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The speakers discuss the importance of understanding and embracing faith in one's relationship with people of different faiths to avoid confusion and mistake. They stress the need for guidelines on interaction between faith and other faiths to avoid confusion and mistake, and emphasize the holy Spirit in shaping one's life and the deification of the deity in one's eyes. They also discuss the history of religious and political relationships, including the use of non- Islam behavior and financial transactions, and stress the importance of sharing values and leasing common friendships. The speakers stress the need to deal with community issues and work together to solve them, and emphasize the importance of showing appreciation for others' behavior and not just looking at the numbers.

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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah. Wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Mallanna v Avada allama Lana v Avada mala Amitabha Amati wa katabatic kitabi what actually at Avada Shariati a mavado photo Villa uma shaytani r rajim, Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. Yeah you levena Amanullah does he do i do we will own that alotta hoody does he do i do we will I do welcome Alia to lacunae in bill Marwa de Vaca Kapha. Ruby majha criminal Huck Sara colocalizing. My dear respected elders and brothers.

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Allah subhanahu wa taala in the Holy Quran has given us guidelines on every aspect of our life.

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One of the issues that the community in which you are in perhaps more than any other community comes into contact with people of other faiths, whether it be in business, whether it be our children in schools, and this is an important issue, how do we get the right balance in our interaction with people of other faiths and this is our Deen is a comprehensive dm. So, it must have given us some guidelines in this particular regard. And these guidelines have to be looked at holistically and comprehensively and independently and not you know not it has to be looked at comprehensively, holistically and not independent and separate from one another. Because if you look at one verse,

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without taking it into context with other verses and other commands of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. Many times you get an incorrect, incorrect or partial understanding of the issue. So when we look at the Sharia with regard to this, or any other matter, we have to take the Sharia in holistically and comprehensively and not only take one ayat, and then afterwards make a conclusion and a judgment on the basis of one iota one verse that may illustrate the point. There are many verses of the Holy Quran, which perhaps at a cursory glance, might give us the impression that there isn't much scope with regard to

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interaction bilateral relationship, or you know, tolerance and courtesy, but that is only if you look at it in one aspect if you look at other commands of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. Other examples of our beloved nebia Kareem Sal silom you get a completely different type of perspective. ally in the Holy Quran says, Yeah, you are living in harmony. Oh, and I started off my talk with that verse, which is in Surah boom tahina in the q&a part of the Quran. Oh, you who believe that that does he do I do. We will. Do welcome Alia. to not take my enemy says Allah, my enemy and your enemy as an au Leah. The word Wali, which is the root word of this verse or the word in the word

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verse means protector, or very close friend, or very close confidant. Don't take my enemy, your enemy as your protector and as a very close in a Bosom friend, to akuna la him, tell me what are you going to display love to someone who denies what Allah has revealed? Are you going to display a great amount of love to someone who denies our beloved via Kareem salsola. Now look at that particular verse, and how Allah subhanho wa Taala has made mention with regard to it. So on yet on the other hand, there are verses of the Holy Quran which I will go around to make mention in my small presentation in a small talk today, which speaks about kindness courtesy towards people of

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other faiths. Now, let me start off by making mention with regard to the exemption with regard to the limitation. And while there is no compulsion in religion, like Rafi Dean says Allah in the Holy Quran, you cannot compel anyone to become a believer.

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And one of the aspects of freedom of religion, which we believe in that each and every one is choose to free to choose whatever he wants. While that is a reality, that we as Muslims believe in that each and every one has the right to choose his way of life. It doesn't mean that Allah tala is pleased with his choice. When everybody Hilco says Allah Tony says to basavaraj the Quran, Allah is not happy with this belief. So we UN High we do not believe that all religions are equal and you can have an amalgamation of truth. We believe that Islam is a true religion. It is the ultimate religion and it is a basis of salvation.

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Salat Allah says in a third use of the Holy Quran in surah Allah in Medina in the law in Islam, the deen in the eyes of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala is Islam oma yep this is a real Islam he didn't follow you but I mean for supper of the Holy Quran whoever chooser as a religion other than Islam it will not be accepted for me. So while Islam gives people the the freedom to choose because there is no compulsion in religion, Islam is made mentioned and Allah subhanho wa Taala has made mention that the deen in the eyes of Almighty Allah subhana wa Taala is Islam and that is the basis of salvation and the ultimate truth. And then each and every institution, each and every religion, it jealously

