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The recent security incident at IIT in Canada causes fear among faith leaders, and the upcoming graduation program is discussed as a way to be mindful of the reality of our existence. The importance of the message of Islam is emphasized, as it is often difficult to read and understand due to the characters being "the same." The transition from Islam to economic crisis and the importance of patience are also discussed, with suggestions to be patient and forgive oneself. The speaker provides examples of how people can be reminded of the message of Islam and respect be given to others.

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The brothers and sisters respected to you, those of you who are present here and those of you who are online after praising Allah subhanho wa Taala and sending salutations when his beloved messenger, I greet you with the greetings of faith Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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Charla, as you know, the past few weeks have been quite challenging for the Muslim community, here in Canada, and also beyond.

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And we pray that the last panel hautala granted safety and security in our homes and in our communities. I wanted to provide you an update of the security incident that occurred at IIT. On Tuesday.

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Police have arrested and charged two individuals with charges pertaining to break and enter threatening death and endangering life.

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Police have said that at this time, there is no evidence of a hate motivated crime. Our understanding is that the individuals are now out on bail, pending a court appearance.

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While we acknowledge that these are serious crimes and the incident has shaken our community, especially after the London attacks, we are revealed relieved to know that the determination at least an initial determination has been made that it is not hate motivated. Here, especially hate based off the irrational fear of Muslims, or any other faith community has the potential to seriously erode our sense of safety and creates an environment of mistrust and insecurity.

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We are thankful for the rapid response of Toronto Police and support from all levels of government. We're also deeply indebted to our community members, our community members of the wider community imaams and leaders of other faith groups as well as Canadians at large for their support and understanding. We are still perplexed at the behavior of the individuals who were here. Why is it that they chose a mosque? Why is it that they use words that will instill fear in our community and we know deep down that they must have something within their minds. In order to do that. However, we are confident that law enforcement and the justice system will apprehend and prosecute anyone whose

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aim is to create fear and mistrust in our society. Let us all work towards understanding love, compassion, and the building of a peaceful society. inshallah tonight we have our Friday our program with Dr. Abdullah Hakim quick shade Abdul Hamid and our brother cumali from the sea ha inshallah they will be here to provide some perspective about how we can manage with collective fear. We also have our summer camp coming up, it will be right here at IIT but with limited registration. The details will be posted soon. inshallah I encourage you to donate to it. Those of you online can do [email protected] slash donate. And those of you who are here you can leave something for us in the

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donation boxes. Joseph kumala affair with salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Our hottie Abdullah Hakim quick

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Samadhi come around to life

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Hello, hello. Hello.

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Hello. Hello, hello. Oh

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I should

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Hello. Hello

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Alhamdulillah who are below the mean? While shadow Allah ilaha illa Allah Walia Salim while shadow Hannah Mohammed and Abdu, who were a solo, Hot Tamale and BIA he will mursaleen Allahumma salli wa sallam, Allah Abdi kawada zuleikha Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa Amanda B Doherty. He was 10 besonderer t Illa Yama Dean for seldom test Sleeman kathira A my bad for your call hawks Aparna I will be human a shaytani regime in Medina por la buena la hoto mustapa mo, tetanus, la hemos mala e katsu, Atlanta hafele and lotta hafele while at UB zero, we're up shearable, genital latty, quantum to bottom.

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All praise the due to Allah, Lord of the worlds and I bear witness that Allah is the friend and protector of the righteous. And I be a witness that Muhammad is His servant, his last messenger, the Seal of the Prophets, and the messages and mail are always and constantly send peace and blessings to our beloved Prophet Muhammad to his family and his companions and all those who follow his way and established his Sunnah to the day of judgment

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as to what follows.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala throughout his glorious book

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has given us the reminder of taqwa of consciousness of the Creator, that we should surround our lives with this, that the key point in our existence is not what is happening in the dunya in the life of this world. But the key focus of our life should be that connection with the ultimate force, with the creator from whom we have come, and from whom and to whom we will return.

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And these days have been hectic days for many people, because many of the illusions that we have been living in

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have been destroyed.

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The illusion of democracy, the illusion of freedom,

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the illusion of peace, and the reality that we are in this higher to dunya we are in a, a an existence of struggle.

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And that struggle between good and evil will continue until the Day of Resurrection.

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And so as we feel

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the evil

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as we feel as though the world is coming in around us, we should remember the words of Allah subhanaw taala.

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And the example and teachings of our beloved prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Allah is so merciful to us, and to the people who have followed in the message of tawheed.

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After the prophets, Allah salam, in that accord and is made

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specifically to help believe is in times of fear, in times of uncertainty, because this is the reality that will continue until the Day of Resurrection.

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And Allah has revealed to us in sorbitol for Silla

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Verse 30, in alladhina, Carlota, Boone, Allah who must accommodate those who say, their Lord is Allah,

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and then they continue doing what is right, they continue on the straight path, the angels will descend upon them.

