Why Is Your Beard So Ugly

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The speaker describes his experience with shaving and his desire to have a beard. He talks about his family's "harvest" and how they were rejected by the enforcement system. He also talks about his "has been shaved" and how it looks shiny and clean. The speaker ends by saying he needs to pick up someone.

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In my whole life, if you said you'd have a beard like, it's not it doesn't happen in my family. I wanted to have 16 I had nothing 17 Nothing. I went to. I know we're rolling. I have a desire denied visa into Afghanistan. Because my whole graduating class from Pakistan, the class trip all the guys went to Afghanistan back then. And so at the border, they were like, Why do you shave? I was like, shave. You're talking about law and I was manual. I'm like on a high of finishing a semester of grad College. I'm dripping grant. This is nothing we read grand 910 hours a day every day. I was dripping grunt so I was there was a little insult like, what are you crazy? Why do I not have a beard? That

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doesn't make any sense at all? I like a rig grinder. And I was like, and they denied me and I have a denied passport entry from Alibaba and then when it came back to the United States, the passport guy was like he's like the dalai botton rejected you welcome home. Like anyone like anyone who's rejected by the Dalai Lama? Yeah, like you're welcome home. Like, we're happy to have you here. Anyone on their bad list? I was like, I guess so. I'll show you 19 years old Quran College in Pakistan. And it looks like a baby's face. 334 is just here. Nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing. The 20s were the hardest, though. I have to say because I had a beard with enormous so this

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was patch, patch patch patch. So it looked like I had this weird kind of skin thing. But just hair didn't grow all of this to fill in Turkey. So my point is don't give up. Don't give up. Don't listen to the Oh, in Islam, you're supposed to be groomed. Overly that looks so unkept. Yes, it looks unkept. And this is how I would choose. Because if you don't do that, the only other way is GQ like that. The thing that they don't tell you is either you do the fashion way. You can't have your way. There is no such thing as your way. So whenever my family members, relatives, all you can come to a wedding like that, oh, look at that ugly thing on your face. That I'm telling you Muslims will give

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you a harder time because of our ethnicity, Indonesia and South Indian. We get manual nothing. This This was my period. This was it. This is everything. I didn't have. So, but I'm telling you, I wouldn't trade anything for I don't know how to explain it. It's my hijab. It's my hijab. It is what people see. I don't work dopey everywhere. I don't like to be anywhere. Because of like, fashion or fashion. I just know you trimmed it to grow it.

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Yeah, you trimmed it to grow it. Yeah. That's a whole different thing, though. Like you're trimming it to grow it of guys who are shaving against the grain and shaving it to make it look nice. I'm saying you're you're going to hear Oh, finally, why don't you just get it Look how nice you look. Now I do have to give it like

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you look 12 It looked while you looked like when you're 13 and you just get the mustache and you got to trim your mustache to that because it looks it looks like 1314 which is okay.

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Okay, let's finish out this page. Thank you. I needed that little pick me up