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and you know it God's its sensitivities and its identity. People got their identity and their sensitivity, every country has got a separate flag. Every country has got a separate passport. Why is it because each and every one guards the identity, just as everyone guards the identity, we as Muslims in Islam, we are extremely sensitive. Islam is extremely sensitive, with regard to his distinctive identity. There's Allah subhanho wa Taala in the Holy Quran tells us that that'll be Sunil hacker will battle. Don't amalgamate or mix the truth with falsehood. Truth will be truth and false syrupy false would make a clear distinction between one another Don't try to amalgamate each

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and different types of religions into one religion or different types of truth and battle and falsehood into one. Make a clear distinction between truth and falsity. Lima Tell me Sunil Huckabee will battle Allah tala asks a question in the form of the Holy Quran. Why do you amalgamate and why do you try to bring together you know, how can battle truth and falsehood? So we are we got our identity very, very, very jealously. That is why you will find in the Holy Quran, Allah subhanho wa Taala several places in a time of our beloved nebia Karim saw cillum the Mashallah kina maka came to Namibia, Karim salsa them and they said oh prophet of Almighty Allah. You you follow our religion

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for a short period of time we will become muslims for a short period of time. You you become like how we are for six months we will become muslims for six months. And in one rewired and one nation. You just come and bless our idols we will become Muslims. Bless our idols, pass a hand our idols, you will become Muslims. Allah revealed in the Holy Quran Kuya you will Catherine la Abu Mata Varun Juana and Tamara Bruna ma would normally ally in the Holy Quran. When he refers to believers, he says yeah, you will live in harmony. When he refers to believe as enters believers. He says yeah, you are nurse. But in this instance, away from the normal norm, Allah says, all you who are

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disbelievers, we don't worship what you worship. And we don't expect you in your present state of mind to worship what we are worshiping. Look at the clear cut distinction with regard to it. Then Islam also further advocates that very intense and close relationship should be with those that share your values.

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I mean, it's a it's a natural thing. You keep your friends in a circle of friends with people whom you identify with whom you can have a good relationship with. Islam also advocates that we should have our relationship people with people who share our values. And because we all have a purpose, we have an objective in life. Our objective is to please Allah Malhotra, Gina Wilkinson, Dahlia Boone, we have not created ginetta. Hinson, but to worship Allah, anything, which, which helps us in this objective. We keep it close towards us, our friends, he may help us indeed if they help us in fulfilling our objective our friends, but if any friend takes you away from Allah takes you away

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from your values, you are supposed to take extreme caution with regard to such friendship. Now look at what the Holy Quran says that the Hebrew Britannica Min dunican. The word putana means a close confidant, someone whom you share secret words, that that the hero do not take your close confidant and someone whom you share your secrets with, but from your own kind. Now you realize now the exemptions now you understand the limitations. Now, after understanding the exemptions and the limitations of obviously, we have a very short time, so I can't go into detail. There's much more detail with regard to it. But I'm sure you must have got the gist of what I'm saying. Beyond that,

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we also have certain amount of aspects in which we are allowed a great amount of leeway and accommodation with regard to common courtesy. And with regard to relationship with people of other faiths. One of the aspects is that we share a common humanity After all, we come from Adam Allah salatu wa salam Yeah, you are not enough Allah cannot come in

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which Allah come Shirakawa.

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Oh people we created you from one men and women and we make you into different races and thrive. For the sake of identification. You have a common stock. Alliance euro benissa says one Karana bunny Adam

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We have granted respect and dignity to every child of audemars salatu salam, every human being irrespective of his background or his religious affiliation, by virtue and by dint of the fact that he is a human being, Allah has granted with respect and dignity, as Allah has made mentioned in the Quran in the Quranic ayat, which I've revealed, and maybe a cream sauce limb showed that on one occasion, we all know the incident many of you must have heard the incident, maybe acronym SOS alum saw a janazah passing by, and he got up and Sahaba said Yasuda law, this is not a generic for Muslim, it is a generic of a non Muslim, and they'll be occurring. So some said is not a human

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In the Battle of absorb, there's one person who came over the trench, and he was killed by the Muslims. And that because he was a prominent person, the man disbelievers, the non Muslims or perish, were prepared to give a great amount of money for his corpse and for his body, and maybe a cream sauce and said we won't take money he's a he's a human being, give give the carbs back without any money, give back the corpse without any money. So, there is a certain aspect of a common humanity which we have to do. Then we have another aspect that many times people bring about and speak about it. And then we get you know, sort of on the defensive with regard to the aspect of

