Why was FRIDAY given this name?

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The day Friday It was called Friday, which in Arabic is a Luma. It comes from the word Gemma. Gemma means together. So Lola or him or her mama they discuss why was Friday which in Arabic aluma Why was it given this name? Why was it called as such? Because we said a Juma comes from the word Gemma Gemma means to collect and together and on a Friday, people gather in the masjid in congregation to witness Salatu Juma. So it was called Juma because the people gather on that day. And it was called Juma also somehow mentioned, because on this day, Allah subhanho wa Taala completed the creation of Adam. You see Adam alayhis salaam, he was a soul. He was a body and his soul was with a loss of

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Hannah Montana. And on that day, the day of Friday, his body and his soul joined it gathered together. So as a result, the Friday was called Joomla thenmala Zoysia Gemma v halka. Adam, Allah Zoysia completed the creation of Adam alayhis salaam. And because on Friday, there is a lot of sunon a lot of recommended acts, a lot of goodness, a lot of reward that is combined and accumulated together on this day. You see there's a lot of worship that we do on the day of Friday, we read solotica have Salo Earth Allah or su de la Sol Allahu alayhi wa sallam. We pre select and Juma is a diet that's accepted advocate on this day also is recommended on this day coming early to the masjid

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is recommended on this day. And no other day in the week gathers so much goodness and so much sooner than more than Friday does. So as a result, Zuma was called Juma because of a lot of goodness and a lot of sunon combine and accumulate on this day.