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And they will say to them, there is nothing for you to be afraid of, there is nothing for you to be sad about, and give glad tidings give glad tidings agenda,

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that you have been promised.

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This verse and the verses that continue,

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are important reminders of the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala. A divine formula that we need to turn to, whenever we feel the pains of evil. Whenever we feel that chill of fear, coming to us remember, that Allah said clearly,

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that if you say your Lord is Allah,

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and that means you say it with your tongue, you believe it with your hearts, your heart, and you practice it. Because the verse is saying, through muster karma, so they say they believe in Allah, and then they follow that up with action,

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the action of submission to the Creator of the heavens and the earth, then fear will be taken from them and lead to harmful, they should realize, you have nothing to be afraid of.

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And fear is that lack of knowledge of the future,

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that expectation of the unknown that something might happen to us. And so the fact that we don't know what's going to happen to us, it puts a type of pain in our hearts. It puts an uneasiness around us.

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But Allah tells us unless to hafele Well, that to Zanu,

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that you should not be afraid.

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And you should not be sad about what happened in the past.

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Because if you really are implementing, if you try your best to be on the path,

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then Allah has promised

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that his angels will descend. And angels mela iica are real.

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It is not something that is out in space. But they are realities, they are the servants of Allah subhanaw taala.

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Prophet Muhammad, sal Salam was put into a number of difficult circumstances. His companions had to go through suffering in Mecca.

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They had to go through large attacks being surrounded by the enemies, looking as though

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there's no hope.

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And on one occasion, the prophet SAW some of them.

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And this is reported by Abdullah bin Abbas, radula, one Houma and he reports one day I was writing a, an animal, horse or camel behind the profit, sell, sell them.

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And then the Prophet said, Young man, I will teach you some words, I want to teach you something.

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And then the Prophet said to him, be mindful of Allah, and he will take care of you. Be mindful of him, and you shall find him at your side. If you ask, ask Allah.

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If you need help, seek it from Allah, and know that if the whole world were to gather together, in order to help you, they would not be able to help you, except if Allah had written it.

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And if the whole world gathered together, in order to do you harm,

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they would not be able to harm you. unless Allah had written it, the pens have been lifted

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and the pages are dry.

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So there is nothing for us to be afraid of in this world. We are going through a transition constantly. Moving back to Allah subhanaw taala.

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And I know it's difficult. It's especially difficult for many people who have come from our Warzones who have come from tyrants economic crisis to Canada, because this part of the world, relatively speaking,

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has maintained forms of justice.

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It has maintained forms of peace. But the reality of today is connected to the past.

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And you cannot forget the fact that these lands were originally stolen from a nation stolen from millions of people. And these people who lived here for 1000s of years

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were tortured,

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put into reservation schools, and up until now are still suffering in reservations.

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I know it's painful.

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Because Allah blessed us with the court and blessed us with beautiful forms of prayer.

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But the reality is the court and is dealing with the good and the evil.

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It is dealing with times of peace and times of war.

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And it makes clear to us in a way that although what was revealed 1400 years ago is still relevant to Muslims. today.

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Allah subhanaw taala revealed to us and sore alley imraan

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la tabla one nafi I'm Wally como unfussy Come on a test my own nomina la Vina auteuil kita Berman publikum women Allah Xena ash Rocco Evan kathira

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while in touch spirou attacco for inner Valley comm and azmin Omar,

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Allah has revealed, surely you will be tested with your wealth and with your lives, you will be tested with your lives.

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And you will surely hear from the people of the book.

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And from the polytheists terrible words

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as an kathira painful things, you will hear from them.

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But if you have the consciousness of Allah

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and if you are patient, then that will be the most resolute solution.

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Why interspiritual attacco for in the valley come in as melanoma.

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And so whenever we find ourself in this condition, you hear something you don't like, you can't believe it's happening in here in this country. It is the reality this is the highest the dunya

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and Allah subhanaw taala has given us a solution given us a formula

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that we should have surber and patience does not mean that you are not active patience is perseverance.

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When a person is surrounded by fitna

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surrounded by temptation, then patience is

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patience is a type of modesty. A natural self control. That is how your patient shows.

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If a person finds themselves in war, or Saba filk, a towel, Shuja

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that of a person finds themselves in an active situation in war, then patience is courage.

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And you will find that Muslims having this patience, knowing the situation and remember one of our brothers in New Zealand, who when the active shooter came in the masjid, he did not run away he ran toward the enemy.

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And that is the solution. That is how we stand

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that we know that Allah subhanaw taala

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has willed what would happen and death is not in the hands of individuals. Death is in the hands of Allah subhanaw taala and so patience

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and taqwa

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and that consciousness of Allah.

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It is a hyper vigilance as we learned in Ramadan because the essence of our fasting was taqwa. Now let's apply it

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taqwa is the consciousness of what is around you. What can take you off the path. It is the type of hyper vigilance that you are vigilant about what is happening. And that is how we have to be vigilant when we leave our house. vigilant at school, vigilant on the job. vigilant around the master

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And around other Muslims in public, never asleep.