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mutual coexistence. We are living in a country, the Constitution speaks about a mutual coexistence. What is our view with regard to mutual coexistence? Do we believe in the aspect of mutually coexisting with people of different faiths in one neighborhood? You are all the times faced with that type of situation? What is it? What does the Sharia says? What does the Quran say? What does our Deen say? And what what an amazing thing Allah tala in the Holy Quran has made mentioned that everyone is not going to be upon one religion. While Islam in Allah subhanho wa Taala believes in Islam to be the deen of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. He also makes mention in the Quran in

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support of the Holy Quran, that people are going to choose other and not everyone is going to be on this path of Islam. Will OSHA Rob Buccola Jelena samata Wha What is Luna? mustafina illa, Morocco Morocco, if Allah wanted Allah would have given everyone and kept everyone on one religion. But Allah subhanho wa Taala is wisdom. Allah Allah gave freedom. And because of that freedom, people choose their own particular way and their own path in their own religion. Now because Allah has given them that freedom, he is going to be people who choose different religions. Now, if they are going to be people of different faiths, and they choose different religions, how are you going to

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interact with them? doesn't necessarily mean that is only going to be a relationship of hostility. Not necessarily so has it more than a fallacy for Lara money, who is the chairman of the Islamic Fiqh Academy. That said, there are three instances Never mind afterwards in history, which in which there are many instances, there are three instances in the life of nivia Kareem salsa with a mutual coexistence. One word nebia. Kareem saw cillum and this Sahaba lived together with the people of Makkah. in Makkah, they live together, and nebia Kareem saw Islam lived according to the the ways of that particular time. That was one, maybe a Kareem Salam send the Sahaba to have a senior in our

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senior there was a Christian rule. And maybe a cream sauce for him. He said he's just gonna go and live by him. Maybe a cream salsa allowed him to stay there. So they were mutually coexistence by the permission and the nebbia cream sauce from sending them there. And they not only stayed there for this, for this type of necessity. They stayed there for a long period of time. They only came back to Medina in the seventh year after history. They knew nothing. Kareem salsa migrated from Mecca to Medina. But still they remain epicene. Yeah, mutually coexisting with people of other faiths. And then when Kareem salsa and came to Medina, Libya, Karim salsa made a pact note is known as mythical

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Medina whenever Kareem saw swim at 47 crores in that pact and treaty, how are you going to live together with people of different faiths. So there is an aspect with regard to you know, mutual coexistence that may be occurring salt cinnamon, Allah subhanho wa Taala has shown us and of course, you know, one of the things that we always have to keep there's a different degrees of relationship. And there are different types of relationship. Not everyone has the same relationship. We have relationship with people, some of our friends, some of them are close family members, some of them are spouses, some of them our in laws. There is also a type of relationship, you know, I'm not

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necessarily talking about it in the negative sense, no. Now in a similar manner, we have different types of relationship in one relationship in our fifth, it is known as a non Muslim subject in an Islamic State and non Muslim subject in an in an in a nun in a single Muslim subject in Islamic State. Now via cream sauce limited, whoever oppresses and shows injustice to a non Muslim subject in an Islamic State. When the Islamic State has given him assurance that he will be treated with kindness and fairness, I never said I will fight his case against him against you on the day of combat. And one person said, Whoever kills me a person

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Who a non Muslim subject who has been given freedom and safety of life in the Islamic State, if he kills a dhimmi in an Islamic State, he will not smell the fragrance of Jenna. He will not smell the fragrance of Jenna. So a different types of relationship. So one is mutual coexistence. Then of course, there's an aspect of sacredness of life. Now, we all know again different degrees of relationship. If you are in hostility with one another, if you are at war with one another, the the fit of law has its own fit, there may be occurring so slim has given how you are supposed to fight. There are nine commands of nebbia, cream sauce and robocopy allow run on what basis you fight and

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what are the etiquettes with regard to it. But normally, in a peaceful situation, where you are, for example, we are as Muslims in South Africa, there is a special term in Islamic fit known as Mr. Min, the person who has been given assurance and safety on the basis of his citizenship. We are obliged by Islamic, we are obliged by Islamic faith to follow the extra rules of citizenship. We have no right to go and kill a person of another faith. Even if that person's faith and our brothers might be having hostility in other parts of the world. We have got no right to be able to harm them or to kill them. nebia krimson Allahu alayhi wa sallam has made mentioned with regard to Iran, he said in

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a Hadith, Dima ohnaka Dima, when you know Mr. Luna moloko his his blood in normal circumstances in a peaceful situation is like our blood. And this Mariah, the Hadith book makes mention that nebia Karim saw cillum took the life in execution, executing a Muslim for killing a non Muslim, the time of Medina in Madina munawwara in the time of our beloved Nivea cream sauce. So there is sacredness of life across the board with Muslims and non Muslims, then there is an aspect with regard to financial transactions. Now, we all know that Islam has allowed us to transact with people of different faiths. And this is something that happened in the time of Libya, Muslim Napier himself.

