Break this #1 block when making dua

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The speaker discusses the confusion surrounding the use of the word" Microsoft" in Islam, citing a quote from Abraham Lincoln that only one person can deal with human beings. The speaker argues that the use of the word " Microsoft" is a fundamental falsehood and is a false statement.

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Allah Subhan Allah to Allah he says, Allah Subhana Allah he says, in Surah, not the same verse repeats. And Allah says, In 30 namah Tala Hidatsa. If you were to count the favours of Allah, you wouldn't be able to do so. But whereas the first verse ended in sort of Abraham speaking about the nature of human beings, we're consistently transgressive and ungrateful. The second verse is sort of the natural ends talking about the nature of ALLAH SubhanA. Allah says, and verily, Allah is a form of writing Allah is Forgiving and Merciful, as if to say that the only one who would be able to deal with a species that is so consistently ungrateful is a Lord who is so perfectly forgiving and

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And that leads me to my next point.

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My brothers and sisters,

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there are a lot of us, who what stops us from making dua is what we know of our sins.

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What we know of our sins

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and so a lot of people, it stops them from both Salah and it stops them from doing these two things. I can't pray after everything that I've done. I feel so embarrassed to stand in front of Allah, I feel so embarrassed raising my hands. And so I'll ask other people to make that for me. But I won't ask God for myself. You know, I literally, I literally had a sister who recently told me and she said, and this is a woman with children. I mean, they're not I mean, she's this isn't this isn't like a young sister or a teenage girl isn't like that this is this is a married woman with children all that she said I recently learned that you can make out for yourself. She's like my whole life. I

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just thought that you know you just ask people to make dua for you. That's it. I was like, Are you serious? She was like yeah, I didn't know that you can make the average up like

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But this notion of, of sins, stopping you from making dua.

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First of all, who of us is sinless?

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Whoa, hoo hoo of us assemblers. There's not a single person who is sinless.

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And the very notion that you think that you are undeserving of making dua to Allah Subhana Allah because of your sins is a really crazy claim to make against Allah. Because you are under the assumption that those who are making dua to Allah subhanaw taala, only make dua because they deserve to make dua. We don't make dua This is another one for you to underline. We don't make dua because of who we are. We make dua because of who Allah is.

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We don't make dua because of who we are, we make dua to Allah subhana data because of who he is. There is not a single person on this earth, who does actions that are deserving of what Allah Subhana Allah requires.

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There's nobody

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either Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam he says La or Sefa and Alec Oh Allah I do not have the ability to praise you i can't praise you

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i don't have the articulation the eloquence that whatever it is, I cannot encompass praising you are hola and Tekamah ethnic dynastic Muslim, you are as you have praised yourself, you are as you praise yourself, there's nobody who can perfectly praise Allah you are as you praise yourself