Saad Tasleem – And I’ll Have a DIET Coke!

Saad Tasleem
AI: Summary © The importance of avoiding diet coke and protecting one's Islam is emphasized, along with the need to be realistic in one's values. The speaker also discusses the value of deeds and how individuals can measure their sincerity. They stress the need to be realistic in one's values and suggest finding one's own success in deeds. A famous woman named Restless has given water to a thirsty dog, which made her a pr Restless. Viewers are encouraged to share their own experiences and share their thoughts on the topic.
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Sit on what am I going to lie about a guy to welcome to another raw vlog.

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Today I want to talk about the person who orders a diet coke after ordering, like a whole bunch of unhealthy stuff. In actuality, I don't want to speak about that person I want to speak about the people who react to something like that. So this is the scenario and I'm sure you may have come across this before someone orders like a really big burger, like a Big Mac or double Big Mac, large fries, extra large fries, or supersize, extra superstar, extra supersize fries. And then after all that, they'll say, and they'll have a Diet Coke. And then usually people will like laugh at this person or kind of put them down and be like, what's the point? Right? What's the point of ordering a

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diet coke when you're putting all this other unhealthy stuff in your body? Like you've got the biggest burger, the biggest fries? All the unhealthy stuff? Like, what's the point of getting a diet coke after all of that? Now, that's very interesting to me, because I have always thought that that is wrong, that the person who is getting a Diet Coke. Yeah, they made a lot of other unhealthy choices. But at least with the Diet Coke, they made one healthy choice. And look, I know, you know, I've triggered a couple of people right now and and there's people were thinking, yeah, but Diet Coke is bad for you anyway, in the chemicals and Diet Coke. And actually Diet Coke is worse than

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regular Coke, even though regular coke. So I'm not sure I'm not going to get into that right now. Right? I'm not that's a whole nother discussion. And I don't want to get into that right now. So you know, di Coke, the person who orders a Diet Coke, their intention, at least is, hey, look, I'm not taking in all the sugar, all the calories I'm saving on that. So that's the point here. And if you want to make this discussion simpler, you can just substitute water for Diet Coke. So somebody orders a huge burger and fries and all that kind of stuff. And then they get a water with it. Right? So the point is that people will say like, what's the point of saving that little bit? Right? That

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that those 200 or 300 calories, those 3040 grams of sugar? Like, what's the point when you put all this other unhealthy stuff in your body? And so for me, I always say that at least they're doing that right, at least they're doing that little bit, it's better than not doing anything at all. And the parallel for us when it comes to our faith, our emotion, our Islam, is that, you know, it's very interesting that this Shia bond actually uses the same tactic with us. And we've seen this happen over and over again, I've seen it happen with people a lot, where a person may be, let's say, neglecting a lot of their Islamic obligations, or they may be committing certain sins. But there's

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one obligation in particular that they are, you know, steadfast would they make sure they they fulfill that obligation or, or you know, they once again, they commit a lot of sins, but there's one sin that they abstain from. And so the reaction to that, so the ship bottle will come and say, what's the point, right? Like, you don't do all this other stuff? Like Why do you bother with this one obligation in Islam, or you commit all these other sins? Why not just commit this one sin as well. And sometimes it's not just the sheer fun, it's people who had that attitude as well. They see someone who is doing one good deed, and they'll say, like, what's the point? Look at all this other

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bad stuff you do? What's the point of doing this one thing? And examples of that are endless, right? So someone who prays one prayer during the day, right? And the Shabbat will come and say, well, you miss for prayers, like, what's the point of praying, there's one prayer, or someone who a very common example, is a sister who wears hijab, you know, she may have other issues and other problems, and then she may be doing other things. But people will come to her and say, you know, what's the point of wearing Hijab and you do all this other stuff, or you know, a brother who does one particular good deed, but does a lot of other bad deeds. And so we have to really take a step back

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and fight this ship on and actually be

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from those people who inspire others to better themselves, a positivity. So when someone is doing one good thing and like 100, bad things, instead of saying, Hey, what's the point? Look at all these other bad things you're doing? A better approach would be how amazing is it that you're doing this one good thing it means that you have the strength to do other good things as well. You know, Allah has kind of led to Allah tells us but duckula still don't have the template of Allah. Be God conscious, be pious, to the best of your ability. Basically, try as much as you can. Right? So whatever you can do, at least do whatever you're able to do in this moment, right now. And also you

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know, for talking about the value of deeds, it's really it always makes me uncomfortable when we put certain value on certain deeds and, and and take away value from other deeds. Yeah.

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Of course, in Islam we have, you know, our obligations, those things that Allah has made fun of upon us. And then we have recommended deeds and that's fine. But the true value with a lot of a deed, we actually don't know. Because the value of a deed with a lot can be dependent on so many factors. Amongst them, yes? is whether it's followed or was to have, you know, is it required? Or is it recommended, and so on, so forth. But also a big factor is our sincerity. A person can do a small deed with a lot of sincerity, and it's worth a lot more with a loss penalty, as to, as opposed to someone else who does a huge deed, but they're not sincere in doing that deed, or even quantities.

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Someone can do a lot of good deeds, but they're not sincere. For example, what's the value of that versus someone who does one good deed, but they're sincere. And we actually see, you know, examples of this in the sun. And one famous example, which I'm sure you've heard of, is the woman who the Prophet is set and tells us the woman who was sinful. In particular, she was a prostitute. And a law forgave her sins because of one particular deed that she did. What does she do? Well, if you look at it on face value, it may not seem like a big deal. She gave water to a thirsty dog, right? And you think to yourself, like, oh, what's the big deal on that, but with a law, that deed had a great

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amount of value. There was so much sincerity in that deed that because of that deed, a law forgave all our transgressions, and a law entered her into paradise. And so once again, like Who are we to put these values

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on these particular deeds, and once again, I want to go back to the point of look, be and try to inspire people to be better, instead of putting them down for the bad that you see in them or the negative that you that you see in them. Look, it's easy to be a critic, right? That's why there's plenty of critics and, you know, today with with social media, everyone, you know, it's easy to criticize other people to put other people down. That's the easy work. The hard work is to inspire people to be better. And so we want to be like, the second category, we want to be the ladder, those that are not just critics and putting people we want to inspire people to better themselves

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specially those who are struggling in their Deen or struggling in other you know, aspects of their life. So yeah, those are some of my thoughts. You know, some some thoughts I wanted to share with you. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this as well. And have you ever experienced this as has someone come to you and said to you, what's the point of doing this one deed when you do all this other bad stuff? I'd love to hear your story, so share it in the comments below. And I'll catch you later shall take care of set equal to law. Here are what I got.

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