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cillum transacted with Abu sufian Juba had been with him at a time when they were not Muslims, ultra ultra was in the employment of a Jew. So they is the aspect of transaction with people of other faiths which are allowed. And Allah subhanho wa Taala in the Holy Quran is made mention Amina Al Kitab, man in artarmon, who get into you at the lake, you will find people of the book, many of them when you transact with them, you will find them to be honest in their business transaction. If you give them something they will return it to you. A lie is spoken about people of other faiths who are honest in a business transaction and in transacting with you. And Allah has made mention why would

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Allah make mention with regard to those people of the poor, who are honest in a transaction other than it is permissible for you to transact with them. So there is an aspect with regard to permissibility.

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In transacting with non Muslim employing them, and you've been employed by them in the most sensitive journey of our beloved Nivea cream sauces life between Makkah and Medina the time of Hitler nebia Kareem saw Islam employed a guide to to show him and to guide him from Mecca to Medina. He was a Bolivian or a kid he was not a Muslim, maybe a cream sauce alum employed him as a guide to to direct him from Mecca to Medina. Abdullah bin record was not a Muslim. So financial transactions we have we have to keep it in such a way And may I dare say in that particular situation, because when you transact with people of other faiths, the way you transact impacts upon your religion. If

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you are not honest, people will say he's a Muslim, and he's not honest. As a Muslim, Musab Rahmatullah used to say when he was small Muslims had such a great

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identity and such a great reputation of being honest, that if a small Muslim child, he said I remember the time, if a small Muslim child had to speak ally, non Muslims used to rebuke him, Muslim man Hawker dupatta, you are Muslim and you speak lies. I don't know whether that particular type of reputation still holds or not. But it is our duty that when we transact and we interact with people on a financial basis with people of other faiths. We show what Islam has said about honesty and integrity, that people do not take a wrong impression with regard to Islam, then there is an aspect of working for common purposes. Ally has made mention with regard to a UI in a neighborhood. There

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are aspects with regard to the neighborhood that we have to work together with, against crime against drugs, crime and drugs are not faith related issues. There are societal issues, you have to deal with it together with people of your neighborhood. As I said in the Holy Quran, with Anwar al build me with Aqua Wanaka one on one, cooperate with people on righteousness in taqwa, Hendra and goodness, and do not cooperate with one another on Guna and send an injustice. here Allah Allah didn't say, cooperate with people of righteousness, he said cooperate and righteousness kuliah handle Kitab dalawella Kalamata in Sabah in Benin avena

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Allah Buddha, Allah, Allah, oh People of the Book or People of the Scripture, come together Let us cooperate on something that we agree upon. We will not worship anyone besides Allah. This is a basis for you to cooperate with people of other faiths on common good on common objectives, and that Allah has made mention with regard to eat in the Holy Quran, Allah Allah has said with regard to interfaith relationship, to not attacked the religious sensitivities of other people,

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while at the sub Bula una min Dune Illa fire suku la, la La, do not abuse and swear the idols people worship besides Allah to not do so fire Subala had one they in return in retaliation was fear Allah you will become the reason for Allah tala been sworn it, don't attack other religions, because you will open up yourself, for your religion to be attacked. Islam we are sensitive, and we are rightly sensitive when people attack Islam. And if we are going to be sensitive, and we are going to defend Islam from such type of attacks from people or other faiths, that we also have to be such that we will not attack the religion, religious beliefs of other people or market it if you have to debate

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and we have to argue and we have to engage and lies to you how to engage one or two judges who advocate up in liability, he asked him to not do not dispute with Africa, except in a way that is beautiful. Except in a way that is good. I mean, really, sometimes when we look at this beautiful idea of the Holy Quran, many of us are sort of completely dumbfounded. Is this what the Quran says? Because our perception is otherwise? Yes, there are exemptions. Yes, there is limitations. And I started off I started off for that. And I say I'm just gonna take another two minutes. You know, Allah tala in the Surah mustafina has made mention with regard to common courtesy, these common

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courtesy you are living with people, does it mean that because they do not have the same faith with you, you must become root with them. You must dishonor them, you must, you know, look down upon them. I mean, this is not permissible. Even our alumni have made mentioned in the books of IQ, that even when you use the word carfare do not use it in a way that you look down upon people under can give him a diet and Alicia can take over your diet. Don't don't don't just don't address people with hatred and looking down upon them. You don't know what the situation is going to be and what your situation is going to be in the very famous book of Alice Bahu anessa there is a Musleh that is