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Never putting yourself in cyberspace and trying to hide.

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And the increase in taqwa comes when we make a sincere intention to do this.

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And when we increase in a bad debt, increase in our prayers, increase in the Sunnah. Do as much as you possibly can in the Sunnah. That is the way of the great companions when they found themselves facing a large enemy, and things seem difficult than they check themselves. What is my relationship to the Sunnah?

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What is my relationship to Allah subhanaw taala because that is the ultimate

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that is the ultimate means of the victory.

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Also, to increase a taqwa, we increase in good manners, in good character.

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And we try to be around people as much as possible, who remind us of Allah subhanaw taala. Try to be in circumstances where you are reminded by the Creator of the heavens in the earth. And that circumstance is not necessarily in a Masjid. It could be in a difficult situation. But those individuals will remind you of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Even in that difficult situation.

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taqwa Allah azza wa jal increases when we are as pay, we are as pious in secret as we are in the open.

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So even when we're not in a crowd, we still think about Allah subhanaw taala our relationship we do, as soon as we do all the things that we are supposed to do,

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that we should remember death. Remember, we're all about to make a transition, and to keep our eyes on the prize.

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And that is paradise.

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I want to leave you with a few practical points.

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Because today we are We need to talk to each other in a very real way, in a very practical way to apply our Deen to our reality number one.

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In this present crisis, get closer to Allah subhanaw taala make that the main possible thing that you're doing. And not the main thing worrying about whether you have your 911

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your real 911 is Allah subhanaw taala number two increase in Sunda enough Ella. Now for the things extra soon nothing increase in them, increase the blessings increase in Salawat in saying Allahumma salli ala Sayyidina Muhammad increase in it so that the angels will send it back to you 10 times. Number three, seek allies from other oppressed people. Seek allies realize that the indigenous people who are suffering they are allies,

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that African people who have suffered slavery allies. This we're going into what they call it America June to the 19th of June when slavery was supposedly officially abolished. But it is recognized that the slavery of the mind continues up until today.

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And so those who are oppressed are our allies. With the rise in Islamophobia,

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our strong defense, strengthen our masjids

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strengthen in any possible way that we can our Islamic centers, and aid and assist those who are speaking out. If those who are demonstrating those who are putting their life on the line for the community support them, support our lawyers, support our advocacy groups give extra to our welfare programs.

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Because doing good,

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brings good

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and we're fighting off evil now at this point.

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Number five, empower the youth

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and power the youth with skills with experience and above all, a good example that they can look at you

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and they can say my parents, my parents stayed on the dean they tried their best, right until the end. They need to see this in you.

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Give the good example. Number six key vigilant. Our eyes have to be open all the time now. And as some as some say eyes

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partially open even when you sleep. And number seven, we need to forgive each other.

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And we need to relax around other Muslims. If there is a difference between us, we need to forgive each other even if we don't agree.

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Because our unity is critical at this point in time

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along with our relationship to Allah azza wa jal

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so I leave you with these thoughts and I asked a lot to have mercy on me. And you are kuqali Heather was thoughtful lolly welcome, Melissa le Muslim medium in Coulee Dam Ben estafa Pharaoh inaho for photo right

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Alhamdulillah Allah had an aha alpha to summit, a lady Lamia led while I'm youlet while I'm Yakuza who Khufu one Aha, well suddenly what will sell the mother say that overlain will Arkadin Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi etchmiadzin woebot bad the bad Lord tackler hated my quantum while you're cool all hawks ohana mockbee ranma Amira in Allah How am Allah a cutter who you saw Luna Allah Nabi Yeah, are you hella Dina amanu sallu alayhi wa sallam Oh Taslima Allahumma salli wa sallam, Allah Abdi kawada zuleikha Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa Jalla wa ala Rashi Deen Abu Bakar, Omar s Manoir Ali will not be Rama tick out hamara he mean? Robert Allah to Zico Luba now

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bada is high data na will have led Amendola do Karama in cantle Wahab robina far afield under the new banner will cafe under say attina whatever for an amount abre Allahumma Islam will muslimeen Allah Houma is an Islam and Muslim mean Allah Hama is that Islam and Muslim Mean while Villa circle mushrikeen with damn near our da adeem once or about the Kiara bill amin

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Allah Allah tada Lana them been in la falta Wa La Harmon Illa for Raja wala Dana Illa data, while Mr. Eden Illa chef ATIA while I may have eaten ihlara hampta while I had your 10 min hawaiiusa donya illa data ha yahama rahimian about the loyal Hummer comala in the La Jolla mobile Adele with a sandwich eat either Cordoba where Yamaha en el fascia he will Monica well Bobby, yeah is a con la la come to the qarun como Illa salata, Camila, Camila