allah unbelievable how this comes in the in the act, the day in the night, they come together to give us Yanni the day basically, that we find harmony in. But then we find risky, and the male and female

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come together. And then that's where the picture is created. And the efforts of the believers and the disbelievers comes together to give us the full way, the full guidelines. Otherwise, if you're not going to join them together, if everyone had his own efforts and not worry about the rest, as we said those as of sovereign Jihad and Asia wouldn't have come down. Why did they come down? They only came down so we can deal with this situation. That's all that's why they came down. So in Messiah coma shutter.

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Another interesting thing about the use of the word la shutter,

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we're going to end with this interesting one. We said shut that concentrate and focus on this beautiful word just to see anyhow a lot of places in this solo. We said check that is something that was originally together and then it was broken apart. Now look at the oaths that came before this air. How beautiful the placement of this word. When Allah azza wa jal spoke about the day in solid, yes in What did he say? He said what area to lahoma Lael nestler home in hoonah. held a miraculous sign for them.

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Is the night. We remove we extract it, we withdraw, we pull it, we pull Yaniv the day out of it. Right. So a lot of soldier is saying

00:34:51--> 00:34:59

to lahoma late for them is decide that the night we remove from the night, the day bye

00:35:00--> 00:35:47

This is what allows surgeons to lahoma Lael nessler, who Minh who unhealed, the day is pulled out from the night. So long as the vision is describing the day being broken away from the night, day is broken away from the night, just like the word shut. That means something was originally one and he broke up from it. Then Allah azzawajal says one ohana, PepsiCo. And where did they come from? Where did our mother her work come from? Wasn't she broken away from Adam's Rib allows OSHA says what Hanukkah mean has OSHA. So the word shutter is really beautiful, really beautiful here, because it complements the lessons that are coming in the beginning of the soul, at the beginning of life is

00:35:47--> 00:36:19

telling us a lane. It's broken away from the day. The female is broken away from the male. And then he uses the word shut down and shut the means that we were all one. And then people broke away from the door. Hey, so Pamela awesome. Listen. And then our lady thou shalt ordinary that agenda one maharlika vichara. So how Allah subhanho wa Taala uses these remarkable words, not just to describe our situation, but our situations, you'll find parables.

00:36:21--> 00:36:55

from them in nature, you find lessons, you find lessons for life, and the struggle of Muslims in the things that are around you. A lot of changes the way we think about the world around us. May Allah subhanho wa Taala give us the ability to probably or properly reflect on the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam May Allah subhanho wa Taala make us people of the Quran. People who benefit from the reminders of the Quran in the holy Veliko Calderon de Sala la hora cinnamal Baba kalenna Vienna Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Germaine