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written there that if you address a person by calling him Yeah, yeah, coffee. Oh, you are coffee. Oh, you are a disbeliever and he dislikes it and you address me with that words, then it is appropriate for you not to address him in such a way if he feels bad with regard to it. I like the Holy Quran says lion ha como la anila de nella makakilo Kofi Deen. Allah does not prevent you with regard to those people of other faiths, who do not would not fight with you on the basis of your religion, when you're free to come in the room, who don't expel you from your homes. And that is our situation in South Africa at the moment and tap a room that you must be kind with them. And you must

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be just for them. The word beer, the word beer in this verse, which refers to non Muslims who are not hostile towards you have been using the Quran and Hadith to refer to our relationship with our parents. There will validate is a chapter in the books of Hadith. Allah says Be kind to those people who are not hostile towards you. Be kind to those people who do not expel you from your homes. Maybe acronym saw silom had that type of relationship. In Muslim Yama, there is a hadith that may be occurring so Selim accepted the invitation to eat from a Jewish person in Muslim Yama. So give the example a situation where you have that type of relationship you can invite one another but see to

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that it is an approved

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see to it, maybe a cream salsa and then amazing aspect with regard to it. Maybe Kareem salsa said in a hadith which appears in Muslim narrative, nabeshima Sheba, the son cobia, Dan, give charity to people of other things. Be kind and generous to people of other faiths if they are in difficulty. What an amazing aspect. What an amazing aspect. Les salika would have mana Qin, Allah

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Subhana Allah. Look at this verse.

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Let me give you a small background of this verse to rockpools Allah speaks about charity, how you must give charity, the etiquettes of giving charity the reward of giving charity. Don't turn people after giving charity whole to ruku Allah tala only speaks about charity. In the middle of that comes this verse Lisa Anika would work in Allah de Masha. You cannot give Hidayat to whomsoever you wish Allah gives Hidayat Allah say why in the midst of two records are speaking about various etiquettes of charity. Allah brings an iota of good Hidayat. Then the llama after seal say Do you know the reason for it? The reason is, when you give charity to people, can you help people of other faiths

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with regards to those who are in difficulty and who are distressed and you are helping them. Don't even give it with the intention of a diet.

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Keep it with an intention.

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have common goodness of humankind. If Allah wants to give Hidayat Allah will give you don't give charity with the intention of giving a diet, you just give it because of common good. These are some examples that I have given you with regard to common courtesy. I would just like to say in conclusion, that don't look at the fitness aspect, only the fixed fitness Emma, I can give you I can speak hours on this. And really these books that have been written with regard to it, what are the limitation? What are the exceptions? What are that which allows you common courtesy, I gave you enough examples with regard to our beloved maybe acronym solsona. However, one important point that

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is so important for you don't look at that. Look at the opportunity. Elias given you an opportunity that in your interaction, you can show people the beauty of Islam samama muthana

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raviolo, Toronto now we can see reveal on who he was one of the most hostile enemies of Islam,

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who himself silom while he was captured by the Muslims, and maybe a cream sauce, tied him up to one of the pillars of the masjid. And as he was been tied up in a resource on campus, he was at samama How do you find yourself and he said, Oh Muhammad, if you treat me kindly, I will repay you. If you want to punish me, you have every right to punish me. I've done a tremendous harm. He used to be the leader of a tribe that Muslims who passed by while doing business towards Syria, and he used to attack the Muslim trade caravans. So he said if you punish me you are entitled I've done a lot of wrong but if you show me kindness, I will repay your kindness. They'll be so slim kept him he just

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looked at how the Muslims were behaving at the time of namaz how they came for Salah how they came in behave with one another, the mohabbat the cooperation, the love and Maha but not out for example, nowadays we have created a situation of creating, you know, tension within the masjid. There was a time of love and mohabbat in a time of the masjid. And he saw all this and then maybe occur himself in one day without any you know, any formalities. Just open up the ski open up his locker and said, mama, you are free. The mama went away. He went to take a whistle and he came back. And you know these words of these are shining in the books of Islamic history when he said oh Mohammed, one week

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before I never hated anyone in this world they were I hated you.

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One week before I never hated anyone that way I hated you. Today after one week of seeing your behavior. There is no one in this world. I love the way I love you.

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There is no one in this world. I love the way I love you. After seeing his the behavior of Muslims after one week. How many years are we living in our neighborhood? Look at this as an opportunity